For Your Attunement to the Coming Disclosure After the PAT Ascension

by Georgi Stankov, February 22, 2013

Walt Disney UFO Documentary – Alien Encounters, 1995.

This official documentary was only broadcast once in five US states to test the reaction of the people with respect to possible disclosure before the crucial year 2000, as initially planned for the End Times. Then it was decided to shelve this documentary and never broadcast it again. This version is the complete uncut feature, recorded on VHS video when it was first broadcast in 1995 on terrestrial TV. 


Glowing Object Appears Next To TV Crew In Russia February 2013 “Translated”.

The translation is correct and very revealing. It was expected that shortly before our ascension, the GF will take care to increase their optical presence in the mainstream media in preparation of humanity for our arrival.

Times Square Billboards “Start Telling the Truth – STOP Censoring the News”

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