Follow-Up of the Christmas Full Moon Portal of the Now

Georgi Stankov, December 28, 2015

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          Painting created by Steve Paul, ascended master from Vancouver

After I wrote my energy report on the Christmas Full Moon Portal, December 25th, I received some more information from my HS which I shared with Carla and she confirmed it from her HS.

Essentially, the PAT was under enormous pressure to make use of this unique astronomic window of opportunity – the rare Christmas full moon, the first one in 38 years – to perform the final ID shift and shed off the 3D matrix from this ascending timeline. The problem was that we had barely reached the necessary threshold of more than 51% of incarnated soul fragments on this uppermost mother planet that are fully dedicated to the light.

Although we had raised the light quotient significantly in the last three months after we opened the huge portal of photonic Source energy on September 28th during the last blood moon, it was still a very shaky affair as the dark faction of the cabal and their stooges were prevailing in numbers to those of the light warriors, although not in power, as the former have no real power at all, while we are mighty invincible warriors of the Source. But the big mass of incarnated souls in between created the big problem. While we eliminated all dark perpetrators’ soul fragments on October 28th

The Elohim Confirm the Final and Total Ejection of All Dark Perpetrators’ Soul Fragments

their empty human shells were still carrying their past dark imprints as a personality structure and this lowered the light quotient substantially.

We could have made another small ascension leap and ID shift during the Christmas full moon portal as we have done it numerous times in the past while still preserving the precarious balance between light and darkness and preventing this uppermost mother planet from full destruction and then wait for the next cosmic openings to make the final ID shift. The problem was that the dark cabal had realized in the meantime that they had lost their battle for the NWO and were about to be ousted from power anytime soon. In their desperation they were ready to follow their lemming instinct of mutual destruction and take the entire mankind with them into the abyss of nuclear annihilation they had firmly decided to unleash.

For the higher realms, i.e. our higher selves and monads, it became increasingly difficult to contain the dark ones not to start a new WW3, especially as the energetic potential for such a devastating nuclear war was reached on this timeline. As you know in the meantime, when the energetic threshold for the manifestation of a certain event is reached it cannot be stopped from manifesting in the particular holographic model. The only solution is then to let it unfold in a parallel timeline to a full extent and try to save and stabilize the ascending timeline with a positive outcome.

We all have followed the news in the last days and how the menace of a new nuclear war was almost unanimously acknowledged by most critical experts and thinkers of our time. Also all the actions of the dark ruling cabal in the West lately pointed to this outcome.

The shooting down of the Russian fighter jet by a Turkish pilot over Syria, who was guided by US reconnaissance fighter jets that knew exactly the coordinates of the Russian jet as the Russian airforce had given this information to the Americans according to their military agreement for Syria, demonstrated forcibly how close humanity was to start a third world war. Especially when Putin gave the order to the Russian military to shoot at any object or human actors that may jeopardize the security of the Russian forces in Syria. This warning was directed to the US forces in Turkey and in particular to Turkey itself.

The US forced their NATO ally Turkey to stop flying over Syria as to avoid any further conflicts and they returned their 18 fighter jets from Turkey to GB. But in the meantime they sent new AWAC reconnaissance airplanes to Turkey. This decision shows that the western cabal have firmly made up their mind to increase the political and military escalation leading to a new war with Russia. This is the reason why they initially allowed Turkey to invade Iraq and now talk with a split diplomatic tongue, which made many experts to diagnose the new American schizophrenia:

A critical moment was reached for this uppermost mother planet and the PAT had to make a crucial decision before the 12.21 portal – on December 20th as experienced by Carla in the dream state. We knew that we could not withhold for very long the outburst of a new nuclear war as the Russians were determined to strike first. Putin warned this last week: “If you don’t want to lead a war but you cannot avoid it as the adversary has made up his mind, strike first.” and I made you immediately aware of this crucial circumstance.

Our dilemma as light warriors has always been to save as many souls as possible and still achieve ascension for Gaia and humanity. We personally have ascended long time ago and are here only to serve humanity and Gaia.

