State-of-Ascension-Report-71: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-71, March 9, 2012


Paul Gauguin, Miraculous Source, 1894, Tahiti

March 8, 2012

Hi George ~

I am feeling such a deep connection with you and the other PAT family that am feeling compelled to interact now more than ever. I apologize for the added effort to keep up with so many emails, I suspect they are increasing as others are probably feeling the same the closer we get.

First thank you for your brilliant illumination of the way things are and to be. I too have dipped into hypnosis just once the end of last year and had a similar experience, that is nothing. I felt I had failed and could not go deep enough as others have been able to. Thus now understanding it was not necessary. Also paying someone to give me guidance my last session I experienced just in January. This was with a sort of channel done over the phone whom was recommended to me by a friend. I prepared myself and was ready to hear something brilliant and new. The whole experience had me feeling that it was ridiculous and why did I ever give my power away, no more will I allow anyone to tell me who I am and where I come from. Like Dorothy in Oz, whom always had on her ruby slippers, I too have all that I need and always have.

I will be looking for my white owl in dream time tonight, whilst under the full moon. Here is a link to my newest post that showed up just yesterday, more confirmation I suspect.  –

The Ides Of March

also just in case I did not send this one photo, I have attached the one of the rainbow sun.

much love and rapture,
Dear Lisanne,

I am glad to hear that there is always a new topic in our discussion that helps one better understand the reality on the ground. In fact, I enjoy this kind of open discussions, but I am dependent on the impulses coming from the readers and  I only seldom discuss my own preferred topics, namely, when I consider it an appropriate and timely matter. Whenever there is a new interesting topic, coming from a  reader, I always take the advantage to broaden the issue as to cover most aspects of it. I wonder though why so little of this kind of enlightened discussion can be found in Internet, which is the ideal place to elucidate the various aspects of the New Age and the light workers movement from a critical point of view.

For instance, the theme about sex in the LBP is virtually non-existent in the current discussions, although it plays a major role in everyday life of most people who are fully in the LBP and so on. There is enough to discuss, but one can hardly find a proper coverage in the other sites and blogs. This is an interesting socio-psychological phenomenon and its obviousness is rather striking to me.

With love and light
Yes indeed George,

everywhere else someone is pushing an agenda or “selling” their self. this has been a deep issue for me with other “light workers” and has taken me until this moment to fully understand why I so willing to surrender my power to them, though I do trust it all served in the highest good for growth and understanding.

Did you ever discuss what the impetus was for your website aside from 11-11-11. such as how you grew in understanding that it was time to connect and call together the PAT family…. was it a download or dream state? Or did it come through as a memory?

I enjoyed the full moon energy last night under the stars and moon while sounding my crystal singing bowl – an F# note.  afterward it appeared as if a vortex opened up around the moon, like a giant spiral in the night sky. I have attached a photo of the full moon just before that, this is from almost the top of the west coast, on the ring of fire- here in Washington state, US.

I am finding that this full moon energy and solar flares activity is quite pleasant for me.  feeling calm and at peace and gently floating down the stream…  how about you?

Always joyful to connect with you George
Love and illumination
Dear Lisanne,

Thank your for the moon photos. I also watched the full moon with my binocular last night.

I had visions many years ago about my coordination activity in the context of the PAT, although I could not know the exact circumstances at that time, but I was fully aware of the mission and the final goal of this group and have written about this in my last gnostic book “Thoughts” in 2008. When the point in time came, I was mentally prepared and the rest was to swim with the energy flow that carried us to this point.

Contrary to most self-proclaimed gurus and spiritual leaders, I employ a very pronounced and critical assessment of my activity as a teacher and disentangle myself everyday from this function as to observe the ongoing situation in a dispassionate manner. Precisely, I see myself not as a teacher, because I see all members  of the PAT as great souls and not as their current incarnations. Knowing their unlimited potential, I do not see my duty in teaching them anything, but in helping them remember. Then we start to remember together and this collective dream is always more powerful than a single dream.

One must, however, possess the flexibility to surf through these various dreams and not get overwhelmed because in this case one either gets lost or one starts to reject the exuberance of these dreams and becomes dogmatic.

It is difficult to explain this inner group dynamics in the process of evolution, but that is how All-That-Is works and I only try to follow this pattern here on the ground, while coordinating the activities of the PAT. No wonder that this strategy collides with many narrow ideas and minds on the earth, but this bothers me less, as long as the principle of spontaneous creativity is fully observed.

There is no greater crime in All-That -Is, but to suffocate a creative effort of another entity, only because it does not fit your narrow view. This is the primary source of all evils on this planet and this is how the Orion system has worked in the past. Now we are about to change the rules of the game and we must first learn to express our creativity in a spontaneous manner, but also to take precautions as not to hinder any other entity in doing the same. When this principle of reciprocal spontaneous creativity is fully implemented and observed in social life, then you have already the New Earth and the Golden Age of humanity. But it will not come as a present from Heaven – one has to work it out by himself.

With love and light
March 8, 2012

Dear George,

totally agree with your assessment of the “trash ladies”. I used to actually find this or that article on that was interesting, but now I find it 99.9% ridiculous. Whenever someone starts their channelled message with “dear ones”, my intuition screams “NO!”.  that’s why I dig the way you cut thru the fluff.

I have heard you say that the 90s were much better for channelled material, and I totally agree. A woman by the name of Barbara Marciniak wrote four books in the 90s, channelling the Plejadians, and  I must say those four books really resonated with me. But sadly, I have found nothing in the channelling arena that has even come close to her work.

