Breaking News: The Christmas Full Moon “Portal of the Now” Was the Last Fateful ID Shift of This Uppermost Mother Planet

We Just Averted Full Destruction of This Earth. The 3D Matrix Was Fully Separated. Now the Pathway to Ascension is Free and Very Steep. Miracles Abound! Rejoice!

Georgi Stankov, December 26/27, 2015

Let us see if I can put the pieces together because what happened this week is so huge and so complex that it exceeds all the ascension highlights I have reported so far in my overview of the year 2015. It is the penultimate breakthrough in our whole history of ascension and a free ticket to the higher dimensions. Wait till you learn the details.

It began end of last weekend, after another devastating bouts of source energies that hit us and prepared the opening of the 12.21 portal, when I began with a series of key lucid dreams:

1. In the night of December 19th, I was in the UN where I participated in negotiations with the dark ruling cabal. All diplomats and politicians were trying to push through some mendacious agreements for their adversaries to sign as to establish the NWO or gain some advantage. I was there to reveal all these lies. At one moment an American diplomat came to me and praised how honest Killary Clinton were. How she saved humanity by preventing that her husband pushed an insidious plan through the UN to enslave this world. “Are you kidding me!”, I responded to this guy: “Do you really want me to believe that Killary has done this? She is the most insidious person on earth.” He then quickly disappeared.

The whole UN was one big beehive in turmoil, where all politicians were hastily trying to save their skin by moving some new proposals and plans that were allegedly for the benefit of humanity while their only intention was to save their skin. I was busy the whole night preventing their approval and thus the installment of the NWO. At the end of the night I was able to eliminate this danger and woke up very exhausted. I also felt very dirty, contaminated by the dark energies in the UN.

2. On December 20, I spent the whole night visiting the Windsor palace of the British royal family. It was in a very poor state, the building was decrepit and the cracks in the walls were barely repaired. A young boy from the Royal family was my guide and he showed me all the rooms full with very poor and worn out old furniture. He was praising the fortitude with which his royal family has preserved their noble origin after they were ousted from power and the queen had abdicated. The whole situation was very morbid and backward.

3) On December 21st, I visited Kremlin again and had a very long meeting the whole night (Eastern time) with Putin that encompassed his whole working day (Russian time). Carla accompanied me. We visited together a lot of conferences and meetings of the Russian government with Putin and had a lot of discussions. I brought a written proposal for Putin and Russia that had to be translated in Russian and then back into English so that we were sure that nothing has been lost of its meaning and we had some difficulties with the proper translation. At the end of the day, for me the end of the night and early morning, Putin sat on a bench outside in Kremlin and was very tired. I asked him how he could cope with this intensive working schedule and he showed me how powerful his physical body is by taking off his shirt and that he has everything under control. I was considering to propose Putin to begin with the introduction of the new theory of the Universal Law in Russia, but saw that he was very tired from a day-long strenuous work and decided to postpone my proposal for a later date.

Then he took a big comb out of his pocket and asked me to comb his hair in a sign of full faith in myself. As I have written on many occasions, Putin is a walk-in and a soul mate of mine – a very powerful, ethical and spiritual old soul – and I accompany and help him since he incarnated in this body around 2005 when I met him in Kremlin and we had a long walk along the cobbled streets of this old citadel of power and were happy to meet together and to reaffirm our friendship in human bodies. I have had more than two dozen conscious encounters with Putin in the dream state since 1998, the last one two weeks ago.

I started combing his hair which was to my surprise very long like a hippie and was very soft and straight as female hairs usually are. Then I woke up. The energetic imprint of Putin was very strong in my fields and I felt a very powerful telepathic connection to him for another half an hour in the morning. The whole encounter was very real and Putin felt very close to me. I must add that in the last two weeks my telepathic abilities have increased many-fold and I can sense anybody in my fields about whom I think at this particular moment. The telepathic contact with the PAT is particularly strong these days.

4) On December 22, I dreamed throughout the whole night that I am editing and preparing my books for publication, in particular 8 books that needed some final editing. I woke up very tired.