This is a very difficult optimisation problem to resolve as we must reconcile two incompatible aspects. Many souls cannot be saved actually and have decided to continue with their dreadful incarnation cycle on a lower catastrophic timeline until they have enough of the cruelties of separation and decide to return to the source. We as light warriors of the first and the last hour are on the other hand incurable altruists and believe that we have to save every soul as in Jesus’ parable of the lost sheep. We have discussed this issue at length in the past, especially throughout the year of 2013 after we opened the 12.21.12 portal.

But at the end of the day, it is all about saving humanity and Gaia as a whole through ascension and not about saving each particular soul fragment. Hence the PAT came together on December 20th to make the final decision what to do with this uppermost mother planet and humanity during the Christmas Full Moon Portal.

Are we going to postpone the final decisive ID shift with a full separation of the old Orion matrix one more time as we have done it numerous times in the past in the hope that a few more souls would be saved or should we trigger the final ID shift through the PAT supernova and eliminate the matrix and all dark soul fragments from this timeline? The latter alternative presupposes that the separated catastrophic timeline with the entire Orion matrix would be fully destroyed and nobody of the 49% of dark souls fragments would survive the ID split. Otherwise the ID shift would not be successful and we had to put up with another delay and uncertain future.

Here you have to consider very carefully what actually happened. When we eliminated all dark perpetrators’ souls from this uppermost mother planet end of September, this affected only the dark ruling cabal and their worst human stooges that keep the system afloat by actively committing crimes on humanity. The vast majority of the incarnated soul fragments on this timeline are simply following the rules of the game as stupid sheeple without any opinion.

Most of these souls are not active carriers of evil thoughts and are not perpetrators. They are hapless masses without any will. Some of these souls could possibly be saved in the long run, but at the expense of prolonging the physical ordeal of the light warriors of the first and the last hour, who are the only ones that keep the light quotient on this timeline high enough. Hence the saving of a few lost souls is always at the expense of the suffering of a few light warrior souls of immense quality and gifts.

While the typical soul essence of the light warrior is always to commit a sacrifice on behalf of other souls – this is the driving motor behind this ascension and nothing else – it is also the greatest trap for the light warrior. The warrior can only achieve the ultimate wisdom when he learns to lay down his lightsabre after he has won the battle. This is in practical terms. In psychological terms, the light warrior has to overcome his inner passion to sacrifice himself as to save other souls at any price and to be able to see the bigger picture. Heroism without mindfulness is cheap heroism.

Having said that, when the PAT met on December 20th, we had to make the following fateful decision:

Are we ready to sacrifice roughly 49% of the incarnated soul fragments still attached in one way or another to their human bodies on this uppermost mother planet or should we cut the rope once and for all and let them die and descend into hell?

Given my explanation above regarding our mentality as light warriors, this was the most difficult choice for us to make. Because we had to admit that we have lost these souls to the dark side. But we did it by growing beyond our nature as light warriors and it is not surprising that this motion was made by Carla and myself and was supported by Jerry and Rob who are very experienced light warriors and know when to lay down their lightsabre.

As I said,  it was the optimal decision under these circumstances. We remembered to the full extent that these souls are not lost as they are immortal and will come to the light at their own pace. But we also have a responsibility to All-That-Is and in particular to billions of old souls from the new human template we created last year, who are eagerly waiting for the moment to enter the new earth and help us ascend and firmly anchor it into the new Golden Galaxy, where they can continue with their new incarnation cycle under completely new and much more favourable energetic conditions.

The Christmas Full Moon Portal was the manifestation of our resolute decision to cut off roughly 49% of all soul fragments from this ascending timeline and to eliminate energetically the Orion matrix by letting them die in the nuclear inferno and the subsequent MPR.

As all creation comes from within and the external world is a mirror image of our thoughts, the elimination of the Orion matrix can only be achieved by a complete reset of all empty human shells that are now incarnated with old souls as walk-ins. These new souls come with a new inner programming which is completely opposite to that of the dark souls (49%) that left this timeline on December 25th during the ID split. This new programming precludes any adaptation to this external reality that still carries the resemblance of the old Orion matrix which is no longer there. It is only an empty holographic image that can be eradicated anytime when the inner impulse of the masses for a change becomes strong enough.