Why do you think there is always the use of these words “dear ones”??  I am sure there are those that enjoy that type of fluff, for me it was a red flag. As I respect your opinions on these matters, can you comment on the Plejadians? Thanks for all you do GS!  hope all is well with you.

Dear Paolo,

I do confirm your assessment and opinion on the channeling sources. In fact I read Marciniak in Bulgarian language and I have three of her books. She was translated in Bulgarian, while at this time it was difficult to find her books in Germany. I do agree that they are better than the current ones, although these books have some redundancy and are not very clear. As at the same time, I discovered the books of Varda Haselman /Franck Schmolke, I preferred their books. But I still favour the Seth books by Jane Roberts from the 60s and 70s, which are intellectually very sophisticated. I have just discovered a new website (thanks to Callista) that contains the most important Seth books for free and I recommend you to read them in case you have not done it.

With love and light
March 8, 2012

You know George,

as I sat here wondering and thinking about my life and feeling my whole life like I never fit in one out of 9 kids, here I am at 60 years old in body, but my mind is like I am in my forties and here it is the 8th and I don’t feel any different, but in a way I feel totally different . My whole life I have felt like an outcast, been called stupid, dumb, trash, and when I see you use them words about others and read some of the contradictions in your writings, yes it does kind a bother me, but at the same time I know I am not, and that also that none of us are perfect.

You see I quit school in the 7th grade I did get my g e d when I was 34 and don’t get me wrong I really admire your knowledge and your commitment, here you have the knowledge and understanding of how the universe works and the law through physics and that is neat to me and my limited understanding and here Father comes and takes me and shows me how things began up to this time. I am really wondering, where this is taken us, 3 years ago I did not know anything about the Ascension or higher self or the universe or physics or astrology or psychics, yet here I am drawn to your knowledge and understanding and I got here through all them dumbed down and trash ladies you talk about, and to be honest, most of the time when I see someone who is so arrogant and one who thinks they are the only one who knows anything and every one else is stupid and not worth their time and it reminds me of times people have said the same thing about me and remembering when I was told that I would say, prove me wrong I like being proven wrong and most of the time I was right.

So what the hell does this have to do with me and you? I am still trying to figure that out and why I am drawn here at this time and place, one is a device I have been shown and even tried to build, a device that supplies energy and also a portal to move through time and space and it consists of magnets and crystals and water, you know when you get an ideal and it drives you nuts until you do it, well that was what this was an ideal and I was shown about it and I tried and tried to build it but I could never get it working the way it was shown so I gave up and that was nearly 2 years ago, but now that thought is back and one thing I was lacking was knowledge of physics and the design is kind a like the same as our world works with the poles and now I know with the grid this power would go through the grid and the grid would act like relay stations.

Well you will probably think, this guy is a total nut job, but George I wonder why I keep getting all this and wonder if I am nuts myself in my mind, I see the unit and I see it working and know what it is capable of and I wonder why this information wasn’t given to someone like you who would understand it a whole lot more than me, anyway I hope to hear your thoughts about this if not I understand

Dear Tooter,

Let me explain it crystal clear to you. I am fully at ease with somebody like you who open says: “I quit school at the 7th grade and I have no proper education, but I feel the right things.” This is enough for me to communicate with you. But when uneducated ladies or other crooks like Beckow declare that they know everything and how the world should evolve around their weird ideas and thus mire thousands of readers, I am simply indignant and then I am compelled by my higher self to contradict them and tell them my opinion. My comments about some dumbed down light workers do not regard people like you, quite on the contrary. I hope that I have cleared this issue as to eliminate any potential source of animosities.

Now to your question: Why do you receive visions which seem to be scientific and yet you cannot realize them and why I did not get them? I have received enough scientific visions in my life and I only receive what I need. I am not an engineer or inventor and it would be waste of time to receive from my higher self designs for new devices which I cannot build.

However it is not excluded that you, as your soul, have this knowledge and these abilities and now your soul is showing you what is principally possible to achieve. You will probably make this invention in the 5th dimension after you have ascended and have acquired a crystalline body an a brain with much greater capacity, which will enable you to realized this invention, of which you are now dreaming in anticipation.

Be patient and see all your experience in the perspective of ascension. Next year at this time you will now it much better.

With love and light
March 8, 2012

Another confirmation from Metatron (Tyberonn) of the key date March 8, 2012 for the completion of the crystalline 144-grid and the beginning of the unfolding of the BIG EVENTS (George):

Where specifically does this article talk about March 8, 2012?
Dear Will,

As I have already discussed this issue with Callista two days ago, please find our email exchange below that explains your question.


Dear Callsita,

Metatron/Tyberon seems to confirm my prognosis fully. He also speaks of the same portals I mentioned in my last article. But I still think that for us the first waves are the most important as we are the most advanced in the LBP and will transmit these initial changes on the ground and the other people will follow. For them the later dates may be of greater importance.


Dear George

Don’t see the connection with March 8 (apart from being a full moon) – the Metatron channel refers to March 20 as the date for the beginning of the 12th wave. I have probably missed something here – please let me know.
Dear Callista,

Yes I know, but he is referring to the technical details that will happen after March 8. In fact the first upgrading of our codes was done yesterday March 6, and will continue in the following days. One must make a distinction between the changes we experience and  that of the rest of humanity. I only said that we will begin  to be connected to the grid after March 8, which has also numerous other functions and  connection to Gaia. My prime news was that we will begin to experience more and more the bliss of the new energies after this date and I can personally confirm this trend since the 5th of March. I always said that it is a process and that the actual events may take some time to materialize. After all, what is the difference between the 8th and the 20th of March? I still expect some initial visible effects before March 20th.

