The Elohim: With the Outburst of a Nuclear War in the Night of September 13, 2015 the Multidimensional Expansion of Gaia Reaches Its Maximal Impact

by Carla Thompson, September 14, 2015

We are the Elohim and we are here supporting you in every way as you continue to hold the light during this ascension experience!  

We confirm the multi-timeline=multi-dimensional expansion reaches its maximal impact (this night with our dreamstate experiences) as choices made by those of distracted and non-connected to the Source disposition continue to create horrendous experience consisting mainly of shock, destruction, long-term devastation and horror.  

These Souls, who create this experience of ultimate emptiness, do so from the fulcrum of the emptiness of their own Souls: It is perfect creation, and it is not to be judged from a moralistic or ethical standpoint. Agreements are made in advance of such experience, so that all Souls involved have the prior knowing of the event and incorporate it into their energetic fields for their own evolution.

This is not to say that this experience has been a neutral one for those who were aware of its manifestation. We are completely aware of the negative impact and, indeed, the shock this experience has had on your psyches and you must therefore know that your presence there, in your multi-dimensional form/expressions was an agreed-to situation, and whereby all negativity was immediately filtered through your fields. This is the ultimate responsibility of the Light Warrior of the Ages (of the First and Last Hour). 

The timeline of greatest destruction has now been severed from the highest expression of this Mother Planet.  All light warriors who have taken part in this filtering/cleansing may not necessarily carry recollection of this event, but all of you who did participate perhaps feel somewhat depleted and dazed at this moment, and this is normal.

As the upliftment of the Ascension continues, be aware that continued upheaval on other timelines remains a probability.

Know that we remain with you in every moment and that our infinite love is the supporting energy flowing under your wings!



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