Energy Report of the PAT – October 31, 2015

PAT Experiences During the Ejection of All Dark Criminal Souls From This Timeline on October 28, 2015

Dear George,

It is remarkable that in 2012, almost to the exact date, you performed a cleansing of criminal elements, on the archontic and all alien related level:

I am now happy to announce that this night (Nov 11) there was a massive purging operation from the higher realms the world over and that all dark human entities were neutralized and imprisoned. I  participated very actively in this huge and very successful cleansing operation and remember many details. I assume that many of you also remember this event in the dream state and will report on it.

During the last cleansing wave Oct 31-Nov 3 we eliminated all dark archons and other alien entities from the 4th astral level. Now we did the same with the dark human entities on the ground. In particular I can confirm that all khazars, zionists, relatives and families of former nazis, etc. who are in their majority clones or hybrids of the Nordic (blond) type, created through genetic engineering by the Orion alien forces in their underground bases and occupying most of the CEO positions in banks and corporations or leading the dark secret services of the elite, were incarcerated and put either to jail or in asylums. This you should understand figuratively, as only their souls were retrieved from this earth and put on the timeline of the earth B under the surveillance of the forces of light and could no longer do any harm to the people with their inherent, heinous activities.”

while this time around you took care of the smaller fry, so to speak:

…  I transmuted the energetic structures of all criminal souls incarnated on this earth and subsequently removed them from this uppermost mother planet. ….  transformed the dark cabal and all other criminals as their stooges at the soul level by retrieving all the incarnated dark soul fragments from this earth and by transforming energetically their archetypal personality structure so that new old souls can come in as walk-ins. This is how the final ascension will happen. ...”

I happened on the first mentioned article while looking for entries on twin flames.

Love and Light,


Dear Dominique,

I must shamefully admit that I had forgotten this past battle. But we have fought so many that it is human to forget some of them in the heat of the ascension battle. Hence I am very thankful to you for refreshing my memory, now I remember this episode very well and how intensive this whole period till the opening of the stargate 12.21.12 really was. And it did not stop to be intensive thereafter until the present day. What an ordeal! But this earth was so much infested with all kinds of dark entities and we had to eliminate them in batches, timeline after timeline, by thinning out their numbers as to cope with them. After all we were only a few and each battle was as fateful as the famous battle of Thermopylae.

Ours is a unique Odyssey and I am very curious to read about it in full awareness in the annals of the Akasha chronics after ascension as to really comprehend what the PAT has achieved throughout all these years.

Thank you very much for your donation.

With love and light



Hello Dr. Stankov & Carla:

It has been awhile since we’ve spoken, but I wanted to share a dream with you since it seems to coincide with what has been happening recently as of October 28, 2015.

Dream: October 28, 2015:

I am on a large, white, ocean-liner (cruise ship). It is beautiful and white in color.  There is a man on the ship and he is issuing out everyone’s assignments. I hear him tell three people that they are assigned to a particular location, and what their duties are. He does this until he comes to me. He said to me “Shirley, I am assigning you to this city/location and you are the only one who can handle this assignment, and you will be working alone.”  He states that the ship will arrive at my drop off location within two hours.  I said okay and think to myself that I had better use the washroom before my departure comes up within the two hours.  I head to the washroom. I prepare to enter into the one stall and the toilet has not been flushed, so I move on to the next. When I open the door of the stall to this one, it is the same, and I then move on to the last one and the toilet is clean, so I walk inside.  After I exit the stall, there are three Black women in the outer area of the washroom and they are entertainers. They ask me if I want to join them. I stated that I would. Somehow we have left the ship and we’re getting into a taxi cab.  One of the women is a lesbian and she keeps making advances, and I consistently rebuff her. By this time, I wake up because“nature calls.”  By the time I come back to bed, and doze back off to sleep, the dreams resumes, and we are outside a mosque or temple.  We go inside and there are a bunch of old Jewish, men, White and Black, sitting around, in long, white robes. Instantly, I think they are pure and holy.