With love and light
Dear George,

AHA!!! Now I understand why the 8 March is significant!! This is the precursor; the catalyst for the 12th wave. PAT members have in fact entered into this experience already – as usual we are the vanguard!  I am not sleeping very much the last two days. When I am awake I find myself in another space which is similar to that when I lucidly dream – and the feeling of euphoria and a carefree attitude.

love and light
March 8, 2012

Hello Georgi,

I have found much better version of the video to the movie “What Dreams May Come”. The quality of video is better and the first few minutes contain part of conversation between Robin and his “black” guide, which gives this video proper context.

If you’ll decide to share this video with PAT members, please use this  link:

I agree with you that the reality will be much more overwhelming than  we can realize. However, I’m wondering how is it possible that such movie wasn’t stopped from distributing into cinemas by PTW? Is it because they think that it’s helpless, impotent and that people will not believe it even if it carries beauty in itself?

Do they really think that people will more gladly watch movies full of hatred and violence than movies that widens their horizons? It’s pity – immediately I’m getting an answer from my HS that yes. However, have you noticed that one area of human-related activities contains more of the truth than others? I think it’s SCI-FI. Even if it’s hugely twisted, I realized that all the important ideas are presented there – portals, Ascension, “super-human” abilities, …

But it’s exactly as you said – the greatest damage and distortions can be done when you take piece of truth here, piece of truth there and twist it so that overall meaning is totally reversed.

With Love,
March 8, 2012

Dear Georgi and PAT,

I so much enjoy reading all the posts. It seems we are all so very synchronised in our experiences, feelings and anticipation.

I read with interest the letter from Carla, and would like to offer my feelings on this. I just don’t feel that our limited personalities need to DO anything in an intentional way, as the soul/HS is doing the doing whilst we are simply being. I would guess that the soul/HS can get on with what it wants our expanded aspect of self to do, for the planet, humanity and ascension, best of all when we leave the process alone and do something we enjoy…. like playing the piano. Thereby, if the personality adds or enhances the soul’s procedures, it will surely be more effective with our joy to power it (as you have previously mentioned in regard to sending out letters, etc) rather than our urgency or feeling of something being needed i.e. lack. I feel that the lack or urgency carries the subtle energy of angst, or at least, ‘something’s not right, and I (personality) have got to help to sort it out’ (subtle ego involvement????)

It seems to me that Joy is a far greater power than angst or urgency, as well as being a far preferable personal experience for our end times. I also feel that we are really getting to the deepest subtleties of the ego at this very late stage…. this is the final cleansing of the deeply insidious, and almost invisible, nature of the dark energies. I feel that the only JOB of the personality part of us is to recognise itself and how it allows itself to get used by energies, and then to stop that use by dark energies. (Basically what we have already been doing during LBP… seemingly forever!!!)

Thank you, Carla, for sharing your intuitive feelings of what it may be important to do, with all of us…it is clearly important that we all share what we feel, in order to open the field for other perspectives, so we can all grow from one another’s perceptions of our ideas or intuitions. I so wish I could play the piano… your description of how you feel playing it sounds gorgeous! Funnily enough, a friend called today and was telling me how much he had just enjoyed playing his drums… a very similar description to yours, Carla, and I thought, Wow! That’s JOY!

I do intuitively agree, Georgi, with your reply to Carla, “I even have the impression sometimes that meditation may even harm us, as we no longer need it anymore. But ultimately everybody must decide for himself.’

Andre’s sensation of gliding has also come to me in dreams. For many years I have had the experience in dreams of both flying very high (sometimes also very fast) over vast terrains, and also moving along about 6 inches above ground level (both very different experiences) Now lately, I get the experience of gliding, floating, gently bouncing….a bit like being in an environment with a very low level of gravity.

In your reply to Adriana you said, “Then, the masses will flock to us to explain them why the past time of complacency, which was actually the time of their enslavement, is irrevocably gone.”

Such complacency, which I feel is another subtle expression of fear, is only held up by the old grid. As that collapses, I see those expressions falling away, so it seems to me that the masses will lose their complacency and hence start asking questions very soon, once the new grid is fully installed… pretty much right now, as it is March 8th today!!!!

Joana said that ‘when the Old matrix crumbles and the rag is pulled away from under the feet of all people, they might have to think over their whole life in a short, concentrated “review” ’ This could be the period of stasis, perhaps… 3 days would be like having a crash course of self-analysis, unlike us who have done it bit by bit over years!! In one way, as Adriana intimated, lucky them, but imagine all that at once good grief, they would surely need the old grid to be gone in order to face all that stuff without cracking up. So, yes, they are getting it very easy, comparatively. It makes me realise, actually, how much we have given of ourselves (our total personality selves, actually, by the end of it) and how well we have all done. So, I’m going to say it clearly… WELL DONE, ALL OF US!!!!

Joana’s experience of seeing the little boy, or rather, NOT seeing the little boy, is so interesting. I have always wondered how a timeline split could actualise. Would the people who normally live/work/play together somehow not miss each others’ presence? Would they just carry on as if they had never known each other? Amongst my friends, a 10 year old (crystal energy) has separated from her mother (heavy energy personality) and now lives with her father (lighter energy personality) The mother has just totally stopped contact with the child (heartbreaking emotionally for the child – yet she is coping well and getting on with life happily much of the time). Hence when she moves into 5-d she will not expect to see her mother, and I guess the mother, staying in 3-d will not expect to see her daughter. So that makes sense to me. Will it perhaps be that people will ‘split up’ in such a total way before Dec. 21st and hence, after the split, not even realise that each other is not actually on (their choice of) Earth any more.

