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The Greatest Depression of All Time Leads to the Greatest US Unemployment of All Time

Georgi Stankov, October 5, 2015

The key finding of my ongoing economic and financial analysis based on the new Theory of the Universal Law is that the American and most western economies (probably with the exception Germany that has now followed suit with the VW car scandal) are in the Greatest Depression of all time.

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This finding is based on the fundamental fact that the world economy is in a state of gargantuan world inflation where the money amount in circulation, together with all virtual derivatives and other financial products, exceeds several hundred times the size of the real world economy measured in GDP. I was the first expert to have discovered this hidden inflation almost 20 years ago (read here). Since then the world inflation has become a common knowledge to most critical economic and financial experts worldwide. At that time I was the only one to claim this fact, and believe me, when I say the “only one”, I remember very well how lonely I felt for a very long time.

This global inflation is entirely debt-driven and has stifled any real, healthy economic growth in the last several decades. This is known as the “Japanese malaise” which is ongoing since the 80s, notwithstanding repeated neo-keynesian stimulations by printing debt money the amount of which has already exceeded many times the GDP of this defaulted country. Since the 2008 crisis, this vicious example was followed extensively by the USA (Fed) and the EU (ECB) with ZIRP and infinite QEs under the pretext of stimulating economic growth, although Japan is in a constant deflationary recession since the end of the 80s. Since then the amount of world debt has quadrupled and has already triggered the final, deadly crisis of the Orion monetary system beginning August this summer.

Please observe that until now I was the only one to have clearly stated that the US, Canadian and many EU economies are in the Greatest Depression of all times since 2008 that was only mitigated by the massive import of cheap products from China – the new manufacturer of the world. Contrary to the present-day depression, the Great Depression in the 30s encompassed only the old European powers and the USA (Canada was a “quantite negligable” in economic terms at that time) and the rest of the world still lived more or less in the Middle Ages, so that there was no external factor to compensate for this depression. The current Greatest Depression of all time is particularly treacherous as it is happening under the radar of even the most critical economic experts and could be hidden by the dark US government from the zombie masses by shamelessly rigging all statistics.

Now the truth has begun to trickle down into the minds of many critical commentators and they see, with eyes wide open, that the emperor is naked. Below I shall publish the latest article of Michael Snyder who finally comes to this same conclusion. As I recently established contact with him and sent him a link to our website, I cannot exclude that he might have read my articles on the Greatest Depression that fits well into his line of argumentation and that he has accepted this finding as truthful.

It is a matter of fact that until now he has not written anything about the current Great(est) Depression, although his site is called “Economic Collapse”.  So far he has only questioned the alleged growth of the US economy as proclaimed by the criminal Obama regime or has predicted the beginning of a recession. This is a huge leap in faith for Michael Snyder and I attribute this change in mind to the global creationary potential which we now exert with our ideas on humanity and which are propagated on this website. These are energetically amplified by all PAT members and open the minds and hearts of all second wave ascension candidates who begin to see all of a sudden the unvarnished truth about this toxic reality.

Let me now present the basic factor that proves beyond any doubt that the US is in the Greatest Depression of all times and that this circumstance will be the leading factor of its economic collapse this year as soon as this fact becomes a common knowledge to at least 1% of the American population – the biggest US unemployment in the history of this country.

With such authors as Michael Snyder, who are widely read, and in the knowing how significantly the dynamics of change has accelerated in the last few days since we opened the Blood Moon portal that now floods earth and humanity with photon energy from the source and transmutes and eliminates all old patterns of thinking and deception in many human beings, this objective can be reached very soon.

A few days ago, it was announced that the US labor participation rate crashed to a nearly 40-year-low as another half a million (579,000) Americans decided to exit the labor force bringing the total to 94.6 million people. Thus, since September last year 2 more million Americans became unemployed in the so-called “prime age” between 25 – 54. This excludes the unemployed young Americans below 25. And this is what the Atlanta Fed officially said about this most dramatic aberration to the US labor force in history:

“”Generally speaking, people in the 25–54 age group are the most likely to participate in the labor market (if there are available jobs; note, George). These so-called prime-age individuals are less likely to be making retirement decisions than older individuals and less likely to be enrolled in schooling or training than younger individuals….

While this assessment is spot on, the Fed explanation why so many people have dropped from the working force in the so-called prime age is absolutely imbecile and merely reflects the mental agony of the dying cabal:

The decrease in labor force participation among prime-age individuals has been driven mostly by the share who say they currently don’t want a job. As of December 2014, prime-age labor force participation was 2.4 percentage points below its pre-recession average. Of that, 0.5 percentage point is accounted for by a higher share who indicate they currently want a job; 2 percentage points can be attributed to a higher share who say they currently don’t want a job. ” And bla-bla…

When the number of unemployed Americans has risen more than 50% in the prime-age of working force from 62 million in 1990 to almost 95 million in 2015, this is the most clear proof that the US economy has stopped to grow and to create new jobs in the last quarter of a century. What else?

This is the time when all producing industry was exported to China and America ceased to be an industrial nation. Instead it turned into consumer leisure society, where the unproductive tertiary financial sector accounts for more than 50% and consumption for 75% of the GDP. Industrial production is less than 10% of the US GDP now. These are the basic facts that reveal the dire economic situation of this country in the last 25 years when the labor force participation rate dropped to its lowest values in 40 years.

According to the US government census page, the US population has been estimated to reach 320 million in early 2015. These are estimations and not precise figures. My guess is that the actual population of the USA is lower due to rigged demographic statistics that do not account for the disappearance of millions of people and children each year (victims of the cabal) as I have discussed and proved in my articles in the past.