I then wrote these four dreams and sent them to Carla for comment. Although she felt very bad in the morning of December 22nd, having an excruciating headache the whole night and day, this is what she wrote inspired by her HS:

“These are credible dreams. Dreams representing the formation of new realities in our very midst. They point to a 4 sided systematized assessment of the current pervading reality beginning with a re-set if you will of the UN.  This is a necessary first step for the creation of the new earth.

The next dream represents the utter breakdown of the cabal system as shown by the crumbled house of Windsor, the reptilian clan has finally fallen.

The third dream opens the door to great Russia and her inevitable “power over all” through the balanced and absolutely no-nonsense and authentic policy of self-sovereignty as demonstrated openly by Mr Putin – a skill he is able to accomplish in a confident manner and which expands in natural progression as a template as to who can actually demonstrate full mastery over this entire world. 

Finally the slate is clear and the Universal Law can now be implemented because you have worked long hours with Russia and Putin – they are ready to move forward.

A beautiful set of dreams my love! A Beautiful Set of Dreams! Hard to express myself in words today  I’m sorry.”

For the sake of completeness, I dreamed about two weeks ago that Carla’s higher self appeared to us in physical body as a beautiful lady in middle age with dark complexion and blond hair as Carla and a little bit smaller than Carla. She told us that she has come to guide us in our final ascension process. As we are dual souls with identical soul essence, it could very well be that she is my excarnated twin flame. We felt very excited about this announcement and knew that we have reached the final most critical phase of our ascension process. When I asked her when we would leave this reality, she smiled enigmatically like Mona Lisa and did not give me an answer. I knew that it was too early to know the date and that it depended on what would happen next.

On December 20th, Carla had a very important, pivotal dream experience in a lucid state that kept her attention for the next days. She made several meditations to learn more about this event. It was a crucial meeting with 11 members of the PAT, with us 12, in the highest possible level, probably at the level of our monads. All these members were present in androgynous form with their twin flame and Carla and I were present as one unity field. We had to make the most important decision so far on the further course of the ascension process. There was an insurmountable problem to be resolved and all participants were aware of the gravity of the situation. After several meditations on this pivotal meeting in the dream state, Carla could elicit that two of the participants were Jerry and Rob from Holland. Some of the other participants were familiar to Carla but not in human form. I asked Carla to write down her dream and here is her report:

“I am in a white room with 11 other people. Your energy is within me, as one, to create the feminine-masculine expression of the one. The other 11 are also fully integrated and are androgynous as you and I. We are all dressed in pale grey outfits, long “skirts” and “jackets” with high white delicate rounded collars. We are in a white room and we are seated although I cannot see the chairs, I believe they are made of crystal though.

There is a woman with chin-length black hair, also wearing the same outfit and she is speaking to us, telepathically, about a very serious matter about which we have to make a decision. I look at each person carefully and they at me. We are all connected telepathically and sense the gravity of the situation. Nobody knows how to resolve the issue. I then very quickly see a resolution to the problem and decide instantly what should be done. I state the Motion and see how all participants are stunned. Then I was verbally seconded by someone on our right, most probably by Jerry and Rob, the others follow. We are confident the decision is the best one and we are all in agreement. I then wake up.”

Since then Carla has the strong inner notion that we made a fateful decision on behalf of Gaia and humanity and that we shall witness the consequences of this decision very soon. It was obvious that it had to deal with the final phase of the ascension process.

Serendipitously, Travis Brown sent me on December 21st a beautiful dream experience from the 5D, from future earth:

 “New-earth classroom “Can you imagine?!

Here is my vision from sleep-time last night:

A European cobblestone street with large overhanging trees, many picnic tables set-up along two sides in the street, full of attentive young children, maybe 100…

A woman speaks to them using the repeated phrase “Can you imagine?!” She is describing how it used to be on the old earth… “Where you’re only near someone who is close-by? Can’t just be anywhere in seconds? Can you imagine?!”… “And how if people are laughing – you might not know what they’re laughing at? You just show up and you’re not already laughing too?! Can you imagine?!”

The kids look so puzzled and amazed. Their emotional states are contagious. They are all telepathic, can teleport anywhere in the world at will.

“Where you only know what’s going on with the people who are right nearby? You only see them and don’t know about anybody else unless you go there and it takes a long time? Can you imagine?!”

