Ascension Experience – QHHT Session of a Person Expanding into Higher Awareness

Georgi Stankov, November 22, 2016

Today I published the travelogue of our PAT member Akram Khan from Paris where he at the end speaks of his dreams meeting the recently deceased Dolores Cannon who developed a new method of hypnosis called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). She has educated many psychics in this method. Suzanne Spooner is one of them. Shortly after I published the article, I came across this video and transcript of a QHHT session with a subject who describes the ascension process from the higher perspective of his soul and also reflects on the US election. The session was conducted on 11.11, at 11.11 a.m local time according to the transcript (see below).

I found this information remarkable for a number of reasons I would like to discuss here in advance. These points validate the truthfulness of the information given by this person in a trance state. At one point he talks about what effects the LBP exerts in the human energetic body system that lead to ascension:

“It increases in energy and torsion spin of photons that raise the consciousness of the entity. Such a small portion is actually in the body. It’s hard to do real work as a fraction. Increasing energy increases photonic spin, which raises vibration, which allows for increased abilities. (*video pauses: to give an explanation of a Torsion spin of photons.)”

Now this is a remarkable statement which as far as I am aware has only been made so far by myself on the basis of the new Theory of Physics of the Universal Law. In my pivotal gnostic book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” I explain that each elementary particle such as electron, proton and neutron are described by their specific Compton frequencies (vibrations) which are fundamental natural constants and determine the space-time and constant energy of the particles. I would like you to go one more time to Table 1 (right column) where I integrate all natural physical constants with the Universal Equation on one single page and pay special reference to the well-known Compton-wavelengths of the elementary particles, which are fundamental natural constants of quantum mechanics as you can also check here (but forget the explanation as it is utterly wrong):

This table is the ultimate proof that physics and all its separate laws can be easily integrated with the help of the Universal Law.

I use in the new Theory of Physics the reciprocal values of the Compton-wavelengths and define them as Compton frequencies (see equation in the right column of the table). The Compton-frequencies assess the rotational velocity or rather frequency of the elementary particles, which is also defined in quantum physics as spin of the particles. When people speak of “vibrations” in the New Age, they actually refer to the Compton frequencies of the elementary particles which determine the vibrations of matter – of our organic bodies and that of inorganic matter such as Gaia. This fact could be fully elucidated by myself epistemologically and theoretically only after I discovered the Universal Law and developed the new Science of Physics. For further reading I recommend you to go to Volume II, section “Quantum Mechanics” where I discuss this topic in depth.

The Compton frequency determines the space-time values of the elementary particles: the higher the Compton frequencies and the more dense the energy per space, the smaller the particles are. This is a universal property of energy observed as space-time and a fundamental knowledge of the new Theory of the Universal Law with huge implications for human Weltanschauung. It was first discovered by myself in an impeccable manner, although the intuitive knowledge of it is inherent to the mind of any sentient human being and is known in philosophy as dialectics since Antiquity, as I wrote recently in my critical essay on Brandon Smith.  I hope you begin to see how all aspects of human knowledge are linked together and this is what I call Axiomatics of human thinking.

The Compton frequency of the proton and the neutron are higher by the factor 10 (high 3) compared to that of the electron and that is why they occupy a much smaller space as measured by their Compton-wavelength which you can see on Table 1 right column. One can imagine the elementary particles as rotating clouds or spheres of energy.

Finally it is very important to highlight one more time the fact that all elementary particles are actually eddies of photon energy. I was the first scientist to prove that as until now conventional physics states erroneously that photons have no mass. This is probably the biggest single blunder of modern physics that has prevented physicists from grasping the existence of one Universal Law of Nature. If you go to the centre square on Table 1. you will find a new fundamental constant which I first discovered in physics – the mass of the basic photon from which one can calculate the masses of all elementary particles and even the macro-mass of all objects – how heavy  they are – by using the Compton frequencies. This single discovery, out of numerous further scientific breakthroughs which I made in the course of developing the new Theory of the Universal Law, is worth all the Nobel prizes in physics as it also explains why neutrinos must have a mass:

Read also: An Open Letter to the Orion “Nobel Prize Committee”

That is why it is so remarkable that this person under DHHT speaks of “photonic spin” which raises the vibrations of the human body. This proves that his HS knows about the fact that matter and our human bodies are congealed photon energy, while none of the scientists on this planet know that. These are the kinds of indications that tell you that this information is genuine and truthful.