Adriana said that “all of my life I was searching for deeper meaning of my life and how to re-program my mind, so that I will be free from the cage that “They” want us to be in.”  I do feel exactly what she means. I wrote a poem on that exact subject in 2004, along with several others, and I feel that this type of thing (that we all have done in different ways) may be part of what will seriously help the masses in understanding part of the process of realising how our personalities are played by the energies, once they start asking and looking.

To that end I am considering creating a website for the free dissemination of helpful works of art, poetry, stories, etc. I loved the two poems, by Kari and Georgi! Thank you both. (If any of PAT would like to consider offering their own contributions via such a site, I would love to know, or perhaps we could have a section on this site, Georgi?? I know this would be even more work for Chris, so may not be appropriate, but I’m throwing the idea in the pot for consideration.) Anyway, here is the poem….


The self-imposed cages of my certain knowledge
can be inhabited indefinitely,
or occasionally dissolve unnoticed;
may be deconstructed
most carefully, sometimes painfully,
or burst out of, carefree-ly and joyously,
as I explode my truths,
the myths of what I think is, and, of course, is not!

Not wrong, not foolish in themselves
these truths, these myths;
just the next stepping stone in the
ever-widening river of my perspective.

And so, I create new cages,
built with the same stuff of the old,
plus some more (or is it less?).

And with the constant joy of discovery
incredible treasures are revealed.

But, how clever! How obvious!
I build in each new cage a door
unlocked, so I am always free
within these cages of my knowing.

The key, it seems is certainty.
And so with the door boldly unlocked


Well, Georgi, this has become VERY long, and I hope PAT find it useful, enjoyable  and interesting. I will sign off now and look forward very much (again) to the next report.

With love and light,
Gail (from Wales, by the way)
March 8, 2012

Hello Georgi and PAT members,

Being the most Eastern  of you all, I penduled this morning about completion of the grid and when yesterday it was :No, this morning is: YES  Congratulations Universe(s)! Tonight, 350 women gather in my village for a week-end celebration of  Women’s Day and I might be courageous and tell them the Grid of Love and Light is there now… and they all helped to install it…
Lots of still very warm (33° in shade) greetings
from Yoa (Pacific).
March 8, 2012


I feel fried. Yesterday was beyond intense. I was ready to jump out of my skin and I felt like everyone around me was a live wire, including myself. There has definitely been a surge unlike anything I have ever felt and I have to say, that I am a little concerned about how powerful these energies are. Even as I sit here, I’m not quite sure how I am even able to assimilate them while staying in a physical body. My heart rate feels like it’s racing even though when I actually feel my pulse, the beats are slower than they actually seem to me.

Everything seems to be happening very quickly and events seem to be taking place all at once, causing my head to spin.  I am frustrated because the people around me do not seem to sense the difference… and I am through with talking about it. I just don’t care anymore. There is no one to save, as we have all concluded. The highest energies are here and now they must be absorbed, assimilated, and transferred by US, the members of the PAT, for there is no one else stationed here to do it! I will write more later as I feel I am about to be interrupted.

I just had to write this quickly and let it be known that we did indeed experience a huge surge and are experiencing it now… I feel nauseous and the sunlight looks very different to me. Nothing is the same… and to even begin to try and explain to anyone why that is, seems like the most pointless feat in the universe to me. I think we must all just shut up now and go our own way. I have this feeling that any more explanations on our part (with the exception of sharing with each other) is rather futile and that, very shortly, people will be telling us that all the things  we have been saying suddenly seem right to them. Well, at least the ones who are choosing to awaken.

Until then, we have to just be silent and absorb this energy and send love to each other because this is super intense and I am in awe at what we are doing right now. I can’t even believe this is possible and now I know why heaven is applauding us so loudly. This truly has never been done before and these kinds of energies have never been able to enter matter… I feel the hush of  this miracle that is happening NOW.

Love, Kari
March 8, 2012

Dear George

My love and gratitude again as always for your continued support to keep our mother ship on course, and  for keeping the team’s moral boosted every day, which you are faultlessly doing. Callista’s message sung in my ears, as our experiences these days being so similar. I was feeling helpless yesterday, a day where everything and everyone around me was going mad. From back in Sept 2011, through 11.11 to now, you can feel a vast amount of first wave ascenders coming together now from all over the world.

You have achieved this by bringing us together. I do not know how I would have coped these past 5 months (so alone) without having access to your knowledge; you have achieved both education and guidance for me. Speaking as my self, I have to remind ME, several times a day, why I am here, still, or at all, really. The last day especially though, I have had an acute awareness of a need now to ‘come together’ with as many PAT members possible, a surge, a push, is required, needed. As we soon will have to step up to the plate as ascended masters .That is why Carla’s message leaped up from the page at me.

This will not be via a group meditation, though, as we have surpassed that level ( I believe) I can’t meditate any more because I go straight to soul, so meditation no, but my soul is urging me this way. It could be that the work we are doing in higher realms is  imprinted on my daily awareness, or that we are so close now…. She is guiding me to be bolder. We are the ones that will have to take charge, soon.

‘I am an automaton of my soul’. This plays over in my head as a reminder of what this existence really all is. To some others around me I now sound cold, when I see news of those dying, soldiers or civilians in the Middle East I feel nothing. I want to FEEL for them but I cant. All I dream is that they wake up and know who they really are. My family is experiencing LBP very strong waves now since January. I just smile as this reminds me why I had to stay here and transmit all those high frequency energies from the higher realms.
If anyone asked me to do it all again I would, over and over and over again, I would   ‘I WILL’  My grown up children still think our new earth will never happen. They don’t even realize that they are already prepared for it, but that’s OK too.