The children are contorting their faces, perplexed, as they look across the benches and way across the area at each other, telepathically interacting with each other with thoughts and emotions of the old world.

“Can you imagine?!”

These and other hints showed us beyond any doubt that we had reached the most critical phase in the ascension process that had to do with the coming Christmas Full Moon Portal on December 25th. My HS was telling me since the beginning of December that the two major portals 12.12 and 12.21 are in fact one prolonged preparation for what is supposed to happen between Dec 21st and New Year. We observed the same energetic pattern in 2012 when the actual peak in ascension took place in the last ten days of December.

The last 72 hours before the Christmas Full Moon Portal were the worst I have had in a long time. I had uninterruptedly a split headache with excruciating pain day and night caused by a massive descent of source energies, especially during the last night on Dec 25th when I had a stabbing pain in my left eye socket and thought I would get a cerebral stroke. Carla also had a severe headache during these last three days and in the night of Dec 25th she also suffered from a very painful lumbago in the left backside, so that she could barely get up in the morning.

We cooked the Christmas turkey in a painful trance and then around noon my physical state began to improve quickly. I made a healing massage to Carla and was able to mitigate her pain so that she could survive the family obligations of this holiday. We had invited our friend Julia for a Christmas meal and she arrived around 14.00 p.m. I have introduced her in the past on several occasions, especially in conjunction with our last meditation in her home when we opened the 11.21 portal of purification and healing of the third eye as reported by myself and then confirmed by the Elohim.

Each time we come together spectacular events happen. We three are the custodians and instrumental for the creation and expansion of the Infinity Portal in White Rock, among other things. This time we had however no expectations and it was good so, as what we experienced on Christmas surpassed our wildest dreams. Let us hope that I will be able to present you a congruent picture of everything we experienced energetically yesterday as everyone of us had a slightly different experience due to the specific individual participation in this event.

Carla was in such severe back pain all the time that she was put in a trance state by her HS and can barely remember anything. Julia was, as usual, the one who was channeling all the time when we come together. She operates with visions and has developed the technique to use her arms and hands which are moved by her guides to express certain information content she gets from her sources and then to put them in words.

The whole session began when we were casually talking about the History Channel and its alien programs. I myself have not seen this channel and Julia explained with what historic subjects they deal. I asked if they also discussed Lemuria and Atlantis and gave some new facts and she confirmed that they also mentioned them. I was somewhat skeptical as I could not imagine that this channel grasped the transcendental dimension of our past as we discuss it here on our website and gave an example with myself.

When I began to fully open to the transcendental dimension in the late 90s, my HS sent many channelers to me and we had a number of channeling sessions. During one such session the prophet Elijah was introduced to me and I was made aware that he ascended in a light body and that I shall accomplish the same thing. As you may know Elijah is the key prophet both in Judaism and in Christianity and his prophecies of the coming of the new prophet, to which Jesus referred as a Jew 900 years later, was the foundation of Christianity as a separate religion. I have published his recent prophecies for the new 4D worlds as received by Jahn last year when he was still under my spiritual influence and a much clearer channel:

I personally resonated very much with these prophecies of Elijah as they fit very well into my vision of the new 4D worlds which we first created as a template of Gaia 5 in December 2013. Since then the destiny of these new 4D worlds is a constant topic on this website, especially after we created the New Golden Galaxy in the summer of last year and became its Guardians.

Jesus referred to his lineage with Elijah in the Bible and his rejection by the Jews led to the establishment of the new Christian religion separately from Judaism by St. Paul after his crucifixion. This is at least the official version of the history of the Church. However, we know that it is forged and that both Jesus and St. Paul were split personalities of the historical person Apollonius of Tyana and that all the so-called “proofs” and theological arguments in the Old and New Testament are apologies of the Christian exegesists and founding fathers of Christianity to rectify the divine authority of this new religion. This early Christian exegesis also fermented the animosities between these two world religions in the last two thousand years which are, together with the younger religion of Islam that also accepts both Elijah and Jesus as legitimate prophets of God, the major source of wars, brutality and utter evil as we see these last days in the Middle East. As we know, all world religions were introduced by the Orion/Reptilian PTW in order to separate humanity from their souls and the source and to dumb them down in the End Time as to prevent the announced ascension in the Holy Scripture that is happening now.

