The Helmet Comes Off

How Dr. Seuss Burned Down the Death Star

Brad Barber, November 1st, 2015

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It all starts and ends with this picture:


This is a chart of the last six or seven months of the US Dollar.  The downtrending blue line is just a technical trader’s line drawn showing resistance in recent price action.  The rising green line is the 200 Day Moving Average which generally shows longer term price action and which way the boat is heading.  Fundamentally, the Dollar is already the Titanic after it sunk to the bottom, but due to all the discussed circumstances, this process has had to take a little longer than some of us have wanted.

The fascist breakout, as indirectly described in my rant a few days ago, on the Dollar from this formation two days ago would normally lead to a huge rally of at least 25-30%, if not more, over the next few months as it did since Mid 2014:

The 200 day moving average heading this direction would confirm this move usually as it is heading up.  However, just a couple of weeks ago (first half of October, see chart below), the Dollar was signalling chart failure and about to plummet due to the true fundamentals that the whole world is abandoning the Death Star’s operators.  The announcement that Europe and China were going to ease more money is what lead to the breakout and Sweden has jumped on board as well.

What most in 3-D land are missing is that the whole thing is and has been connected and many in the world of paper are finally figuring it out.  The failure of the Euro is the failure of the Yen is the failure of the Krona is the failure of the Pound is the failure of the Peso is the failure of paper.  It is the failure of the Dark side operating systems.  The basket of fraud is plummeting together and they only measure themselves against each other so no one can see.  The infinite supply of paper gold is what truly has hidden this fraud the last four years as it won’t allow this epic failure to be measured.  The fraud has turned off all normal alarm systems, but the team is fracturing rapidly.

There are a couple of big technical patterns that are showing themselves on the chart of the Dollar and it is the difference between light and dark or the forces of creation or destruction.  First was the breakout of the dark energy (I’m the only one I know who will call it that, but it’s true) that took place two days ago after hitting resistance three times.  A good breakout usually occurs by no more than the third or fourth time it tests selling at a resistance level.  A trained trader will wait a few days to see if it succeeds on holding the breakout before going all in because there’s usually nothing more destructive than a failed breakout.  What is happening today, and gaining traction quick, is a failed breakout pattern and breakdown of the US Dollar.  It’s direction in this scenario has always been the brain squeeze to figure out.

If the Dollar were to break out to the upside here it would basically destroy the rest of the world and allow the NWO to purchase the rest of the world for pennies and take it over without major military action.  So much Dollar denominated debt has been taken out in emerging economies that a further strengthening of the Dollar would lead to a complete banking failure. The false fundamental rally in the Dollar last year up until this April (see second chart) already has shown the initial effects of what its intentions are.  The Yen , the Euro, and the Pound were thrown under the bus as part of the Anglo-American Axis of Assholes  (triple AAA-assholes)  in devastating all of the rest of the currencies.

China and Russia are the two problems in controlling the whole shebang.  The Earth is intentionally designed that way and the energetic mix this time is interesting. Give dark the edge, but make the planet the perfect size so that it’s very difficult to achieve complete domination.  Each part of the Earth means something to the whole and has different layers of functioning to make it work how it needs to work. In the karmic experience phase, just like the human body, everything isn’t quite functioning properly intentionally. It’s meant to be dysfunctional to get experience. Now its design in fraud prevention is showing itself as the dark fails. Russia has nuclear weapons, the only decent balance sheet in the world, some hard ass people who don’t take shit, and enough resources to be permanently independent with sound leadership. China holds all the fraud’s debt and has been the manufacturing base as well as the biggest debt consumer to keep the Ponzi scheme going.

The numbers out of China now are pointing to complete failure unless they decide to do something different quick. Like I said in Dr. Wierdlove, more fuel indoctrinating children to the Ponzi scheme is always the Dark’s answer.

This moment sets up exactly as the movie “Return of the Jedi” which is quite appropriate.  The Emperor is watching the Rebel alliance get taken out through his window as Luke and Darth watch. The Emperor is a true fascist and took over power from within using a Phantom Menace like terrorism and lies. Darth Vader is just like older generations in power and who hold most of the money who mainly became victims of the Dark side because they truly meant well in protecting their children. Many were obviously just shoveling dirts into the unfillable holes of their needs as well. Darth is an unintentional fascist like the majority of the United States population.

It’s amazing how close to love fascism can be. The fault in the Dark is that it truly loves a perfect human being so it’s always trying to create a homogenous human being so that the same product can be sold easily to everyone to buy in. Look at any religion, or product, or money, or anything. It has no ability to see the bigger picture, so it is always designed to fail. It also is designed on finite energy which is not true.  It loves to be momma for everything so it wants to make sure you have to come to it to get everything you need.  The Dark has no ability to give true compassion, but it sure will help you gain some experience to see the light. Unfortunately, some of us have seen Obi Wan Kenobi get killed and we know it’s all infinite. Dr. Stankov is the only one I know with the cajones to say the truth.  Life is not as precious as you believe. The energy at work is why we’re all here.  Go ahead Darth, strike me down.