Now when the LBP begins in the human bodies, this is associated with fundamental changes at the quantum level which are however not perceived at the macro-level. In the first place the spin or the rotational velocity of all elementary particles is augmented many times. This is done step by step and in leaps and bounds as you know from your personal experience. However, when the Compton frequencies of the elementary particles are raised, their space does not decrease as this will have grievous consequences for the entire physical body. What happens instead is that while the space-time relationships of the elementary particles remains unchanged, each elementary particle accommodates much more energy that is now rotating, moving at a much higher speed within the same space-time fields of the elementary particles.

Generally when we speak of this holographic model, we tend to describe it as “dense’. However this term is very misleading as I have made you aware on numerous occasions in the past. Density as it is defined in physics today assesses the amount of mass or gravitational energy per unit space. The higher the density of a system, the higher its mass and energy.

The current holographic model, however, is not dense in this sense, quite on the contrary. It contains very little energy per unit space and is almost empty compared to the higher realms. The stability of its forms and matter lies in the fact that the energy moves in matter very slowly and there are numerous blockages on all micro- and macro-levels that hinder the free flow of energy. This is the main reason why we cannot have superconductivity in the current holographic model as I have discussed on various occasions (check all the articles with the search function for “superconductivity”) and in more depth here:

Superconductivity is the Foundation of Unlimited Free Energy, Antigravity and Easy Bilocation

All these blockages must be removed first and the free flow of energy established in all particles and systems of matter before superconductivity can function. It is important to observe that the state of superconductivity is the normal energetic condition in All-That-Is. The current earth holographic model represents a big exception where the free flow of energy is impeded through the use of enormous amounts of source energy to build all these blockages at various levels that ultimately lead to the separation of the incarnated personality from the Source and the soul. This is very important to know from a physical point of view as to also better understand our light work on this planet. Our daily cleansing means in the first place the elimination of blockages, stale and sluggish energies on all levels and in all systems of this holographic model.

The comments of this person on Trump and the US election result are very much in line with ours and I will not elaborate on them here. The fact that the dark cabal is using black magic to preserve their power should be a common knowledge to all of us and it is psychologically interesting how this person revolts when his HS uses the term “sorcery” as he may not believe in that in his daily consciousness and this acknowledgment of his HS scared him. He also confirms that humanity and this uppermost mother planet are on the cusp of ascension as also indicated by the Hathors in their recent message. I suppose this person has no clue about the impending ascension and it is a pity that Suzanne Spooner does not give us more information on him and his views as to better appreciate the importance of this information.

There is another term “massive (huge) tidal wave” which this person uses that really struck me as I have used it also in  my latest article. This is what I see since November 19th very clearly. When he was asked when ascension will happen: “From your perspective, what do you see about that?”, this person answered: “A wave. A huge tidal wave, just rolling across the entire atmosphere of this plane. It’s just… dark- dirt- blackness is being blown into space, it’s going away… The Earth is shiny! Beams of light are coming out of it!” These are the kind of cosmic synchronicities I very much like as they give me all the proofs I need.

And now enjoy this unique DHHT session:

by Suzanne Spooner, November 18, 2016



T: I see a light chamber. Oh, am I going in there? OK. Alright. Heh- wha…! That feels pretty good. I need to stay in here!

Suzanne Spooner: What is it like?

T: It’s like electricity — Uh, they’re pulling me up into my crown chakra. OK. OK, man, that’s weird.

S: And so what did that just do for him? What did that adjust or change?

T: Energy systems. He wanted to be ascended… “Careful what you wish for.”

S: Did he just ascend…?

T: It’s [Ascension is] a process.

S: Tell us from your perspective what that process is like, please.

T: The body’s an energy system. You know this.

S: I know that. Thank you. Go on…

T: It increases in energy and torsion spin of photons that raise the consciousness of the entity. Such a small portion is actually in the body. It’s hard to do real work as a fraction. Increasing energy increases photonic spin, which raises vibration, which allows for increased abilities. (*video pauses: to give an explanation of a Torsion spin of photons.)

S: And when one is able to do that in a physical body, what is that like?

T: At full capacity, the abilities of Jesus! Sensitive people will be able to see the glow of the aura. Less evolved will feel it. Some will be frightened — He’s already experienced this. People either hate, respect or fear him.

S: OK… Well we’re kind of in a critical juncture here, I think, at the planet at the time.

T: Not much longer.

S: From your perspective, what do you see about that?