Now, you must consider the inherent problem with which any old walk-in soul has to deal with when she incarnated in a more or less dark-tainted human personality that has harboured before that an unripe soul – a baby, child or a young soul – which comprise 75% of the total incarnated soul population on earth. The dark imprints remain in the body matrix after the unripe soul fragments are ejected and begin to dwell in the lower astral planes as they are  short-circuiting their incarnation cycle in order  to avoid Celestia and merging with the Whole between incarnations.

This is Dante’s Inferno St. Germain was talking about to us the other day. These soul fragments are still very much attached to their human shells which are now invigorated by the new walk-in souls. There are energetic chords that link them to these bodies. This prevents the walk-ins souls to unfold in these bodies as to fulfil their light mission.

That is why we were urged by St. Germain and all ascended masters that visited us on December 25th in our apartment to cut all these connections which Julia saw as black snakes crawling on the ground and to transmute with the violet flame in a profound alchemical reaction all the dark recesses of this astral inferno. In this way we prepared the energetic ground for the new walk-ins to enter these bodies en masse as to reach the magic number of 73% on that auspicious day. I hope this explanation makes sense to you.

I have personally observed this process very carefully with Carla’s mother who is now hosting the second walk-in soul. This soul had to eradicate more or less the entire old personality, which was based on numerous fears and dark patterns as she was a young unripe soul,  before the new old soul could begin with her unfolding in this body. For this reason the new walk-in soul wiped out all tiny remnants of memory which Carla’s mother had in order to begin creating the new personality from scratch. This was the point in time we had to move her to a senior residence as her new soul wanted a neutral situation, away from the family and the old familiar environment as to begin with the transformation of her character.

Both Carla and I knew about this problem of the new walk-in soul and we honoured her decision to leave us. For Carla it meant though to overcome some false remnants of bad conscience of putting her mother in a senior residence. But her recent evolution fully confirmed the correctness of this decision which indeed defies all fake, imposed earthly pseudo-ethical standards.

The bottom line is that no soul is responsible for another soul and no family connection is so important as to jeopardize the evolution of the soul. As Jesus says in the Bible (free citation): “When you come with me to the Father, you know no brother and no sister and no parents (the families play no role at all anymore). Your true family is in Heaven.” This statement has been grossly misinterpreted by all Christians.

As we are now about to dissolve the whole holographic model of this Orion matrix, we must also dissolve the biological family. In the new worlds, and especially in New Lemuria, the souls will incarnate by projection into a denser body and pregnancy and birth will belong to the past. This will be probably the greatest revolution of the collective human mindset.

Friendships and intimate relations will be only based on the level of soul evolution and compatibility of soul essence. Differences in soul growth will be honoured but this fact will no longer play a cohesive role in the new society as this is now the case in a very harmful manner  in this dissolving consensual society, based on rigid social dogmas of conduct that make this civilisation a veritable prison of the soul.

With all this in mind, let us now explore the mechanism as to how this reality will be destroyed in the coming days.

We have now roughly 73 % light-loving souls on this uppermost mother planet. Roughly 25% of them are normal incarnated souls as old souls – indigo and crystalline souls (5%) – and the rest are ripe souls who have already entered the old soul age cycle. The rest are walk-ins that came here in many waves as reported on the PAT website.

On December 25th after we opened the Christmas Full Moon Portal and performed the ID split of the Orion matrix which triggered the death of the 49% dark soul fragments, we established the “Now portal“. This is a circumscription for the new energetic overlay where we severed in a powerful alchemical reaction all chords and bonds of the empty human bodies from their past dark soul fragments that were removed during the ID split or before that into the astral inferno, from where they will continue with the incarnation carousel during the next Kali Yuga period of 26,000 years. This allowed for the massive influx of roughly a quarter of all souls to enter instantly this timeline as walk-ins on Dec. 25th. This wave increased significantly the light quotient on this uppermost mother planet and stabilized it energetically.

