The Final Source Wave of Ascension on Feb 22/23, 2013

by Georgi Stankov, February 23, 2013

Yesterday the most powerful ascension wave from the source hit me early in the morning. This wave was announced by Dorie’s HS in her message on Feb 16:

“Expect the intensity in energy to increase one more notch as you experience the same pattern of energy waves from Source Pulse in the next few days. We are confident that much will be accomplished in this very short interim period between February 17th and February 22nd when the first wave should be off the ground. For quite some time now, you have sensed that 2/22 would be a very auspicious day, and it shall be, as this will be a most powerful wave of energy coming in yet!

The warning that we are not done yet and that there will be some more waves prior to our physical transformation was reaffirmed by April’s HS on Feb 20:

“You’ve all done just MAGNIFICENTLY!! And yes, we ARE still very much on schedule. As you probably suspect, there are a couple more waves coming to help “further” you along with the merge process, as well as this entire Divine undertaking. Our hope and latest assessments indicate that this should be enough to see your COMPLETE MERGE and subsequent DISCLOSURE at some point during the coming weekend between the onset and the end of the weekend.

This energy pulse yesterday consisted of three distinct waves and thus had the most unusual pattern, I have ever experienced. It started early in the morning with a classical cleansing wave with burning skin sensations and massive intrusion of foreign collective human dross. Here is what I wrote about this wave to Debra yesterday evening when my memory was still fresh:

“This morning the energy surge began with a classical cleansing wave, where a lot of old human dross came throughout my field concerning recent crimes of the US cabal to install the NWO and to ruin humanity with the help of their Orion monetary system. I was just reading how all major bank positions in Europe have been occupied in the last one year by Goldman Sachs’ hitmen recommended by the Bilderberg group, the last one, being the new director of BOE, who is not even a British, but an Australian. And this is a huge scandal indeed, but the dumbed down British people seem to accept everything from their Orion government as I recently wrote. This topic caused me one more time such a physical abomination, that I was on the verge of vomiting, which I very, very seldom do. Just to give you an impression of the intensity of this cleansing wave this morning. Then it turned around 14.00 p.m. into a classical cc-wave during an ascension test run and I had to sleep.

I have just woke up after a two-hour sleep. As I wrote to Corey before going to  bed, who had his first ascension test run this night, I was hit by a very powerful cc-wave from the source, but although it had all attributes of a huge ascension test run as I expected it for today, I do not have any headache. I am burning and vibrating like under a typical cc- wave with a huge descent of Source energy in my physical vessel, but surprisingly enough, no headache this time. The energy is milder. Never had it before. This even confused me at the beginning when I woke up and I moved very slowly and cautiously as not to feel the headache, until I realized that there was no pain. Let us hope that this is the last energy bout prior to Ascension.”

Then after writing this email to Debra around 17 00 p.m. CET the pattern and the quality of the energy wave changed one more time. Never before have I  experienced such a rapid switch from one wave pattern to another. Normally a powerful cleansing wave or a classical cc-wave with a descent of source energy into the physical vessel last one whole day in the average and then I have to rest usually with a post-commotio syndrome the next day.

This time the third wave was a mixture of a classical cleansing wave with dry mouth, burning skin and drowning sensation. These complaints are due to over-stimulation of the sympathicus pathways of the vegetative nervous system with the typical symptoms of atropine intoxication. The worst collective human fears flowed through my field, indicating a massive release of deepest survival patterns as if humanity has been scraping the bottom of their emotional fields and releasing the darkest dross on the surface. Believe me, I have been through numerous such cleansing episodes, but this one was a solitary peak.

On top of it, the cc-wave continued unabated throughout the evening and during the whole night when I had to wake up several times and walk in the apartment breathing deeply to suppress the intensity of the waves somewhat before going to bed again. The cc-wave is still ongoing today (Feb 23) in the morning and is now gaining momentum again, with a headache this time, at midday, but the cleansing wave has resided. My body is now shivering all the time and my coordination is hugely impaired. I also suffer from heat rushes like a menopausal woman… From this massive energetic experience I conclude that the masses are now energetically fully beamed and must be ready for our arrival.

The first ascension candidates should be also ready for their physical transformation after these energy bouts. According to April’s HS, the merging of their Christed selves in the physical vessel was between 70 and 85% on Feb 16. Four days later April’s HS confirmed that they are now between 85-95%. I have been kept in a steady state slightly above 95% for a long time as to help these ascension candidates reach their threshold. We have been told that when the last few reach the 90% level, then I can ascend all of a sudden as the final transformation is very rapid and no longer controllable.

Given the rate of merging of the Christed Selves in the physical vessels in the first ascension group during the last week, I assume that after this latest source pulse yesterday and today they must have reached the 90% threshold, so that my ascension can happen any moment from now on.

However I suspect that there are some more key variables to consider and they may take some more time to calibrate. On the other hand our ascension and disclosure must happen during the weekend, while the people are at rest and more prone to delve into introverted states of the mind. Our ascension and disclosure will profit hugely from this state of relaxation of the collective mind during the weekend and will have a much deeper impact on their psyche, than when they are at work, say on Monday, and their linear mind being deeply immersed into the Orion business life; in this case they may not realize at first glance the magnitude of this cosmic event. The importance of this inner-soul dynamics is specifically stressed by April’s HS in her last message:

“There are also many other, large world-wide events happening right now as well that also contribute to what you’re feeling and sensing there. Much upheaval and progress are taking place simultaneously, on many levels, and this is why the 3D environment can feel so wonky right now when you’re engaged with it. AND, it’s important to remember that these larger events act as catalysts within humanity’s consciousness and remind/trigger them on various levels that we are in fact, in the End Times and change is strongly afoot and ENCOURAGEDThese catalysts only serve to divert them inward again and again, and now that their heart chakras (among others) are more fully opened, they will be much more influenced or validated by these internal experiences and are thus also that much ready to receive you. These catalytic events/circumstances will of course only snowball/escalate until the final ID split.

What we do not know at present is what huge changes are unfolding behind the veil of secretiveness still kept by the dark elite on power, who are continuing playing their charade of artificial normalcy. But they can no longer hide the obvious. For instance, only two days ago the official newspaper of the former Soviet communist party “Pravda” published about a sensational official press-conference confirming that:

“In Soviet times, the Ministry of Defense was working on a secret project aimed at creating a superhuman with paranormal abilities. Under this project, a group of scientists managed to get in touch with a foreign civilization. The head of this top-secret project shared some details with reporters for the first time.”

There is an ample and significant stipulation of revelations that now sweep over the mainstream media. This fact indicates that behind close doors the dark elite are preparing for their demise and are searching feverishly for harmless ways to escape the wrath of the masses when the truth will be finally revealed. This science fiction movie “They Live” (1988) recommended by Eva from Spain can serve as a starter for the still blinded masses:

All in all, the recent developments and events point to the final culmination, for which we have worked so hard in the last two years collectively as the PAT, and each one of us as soon as we have incarnated on this toxic planet. To quote Dorie’s HS from Feb 16:

“And the show is only just beginning!”

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