Breaking News: Transdermal Magnesium Therapy

By Rob Behr, September 18, 2015

Dear George,

There came a smile on my face when I saw this article on your website about magnesium oil. I am actually already since 15 years the supplier of this good product in Europe. I started with it when no one knew what it was and around the year 2006 I also worked with Marcus Sircus OMD and many others worldwide when the highest quality was found in the Netherlands and was offered to me being someone who already had knowledge from transdermal therapy and working with it to start supplying that quality. That is what gives me bread on the table already for so long. And yes it took me through the LBP. Weekly bathtub sessions of about 30 minutes, so good.

This quality is from the old PERM layers, from 250 million years past and spreads from UK under the North Sea all the way to Russia. But from these Zechstein sea layers, about 1600-2000 m deep in the earth, there still is the only exploratory mining place found in my country. That’s why it is pretty expensive although we try to keep it as reasonable as possible, like a ‘first time visit’-page and pricing. I already helped many small entrepreneurs in different countries to start with selling it also by offering them good possibilities. And most of them flourish.  Those possibilities are not on the website, only on request by email. – contact page

Only if there is interest and if you think you want to give LBP-ers this info and maybe those that want to try something that can give them a bit of a new start. I never use my ascension work to promote my business side of things. If this thing about magnesium oil you had not published I would not have told you about it. So only use this info if you find it necessary.

I am lucky as a distributor to be in this business and slowly it is spreading worldwide. With the mine we work in very close association and we try not to be the medical professionals but only the suppliers so that this great product can keep on being available to others if you know what I mean. We keep ourselves from making claims instead let the others (medical professionals in the alternative health do that. On the website on the About-page there is a good article on the different mining solution that is used and a very insightful picture about the different evaporate states within the geological evolutionary process of the mineral and how it compares on that evolutionary ladder with other known kinds like dead Sea salt etc.

Again, I am not asking to publish this. Feel free to use it as you want. I was only happy to see others of alike interest in the PAT.

Love and Light
Rob Behr

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