Practical Civil Disobedience

Jazzowy Kocioł, April 23, 2016

“Every little step we take breaks the dreams
Of a war pig itching to re-stitch the seams”

aesop rock

I was born and grew up in Poland, a country where the memories of totalitarian regime are still fresh. We value freedom, since we believed this was our legacy – we, as a nation, eventually landed in the meat grinder when a bigger conflict emerged. “We” were betrayed during the I. and II. World War (who wasn’t..).

The insidious cabal learned to direct the energies of the masses against their own good. If someone strong energetically got in the front to lead the brethren, they have mercilessly destroyed him. Or her. Our leaders, great people, were occasionally murdered; by nazis, by commies. The gene pool was consequently handicapped, since the cabal want us almost brain-dead. They want servants, but they miscalculated. The Soul is indestructible and ever-returning… Sometime, they just planted a decoy, or a stooge to manipulate from behind the scenes. You know how they operate. This is deception 101.

A lot of Poles (or Pollacks) are asleep though. They were taught that even a worst-paying job is your duty. They work mechanically and ceased to think, reproduce their slave-children, who have almost the worst education ever seen. One “chemisphere”, no coordination, no multilevel comprehensive thinking, no true history (same as always) and absolutely no cohesive analysis.

Something started to break lately though. The kids feel it, they don’t want to put more energy in this failed system. Look at them. This is our work and I see the huge fields of thought, of plenty manifestations and astonishing synchronicity. I write to you just to say about practical civil disobedience. As all countries which were under the NWO experiments (like Red Plague, or communism or whatever) hardened their to-be-slaves and always lost to beautiful people. Disobedience was the modus operandi.

(Luz refers here in the first place to the dissidents in the former communist system who were a few in numbers but triggered the collapse of the red NWO as their ideas were so powerful. It began with the so-called “flying universities” which were first established in Poland in the early 70s and which I first introduced in Bulgaria at that time as a dissident. It continued with the KOR committees and the massive Solidarity movement in Poland about which I recently wrote. The dissident movement in Eastern Europe is the historic proof how a monolithic dictatorial system can easily lose to a few light warriors of the light who are more powerful than the entire global Orion system of human oppression, which the PTW have installed on this planet since times immemorial. Note, George)

Every step we take, every ‘unnecessary’ conversation (but philosophical and not too ‘punishing’ as we wield too much knowledge for an average 3D human), every act of disobedience, which can range from not paying taxes (Irwin Schiff was the man) through planting your own veggies while defying GMO products – learning how to cope without buying or being able to repair any stuff is a nail on the coffin of the dark cabal’s order. The latter was popular in Cuba (another commie country) where people started to build freakish machines that worked.

In the current situation, with the systemic maintenance costs stretched almost unbelievably, every call to the ‘authorities’ i.e. to fix the street lights, or clean up some mess under their jurisdiction – is another little shit that they need to deal with. Slowly, but thoroughly the Light goes through their fields and they are starting to acknowledge their nonsensical doing.

I am of course talking about peoples who are happy to serve the sociopaths. This helps a lot if they join us in Logic.  Sometimes: logical, pretty simple questions are ‘enlightening’ for servants. But don’t lose too much energy on them, because they can be like a bottomless pit. While in your Light, they seem to get the point, but most of them will be hijacked by darkness after brief awakening. It is just too hard for most people to carry the Light for too long. The ones who can do that are obvious and we help them to absorb the transcendental stuff we have already translated into human languages.

Again – if someone works with people, especially children – one can inspire them and establish the necessary bindings that empower the person. You can talk with people on the street if you want to, but this is energetically exhausting, since you can meet one hundred robots before the one who wants to learn. Of course, it is learning through fun; whatever you do – gardening, playing music, cooking, sports, meditation, poetry slam, acting, building, working with animals, painting, or simply living – you can find your way to the Truth, which is The Law, which is the Energy, which is Love pure. This is the stuff that is groundbreaking and building the pylon of Light.

The craftsmanship is always helpful because HUMAN BEING ENJOYS LEARNING and, if not for the mind control and the conditioning, EVERYBODY would be occupied with stuff one loves the most. This is beautiful. The possibility of truly free travel with your “tools of trade” or your knowledge and Energy to help the other communities/wanderers, just like the Pleiadians do. Because there’s one further very important disobedience which makes the systemic Hydra mad as hell. They don’t want you to travel and see people and places. This is the true origin of the late campaign of fear. To make you afraid of true Change. Man is too strong, though.

with Love, Light and Music


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