Even if we accept this figure, then we still have more than 102.6 million working age Americans that do not have a job right now, which is one-third of the US population, whereas the unemployment rate among young people under 25 is estimated to be around 40-50% or equivalent to that in poverty-stricken Spain that is officially in Depression for many years. Currently, there are  7.9 million Americans that are “officially unemployed” (5.1%) and another 94.7 million working age Americans that are “not in the labor force”?  This gives us a total of 102.6 million working age Americans that are unemployed (read the official government statistics here).

The number of employed people in the USA is officially 148.800 million or 46.5% of the total population. However more than 33 million of them are part-time and barely earn anything. From those considered to be fully employed, more than one-third have low-paid jobs and are practically living under the poverty limit. This is reflected in the constant decline of the average income in the last years.

All these undeniable facts and statistics, even though still rigged by the US government, clearly prove that the American economy is in the Greatest Depression of all times. This term is of greatest psychological importance as the acknowledgement of this fact by a small portion of people will be sufficient to reach the threshold of manifestation of this condition in this illusory holographic reality. This is now happening with the speed of light.

When this paramount fact becomes common knowledge, the collapse of the Orion matrix will happen within the blink of an eye and we shall ascend. Hence we all have vested interest in creating this outcome, by first establishing clarity on the current devastating economic situation in the USA and Europe and then envisioning how this Greatest Depression will unfold on the historic stage.

In order to make your creation more powerful you can also add other events and factors to your vision, such as the Ukraine and Middle East crisis, the Greek debt crisis. the refugee invasion of Europe that has already crashed the EU structure, the declaration of independence of Catalonia and eventually Scotland, the demise of the current political parties in power in the EU and their substitution with left or right orientated new parties that are anti-EU and pro-Russian and so on. And please do not forget to factor some major natural catastrophes as the recent flooding in South France and on the East coast of the USA which will contribute to the collapse of the current world order.


Right Now There Are 102.6 Million Working Age Americans That Do Not Have A Job

Michael Snyder, October 4, 2015

Economic Collapse

The federal government uses very carefully manipulated numbers to cover up the crushing economic depression that is going on in this nation.  For the month of September, the federal government told us that 142,000 jobs were added to the economy.  If that was actually true, that would barely be enough to keep up with population growth.  Sadly, the truth is that the real numbers were actually far worse than that.  The unadjusted numbers show that the U.S. economy actually lost 248,000 jobs in September and the government added more than a million Americans to the “not in the labor force” category.  When I first saw that number I truly believed that it was inaccurate.  But you can find the raw figures right here.  According to the Obama administration, there are currently 7.9 million Americans that are “officially unemployed” and another 94.7 million working age Americans that are “not in the labor force”.  That gives us a grand total of 102.6 million working age Americans that do not have a job right now.

That is not an economic recovery – that is an economic depression of an almost unbelievable magnitude.

This is something that my friend Mac Slavo pointed out the other day.  I encourage you to read his analysis right here.  If we measured unemployment the way that we did decades ago, we would all be talking about how similar Obama’s economy is to the Great Depression of the 1930s.

But instead we let the feds get away with feeding us this completely fraudulent “5.1 percent” unemployment number and most of us believe the mainstream media when they tell us that everything is just fine.

Well no, everything is not just fine.  At this point, the labor force participation rate is the lowest that it has been since 1977.  And the labor force participation rate for men is at the lowest level ever recorded.  The only way that the federal government has been able to get the official unemployment rate to go down so much is by pretending that hundreds of thousands of Americans that have been unemployed for a very long time “leave the labor force” each month.

The chart posted below shows how our labor force participation rate has deteriorated since the year 2000.  And in particular, the decline since Obama first entered the White House has been very striking.  Does this look like a “healthy economy” to you?

Labor Force Participation Rate October 2015

To me, the civilian employment-population ratio is a far more accurate measurement of the employment picture in America than the official unemployment rate is.  Just prior to the last recession, approximately 63 percent of all working age Americans had a job.  During that recession, that figure slipped below 59 percent and it stayed there for several years.  Just recently it slipped back above 59 percent, but as you can see we are now falling once again…

Employment Population Ratio October 2015

The reason this number is falling is because lots of Americans have been losing jobs lately.

In fact, we are seeing layoffs at major firms at a level that we have not witnessed since 2009

The jobs report today has been described as “ugly,” though it certainly didn’t, or shouldn’t have, come out of the blue: Layoffs in the energy, Big Tech, retail, and other sectors have recently mucked up our rosy scenario.

“The third quarter ended with a surge in job cuts,” is how Challenger Gray, which tracks these things, started out its report yesterday. In September, large US-based companies had announced 58,877 layoffs. In the third quarter, they announced 205,759 layoffs, the worst quarter since the 240,233 in the third quarter of 2009!

Year-to-date, we’re at nearly half a million job cut announcements (493,431 to be precise), up 36% from the same period last year.

Some of the companies that have recently announced layoffs include Wal-Mart, RadioShack, Delta, Sprint, ConAgra, Caterpillar, Bank of America, Halliburton, Qualcomm, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard.

If you need to find a job or you plan to switch jobs in the near future, time is of the essence.  Jobs are going to become much, much harder to find in the months ahead, and so every single day of job searching is absolutely critical at this point.

Right now, there are more than 100 million Americans that get some sort of assistance from the federal government every month (below the povert rate, note, George).  Government dependence is at a level that we have never seen before in U.S. history, and it is going to get a lot worse.

If we get to a point where the government is either unwilling or unable to take care of all of these people, we are going to have a massive societal problem on our hands.  More than a third of the people living in our nation cannot independently take care of themselves, and more Americans are falling out of the middle class every single day.  When the welfare state starts breaking down, the chaos that will ensue will be far worse than most people would dare to imagine.

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