Do you know what George, as I am writing this it has just become clear to me why Carla’s message made me jump. ‘We KNOW  that when we connect in the higher realms, always, this is when we are working together as PAT, so whilst we are awake here, in 3d we are but an automaton of our soul, so no need to worry about connecting here, as such, physically, as we are together working, as soul and the more we KNOW this is WE and US, in the higher realms, we are always connected multi dimensionally’ We are united already as PAT we are ALL as ONE. WE are soul brothers and sisters. We love each other deeply, we acknowledge each other, we will go forth and make the New Earth, so that others will come after US. So that we build the New Earth for ALL THAT IS. I love my PAT family. I admire every one of YOU, for ALL that you ARE.

Beloved brother George
I am so glad I heard your call
March 8, 2012

Just wondering why there is a Metatron channeling at the end of the report 70, I was under the impression there is a fundamental difference between you and GFL.

Dear Dim,

I am sorry but you have to re-evaluate your categorical systems and your spiritual orientation. Metatron is an archangel and cannot  pertain to the GF and even less so to the GFL. Besides, if you have followed our discussions in the past, we have all agreed upon the fact that there is a GF and that this Federation is not interested in channeling, with some notable exceptions, and not interested in disclosure and first contact the way it is propagated by the Orion invented GFL.

Many of the readers and members of the PAT come from civilisations belonging to the GF and it is ridiculous not to accept the existence of the GF. I am for instance a representative of the White Brotherhood, which consists of very old earth souls and ascended masters and this brotherhood is an official member of the GF.

In order to deepen your understanding on this matter, I have attached a comics from our PAT member Monica below about the real function of the GFL:

With love and light
March 8, 2012

Dear George,

I wanted to thank you again for your advice to calm down. I took it very much to heart. However, as I lay naked on the grass in the moonlight (much to my neighbors confusion I am sure!) I could not help but to begin thinking again. I realized I certainly could have been hypnotized, but only because my free-will mind had taken me to a person I trusted for the process and because at that point in time I wanted to be. I also realized that if Hegel was on to something, which of course I believe he was, Truth can be “transferred” from one mind to another under the godhead principle. This is precisely why there are gorgeous philosophers/people like you, whose work is to advance the human intellect, while others may be doing other important things.

Humans are like puzzle pieces, each one cut to their own most important specifications, fitting perfectly into the big picture. I also realized that I need not worry about “knowing” how to Ascend. Ascension is most likely like giving birth, if you are prepared great, if not, no worries, because Nature takes over and you will get the same result. Perhaps Ascension is, and always was planned to be, the ultimate final exam of University Earth, where we finally put together and understand everything we have been learning for eons. I am sure the mental torture is not only the release of all the fear, but also the intense magnetic pull of all the experience and knowledge being extracted from life. We deemed all of our experiences as positive or negative, important or random, true or false, when in essence they were all perfect notes that would one day (now) be strung together to play the most Beautiful Cosmic Symphony, this Universe has ever heard!

In Love, Beth
Dear Beth,

beautifully said. I will publish it in the next report  Joe’s opinion from South Africa on hypnosis from the other side, as he is a specialist in this field, so that we will have  a more balanced view (see below).

My cousin who lives in the USA also used to lie naked on the sun in his house garden and when his neighbours complaint about this, he was arrested by the police. Take care of you. You are not in Europe.

I remember years ago (in the early 80s) when I showed an US-colleague Munich and we walked through the English Garden – a huge park in the centre of Munich similar to the Central park in New York, where all people use to lie on the meadows naked among the other people that walk around, he was so shocked as if he had seen ETs. He could not breath for a while and it took him a whole day to digest this experience. He came from the Bible belt. This was his cultural shock, he took home from Europe.

With love and light
March 8, 2012

For further information on Clif High, see report-70:

Hi Clif,

I want to run something by you, and if you’re interested in participating, it would be awesome.

I have been participating in a website run by Dr. Georgi Stankov, a brilliant man with a crystalline mind and an amazing understanding of gnosis and the human experience. While George has a vast scientific understanding and has written a number of books in several languages, the conversation that he moderates is centered around the psychic and gnostic dimensions of our current dilemma. This website is at the vanguard of woo woo, if I understand your terminology correctly.

Several months ago, when I began seeing the correlations between your work and his, I excitedly suggested that we present some of your findings on his website in order to provide a greater array of data from which to make connections and future interpretations. However, as George couldn’t address your methods, he was concerned that it would only serve to cause confusion, and would lead to him moderating questions that none of us was equipped to adequately discuss.

Yesterday I shared with him your post containing the email exchanges with “CowMan,” in order for him to see that your prediction matches VERY closely with his and that of many ‘members’ of his forum.


He has asked me to invite you on his behalf, and that he would be very pleased to publish an article, in which you explain your methods with linguistics and how you have arrived at your latest prediction. In his words, “This will be a valuable exchange of information and an important contribution to our ongoing discussion.”

I know you have been burned recently, as well as being busy with your preparations. I assure you, George is a man of great integrity and courage. I believe that the collaboration would be enlightening, were you willing to humor us, if only for the one article.

