Breaking News: Ukraine Has Officially Defaulted Today

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Georgi Stankov, October 4, 2015

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Yesterday I wrote in my article “Clarity of Mind” that “Ukraine is bankrupt and it cannot survive the winter“. This was at that point my personal assessment based on the de facto financial situation of this failed state. However, until yesterday there was no official announcement about the default of Ukraine.

Today the  International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) which is a trade organization of all participants in the market for over-the-counter derivatives, which means all major banks worldwide, with headquarters in New York has officially announced that Ukraine has defaulted on its $ 500 million dept payment to the private Western creditor banks holding $10 billion state obligations that was due last week. The creditor banks refused to accept a credit cut as proposed by the Ukrainian government.

The decision of the ISDA to declare Ukraine bankrupt was taken today unanimously by all creditor banks and can be read in the Determination Committee Decision published today (go to the 4th question):

The default of Ukraine is official beginning tomorrow, October the 5th (6th question). This would say that immediately Ukraine is excluded from the IMF and any other international organisation to receive any foreign loans whatsoever. This comes before the begin of the winter and predetermines the imminent collapse of the rogue nazi regime in Kiev as predicted by myself yesterday. That is why Poroshenko was so depressed at the Normandy four talks on Friday as reported by the German media. He knows that the West has dropped him.

The Ukraine default happened much earlier than expected by the experts who assumed that Ukraine will first default in December this year when it will be unable to pay back the Russian sovereign debt of $3 billion, which Moscow has demanded back without any concessions. It was expected that the West will refrain from declaring Ukraine’s default before that as to support this failed state as long as possible and prevent its total collapse until the moment when it can blame Russia for that.

This new dramatic development shows that the West has now totally given up on Ukraine and that this crisis will be soon resolved entirely in favour of the Russian population in Eastern Ukraine as predicted by myself from the very beginning of this conflict in my numerous articles on it.

Until now no MSM outlet has reported on this breaking news. The grievous consequences of the official default of Ukraine for this country and population have been discussed by the Saker in this interview a few months ago:

Economic Implications of Ukraine’s Default. Interview with Michael Hudson

This breaking news is the most convincing fact how we now create this reality almost simultaneously. It suffices for me to publish an article dealing with an urgent issue and the resolution comes at the latest on the next day. And please do not tell me this is a coincidence. This word should be eradicated from human language, especially now when we have already entered the New Age of Illumination after the opening of the Blood Moon Portal.

I will continue to inform you on our immediate creation based on discussed issues and forecasts made on this website and when their manifestation has occurred.

The next G.A.U. (in German der Größte Anzunehmende Unfall” means “Maximum Credible Accident“) to occur is the total financial collapse and the shutdown of all major banks. Let us see how long it will take for this prediction to manifest on this timeline.

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