My major objections to such alien programs as on the History Channel was that we do not exactly know when all these prophets have really lived and appeared as incarnated entities on earth. I told Julia that I believed that Elijah had lived much earlier before the known historical time of 900 years BC as written in the Bible and that I am in a direct lineage with him. As I know very well that I have incarnated as a high priest in Lemuria and Atlantis where I have played a major role in the history of these civilisations, Elijah must have also incarnated at that time as I have the strong knowing that we are of the same lineage if not he is a past incarnation of myself.

Just at that moment Julia exclaimed:

“Elijah is here and he is giving me information.” Then she began to move her arms, stretching her right arm backwards with her index finger pointing in the distant past and her left arm stretching forwards with her index finger pointing far in the future. Then she began to rotate her arms and move them closer to her body. She spoke: “I hear the number 18.”

“What do you mean?, I asked: “Has he lived 18 centuries ago? What time units does he use?

“Elijah tells me that he has lived 18,000 – 20,000 years ago and we are of the same lineage, just as Jesus was.” Julia is very fond of Jesus and Maria.

“Good, I have always known that. Can you ask him what we achieved on Christmas as we had three very bad days with massive descent of source energies and according to my experience with such episodes they are always accompanied by huge ID splits and ascension leaps of this uppermost mother planet to higher dimensions. Given the intensity of the cc-waves these last few days, we must have accomplished something big.”

Julia: “He is telling me that we have just opened the Portal of the Now and that we are now integrating all past and future timelines into this Now portal. ”

“Does he mean the Infinity portal to which our apartment is an integral part?” Indeed when Julia visits us, she always notices that our apartment is like a 5D spaceship or a platform, with extreme high vibrations and completely detached and uplifted from this reality.

“No”, replied Elijah through Julia:” The infinity portal is much higher vibrating and it is anchored in the highest dimensions and cannot be part of this 3D reality. This is a new portal of the Now that you are opening now for humanity to ascend. Ascension is happening from within by expansion of your awareness and this is what you are doing in this very moment. ”

“We know that when we ascend, we shall eliminate linear time and we shall live only in the Now, but how does this all relate to our experience in the last days and to the ascension of this uppermost timeline?”, I asked.

At that moment Carla returned home after she had visited her family for Christmas and the conversation with Elijah was interrupted. We drunk coffee and ate a delicious cake Julia had brought as a gift and had a chat at the table when the whole room was flooded with Christed light and billions of angels entered the space:

“Oh my god!”, exclaimed Julia: “All the ascended masters are here and there are numerous spaceships of the GF above our heads. Sananda is also present…” and at that moment I saw a sitting Buddha with my third eye before Julia continued: “Buddha is also here.”

We were flooded with gold and white Christed light that built a huge pillar between us above the table around which we sat and reached the infinity of the multiverse. We all felt the heat of these energies in our palms and bodies as we had stretched our arms and had turned our palms upwards in order to feel these energies during our meditative session.

“There is a fourth person in the room”, exclaimed Julia all of a sudden: “He is sitting on the empty fourth chair at the table. Could it be my higher self as you are here both present with your masculine and feminine pole?”, she asked us.

“No”, said Carla: “it is St. Germain, he is always with me especially when we both meet”, pointing to Julia.

“Indeed, it is St. Germain”, confirmed Julia and then he confirmed vehemently his presence and began to channel her.

” You (and by that he meant all light warriors of the first and the last hour and humanity as a whole) have just avoided a dreadful catastrophe that could have destroyed this planet and have made a huge leap in the ascension process.” said St. Germain solemnly.

“I knew  it, I knew it”, I said: “after these dreadful last three days of constant cc-waves and descent of source energies it was obvious that we have had another massive ID shift and a separation of lower catastrophic timelines. This must have been the final, crucial ID shift of this uppermost mother planet from its 3D overlay before the ultimate ascension. This explains why I saw with my third eye how my soul was shrugging with her shoulders when I asked her to give me a respite from my terrible headache and stabbing eye socket pain during the last 48 hours, while telling me that this is not the time to consider personal concerns as we have made the decision to go through this final ordeal at any cost and we knew that it would be hard. I must know what was at stake. This was the decision we, the PAT made in Carla’s dream and we knew that the consequences would be hard for us.”