I hope that you will consider this proposal. We are all co-creating in this giant feedback loop. The synergy between your work detecting “psychic leaks” and our work penetrating the unseen as discussed in the forum would be truly unique and inspiring, I am quite certain. I look forward to your response.


this sounds like a good thing. The problem is I am a really busy bastard. To explain my methods in writing would severely impact the pain I get from over use of these poor instruments. There are some various articles and stuff on my site under process and practice on upper right that go into bits and pieces of it.

I commend Dr Stankov for his good sense in not wanting to add to his headaches with my stuff.  Yes, it  all blends, and of absolute necessity if  any future viewing is correct, then all future views which are also correct must align with each other, without regard, in deed, even in spite of differences of approach.

This is a long winded way of saying that I wish I had the time and energy to participate, but must demure at this time to the demands of universe that got there first… So sorry. perhaps in a while once my personal work load eases. What I  will do is to make the time to go and read at the site and get up to speed.

Best commitment I can make at moment. Mancows masters are irritated at me and showing their attention which makes things all that much more complicated.

Dear Ben,

Let me first congratulate you for your excellent and very diplomatic, but at the same time precise email to Clif High. After reading this email he could not react in a different way than he did. Behind his answer, I see what I have suspected from the very beginning, namely that he has a very pronounced intuition and makes excellent guesses, but he has no tangible method and uses this one only as a camouflage to impress the people. This is a legitimate strategy, given the fact that the people still look upon human intuition with disdain and consider it something immaterial and thus of a lesser value.

I personally think that we have already got the correct and full answer from Clif High and should not bother him anymore.

Thank you for your effort!

With love and light
March 8, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I am reporting that for the last week while I am reading your posts, I receive waves of energy that enter from above my head. Sometimes its waves of chills running down throughout my body.  I love the feeling.

I thought it funny that following the post about sex I had an orgasm in my dream this morning. In my dream I just sat on someone’s lap and I was aroused. I woke from the dream to realize it had reached the physical. I have not had sex for over 9 years. I feel the dream was showing me that I will soon be surrendering to a cosmic orgasm that will release Gaia. I am so grateful for you and your website.  I am sorry at this point I do not to comprehend your Universal Laws, but know in my heart they are brilliant and that as my consciousness shifts, it will all be so elegantly simple. I have a good mind but steered away from science. At 21 I knew many Doctoral candidates at Stanford University because my boyfriend at the time was one. I met world renowned “Nobel Peace” Prize winners and decided then that the Award did NOT indicate that the minds and hearts of the winners were the best to be found.

On New Earth I will have plenty of time to wrap my understanding around your equations.

Yippee-Love Marian
Dear Marian,

Although this website was not intended to stimulate sexual desires, this is a positive by-product of our ongoing discussion on all aspects of the LBP that stayed hidden most of the time under the carpet of human denial. In fact, your experience suggests that you are already leaving the current limitations of the physical vessel and entering the infinite possibilities of the higher dimensions, where everything is possible and feels like an orgiastic bliss.

I am confident that after today’s full moon this state of bliss will increase when the crystalline grid will unfold its full power and we will connect to it. From now on, the rules of the game have changed and we must expect the Miraculous.

I do agree with you that the Nobel-Prize is a joke and that the type of the present-day scientist is symbolic (indicative) of a very rudimentary soul.

With love and light
March 8, 2012

Hello and Hafa adai (chamorro for “how are you?”) Georgi!!

I am from the island of Guam, we are called Guamanians or Chamorros. Its a really tiny island in the Pacific Ocean, located right along the Marianas Trench. I left my island in 2007 as my husband joined the active US army. I spent 3 years in Mannheim, Germany and I am currently residing in Oahu, Hawaii. Like many of your readers, I came across your site in September 2010, a couple of days after your first post, ill never forget the feelings I had that day, I felt so thankful to finally have a feeling that I was on the right track… at least I still hope I am hahaha.

I read your reports daily, sometimes I get uneasy when I check the site and I don’t see a recent post up yet. Before your site I would read many articles/channelings from other sites, Steve Beckow’s 2012 scenario, Nesara galactic news, just to mention a few…on occasion I still read little articles from them, but as always thirsty for more truth that I can resonate with, I’m back at your site again.

I was born in 1982 and I’m not sure what wave of children I’m categorized in. I love all the feedback and experiences everyone here shares, I had the honor of witnessing the same beautiful sunrise, the woman who was having sex, saw here in Oahu. I’ve been having little experiences too, not so much as the LBP or the visions, but little things like synchronization with clocks and numbers, weird traces of my dreams and blissful moments that never hit me the way they do now. These past few days have been really difficult for me. I have this weird “craving” going on. Its not a craving for anything I can think of in particular, for example; I’m hungry, but no food is satisfying me, I went shopping and can’t find anything I’d wanna buy (not like me at all), went out the other night thinking I was gonna have a blast, everyone else seemed to be having a great time, its like nothing can satisfy this feeling!!! What’s wrong with me!?

I started noticing the numbers, while I was in Germany, but when I told my husband about it he told me I that maybe I’m just paying too much attention to the time, but even if that is the case, why would I?? I took a ladies trip to Amsterdam, while I was there also and I know it wasn’t the marijuana that made me perceive what I’m about to say, we came out of a coffee house and walked down an alley near one of the canals… as I raised my head from looking in my bag I was totally shocked!! The craziest case of Deja vu ever!! I looked around and KNEW I had been there before although it was my first trip there, I was so breathless I had to grab my friend and tell her I was freaking out!! Hahaha needless to say she thought I was too.