As I’m looking at one of the Jewish men, he looks familiar and I walk over to him and say “do I know you?” He looks at me and tries to grab me in private areas; I rebuff him and walk away. Then, I’m thinking that all of these Jewish men, who, I think are religious, and holy priests or rabbis are nothing but “devils and pedophiles.” By this time, the Black women are singing and entertaining these Jewish rabbis. Again, this same, lesbian woman try and make advances by grabbing me, and I push her from me and walk away. At this time, I’m thinking that we are being viewed, live on television, and the whole world probably saw me push her away. I was hoping that I did not make too bad of an impression but I really wanted to punch her in the face!

Anyway, I woke up thinking this dream probably meant that I’m getting more close to my individual ascension. In regard to the demonic, pedophile, priests/rabbis, and lesbian entertainers, was probably just cleansing dross out of this reality. I happened to check out your website this morning, and some of my dream seems to coincide” “with your statement:  Note: George Stankov: “Last night, I was burning like a torch and my whole body emanated these extremely powerful energies all around and into the cosmos. The centre of radiation was my heart chakra. When I met with each one of you this last night, I radiated this huge energy from my heart chakra into your heart chakra.  At the same time I informed each one of you that you have now reached the threshold of ascension and you can ascend anytime from now on when the appropriate moment has arrived. This will obviously depend on how quickly the events will unfold on the ground.”

Dr. Stankov, your statement seems to Gel very well in re, the mysterious man on the cruise ship was issuing out assignments to everyone, and advising them of the locations and/or cities where their work would take place.

Anyway, wanted to share this with you and Carla.

God bless, much love and Light,



Dear Shirley,

Incredible – your dreams are always so vivid and amazing. I only recently was thinking of you and that I had not heard much of you as of lately and you come up just on time with your dramatic and impressive dream that pales the most exciting Hollywood science fiction movie plot as to confirm our latest and probably last battle with the dark souls on this timeline. It began much earlier and this website is a seamless chronicle of these battles, some of which I had forgotten myself as Dominique made me aware as of today (see in the energy report).

Thank you very much for this contribution. I hope you are well otherwise in these turbulent times.

With love and light



Hello George,

I read your two last posts. The last 2-3 nights have been indeed very intense energetically for me as well. This night I had some sleep but woke up at 5.45AM and then I fell asleep for a while and I heard a male voice talking in English like going throughout my body saying something which unfortunately I couldn’t remember but I remember the feeling of completeness which I felt when hearing it. It is my first experience of this kind and I didn’t even got scared, haha. It might have been you ?

The previous night I went to bed at 21.40 and I slept till 7.30 – this never happens to me, so I thought that I had something very important to do while asleep cause this is rather unusual. My dream was a nightmare (but as I read your post I instantly knew what it actually was) – I was participating in a fight with giants but as I remember – I wasn’t scared, I don’t remember the outcome of the battle. Thanks again for the great news, sending you love and light.

Kind regards,

Teodora, Bulgaria


Hi George and Carla,

Wonderful news!!!!!  How exciting to hear some positive results finally!  I just wanted to confirm that I had an extremely active dreamtime on the night of the 28th, and in fact that morning I knew I it was important to stay home and was feeling exhaustion and headache and body aches all day.   Upon waking yesterday I could feel it was really big but the details just vanished upon waking which is so frustrating – especially when your kitty wakes you up abruptly by knocking your water glass over ;)   So thank you for letting me know what was happening and why I felt something huge had been going on while I was “elsewhere”.  This is the best news I could’ve wished for, thank you and bless you!  I am so outta here!!!



Hi Georgi,

Nic from Montreal here.

I was expecting you would announce that a new MPR had occurred on a lower timeline in the past 24 to 48 hours, or something like that, because for the past 2 days I’ve been having rather intense dreams that I could not remember much aside from their intensity and that they involved some kind of conflict. I also felt unusually tired, very tired, on the 28th, and also today the 29th. Actually when I woke-up today I felt like shit, and later on I was hit by this sudden tiredness, just like I had on the 28th. These symptoms were very noticeable so I thought that it was the full moon portal energies and/or another purging going on in the HR.