I must say at this place that although Julia is highly medial and intuitive and a very clear channel, she is not fully involved in the ascension scenario and does not participate actively in the cleansing process as the PAT does. Hence she does not have our knowing and approach to the practical and theoretical aspects of this process as advocated on the PAT website and channels what she interprets with respect of her personal experience with such energies. That is why her interpretation of what we experienced yesterday was different from the one I had or that of Carla, and as I said, she was in such a pain that she was completely retrieved from this reality and does not remember much. Hence I am giving here my interpretation and subjective perception of what happened yesterday based on my altogether sound memory that is in full congruence with our perspective on the ascension process.

After St. Germain took firmly his place on the empty fourth chair at our table and the pillar of Christed light between us above the table exploded in its seven sacred flames began to change their colours in a rapid sequence, did we receive the following explanation from him as channeled by Julia:

“You have just made the final and biggest  ID shift.” Julia saw two earths that split from this one. “You have moved with your timeline firmly on the ascension ladder. During this ID split you reached the critical threshold of 51% of incarnated souls who are dedicated to the light. This saved this timeline from total destruction while severing the old 3D matrix. That is why this Christmas Full Moon portal was so crucial as Carla knew from her nightly conference with the PAT at the monad level. The other souls descended to lower timelines and left this incarnation. From now on everything will change very rapidly. Today you have opened the “Now Portal” and you have raised the percentage of light loving souls to more than 70% on this ascending timeline.” Carla saw immediately the number of 73%. “This is happening now during Christmas time which is the time of love for humanity”, continued St. Germain, “while you are invoking the Christed light and all the divine flames. I urge you now to cleanse all the human hell, the underworld, where so many soul fragments are trapped.”

“St. Germain seems to be talking of Dante’s Inferno”, I interfered, “The Inferno is the lower astral planes where so many soul fragments are trapped and where they perpetuate their dark patterns and cannot leave the wheel of karma. After we have accomplished this huge ID shift, we must do now the final cleansing of these lower astral planes as has always been the case in previous massive ID shifts.”

This was new to Julia. She saw all of a sudden that the Akasha chronics was also split in two and the new version was moved to the new ascending earth and had to be wiped out clean from past imprints as when a computer’s operating system is upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, the new version.

St. Germain interfered at this point: ” Indeed you have come here together to clean this underworld of humanity with the violet gold flame of transmutation in an alchemical reaction the effect of which is instant. Can you think of the main cause of all evil and darkness on this planet?” St. Germain asked us.

I had an immediate knowing and responded: “It is the separation of the ego from the soul and the source that creates the treacherous passion for domination over other souls in disrespect of the divine laws of creation in harmony with All-That-Is. The human ego has emancipated itself, in its descent to lower frequencies, from the leading influence of the higher self and believes to have everything under control, only if it manipulates in a limitless manner the destiny of all other humans, be it in the family or at the societal level, who may pose a risk or a potential danger according to his numerous fears. This is how the separated human ego misinterprets the creationary power of any form of sentient consciousness. All wars and crimes, and the entire behaviour of the dark cabal and the archons from the astral plane is the product of this disastrous tendency to dominate other sovereign creator beings at any price.

The separation of the lower three chakras of most humans with unripe soul fragments from the higher three chakras of divine inspiration by a closed heart chakra has vastly contributed to the increase of negative dark patterns that may manifest as sexual deviations in the family, including incest with children (Julia was talking at that moment of a family patriarch of sixteen children who appeared on TV as a devote Christian father but was a monster in reality and had harmed many of his children), suppression and sadism towards the partner, etc. The same oppressive attitude we see at the collective level such as the claim of exceptionalism by the USA and its right to destroy any other nation that sees the world differently as this nation of unripe souls paradigmatically displays these last days. These are all expressions of the pathological growth of the human ego as a monstrous cancer-Leviathan of destruction in a state of total separation from the Source. This must be overcome now so that ascension can take place as none of these low-frequency dark human patterns can exist in the new 4D worlds and in 5D.