I can even recall a dream I had where I was friends with Anne Frank (a Jewish girl that hide from the Nazis during WW2 in a small niche for a long  time and wrote a book about her experience. which later became a bestseller, George) I used to tell myself it was all nonsense and not to think too much about it…. all the way up til we got here in Hawaii. I was raised catholic with a lot of strong cultural beliefs so I think its safe to say I was brainwashed as a child. I always felt ” different” from my family, I was told I asked too many questions and that if I went against the beliefs being fed to me, I would surely make God angry and go to hell for it.

My husband was raised in a Mormon family, of course he always had doubts about his religion too, so it made it so much better to leave all that behind and search for our own truth. I have 3 little boys. I have a set of twin boys 9 and another boy who is 5. I used to worry about them all the time because of all the things I was hearing from others about the end of the world, they’re too young and innocent to be subjected to the hell I was so sure was coming so I began to look up all kinds of things on the Internet. I found myself on youtube one day looking up stories about NDEs .

I LOVED everything I was watching about… love, peace, light, and freedom in almost every NDE account. From there on I was glued to any device that would provide me with access to the web. That’s when I saw a video about the ascension, I’ve done sooo much reading since then, taking bits and pieces of everything and noticing little clues along the way has been so fulfilling and exciting! I went home for a visit last year and took a chance of looking crazy in front of my family and friends. I told them about everything I’d been reading about, trying to make them have a positive outlook on the end times instead of a full on Armageddon the PTB hope they believe. Of course like most people do, they laughed and told me I smoked too much weed.

A couple of months ago, a cousin of mine called to see how my family and I were doing, at least that’s what I thought the call was about, he started asking questions about what I thought was happening, he has been noticing the synchronicities too, I referred him to your website, I was so excited he finally showed interest, I almost talked his ear off, sometimes I wish I could just place a USB storage in my mind and download everything I’ve learned and do a transfer to  people I wanna share this with hahaha. He isn’t the only one asking questions these days tho, almost everyone I’ve been talking to tells me they feel something in them, like something big is about to happen… I gleam with happiness and agree with them, haha my husband says I get this crazy look in my eye when I talk about ascension… I tell him its cause all this love and excitement inside of me is just so overwhelming I can’t contain my facial gestures! I was asked “what if everything you believe is a total hoax?”

All I can say is that IF everything I’ve learned about ascension is a hoax, then I’d still believe in it if it doesn’t happen, Its given me the greatest, most fearless outlook on life, I’m no longer afraid of death, going to hell or worried about impending doom. I believe in the end all that matters is individual truth. I’m so sorry for just rambling on and on, you would think I was starting a novel. I know you must have so many emails to go thru but I just wanted to finally write and get my 2 cents in as well, I do have a couple questions I hope you will be able to help me with:

1) Do you have any information as to what may take place on my side of the world (Guam/Hawaii) when the pole reversal takes place?

2) Is there anyway of knowing for sure that I will ascend?and my family?

3)If we are part of a soul group, how do we know?

4) When we ascend will my family still be my family?
5) Am I a part of the PAT? I don’t know.

I hope there isn’t anything I just asked that I could of just read about on the site, I read so much I forget to store a lot of things in my memory, hopefully there’s more storage clearing up in there soon haahaa. Thank u so much for all the hard work, devotion and efforts you, Chris and the rest of the PAT do for us late risers. Sending blessings and energies of love and gratitude to you and the rest of humanity.

Dear Felicia,

Thank you very much for contacting me and sharing some glimpses with me from your bio. You seem to have travelled quite a lot and I am sure that your present place cannot be compared with the dullness of Mannheim, which I know very well, as I studied in neighbouring Heidelberg.

It is a very important information and confirmation for me to hear that you are now experiencing that a lot of people who were sceptical about Ascension in the past are now seeking your advise and opinion. This is a clear indication that the energies that flood earth are having their impact on the people’s minds and the changes are coming very soon. This will stipulate in the coming days, and one must be prepared mentally for this new situation.

Ascension is not only real, but it is the only salvation for all people who do not want to stay on a catastrophic earth and experience real hell. This will become crystal clear very soon, when the old matrix will crumble and people will start to realize that the old comfort  zones do not offer them any security. This will be the point in time when we all will be fully engaged in educating the people, either as ascended masters or as enlightened people on the ground. And now I come to your questions:

1) I have no idea what will happen with particular geographic parts of the earth during the shift and it is not even necessary to know it. I only know, and everybody should also know this: Nobody who is planned to ascend will be lost in the coming physical changes of Gaia, no matter where he now lives.

2) In this way I have also answered your second question. Yes, you and your children will ascend, just as 2-3 billion people will ascend in Dec 2012, although most of them have not even heard the word ascension. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to doubt this outcome at all.

3) Everybody has a soul family (group) in the higher realms that is protecting him and giving him impulses how to arrange his life on the earth. When you address your higher self, most of the time you actually communicate with your soul family via your soul. The higher self is in fact your soul family of about 1000 souls. Some of them are incarnated on earth, others are in the higher realms and support their soul mates on the ground.

4) Some families may stay intact after ascension to the second level of the 5th dimension on the New Earth, but you may also experience the surprise that your sons are real masters and you may start learning from them, as in the New Earth physical age will not play any role anymore and one can choose his own body. My personal guess is that most of the crystalline children, born after 2000,  are highly evolved souls and will be the new teachers of the ascended humanity. They will be able to create their own body and outer appearance, so that the physical maternity will not play any role anymore. You must take into account that in an year from now on you will no longer be a mother of small boys, but of grown-up masters. The connection with your sons will be at the soul level, and it will be much more rewarding and emotionally complete.