In Carla’s latest message, the Elohim mentioned this:  ”All light warriors of the first and last hour took part in this cleansing and healing mission, in some way.”

So I guess I felt that latest purging of the dark ones.

On the synchronicity side, you mentioned a few interesting ones about the latest events, well I had a nice one too: When I read your latest report, I was struck by the message from the recording of this Mount Shasta psychic, that was sent to you. This psychic’s message says that: “all cabal and perpetrators have now been removed from the earth and that we, the light warriors, will now assume our mission as wayshowers for humanity.”

Well, on that very same day, I started to put up posters at a few strategic places, to advertise a group talk about intuition, that I want to give and moderate. This is my very first ”Lightwork gig” as a ”hermit” Warrior Soul, and it is in response to the inner call I felt, to start to ”Shine my Light” (which I had reported to you in an email that you publish in this article at the beginning of October).

So after working on preparing the content for this talk (I wrote 15 full pages of stuff so far) and doing the poster, I went out to put them up on that very same day that this psychic’s message says that, we, the Light Warriors, will now assume our mission.

How synchronistic!

I want to add to this that, in the past couple of weeks I noticed a sharpening of my intuition. During that time, several times I came across information that triggered a distinct intuitive hunch in me, only to find out later that you wrote about this very info on your website. For example, I had read online about the major problems that a lot of the McDonalds franchise are having, and I immediately knew the important significance of this in the whole Ascension scenario, only to find out later that you mentioned this in one of your articles. Same thing happened when I watched the video of Putin talking at the Valdai Club. I immediately felt a hunch when I watched the video. The next day you posted it on your website and wrote about it.

There are other examples similar to these two, that I have experienced, and I had also a few clusters of synchronicities happening in that same period.

So we seem to be more and more intuitive and/or telepathic these past couple of weeks, have you heard of other PATsters reporting this?



Dear George,

I’ve had some welcome relief on the inner planes in the past few days:

On the night of 10/26-27, after a rapid ascent during meditation, I dream of many situations practicing telekinesis. In the last, I pick up a stack of drink coasters and spin them around in a disc extremely fast, then wobble the disc. It seems to create an energy-field. I feel like I am discovering ‘the wheel’. Meanwhile, I am excitedly surprising various people by hopping into a floating lotus position. All are delighted and receptive. A friend who expects siddhis to herald ascension is floored with joy and confirmation as I float in front of her. One time I levitate somebody else.

On 10/27-28, I dream I am in Spain or Portugal. Thousands are gathered near an ocean harbor at twilight. There are lanterns everywhere and many are dressed in white. The mood is one of great peace and after-glow; all are quiet and attentive. I am floating a few rows away from the stage among the crowd. A man is making a speech presenting one-by-one the emissaries of peace, the light beings of the new world. He is listing details of my character. I remember a line about seeing my physical age and not to let it fool you. I am wishing I’ll remember all this praise when I wake up. He is going on about me and says ‘a pillar of light’. I joke that for him to stop I’ll have to hammer him into the stage so he can be a pillar of light holding up the building. There is laughter, then again quiet and focus in the crowd. I wake up with a repeating song lyric: “And I know- That my time- Is coming soon.”

Travis Brown


Dearest Georgi:

I am definitely one of the cleansers.

Yesterday morning, on the 28th, I had a huge battle with one of these dark soul fragments, embodied in this Dutch friend of mine in the community.

Absolutely everyone who knows him, considers him a snake but somehow we developed a friendship and finally the venom was spouted at me yesterday. He is in Europe now and we exchanged a few very charged and conflictive mails.

The thing is that I got really sick, by mid afternoon I was in terrible shape, fainting, nauseous  disoriented and severe joint paint. I let my friends offer this natural remedy for a dangerous mosquito bite because the symptoms were the same, but I knew I was doing a huge cleansing. The biggest in a long time. Just reading you I’m feeling better.