These old souls from the new template we created last year have come with a completely different new programming. It forbids any meaningful adaptation to the requirements of the still existing old matrix as an empty holographic image. These individuals will experience as new walk-ins all of a sudden a situation of utter confusion, inability to adopt to the old circumstances, loss of practical faculties and social competence.

In other words, all the inborn qualities with which until now souls have incarnated in human bodies that allowed them a smooth adaptation to this debased reality are completely lost in the incarnated personality with a new walk-in soul. Superficially these people will undergo a profound catharsis very similar to the one we experienced when our higher selves descended into our bodies and we lost everything. Our lives sunk into utter chaos before we could successfully release all vestiges of our past Orion indoctrination and create a new slate for our multidimensional personality as ascended masters. This website contains some excellent case studies of PAT members how they first descend into utter chaos before they can ascend in light, clarity of mind and transcendental wisdom.

The same situation we shall now observe on a global scale. While the PAT consists of only a limited number of light souls who have always lived optically the life of a social outcast, now somewhere between 25 and 50% of all souls will enter the chaotic phase of total energetic reset of mind, psyche and body before they can ascend to the new 4D worlds or New Lemuria. We know for instance for sure that Carla’s mother will ascend to New Lemuria as her new walk-in is a very powerful and highly evolved soul and now needs the limited linear time on earth to prepare the physical vessel of Carla’s mother for this shift. The same will happen now with the huge masses of human bodies who have been incarnated with walk-in souls during the Christmas Full Moon Portal.

These old souls need the impending chaos to align the bodies to the new ascension energies and to prepare them for this phase transition. Nothing will be more deleterious to these incarnates than to perpetuate the old Orion programming that allows a smooth robotic adaptation to the old, dense low-frequency conditions on earth at the expense of total separation from the higher self and utter mental and emotional deprivation of the ego-mind. In other words, keeping these human beings as functional zombies of the old order for the sake of preserving this order is the worst thing one can do.

That is why there must be a global chaos very soon before the new reality can descend upon this humanity and it can enter a new higher vibrating holographic model. This will not happen with a magic wand by changing the external reality over night, but first by changing the incarnated personalities of most humans from within. The new programming that is based on total rejection of the current existential conditions – society, personal relationships, family and habits – will cause this chaos. Simply many human beings will become so confused in the coming days that the system as a whole will stop functioning. Their memories will rapidly deteriorate as they must be wiped clean before the new higher dimensional knowledge and awareness can be integrated. Progressive dementia will be the word of the day as I explained with respect to Carla’s mother.

This will be a creative chaos that may feel terrible at the personal level and that is why I warn you at this early point in time, so that you know what will happen and especially why it will happen this way. The better you are informed, the less you will be touched by this surging chaos. Interestingly enough, I just read a message channeled from Eris, the host of Chaos that discusses the necessity of the impending chaos for the evolution and ascension of mankind:

“I am Eris, heed my words now, for the message is becoming more clear. All that you wish, all of your desires, dreams, hopes, goals and ambitions, will only come to fruition through me. There is no path of manifestation within a dimension of linear time, without chaos. The wisest mortals of all have spoken this. If you wish to live comfortably, and never take any risks, chance gambles or sudden decisions then live you shall. However, are you truly alive? You are content to live forever in this way, never becoming anything more than what you currently are? A slave is valued simply because they will happily work forever, and therefore will be given some form of a comfortable lifestyle or way of living, as long as they continue their servitude to their masters. Is this truly what you have defined your life to be? To consume and produce, nothing more, nothing less, for eternity? If this is so then you merely delay the inevitable. You delay your greatest achievements, dreams, aspirations, everything, simply so that you may be comfortable. How selfish, how naive, how foolish. I continue to await the day you shall embrace me, so that I may forge you into greater, that I may open your eyes to the truth which you fear, and as all of your fears manifest into your life, casting hardship after hardship, until the moment you remember me. Perhaps it will be then, that I finally remember as well.”

As I promised  you  – the coming days will be full of excitement and miracles and you are the privileged spectators of this human drama from the first row.

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