A New Website With Excellent Popular-Scientific Messages From the Source on the Nature of Energy

Laurie Stearns and Georgi Stankov, October 21, 2015


Dear Georgi

Here is a link to a website I came across that seems to deal with energy and creation and some scientific aspects of it.  In fact, the messages explain in a language that may be far easier for some people to understand (myself included) the scientific aspects of creationary energy and how this fits into the Ascension process.

The messages are anonymous, which I think is good, as one tends to focus more on what is being said in and around the messages, instead of getting caught up in a personality(ies) that publish them.  They resonate very high energy and seem very much in tune with what we have been discussing for many years now with regards to ascension and the energetic aspect of it.

Here is the link for the site:   http://astraeaetamora.org/

There aren’t very many messages and the site is quite new, but the content could be very valuable possibly to help others understand the energetic process of the Ascension.




Dear Laurie,

thank you very much for making me aware of this new website. In fact, I visited today (October 20) lightworkers.org and read the following article from this same source:


Then I visited this same website you have recommended me, which seems to have opened last month and read the few messages that have been published so far. This is a surprisingly fresh new source that seems to deal with the nature and properties of energy from a very sophisticated point of view with regard to all other channelling messages one can find on the Internet.

In fact, I have been searching for some more expanded information on the quality of higher dimensional energies beyond the limit of the Planck’s constant of registration of the electromagnetic spectrum with material instruments since I had finished with the elaboration of the new theory of the Universal Law in 1997. Around that time I realized that all our scientific information on the physical world in terms of special natural laws and natural constants is entirely limited to the visible 3D world that is only accessible to our human senses. And the latter are known to be very limited in their spectrum of assessing energy frequencies as visible light and sound. The tactile senses play no role in physics.

At that time – around 1997 and 1998 – I was beamed very intensively by my HS to realize that, with the development of the new theory of physics of the Universal Law, I have only streamlined the known physical knowledge for the visible 3D universe, which is but a small U-subset of All-That-Is. I was poignantly aware of the fact that all our human knowledge ends up with the description of the energetic characteristics of photons, while departing from the mass and energy of the basic photon, also known as Planck’s constant, from which the masses and charges of all elementary particles of matter can be derived by applying the Universal Equation, as this can be seen in the table presenting the integration of all fundamental natural constants here:


Knowing this limitation of human knowledge with respect to energy as visible light, from which all other elementary particles of matter are derived by mathematical calculations based on the Universal Law, and also that only some of them can be registered in complex experiments (For instance, scientists are still unable to register free quarks and gluons which are basic to the standard model as they cannot separate them even in the biggest hadron collider in CERN; hence these particles are still of pure theoretical nature and as our recent discussion on the mass of neutrinos showed, this model is entirely flawed, which also questions the correctness of the current description of quarks and gluons in quantum chromodynamics), I began to search for more information on the invisible, inaccessible, pre-atomic particles that create this visible 3D universe.

At that time I was completely aware that All-That-Is is infinite consciousness and that this consciousness is an integral element in all particles and energetic systems. I knew beyond any doubt that All-That-Is is one infinite intelligent design that has been reduced to the anthropomorphic concept of God in all religions, which actually deal in their original essence with pure Creation. This has been a leitmotif in our discussions on this website.

The only advanced information I could find on this topic was in the channelled books of Seth by Jane Roberts from the 60s and 70s, where this source highlights a little bit on the existence and the essence of pre-atomic particles coming from the source, from which the known elementary particles such as protons, neutrons, electrons that build the atoms and molecules of matter emerge in a secondary manner.

Seth refers to the infinite intelligence of these particles that are projected directly from the source into all forms of matter and can exist simultaneously in numerous timelines and parallel worlds, while being at the same time conscious of these multiple manifestations.

This was an eye opener for me.

At the same time I was very much disappointed that Seth remained very vague on the nature of these pre-atomic source particles, the existence of which I had already postulated in my theory of the Universal Law based on the primordial notion of the infinity of All-That-Is and the existence of only U-sets of it that contain the nature of the Whole as an element. This is the novel key gnostic (epistemological) finding of the new theory of the Universal Law.

