Energy Report of the PAT – September 14, 2015

PAT Experiences With the Most Devastating Nuclear War on a Gaia Timeline in the End Time

Dear Georgi,

I have to report this, as I haven’t felt that bad since god knows when. Last night my dream were full of violence and I was constantly waking up and falling asleep. I was killing vampires and Muslims and pretty much everything. When I woke up I was so weak and couldn’t really function in a proper way. I had to sleep three more hour in the afternoon and I was feeling like I was about to vomit then. I felt some kind of an energy culmination last few days, perhaps this was the result.

With regards, J. Fleischman, Prague

Dear Pepe,

this is correct and when you have read my latest post you will know why.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I see! Oh hell that must have been disastrous for you. Indeed, accurate as always! I always wonder that we might possible die during these massive cleansings. Sometimes it’s really on the edge of our body’s possibilities. But we’re still alive and that’s what counts. But if there’s going to be another, even bigger cleansings then, oh… better not to think about that. Now I’m going to listen to the Symphony of the PAT, as I haven’t got a time for it yet.

With regards, J. Fleischman.

Hi Georgi,

I wanted to just briefly write you and report my September 11 experiences. As I listen to the Divine Symphony of the PAT, it occurred that I should write you this.

On 9/11/2015 I was on my way home from a work-related engagement in California. For some miraculous purpose I always seem to be flying during key ascension dates, for instance 11/11/11, 9/11/2015, 12.12.12, 4/14/2014, and so on. I believe it has to do with cleansing as I only fly a few times a year & they are always the most interaction I have with large crowds of people in the public in a given year. I feel I am needed here at these times.

I found and downloaded the Divine Symphony by Paul Armitage on my last leg back, and drifted off in one of the transit buses on my way to the final airplane while listening to it. During this time I had a dream; that I had arrived to my destination airport & was getting back to my car.  I press the key-fab which will cause my car to make a sound so I can hear where the car is. In the dream, the sound was not coming from the car because the battery was dead in the car – so I knew instantly would need to be jumped.  But when I get to the car, there is no manual keyhole on the vehicle – it is driven by solely automatic locks which do not work when the battery is dead.  So now I have a lot more trouble on my hands!

But, of course I bought a car with manual locks so this was a surprise even in the dream. Like some cruel prank, I curse the new technocratic cars, and the ruling elite who try to improve everything by automation & flimsy technology but create shit situations such as this one!

When I awake, I laugh at the dream and get off at my stop.

But hours later, after I land at my destination & I get to the parking lot, I find that the keyfab is not reaching the car – no sound – battery dead – just like the dream. I begin to panic, that this will play out just like my dream, even though I know well that I did not purchase a vehicle with a manual keyhole.  I arrive, and as there should be – the manual keyhole.

I got the car jumped & was on my way. But for the rest of the day I see 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 almost at every turn. The weather was very grim & dreary the rest of the night & I had a restless sleep waking with an immense pressure in all my joints & body elemental.

I knew that this was an immense shift & a lot was accomplished but at the moment I couldn’t give you any specifics. I only know what happened to me & hope that this is helpful to you or anyone else who might read it.

IN light,

Dear Corey,

thank you very much for your energy report and in particular for sharing your personal experience associated with the massive cleansing of Gaia and the ID shift of this uppermost mother planet in the last three days.

The Elohim told us that all the light warriors were involved in the containment of the toxic energies released from the outbreak of this latest nuclear war, but everybody has a different perception on this event and may not know the whole scope. Hence it is so important to exchange such personal information within the PAT as to sharpen our awareness for what is happening on a daily basis, for instance when we are depleted to know that it is not about us but about saving Gaia and humanity from terrible catastrophes that still take place on lower timelines but are ID separated by us as Logos Gods. We are the makers of the ID shift and we are rain makers on this uppermost mother planet. Now more than ever.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I woke up that day at 3am with intense nausea, not knowing why, but after i drank some water, I went to sleep again only to dream the most strange things mixed together as I haven’t done since months or even years!.. I can confirm something happened that night, and I never ever wake up with nausea…, so this was something out of the ordinary.