Altogether, the family structure as known on the present earth will lose its importance, but some ascended entities may decide to preserve this outdated form of social life for a while, as to feel more secure at the beginning. There will be infinite possibilities how to organise social life.

5) As I have said on numerous occasions PAT is not a physical group, but an idea. As long as you share the common ideas of this group and participate in our discussions with your heart you are automatically part of it. It is you, and only you, who can decide whether you feel affiliated to this group or not. Obviously you have already made you choice and this question is irrelevant.

With love and light
March 8, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I would like to thank you for your reports about the ascension and the current energies. I translated your report into Hungarian and shared it on the Facebook. What do I expect to happen this week around the full moon? & Life After Ascension. Response to Medwyn’s Questions. I think this information very interesting and useful for awakened or just awakening souls.

I would like to share some experience about travelling in my crystalline light body. I felt and saw my crystalline light body in the meditation on 5 October when the PAT members opened their portals. After a few days I meditated again and I travelled to my family in Hungary. It was only a few moments but the feeling was very true. They didn’t realise it in physical level but after this experience we are spending more time via skype with my daughter and granddaughters. I send to you a photos about the full moon today on 8 March from Brisbane Australia. Have a nice day.

Love & Light


Dear Margit,

Thank you very much for your email and for your effort to translate my publication in Hungarian. Your journey in a crystalline body to Hungary is indeed remarkable and surely very elevating for you.

I am amazed by your photo of the full moon, as I also observed the full moon here north of Munich at midnight and I even wrote today to another reader of my website that I was very impressed by the fact that the contours of the disc of the full moon were “washed out” and merging in a hallow with the surrounding sky as if the moon was dissolving. I have never seen this phenomenon before, and now I see exactly the same moon on your picture in Australia.

I am curious when this astronomic fact will become official and will be broadly discussed. I observed the moon with a powerful binocular and the full moon had the same shape as on your photo, so that it cannot be an optical effect.

With love and light
March 8, 2012

Hallo George,

I wish to reply to the notes published by Geoffrey on “Hypnotism”. I think, George you already gave a good reply in your answer, I just wish to add some thoughts and some of my experiences.

I have no knowledge on the Dolores Cannon method, however I am a Hypnotherapist myself and have worked with many clients in the past, assisting them to overcome numerous problems and issues. In my practice however, we don’t hypnotize anybody. We merely do a progressive relaxation technique, where the client goes into a “meditative” state, which means he/she is fully aware of what is going on, and therefore able to speak and answer questions etc.

The reason for this is that I access the subconscious mind and then work with it. So I think that Geoffrey had maybe different expectations from the “hypnotism” experience, and my guess is that his therapist was maybe not experienced and for some reason did not explain the process properly, but this is mere speculation on my part. What we do, cannot, and should not be compared to the stage hypnotists that will do monkey business with people without them being aware of it.

I must also state that I refused to do past life regressions with clients who just wanted to do a regression for entertainment reasons. The soul or higher self will only allow access to certain information if that is within the person’s life contract. So it will be your higher self/soul that will block information in certain circumstances. I have had the same experience long before I practiced, during a past life regression, when I was given only some information and then experienced blocking. So it is not the therapist’s fault or some other entity.

I sometimes dealt with an issue expecting to work with him/her during her childhood years, when we suddenly found ourselves in a past life. Imagine the surprise of some people who were religious and had no clue about past lives beforehand (and I had not prepared them, as I did not expect to go there beforehand). I normally have to get the client into a deeper trance to go into past lives. As everybody is different, however, it can happen that some will go into trance faster than others. Somebody with a very active “monkey mind” has a hard time going into trance and we have to spend more time on the relaxation part of the process. So just like you said George, if there is resistance from the client, he/she will not go into trance.

Anybody who knows what he wants to do and has some knowledge on our processes, can do all of this in a self meditation. All that we as therapists are doing is guiding the process, the client is actually doing all the healing him/herself. I often give my clients instruction on how they can work on themselves in a meditative state. It is like you said, one is actually channeling one’s higher self.

I do however take offence to Geoffrey bundling us into vanity fair or charlatans. I understand that there needs to be discussion about people that post channelings on the Internet and spread fear and confusion and it is helpful to be warned of such persons. However, there are many experienced, knowledgeable healers out there that are not reading this website, while doing their bit in awakening others, and assisting the Ascension process in their own way.

During the start of my LBP in the late nineties, I was helped tremendously by a shamanic and energy healer to fix my busted aura and teach me some Universal Laws that started to wake me up and understand my situation better. I am sure that many PAT members on this site were also assisted by various energy/spiritual healers, shamans or gurus in the past.

George, when you say you hovered 1 meter above the ground during those years of “discovery”, do you mean like physically?

I also think that most channelers out there are channeling their higher selves mostly, with some parts chipped in from their monkey mind.

Love and Blessings,
Dear Joe,

Thank you for your clarification on the hypnosis issue from the other side. I will publish it in the next report.

No, this was a metaphor when I wrote that I was hovering one meter above the ground. But the fact was that I was under such powerful energies that also stimulated my body and mind that I practically did not sleep for two years and worked in a frenetic exaltation and driven by stimulating powers that were not normal or human. I was exempted at that time from the 3d-reality and cushioned, so to say, from all negative influences from outside as to concentrate on my discovery. The negative forces came later in a rebound effect when the LBP started.

Now we have entered a similar energetic situation, where other people also experience similar powerful energies and report them, but it was 1992 when this started and these energies rocked me down or lifted me up as you prefer to see it.  And  nobody had a similar experience with whom to discuss this issue.

With love and light

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