“This is it”, said St. Germain through Julia: “all these dark human patterns are created by energetic cords which the archons have attached to the lower chakras of the living and deceased human beings, whose soul fragments dwell in the astral hell and must be severed and cleansed now.”‘ Julia added on her own: “I see black snakes that crawl on the ground and reach these poor people in the underworld and hold them back so that they cannot escape this hell on their own.”

We three then did a very mighty invocation with me creating a powerful vortex of violet and all other sacred flames by rotating my arms to create a standing vortex wave and we saw how Dante’s Inferno was cleansed and transmuted in an instant in this most powerful alchemical reaction.

I said afterwards: “Julia, can you ask St. Germain how long will it take until we reach the threshold of 70 % and more he mentioned earlier. I assume that it is happening now and it will take some time to anchor this light quotient on this timeline.”

St. Germain answered: “The number is not fixed, it is fluctuating all the time” and Julia began to waver with her arms.

“I get it.” I said promptly as I had an immediate knowing: “With the opening of the portal of the Now we have actually created the optimal conditions for the massive influx of walk-ins as old souls belonging to the new human template in the Golden Galaxy we created last year and they are now raising rapidly the percentage of old souls dedicated to the light on this uppermost mother planet. ”

At that moment Julia began to snap with the fingers under the guidance of St Germain: “This is how each moment a new wave of walk-ins as old souls are now entering this timeline, snap, snap, snap…” And we three of us could see with our third eye how the huge waves of old souls were now flooding this holographic model in preparation for its final ascension. I was suddenly overwhelmed by such a profound sense of triumph and completion as I have never experienced since we created New Lemuria and only my physical exhaustion from the previous waves prevented me from dancing with joy.

Everything fitted now into the novel energetic picture of what we had achieved during this most powerful Christmas Full Moon Portal.

We made a most fateful decision on December 20 how to sever this uppermost mother planet from its dark version that still keeps the 3D overlay and sustains the illusion of the old Orion matrix. Obviously this ID split was very complicated and precarious as we had barely reached the threshold of more than 50% of light loving souls on this timeline. Our immense efforts in the last days and months have brought about this huge success. Obviously there were huge risks to perform this separation at that moment, but on the other hand we did not want to miss this astronomic window of opportunity which the powerful Full Moon Portal on Christmas, the first one since 1977, offered.

I have no idea what spectacular solution Carla and I as united field have proposed at this crucial meeting of the PAT at the monad level on December 20th, at the height of the 12.21 portal,  but it must have worked out in a brilliant manner, though at the expense of a complete physical depletion of the entire PAT this last week. But the pain was worth trying it and we succeeded gloriously.

This is undoubtedly the biggest highlight this year and probably throughout the whole ascension scenario as we made the final ID shift towards ascension by separating the old 3D matrix for ever. From now on the miracles will skyrocket and I assure you that in the next days we shall experience a completely new earth in every conceivable aspect. The portal of the Now, to which Elijah initially referred when our channeling session started, concerned in fact the huge influx of walk-ins which we enabled after the accomplishment of this successful ID shift.

This is the mechanism of ascension which I have always envisioned and propagated on this website and yesterday we had the final brilliant confirmation of it. One can only speculate what complex problems we had to resolve at the soul level and within the energetic structure of this planet and the new Golden Galaxy, in which Gaia is now firmly anchored, but this solution is already a legend in this multiverse. The exuberant joy of all ascended masters and forces of light, including AA Michael who is always with us with his legions of angels, yesterday when they came to us was the most convincing proof for this spectacular victory of the PAT that was achieved this Christmas.

After I internalized the full scope of this incredible achievement I decided to ask St. Germain my invariant and most intimate question: ” What percentage does humanity need to reach before we can introduce the new theory of the Universal Law on this new ascending timeline? And must we first ascend and appear in front of humanity as Logos Gods before we can convince the masses to accept this new holistic world view?

Before St. Germain could answer Carla said: “I see the number 83%.”