Be well man!

Ariel Mansur

Dear George,

I found your recent post ‘Breaking News: A Most Devastating Nuclear War Happened This Night‘ very interesting, it seems I also dreamt of similar scenes that night, a Battle taking the form of a great match in the style of the popular ‘Team Fortress 2’ where in I assumed the roll of a ‘spy’ moving through the ranks of the enemy, disabling and backstabbing (unusual as I haven’t even played this game in at least a year and even than never really go into it). I was present at what I perceived as a school with many children, I moved around to many full classrooms before the dream shifted (I don’t believe I witnessed the destruction you experienced). thou the final sync was a scene in what I perceived as japan fighting this – fleshy virus like organism, I was giant! along with another we trying to contain this thing and requesting/yelling for ‘the fire’ to purge it.  I remember the intensity of running through the streets and grasping and holding it in my hands.

The time you specified about having basically being forced to sleep and endure etc. I strangely enough had begun a number of unique invocation for a type of Truth field for Earth and humanity so non of those stupid lies can continue at this time and people having to / only able to be honest (mostly themselves but also others), a healing wave of wondrous purity to encompass the earth and all systems, and a deep rainbow violet light and love as well. I think there was another as well, but can’t really remember (I do these as I’m about to sleep so I just ‘jump’ into it as soon as I sleep).

Just thought I’d mention as the times you mentioned where very synchronous with me (as I was having nap and the time almost exactly, thou where on other sides of the earth. simply a point I saw).


Dear George & Carla,

Saying hello quickly, as if thrown up onto shore with just enough time to fire off a greeting before the next wave slams forward. Felt the absolute dread building a couple of days before 9/11. Attributed it to the history of the date but it was so much more.

Many, many dreams of us all arriving at location where we seem to gather for a consult. Shaping something, a series of events, using our hearts and our heads. We know what we are doing and we appear very calm and focused upon the work.

Malechite, Texas

Dear Malechite,

thank you for this energy report confirming the recent nuclear war and other related activities to our ascension.

With love and light

Hi George,

Your report helps explain some of the most intense gastric issues I have had the past few days. I also thought it interesting what you said about Carla being an empath. I am a bit of one myself, so maybe that is why I do not experience things as directly as I would like at times…

I have seen comments about this time being like 2012 by some others also, but I felt as you said, that we are past that. Well, not that these aren’t tremendous times. Many exit points. One thing I feel I know about it, as you say, is we are here to serve til the last hour.


Dear George,

thank you! Now I understand what I went through yesterday. After long this one was a very bad and intense one.

Love & Light,
Rob, Holland


I’m a frequent  reader of your blog and this morning I just read your recent post about the nuclear war on lower timelines. I have to tell you that when I woke up yesterday morning (here in southern California), I was completely wiped out. From the moment I woke for work and throughout the day I could barely maintain, my energy was so low. It felt like I was on a sleeping pill. Even my coworkers kept asking what was wrong because l’m normally a very outgoing bubbly person. But yesterday I could barely maintain. My energy was off, l felt vertigo all day, kept having chills. I thought I may have been getting sick, but today lm back to normal. I was just curious if you think the lower timeline nuclear war may have had an effect on others without them realizing it.

Thanks for your great articles!!!!!
Much love to you and Carla!!!!

Jodi C.

Dear Jodi,

this is absolutely correct. When you read the message of the Elohim you will know that all light warriors participated in this event, even though most of them may not remember it, and are depleted thereafter.

With love and light

Hello George

The pulling from Gaia is very strong on me today (Sept 14). Each step that I make. Gravity makes it that harder.  Noticed early at 5 AM another wave was coming in. Headache all of a sudden. Source energies coming down on the top of my head.  Numbing feeling half of my face up. Third chakra stomach upset. You did say on your last posting this would come. Thought we might have some kind of reprieve at least one day. ( Wrong)  on my thinking.

Wanted to say the music is beautiful. Paul touched my soul.

Would like to write more, am just unable right now. Thank you very much for keeping us update……

Love from the Hills of Arkansas

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