T: A wave. A huge tidal wave, just rolling across the entire atmosphere of this plane. It’s just… dark- dirt- blackness is being blown into space, it’s going away… The Earth is shiny! Beams of light are coming out of it! And the Earth is like, “Ahhhh!!! I’m here! It’s like this big, black, inky octopus junk was all over it. And no more. (Nice…) No more. Done.

S: So from your perspective when this is happening?

T: It’s already been happening. It’s… Time-time-time… Time-time-time-time-time. Everything “time.” You can’t ask “time.” Time makes no sense. (No, no it doesn’t…) Rotations.

S: So do you see certain events happening on Earth that are leading us to that, that we could be mindful of, or watching for?

T: Who would have known there’d be riots in America over a presidential election? Nobody saw that coming. That’s what’s going to continue to happen. (The riots?) No — it’s a cleansing. The evil… the sickness. It’s not evil, there’s no evil, there’s sickness. This sickness is being cleansed. And America — it’s like the Sun is coming up over America, and it’s starting to… the Sun and the light… And the darkness is like running to hide in a corner. But you can’t hide from the light. Nothing… nothing hides from the light.

S: So does that have something to tie in with this recent election?

T: That was the turning point. That was the decision, and the decision has been made. The darkness no longer has power.

S: But some are a bit worried about the one that’s coming into power now… His words a little fearful or negative… fear-inducing…

T: The ego-Trump is an idiot. The higher Trump is guiding. It’s like the higher Trump- the ego-Trump says something stupid, and the higher Trump is like trying to put his etheric hand over his mouth, like “shut up, idiot…” But the Light has won, and there’s no concern. This is the turning point. This is the change. This is a good thing! And… Hillary was aligned with the dark. She was… she was using dark forces. …That would have worked 50 years ago. No. No, you have no power now — that’s done. She’s afraid! She never saw this coming — she thought it was unbeatable.

S: And so, for those that were behind her, supporting her or assisting her… very powerful people… how does this change or affect them?

T: They were misled. They were under the… sorcery? “Sorcery?? Come on, that’s Middle Ages!” The… sorcery!? They were under the control of… They believed it! The light dispels the dark.

S: So how will this new president change and affect the other countries around the world?

T: I see the White House in a pillar of light. And I see, not the frail little man, but the Higher Self standing in the light (this coalesces very well with Rumi’s vision and my experience with the protuberance field of the Universal Law now expanding throughout the entire North American continent). He’s telling everyone: this is the way. This is how we’ll do it. This is how we fix it. He’s not controllable. He’s owned by the Light. His… his ego has to step out of the way.

S: Do you think that will happen?

T: It doesn’t have a choice. It’s gonna kick and scream like a little kid. You can’t fight the light. Not now, not this time.

S: Thank you so much for that!

S: Can I ask a question about… one more question about the election, just because it’s fresh and it’s very interesting, too. Many, I think – There was a belief that she was going to win, even if by a slim margin. But things very early on kind of shifted in his direction. What was actually making that shift to happen, from your perspective?

T: The people of the light (The PAT, note, George) that are working against the people of the dark wouldn’t allow her to win. She tried to win.

S: What would have the Earth and country been like had that happened?

T: It would have been very close to destroying itself. War was going to happen if she was in office. That could not be allowed. (War with whom?) Everybody. Everybody was going to start throwing bombs at each other. Russia first! Her policies would have been continued by the European… NATO… that build-up would have continued. There would have been a provocation. Russia wouldn’t be able to not respond. They would be forced to respond, and the war would have ensued. That couldn’t be allowed. That had to be stopped.

S: And so how will the new president affect all of that, now?

T: You watch what happens. He is going to clean the house! All of these people that have someone else’s hand in their pocket, putting money in it… He is – get those – you’re going to see people leaving right and left. This guy fired, this guy this. “Wha- uh, suicide? Why?” This guy, that guy – It’s all good. Just pay attention. The light is in charge. Don’t pay attention to the stupid things the ego says. The light is in charge now. He’s guided by a higher power! That sounds really stupid, I don’t even like the guy. But, you heard it here first, folks. OK, whatever.

(Please observe that this alternative scenario may happen on a 4D timeline but on the ascended 5D Gaia there will be no governments at all. We shall be the new Guardians of Gaia and humanity and if there may be still governments in the short period of transition on lower timelines where we may also appear, they will have to follow our instructions – “guided by a higher power” as this person sees it. Note, George)

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