The Creative Powers of the PAT Leading to Ascension

by Dorie Bowlin and Georgi Stankov, February 17, 2013

Dear Dorie,

I have just published my latest energy update, where we came to the conclusion that the announced time plan for ascension this week has been delayed for a few days.

I hope that you can establish contact with your HS and check the current status of our ascension process, hopefully for the last time before we can leave this planet.

With love and light

Hello Georgi!

This last week has been so very busy for me and so I apologize for not getting back with you sooner. It seems that HS has decided to put me smack dab back in the middle of 3D. It’s been interesting to be in the “matrix” again! I have been questioning my HS about this sudden push for me to be back out there again, especially the week of our scheduled ascension. She sums it up this way:

Dorie, you are one of our best “sampler” representatives. We put you out there to see how well the ascension candidates are prepared and how much progress they are making with the downloading of their new codes. In other words, this is all to prepare you for your appearance as an Ascended Master.”

Since she put it that way, Georgi, I don’t mind so much! And I’m finding that the people are much more open than they used to be. I feel that they are finally ready and it’s very validating!

Also, just wanted to say that I sooooo enjoyed your article “PAT Ascension is the Substitution of the Current Orion Matrix of Humanity” I think that has to be one of my favorite articles! I think you will find that my HS message has reflected some of what you shared with us in that article.

And speaking of my HS message, wow, I was really disconnected this week! Especially since I was so busy in 3D. When that happens, it always makes me feel a little confused and lost because I am used to spending a lot of time talking with those in the HR. I was feeling VERY homesick this week. At least I did receive a dream, same night as you in fact, where I was in a small town, walking from shop to shop and talking to the shop owners about getting rid of all the ‘junk’ they were selling and replacing it with goods that everyone would want.

Today, I find that I am once again reconnected to HS and can share some new information on the ascension front. You’ll find that the following message merely adds to and validates what April has already provided, but validation is always nice!

I hope you are doing well my friend and thank you so much for sharing the link to the move “Mission London” with us! I am hoping I have a chance to watch it!

With much love and lots of Light!

Message From HS, February 16, 2013:

It’s been some time since you’ve been able to connect and when that happens you feel rather lost. This feeling is also now what the ascension candidates are experiencing as they have been disconnected from the hive mentality. They are now lost without direction and are trying to find ways to continually reconnect to what they can no longer reconnect to. They are having to figure things out for themselves for the very first time and it is very frightening for them.

Their reality is changing, just as yours is also changing, except the difference is you have been consciously and creatively changing your reality for some time now. YOU are the ones, who are bringing about the change to their reality. And now that change is upon you – that point in the process, where all the little particles that have been holding your reality together are beginning to fall apart, the point where you begin to experience the time of excitement and anxiousness in waiting for what it is that will reappear before your eyes as those tiny little particles come back into form in a different reality.

You understand and know what you will experience, but those, who have never consciously created for themselves, do not. This is the point that is very critical and where most of your work is being done with them in the dream state. You have been preparing them for your appearance, getting rid of the ‘junk’ that has been in the way of them, seeing you as you truly are, seeing themselves as they truly are for the very first time.

And yes, there are more than what were originally estimated, who will ascend in the first wave. And this indeed has something to do with just a very small and minor delay. But there is so much going on behind the scenes right now. A flurry of activity is taking place, but it’s not just the HR that are at work, it is also your HS who are at work and busy preparing yourselves for your curtain call. And how do you know that this delay is not going to lead to the next one and the one after that? You ask us, what is so different from 12/21/12, when you thought you would open your eyes and see a whole new reality?

What is different NOW is that you not only feel the changes on a physical level, but you  can see the changes that are happening at a societal level – the change in reality that you have created for yourselves in the upper dimensions is now filtering down and affecting the third dimensional reality.

You no longer feel disappointment in delays, for your work ‘as above’ is being felt and seen ‘as below’. The Pope has resigned, the truth of Obama is coming out in the open, a meteor hits Russia…and so the LIGHT show begins! Take pride in the work that you are doing behind the scenes to bring these events to fruition! This has been accomplished and you haven’t even showed up as Ascended Masters yet!

Understand that the ascension process has greatly accelerated again and expanded because your cleansing work is now done, allowing your energy to be diverted into bringing more ascension candidates along in the first wave, and also allowing much more work to be accomplished behind the veil in the days before your ascension.

Expect the intensity in energy to increase one more notch as you experience the same pattern of energy waves from Source Pulse in the next few days. We are confident that much will be accomplished in this very short interim period between February 17th and February 22nd when the first wave should be off the ground. For quite some time now, you have sensed that 2/22 would be a very auspicious day, and it shall be, as this will be a most powerful wave of energy coming in yet!

And the show is only just beginning!


Dear Dorie,

I fully concur with you that the latest message from your HS is an excellent validation of  my latest article dealing with the creative powers of the PAT in the vertical dimension that must burst any moment at the horizontal 3d-level and sweep away the old order. It was this inner creative pressure that I felt so strongly in the last few days on behalf of the whole PAT that pushed me to write this article.

We are all bursting now as a supernova of creative particles that is already reshaping the old matrix from within in a most effective and dramatic manner. And this is not a metaphor, but a precise physical explanation what is currently happening behind the waning veil.

I can understand very well the response of your HS that you are a very accurate “sampler” of the finest modulations in the collective mindset. This is what I have been doing for years in my special areas of science, economics, politics, new age, but also with respect to the emotional fields of the masses. I can assure you that this is a highly qualified spiritual activity, and most exhausting at the same time, as you have to resonate with the negative low frequency energy patterns you gauge all the time. You must immerse into this very toxic atmosphere without a safety belt or any energetic protection that might distort the purity of your assessments.

And this kind of work is not only the least appreciated on this planet, but is also associated with a plethora of unpleasant experiences, which have nothing to do with you personally. Sometimes you may feel as if you attract all human evils and aggressions like a huge magnet, only to test their power or weakness.

This is my comment on this kind of evaluation activity, which we do on behalf of the HR in a most idealistic and self-sacrificing manner. If this knowledge gives you some comfort in your disconnection from the HR, while doing the job of the “sampler”, then this elaboration was not in vain.

I am very glad that your HS has confirmed one more time what I sense since the beginning of this week – namely that we have raised the bar of our ascension goals one more time as to celebrate a bigger success. We are now preparing a bigger batch of first ascension candidates. Your last dream and my dreams during the last several nights, they all point to this immense work we are doing in the dream state to prepare the first wave ascendees and the masses for our disclosure by transforming their astral energetic structure in a most effective manner.

The novel aspect this time is that we are not under such a huge pressure as was the case during past ascension test runs. The tranquility and serenity that has engulfed the PAT in the last days (as this has been confirmed by many members in their recent reports) is the most reliable factor that tells me that this time we have finally and irrevocable reached our divine goal.

I feel in a most compelling manner how the drama is now gaining momentum in the vertical direction, where all reality is created by the souls, in this particular case by the main protagonists  – the higher selves of the PAT – and how, notwithstanding the present remarkable stillness, the “limelight fever” is slowly creeping in my veins and nerves.

With love and light

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