Last night in my dreams i was clearing out a large group of ghosts who were nasty. They didn’t want to go either. I had AA Michael’s sword and i was directing them out of their hiding place in a basement. I then woke up and cleared my bedroom. In addition, i had powerful waves of heat/ energy running through me. Crazy powerful waves of heat and my body was vibrating so much it was hard to fall asleep.

Since Sunday, i have been clearing crud through my body basically non stop and have been very nauseous. Intense aches and pains, especially in my neck and right shoulder area.

Question: Regarding your last post, so were you saying that the PATs twin flames are now all coming into this dimension as walk ins?

Blessings to you and Carla,



Dear Sheryl,

thank for this excellent confirmation of our purging of all dark soul fragments from this timeline and the heat waves of source energies that flow through our bodies.

Wait till I publish the Arcturian message tomorrow to learn more about the twin flames.

With love and light



Dear George,

I send greetings to you and thanks to Carla for this last message from Elohim. I just want to confirm it in a way having the experience of this:

For last 7-10 days I was feeling gastric problems, and  was getting on weight, especially in the stomach area, around the solar plexus. Apart from that I felt heavy emotional pressure of felling the void, disconnectedness with the reality, pain in processing dark energies from lower chakras. Since I am aware of the process, I was getting the info (from my HS, I think) that it is happening because of energies, and that it will be easier after the fool moon ends this month. Two days ago I was feeling totally exhausted and overwhelmed with energies of this lasting portal, and I just set in the armchair asking for help.  I was thinking of wanting to end that feeling weather these were mine or collective. Than for the first time, Archangel Gabriela appeared and helped me in processing the energies. I had a clear vision of her appearing in shimmering white light while swirling my yellow solar plexus energies. After that assistance I started to feel much better.

Yesterday evening and during the night I was receiving very intensive sound of ringing in my right ear, being stronger than usual, and feeling the energies so strong that my body shook at moments like in trans.

That was the experience I wanted to share with you.

Best regards,


Dear Natasa,

thank you for your personal energy report. I will publish today a special energy report that explains some of your experiences in the last days.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

I have just finished reading the web page ‘What Went Wrong in the World…’ and I am shocked that Mr. John Ralston Saul, (a famous Canadian thinker) of whom I am a big follower, makes no mention of him (Dr. Zinoviev)!  Nor does anyone else that I know!  Dr. Zinoviev was full of life!  What a great honor it was for you to have known him.  I am startled because nowhere does John Ralston Saul make any predictions about might or is happening, right now; but Zinoviev does!  I am going to have to re-read this interview again.  We, in the PAT, are one step removed from counter-reactionary forces, we are the force that moves humanity.  We do so through photon energy and guidance from our leaders (you and Carla).  That makes us very dangerous….

Henry Clymer, Rochester


Hallo Georgi,

ich bestätige intensive Transformationsaktivitäten verdichteter negativer Energieformen seit dem 26. Oktober.

In der Nacht des 27. Oktober im Bett liegend begann mein physischer Körper sich vor meinem inneren Auge aufzulösen, auch wenn durch meine physischen Augen nichts davon festzustellen war.

In diesem energetischen Reinzustand frei von Raum und Zeit war es mir möglich, zu erschaffen, was auch immer mir vorschwebte. Ich diente als Informations- und Koordinationsschnittstelle zwischen den mannigfalten Welten des Allganzen.

Zeitgleich war ich mir aller Welten des Allganzen bewusst, da ich das Allganze war.

Wie ich die Erde aufrief, sah ich drei graue anorganische Giganten, welche die Erde in ihren Armen hielten. Sie bemerkten mich sichtlich überrascht. Mittels konstruktiver Interferenz löste ich sie in reine Energie auf.

In der Nacht zum 30. Oktober fand ich kaum Ruhe wegen heftiger, innerlich wühlender Energiewirbel im Kopf, Bauch- und Unterleib.

Hitler, die kollektive deutsche Seele, als auch die kollektive jüdische Seele erschienen in meinem Bewusstsein, deren ungeklärte Energien noch immer durch mich verarbeitet werden.

