Ascension’s Signs and Dreams

Dalila de Caires and Georgi Stankov, April 23, 2016

Hello Georgi

Well, well, well, Obama in London pissing people off already with his ‘in’ support of BREXIT. He was only in the country a few hours and he’s annoyed more people than Boris Johnson’s years as mayor of London.

He will then head off to where I hear?…Germany on Saturday?? Will Erdogan be in the back room ready with cigars and glasses of fine brandy for them all in celebration? Let me guess, planning their next move? Not really, they know the game is over, but the thread still keeps rolling in their eyes (dying to hide defeat) but the roller in which holds the thread is already bouncing away from them on the floor.

I’m so blasé about this all that I just break out into pure sarcasm that I can’t stop making a joke out of everything they say or do. I don’t take any of this seriously anymore and the reason being is that finally I’m feeling a change in atmosphere, thank God it’s reached the UK, I don’t care if it’s just a little, it has to be some progress at least? I was on the tube the other day and where before I would look at the other passengers and feel their ignorance, last Wednesday I looked at everyone and a feeling of change, understanding and comprehension of the masses washed over me. It was like having a small premonition of the next step for humanity as a whole. The vision was exciting!

Last Monday I had a dream I was with Putin and he was showing me how to work with the community. Although it wasn’t clear exactly what it was but our connection was so strong that when I awoke I was feeling so satisfied and exhilarated with what we had done the feeling lasted for two days.

Last night I dreamt of walking on the street with a group of American soldiers (men and women) they were peaceful and listening to everything I was saying with such joy and calmness. I was telling them that I would show them the WAY and that things were different now. They were relieved and overjoyed and we were celebrating in the streets. The best feeling I’ve had in years, especially after how I was feeling when I last emailed you.

So, there really is no wonder why these events gives me joke. All this parading up and down London town celebrating these pathetic events, whilst they are planning our slavery. Tough luck people, I can’t say it’ll be sad to let you go, it will be a damn RELIEF! It’s been a hard game, but we knew who would win, then again we never saw this as a game. Funny how I speak of things as though ascension has happened and we’re all saved…maybe it’s because I can smell it coming closer. Days? Months? Irrelevant,  important thing is it’s in the making and almost complete. I just cannot wait…

Love and light to you all,



Dear Dalila,

thank you so much for this expressive potpourri of impressions and dreams about the invisible but very powerful currents of ascension that now transform the people and the society from within. For us, the clairvoyants, the signs are crystal-clear and the arrival of the ascension is beyond any doubt. We have already moved to much higher timelines and dimensions and our interactions with this waning 3D matrix is casual, transpersonal and without any direct consequences for us.

As I wrote to Conny today, we have to thank for this change which you have observed in the passengers on the tube the many transliminal souls that now incarnate in droves in these human bodies and transform, en-lighten them from within before the big change can manifest at the societal level. Britain has been for a very long the most dark place in Europe and probably in the world and definitely the most devious one as it knew to present itself in a much more favourable light. Now this ability of the dark to camouflage their perfidious nature has been wiped out by the waves of truth coming from the source – and flowing through our magnificent and huge personal fields as conduits of these source energies – and the results can already be seen.

Obama has always been a buffoon and it is a riddle to me why so few people were able to see him that way. But now their eyes wide shut are beginning to open and the ugly nakedness of the emperor is seen by the masses. This is the most significant sign that heralds the final ID shift and ascension. But first the Sodom and Gomorrah in the city of London and on Wall Street must be destroyed – and this means simply the crash of the Orion financial system and the shutdown of the banks which is imminent and unavoidable. There should not be any discussion about this economic “infaustus” diagnosis.

Obama is very adamant that the UK stays in the EU as to use it as a Trojan horse to push through the TTIP (the transatlantic trade and investment partnership) that will ultimately enslave the Old Continent under the big US corporations. This is the last straw for the drowning Empire of Evil. However, all Europeans reject this treaty unanimously. Especially the Germans who are the key nation to sign this treaty reject it in their majority now. While in 2014, 56% of the Germans supported the TTIP, a new poll that has just been published in the German MSM shows that only 17% of the Germans now consider this treaty to be good. This is for me another indicator how quickly the tide has turned against the dark ones and how desperate the western cabal have become these days. Therefore Obama has no chance to achieve anything, except to convince the British to vote for Brexit, and to piss off the Germans during his visit in Hannover and he knows that very well.

These are very exciting times and I would not miss a single day that is another nail in the coffin of the Orion cabal.

With love and light


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