The failing triple AAA assholes are now going insane and trying to implement its plans no matter what.  There are no intentions to make anything work even though piles of evidence are being presented worldwide that other options are available.

We’ve reached the bridge where the Vader helmet must come off for any progress and the chart of the US Dollar shows the helmet. It is the helmet of infinite energy and compassion. All systems on this planet right now are designed on finite energy and infinite resources which is exactly opposite of what is true. An ascending Gaia now begs for the systems to be designed and implemented exactly opposite for things to finally work. Admit it Darth, nothing has ever actually worked in an infinite manner and continuing to teach kids how to accomplish your failures so well just ain’t the answer. Even Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game is in trouble.

Darth Vader is now watching his son, Luke, get tortured (fittingly by electrocution) as the rebel alliance gets blown to bits in battle. I’ve been fighting this battle intimately in financial markets for seven straight years and I can tell you it has been no fun. No matter how correct you are, the HFT machines and powers at work always make sure they win everything.  The markets are sent in improper direction to maintain mind control at all times.  It’s always been that way in a subtle manner as an asset stripping tool, but now it’s flat-out dark and light. The last time the markets represented anything to do with business was in April 2010 as the initial money printing QE programs started to fail. Now I just watch it for fun. I also sold all our real estate because I saw what was coming and the process forced you to turn into an asshole.

Here is an interesting comment from Jim Sinclair’s website about what Russia and China may have to do immediately to the Dollar:

“A note that came in over the transom from an extremely well informed and smart fellow.

“Putin said; “Don’t push Russia, otherwise I will be forced to release a financial nuclear weapon that will destroy the financial structure of the Dollar (Russia and China have been game planning for all this… over many moons).  From their position; they may be timing their dollar attack with the extension of the debt ceiling rise in the U.S., as it always gets world-wide attention ( Rand Paul is now filibustering same). The news on Deutsche bank highlights one of the main players in the derivatives mess.”

ReadThe Glazyev ‘Nuclear Plan’

I am in no way here calling Russia and China the Light side, but this is what they probably will have to do. Why fight militarily when you can just subdue the beast electronically and financially. I don’t know exactly what will happen here, but we are about to find out.

The youth of the world is now discovering that there is no future and none designed for them.

ReadWhy Are Half Of All 25-Year-Olds in the USA Living With Their Parents? The Federal Reserve Answers

There is no reason left, with any due diligence done at all, to give any energy to the structures of the crumbling matrix. The younger humans are designed for infinite concepts but are being held hostage by dark, finite systems. They’ll know the light when they see it.  The Han Solos of the middle generation are here to see the Force Awaken and may want to help but are frozen in debt carbonite.

Here’s a sample of what is being offered and being controlled by obvious fascists who no longer want to give the cattle an option:

The future now sees how to get a retirement as the pensions disappear. 100 CEO’s have more than 41% of the American population.  Party with the ‘troopers, baby!!!!

Here’s what you get for having been a loyal stormtrooper and we’re just getting started:

Even the Bounty Hunters are concerned as half of European bonds plunge to negative.  There’s nothing left to pay on capital. It must now be confiscated to play this game as printing has now directly become confiscation as it used to only discreetly do. Jabba the Hut’s pleasure boat is under siege by the Jedi, but the walls of the financial system have yet to come down.

The citizens of the Death Star now are becoming horrified as there is no justice system left. Insider trading by the Imperial Troopers has become legal. There’s no motivation to ever make anything better now for weavers of Light.

The Death Star operating staff now even admits to using the Middle East as it’s Phantom Menace. France and Britain sure carved it up nicely back in the day just for this reason.  Same time as the Federal Reserve started and the Titanic sunk. What a coincidence.

The food of the Death Star cafeteria is even being forced on the world. I hate Death Star tacos.

What would you expect at the point of final confrontation between dark and light?  Next time we do this let’s have a final confrontation dark and light puppy show. My wife would like it much better.

Unfortunately, all great battles must come to pass. It is time for the Grinch’s heart to grow three times larger today.

The words have to be spoken that bring down the whole facade and Darth is about to hear it and truly see. I think this time he may understand. There is no love in your systems.  There is no compassion in your systems. Your Hall of Fame sucks. They were designed for other reasons and use for that time is done. Do you know what happens if you don’t throw the Emperor overboard?  You will win and the only one left will be the Emperor. You will get to play cards with the Emperor for your retirement package. Have you seen that guy?

Karmic family is designed for experience. Karmic family is designed to chaff your ass.  Karmic family is designed by you to help you see the light.  The Dark side takes incredible advantage of this.  We blindly protect “family” out of duty and then don’t ask the proper questions.  The military does this. Sports does this.  Jobs and companies do this.  False borders and countries do this. They are all false wars.  Completing the Ponzi math equation means that it’s probably time to meet some real family.

There is nothing left to this matrix to protect and defend. Darth, it’s time to take off the helmet.

How do I know?

I sit next to you everyday.

The Dollar, your beliefs, and your investments in the Dark side, may not make it through next week.

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