Dabei durchflutete mein gesamtes Wesen eine ausgesprochen freudige Dankbarkeit für bedingungslose Akzeptanz und langersehnte Erlösung.

Dir und Carla alles Gute,
— Rumi —


On Physics

Tesla interview from 1899 article

Where did you find this? Where is the original?

Einstein’s introduction of his Special Theory of Relativity appeared in 1905, and his General Theory of Relativity in 1915. How is it possible that the interview from 1899 included to frame any of these?



Dear Gina,

The theory of relativity did not come from nowhere. It began much earlier with the discussion of the existence of ether. Then after many disputes the famous Michelson-Morley experiment was made in 1887. The results of this experiment were wrongly interpreted and based on this assumption the idea of ether as energy-rich photon space-time was rejected. I have discussed this historical background at length in my textbook on physics of the Universal Law volume II:


and in particular the chapter:

8.2 The concept of relativity in electromagnetism

It is true that Einstein was not an established name at that time although he was quite advanced in physics and the theory of relativity in electromagnetism was the predominant topic at that time before quantum mechanics was established in 1926. It is true that Tesla could not have said this with respect to Einstein in 1899:

 If Einstein had heard these sounds, he would not create theories of relativity. 

Obviously these statements were introduced in a secondary manner by somebody or the interviewer himself in ignorance of the historic sequence of the events or the interview was pre-dated. This was a very popular practice at that time. I studied all the avantgarde arts movements at the turn of the 19th century, the beginning of the 20th century such as cubism, suprematism, futurism etc., and found out that most painters and writers pre-dated their paintings and works as to prove that they were the first to introduce a new movement in arts and literature and become famous.

Why not in physics and science? You might remember the dispute and legal case in the 90s as to who first discovered the HI-virus (AIDS) between a French and an American virologists and it came out that the American scientist had committed fraud and pre-dated his results with 6 months. This is a background for you as you may not have delved too deeply into these matters.

But apart from that all arguments of Tesla are proper and he could have made them around 1899 with respect to ether and the theory of relativity of Lorentz (Lorentz Transformations) which were widely discussed at that time and were in apparent contradiction to the ideas of Tesla of energy-rich ether Here is what Wikipedia says to this issue and not only myself:

Main article: History of Lorentz transformations

Many physicists, including Woldemar VoigtGeorge FitzGeraldJoseph Larmor, and Hendrik Lorentz himself had been discussing the physics implied by these equations since 1887.[1] Early in 1889, Oliver Heaviside had shown from Maxwell’s equations that the electric field surrounding a spherical distribution of charge should cease to have spherical symmetry once the charge is in motion relative to the ether. FitzGerald then conjectured that Heaviside’s distortion result might be applied to a theory of intermolecular forces. Some months later, FitzGerald published the conjecture that bodies in motion are being contracted, in order to explain the baffling outcome of the 1887 ether-wind experiment of Michelson and Morley. In 1892, Lorentz independently presented the same idea in a more detailed manner, which was subsequently called FitzGerald–Lorentz contraction hypothesis.[2] Their explanation was widely known before 1905.[3]

But these scientists are virtually unknown today as well as their fundamental discussions, in particular on the abolition of ether and its substitution with the concept of long-range correlations of gravitation and electromagnetic force which is the greatest blunder in physics and has pushed this discipline into a cul du sac until now. The special relativity of Einstein in 1905 only cemented this wrong dogma that is also in the core of the Nobel prize this year – why neutrinos have a mass and the standard model is wrong. Read my comments here:

I hope to have responded your question and if you have any additional questions, I will be glad to deal with them too.

