Breaking News: A Most Devastating Nuclear War Happened This Night

Georgi Stankov, September 13, 2015

The most devastating nuclear third world war, in which I have participated so far, happened this night, September 13th, 2015, on this uppermost mother planet and this toxic timeline was immediately severed from it. This was the culmination of a massive ID shift and cleansing of Gaia which began on September 11th and is still ongoing today. In the latest Energy Report of the PAT I mentioned already that we are in the midst of another massive ID shift:

We also experienced a massive ID shift of Gaia and humanity in the last 48 hours due to the healing of the 9/11 trauma caused by the criminal dark US cabal which affected the DNA of most human beings in a most detrimental manner and actually postponed the ascension process significantly. But at the same time this heinous crime was a most challenging experience for humanity to grow and overcome this toxic reality for ever.”

without specifying any further. In fact, on Sept 11th we had another massive descent of Source energies, which actually began the previous day. For me it was a day of constant cc-wave with excruciating headache throughout the night and during the whole day. Then on Sept 12th I cleansed massive amounts of toxic human dross that knocked down my third chakra and caused severe gastric pains the whole day. At the same time we ascended with this uppermost mother planet very fast to higher frequency levels.

Yesterday evening I felt completely wiped out for no apparent reason and knew that my soul wanted to immobilize me for the night as something big was planned to happen. I went to bed at 10.00 pm and was immediately gone. To my estimation between midnight and 04.00 am the most devastating nuclear war began. I was hit by the most painful cc-wave bouts I have experienced so far. They came almost every minute and stabbed my left eye and also hit my stomach and third chakra badly.

At the same time I was completely paralysed and could not get up and end this ordeal, although the pain was unbearable and I was in full consciousness. My HS kept me in the bed and only when the pain from the next cc-wave bout became unbearably excruciating, did this misfit mitigated somewhat the pain, so that I can survive the torture till the next one. Forget waterboarding!

During this whole time I was in Asia, in Japan and China, and observed the devastation that these nuclear explosions caused to this part of the world. At one moment I was in a big lecture room with several hundred young people, almost children of Asian origin, most probably Chinese, when the nuclear explosion hit the building and pulverized the bodies of the students to ashes, while sitting at their desks.

I was in the lecture room and at the same time observed the destruction from above. It was the most gruesome experience I have had so far and I have participated in numerous MPR and nuclear wars on lower timelines in the last two years. I saw how the bodies of these young people turned into skeletons first and then the skeletons turned into ashes. I felt the impact of the nuclear explosion, while being myself in this lecture room, and felt the utter desperation of not being able to evade it. Then my point of perception shifted to a higher dimension as a disgusted and shocked observer of this senseless human destruction. I remember very well that I asked my guides what would happen with these nations, China and Japan, as it was obvious that both countries were completely destroyed. They told me that for many thousands of years to come, there will be no human life on this planet.

Each nuclear explosion caused a painful cc-wave bout that hit my left eye socket as a heavy punch and then I was told by my guides that I have to let these energies flow through my multidimensional fields that encompass Gaia and all her timelines as to mitigate their impact and protect this uppermost mother planet. In order to rectify the pain and my sufferings to which I was exposed during this whole night, my guides whispered all the time in my ear that I, as an Elohim and nexus to the Source, am the only one who is able to deal with these devastating nuclear energies and process them in such a way that they do not affect too much this uppermost mother planet that is rapidly ascending at the same time and which I now stabilize with my global field in a most profound manner.

Forget the nice channelings you are reading” my Elohim guides told me, referring to an AA Michael’s message channelled by Celia Fenn, which I received and read last evening. “This is the true reality of this planet, it is a pitiless war and we need you badly as without your huge and very powerful fields, and turnstile mechanism of global cleansing, which is unique in the whole multiverse, we cannot cope with this human destruction from the higher realms.” I noticed at this point that I was alone in this adventure and that Carla was not participating in it, which was unusual as most of the time in the dream state she is beside me and we are working together.

The gruesome visions of this most devastating nuclear war continued till 4.00 a.m, when I was finally able to get up and discovered that Carla has moved to the bedroom downstairs. I went to her and she was in a trance. I told her what I had experienced and she said that she woke up around 01.00 a.m. in the night and was urged by her HS to leave our bedroom and go downstairs. Then she had started to meditate and was simply taken away and did not realize how the time had passed. She had dizzy spells and was also paralysed and felt the dread from this nuclear war that was raging this night and which I described to her.

My whole body elemental was in an utter shock and I was quivering with cold chills. I took a hot shower in the night to recollect somewhat my human sensations that were fully shattered by the gruesome visions of this total destruction and then went to bed again. The cc-wave bouts continued and the headache peaked one more time, but the war scenes stopped.

This morning we woke up in utter physical shock and total depletion and after a hot coffee discussed the nightly events. Carla got immediately information from the Elohim that we have experienced probably the most destructive nuclear war on a Gaia timeline so far and that it happened on this uppermost mother planet and this toxic timeline was immediately severed in a huge ID shift.

Then Carla received the information that she was spared from this terrible experience as she is a great empath and would not have survived it. The nuclear war would have crashed her chakras and energetic system and she would have left this reality in the next few weeks, for instance in a car crash. This would have been her exit point. That is why she was urged by her HS  in the night to leave the bedroom and go downstairs as not to be exposed to these devastating energies that were flowing through my body and fields. This all in context that we have already built a unity field and cannot be separated energetically anymore.

Carla did feel the utter shock of this nuclear war, but she did not directly participate in it. Then we followed the thread of “exit points” from this reality and asked the Elohim what are the next exit points for us. The Elohim told us that there are quite a few exit points for us in the coming days and that their outcome is unpredictable.

What is to be expected is that there will be two further similarly devastating nuclear wars – the first one as big as this one or even bigger, somewhere at the end of September and the second nuclear war, somewhat less destructive, in early October. The final culmination of confrontation between the forces of darkness and the light has commenced and this kind of global destruction is necessary in order to sever these toxic timelines from the ascending uppermost mother planet, like a balloon that becomes lighter and lighter after throwing the sand bags.

I am giving you this information at this place, as I will publish today the AA Michael’s message separately, where some major past and future energetic peaks and portal dates are given and discussed, which do not fully resonate with me, but may give you a possible timetable for your personal ascension scenario. We are now leaving this consensual reality and everybody will experience from now on a somewhat different version of ascension according to his/her individual level of soul evolution.

I hope that Carla will be able to get some more information in the course of this or next day. However the Elohim warned us that the chaotic energies from this nuclear war are still enveloping this uppermost mother planet and it will take another 24 hours at least for them to be cleansed and the current turbulences can settle. Under such energetic conditions it is always difficult to establish a clear connection to the Elohim.

Finally I would like to inform you that Dominique Lagae has downloaded the YouTube clip of Paul Armitage’s Divine Symphony of the Planetary Ascension Team and converted it to MP3, for which I am very thankful:

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