“This is correct”, confirmed St. Germain through Julia: “But you will be surprised to see what incredible changes humanity will undergo in the coming days. Very soon 25% of all souls will be ascended masters and then the whole mental and telepathic situation on this planet will change profoundly overnight. You will be amazed how quickly humanity will embrace the Universal Law and other new ideas.”

I immediately thought of my soul age model which I first developed in the late 90s where I estimated that the human population at that time consisted of about 4-5% old souls, 20% ripe souls on the verge of entering the old soul cycle in the End Time prior to their ascension, 40-45% young souls that dominated the collective mindset in the old Orion matrix as one can see paradigmatically in North America today and the rest were baby and child souls as we find them in big numbers in Asia and Africa. I have also written in my books on Gnosis that when 25% of humanity become old souls they will dominate the energetic structure of the society which will rapidly evolve to a transgalactic species.

This was the case in Lemuria and Atlantis at certain epochs before their destruction and also in the limited geographical area of Egypt which was a colony of Lemuria and Atlantis when modern technologies of transportation of matter through space-time were used to build the pyramids and many souls ascended collectively. I am speaking of the time before the known history, reminiscences of which we find in the known Egyptian tradition. The Hathors have given us some interesting messages about this time which one can read on the Internet or as books. This all crossed my mind with a lightning speed and I had all of a sudden the full knowing of what we had achieved this Christmas and what we should expect next year: It is spectacular, it is gargantuan, it is our greatest success and we should be hilarious about the bright perspectives next year, like children who receive all the gifts they have wished for themselves and have sent petitions to Santa Claus.

Let me now summarize the key facts concerning the Christmas Full Moon Portal:

1. On December 20th, the PAT made the most important decision in its history to use this astronomic window of opportunity and accomplish the final separation of the 3D matrix from this highest ascending timeline. For us, the linear time continued, although in fact this portal eliminated linear time and substituted it with the simultaneity of the higher realms, where all past present and future timelines merge into one unity field timeline with infinite alternative possibilities that simultaneously coexist. This is the utmost form of expansion of creation, to which the lower denser holographic models of incarnation are not capable.

2. This was achieved in the first place by the massive influx of old souls as walk-ins before and especially after the ID split of the 3D matrix and the ID shift that raised overnight the light quotient on this uppermost mother planet from the minimal threshold of at least 51% light-filled souls necessary to perform this ultimate ID shift to more than 73%. The repercussions of this dramatic increase in the light quotient will manifest in the next days as a massive ascension leap of the whole humanity that will change the quality of social life and individual well-being dramatically.

3) This earth was saved from experiencing a huge catastrophe, in the first place from the danger of a nuclear WW3. Humanity was indeed on the verge of this self-inflicted human catastrophe and my visit to Putin in Kremlin on Dec 22, when it was clear that we would be successful with the ID shift, clearly showed that we were already victorious and that from now on it was undisturbed, steady business for all bearers of the light until the final ascension step is accomplished.

My previous visit to Windsor castle which was in a full decay showed me that the Orion elite had been ejected as exemplified by the abdicated British Royal family that lived in poverty and oblivion. There cannot be more powerful symbols for this dramatic schism that we accomplished on this planet, while fully eliminating all dark human entities from its reality. The cleansing of the underworld, the lower astral planes, where the soul fragments of such deceased dark human entities dwelled, was the final act in the ascension process. This new ascending timelines now starts with a new Akasha chronics free of past karma – a clean slate.

4) Based on this elaboration I am expecting now a benign and very effective implosion of the Orion monetary system early next year which will allow for a quick and painless transition to a new enlightened society, based initially on a just digital system of payments and transactions before any form of money can be abolished for ever. The temporary shutdown of all banks in the West and the paralysis of the economy will speed up this process. The change must first happen at the collective level before all individuals can change their mindset and begin to profit from the new energetic environment that we already established during this Christmas portal. The new old souls as walk-ins need some dramatic collapses of the visible old matrix as to cleanse the old personality structures of their human shells and readjust them to the new energetic requirements of the new 4D worlds. A very fine-tuned, all-transforming energetic attunement must take place in all human beings and you are well advised to watch very carefully for such signs.

We must expect wonderful times ahead. Now you should all relax and go inside yourselves as to feel the sweetness of our greatest victory over darkness before we leave this reality for ever as human beings.


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