I think that your observation was essentially correct and I am glad that you addressed this critical issue which was also known to me but which by no means questions the validity of this interview and, what is more important, the core message of it – there is energy-rich ether = photon space-time from which all elementary particle are created in a secondary manner and thus it is possible to obtain free photon energy. Read also these two articles: 


With love and light



Physics Blunder

Dear Dr. Stankov

I am a retired high school physics teacher with a passion for physics.  I am currently writing an article about Physics Greatest Blunder dealing with units.  I have discovered that using just a few parameters one can produce all of the physical constants that I have studied.  What is amazing, is that it also allows me to put the physical properties on a 2-D grid.  The grid can be used to evaluating existing physical formula and to generate new physical formula based on relationships not currently documented.  You are currect in saying that the coulomb is a synonym for geometric area and your value of 9.274e-24 m^2 is correct.  However, this only a part of what the coulomb really is.  The coulomb describes also a spacial volume and velocity.  I am an amateur, and I’m going to have trouble publishing my work on any scientific journal, website, archive etc.  How have scientists acknowledged your work and do you have any suggestions for me?

My work will address the following:

1) An assumption made over 100 years ago has led to an error in units.
2) The Sommerfeld constant has units and is a conversion factor.
3) Gravity is an electric displacement and can be incorporated into QED.
4) Explanation of the Casimir effect.
5) E=mc^2 is only part of a relationship and can be used to generate an equation that describes the product of mass and charge.

This only part of what my research shows.  Any suggestions would be helpful.



Dear Randy,

I am happy that you have established contact with me and that you deal with the blunders in physics. All the topics and questions you raise are resolved in my book volume II on physics which you can read from my website:

That is why I will not discuss them now. After you have read my solutions that go in the same direction as yours we can discuss the details.

The problem with publications is that all scientific journals are under the control of the dark cabal and they will never publish such critical articles. I tried it on numerous occasions in the 90s and after 2000 and failed. If they do it, they must sign their death verdict.

With love and light



Thanks for your quick response and your pdf.

I haven’t had a chance to look at the pdf in detail, but at first glance I see that many of our ideas are very similar.  We are obviously on common ground.  Perhaps we can support each other’s work.

I will be writing my theory over the next few months.  I will send you a copy or send you a link once I am done.

Thanks and have a great day.



Dear Randy,

by the way where do you come from?

When I first introduced this theory in 1997 in Bulgaria there were a few physicists there who shared my ideas and had come to similar partial solutions.

What is unique in my theory is that I resolve all problems of physics from its foundation by resolving first the foundation crisis of mathematics that still exists in science but has been swept with a huge broom under the rug of forgetfulness. Especially in the Anglo-Saxon world which has no knowledge of this central problem of science. If you come from the US or England you may not be aware of this problem and all your attempts to resolve the problems of physics will remain partial as you will not consider the epistemological basis of mathematics. As we all know physics is nothing else but applied mathematics to the physical world just as economics is applied mathematics to human industrial activities and one must depart from the initial gnostic condition. You simply need this broad approach. Therefore, I recommend you to read also this article which I originally prepared for Wikipedia:

but they recently deleted it as it does not fit into the world view of the cabal. I am just informing you as not to repeat solutions I have already made. Check also this table with the integration of all natural constants:

With love and light



Cheers to the PAT

Tomorrow, November 1st (11.1) is not only a small ascension portal in preparation for the big stargate 11.11, but also my 64th birthday with the numerological number 6+ 4 = 10 which is completion. Let us hope that this month will be the completion of our mission as Logos Gods in human gestalt on the earth.

Tomorrow, I am on holiday and take now the opportunity to wish all of you the most successful 11th Month of this auspicious year of 2015 = 8 which is the year of Infinity. As Dominique pointed out above, we had fought numerous battles with the dark ones on this most toxic planet like the few courageous Spartans at the Thermopylae pass against a huge Army of Archons and their petty human stooges and won, against all odds, every single battle as well as the total war for Gaia.

Our victory has been beyond any doubt since we came together in the summer of 2011 around this website in preparation for the opening of the crucial stargate 11.11.11 with which the final most crucial phase in the ascension process of Gaia and humanity began. We have every right to look back in pride for what we have achieved. In this sense I wish you a wonderful Sunday and have a drink on behalf of the PAT, yourselves and the Captain of the PAT. I will raise a toast myself on behalf of the most courageous and indomitable group of souls ever incarnated on this planet, of whom I had the honour to be the Captain. Cheers!


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