The reason why Seth was so vague in his explanations on the properties of source energies as pre-atomic particles and fields was that the medium Jane Roberts was not a scientist and had absolutely no knowledge of physics. No human being can receive more channelled information than his/her human mind can process and understand.

Hence it affords a great understanding of and personal experience with the properties of source energies at the individual level to be able to receive sophisticated messages from the higher realms that deal exactly with this abstract topic. Essentially, it is my conviction that one key and indispensable prerequisite for channelling such information on the nature of source energies is that the person is himself fully in the LBP and experiences these energies on a daily basis in his body as most of the PAT members do in this last phase of the End Time. All other human beings on this planet have no direct access to these energies that affect them only indirectly through their emotional and mental fields and subsequently vehemently reject the existence of such energies. This is another leitmotif on our website.

In addition to this personal experience, the medium must understand the physical nature of energy. This includes in the first place an intimate knowledge of the limitation of human language as a medium of such kind of abstract information. The cognitive problem of human language is that it is a very inadequate medium to describe these higher dimensional levels and energies of simultaneous creation due to its sequential, linear syntax and imprecise connotations. I have discussed this problem extensively in my last German gnostic book “Thoughts“.

Hence one must analyse in an apriori manner all the terms one uses in such channelled messages on the nature of pre-atomic particles and fields originating directly from the source from a pure physical point of view, which is in fact the view of the new physical and mathematical axiomatics of the Universal Law, and determine their unequivocal connotation before using them in a channelled text, so that no ambivalence and no obscuration can occur.

Given these mandatory prerequisites for a clear channelling of such highly sophisticated messages on the nature of source energies, one should expect that the messenger is very critical and does his own work in establishing a clear vocabulary that complies with the true properties of energy as described in the new theory of the Universal Law. At least this is what I would expect from a true gifted channeller who dares to receive such abstract information from higher excarnated sources.

Based on these expectations, I read the few messages that are published on this novel website and I was very positively surprised that I could not find anywhere a statement that would infringe on the basic tenets of the new physical and mathematical axiomatics, which is the only guideline how to establish correct and congruent categorical systems of human knowledge that exclude any contradictions and paradoxes. It suffices to say at this place that present-day science is full of such paradoxes and contradictions in the presentation of the physical world, be it physics (inorganic matter) or bio-science (organic matter), and that is why scientists were unable to discover the existence of only one natural law according to which All-That-Is operates.

I agree with you  that it does not matter who the channeller of this information is, but he/she must be a very clear and clean source and must be fully in the LBP, as we are, as to receive such abstract, high-quality messages. Only somebody who has fully opened his left brain portal and has an unrestricted and open contact to the source, is capable of transmitting this kind of abstract information.

At the same time this source uses a clear and understandable language that is not overloaded with difficult technical terms and thus is a very good introduction for all light workers, first and second ascension candidates, who want to learn more about the essence of source energies. This popular scientific language so far fully coalesces with the new physical axiomatics of the Universal Law and this is the greatest surprise for me personally.

After all, we are heading with our ascension towards these source energies and this is how creation will occur for us as ascended masters. There must be a genuine interest in anybody who has entered the LBP and considers himself an ascension candidate to read these messages and learn more about their properties and hierarchical (or not (?) organisation and structure within the Creation of All-That-Is = Source.

I must admit that there are elements in these messages that were not known to me, but make a lot of sense in the context of quantum mechanics.

The greatest advantage of this website is that the messages follow a strict and logical line of argumentation and build upon each other, which is extremely rare, if not completely absent, in all other channellings one can find on the Internet or in the published literature.

I would say that this source is indeed a surprisingly positive contribution to our ongoing discussions on the nature of source energy, which we all know is now driving the ascension process of Gaia and humanity and determines also all the political and economic events on the ground. Therefore I would strongly recommend all PAT members to visit this website and read regularly the messages that are published there. I, myself, will follow this source and will publish at my discretion some outstanding messages when I decide that they can contribute to the further elucidation of our ongoing discussions on the ascension process. For this reason I have subscribed to these messages and have just received the latest message No. 4 that deals with similar issues as discussed in this letter.

Dear Laurie, I am very grateful that you made me aware of this website, which seems to be something like a black swan in the current New Age channelled literature, an unexpected and highly positive phenomenon, that may indeed herald the coming Big Change we all expect to occur any day.

With love and light


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