State-of-Ascension-Report-72: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-72, March 10, 2012


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Correction: I apologize for publishing the wrong email under the name of Robin. I have no explanation for this mistake. I edited the report twice before publishing it and it was perfect. I have also no explanation how the correct link from Robin’s email has been edited with the wrong. letter. Indeed, I had some technical difficulties with wordpress last night, but this is not sufficient to explain this change of the original text. Now you have the correct email from Robin.


The Charm of the New Three-Earth-Scenario

March 10, 2012

Dear George,

Since we were not given any details by Cosmic Awareness regarding the phenomenal revelation that there will now be a Planet A/B (a much-needed solution), we can only speculate as to how this will occur.  My rudimentary explanation is that our present Earth will first be placed into stasis, akin to putting a patient under before surgery. Then, some type of dimensional shift will be made to happen, such that three Earths will now exist, instead of one.
Simultaneously with the creation of two additional Earths, Humans will automatically be shifted onto the planet for which they are best suited spiritually, namely Planet A, Planet A/B or Planet B.  Concurrent with this whole process, there would also be those whom had chosen death, returning to Source for an indeterminate interval, rather than participate as an inhabitant on any of these three planets.

Two possibilities/explanations that I excluded involved ships or portals. Transporting anyone via ships or portals seems to me to be a rather crude, inefficient method, considering the sheer complexity of this revolutionary ascension process that has never before been attempted.  In other words, if Earth can shift/split from one entity into three, it stands to reason that Humans can “ride” the respective shifts to their appropriate planet, A, A/B or B.

My point with this email is to help myself understand what will be happening, and in turn, help others to understand the process. To that end, George, I will appreciate your assessment of my explanation, adding or subtracting as you see fit, or completely revising it.

I would also like to add that you touched upon a critical point in your article “Sensation!!!!  Change in End Time Scenario. New Third Earth A/B will be Created” by stating that we should not jeopardize our own ascension process by concerning ourselves with those whom may not ascend with Planet A. The addition of Planet A/B definitely relieves us of much of our concern for others, who will now have a far better existence ahead of them, had they been otherwise destined for catastrophic Planet B due to their not being sufficiently evolved for Planet A’s high spirituality requirements.

Happily, Planet A/B might exemplify how life was intended to be on Earth before the Dracos/Reptilians/Greys/PTB ruined it for all Humanity, so it should not be a disappointment for anyone, but a very welcome change.

Dear Bill,

I will depart from my original vision, which I cherish, since the full opening of the stargate 11.11.11 failed and we could not ascend at that time. This new three-earth-scenario is the final stroke on my inner picture for the future.

As it became obvious that humanity is in a huge retard with respect to its scheduled awakening, it was natural that some major adjustments in the End Time scenario had to be made as to take into account the facts on the ground. However, Heaven postponed the final decision until the end of February, in the hope that humanity will revolt and a world-wide revolution will sweep away the old Orion order. This was expected to happen in the first two months of this year. But humanity and especially the citadel of the dark forces, the USA and its population, did not live up to these optimistic expectations, as they were in reality much more dumbed down than it was initially envisaged.

I have always supported this poor diagnosis and have received a lot of critics from all sides in the past, but now nobody can neglect this stark reality. So much about the background of this latest decision for the End Times in Heaven that was made on February 26 and announced a day later by myself on this website. You all participated in this meeting and contributed decisively to this final decision.

I admit that at that time I did not know exactly the three-earth-scenario, but I knew that this decision will accelerate our ascension and the social processes of transformation of mankind on the ground and this is what counts at the end. Now we have all the information, and it fits fully and without any contradictions our previous assessments. In fact I knew that there is some more information to come after February 26 and when I read that CA will give an interview on the auspicious date of March 8, which I announced to be pivotal for humanity, I knew immediately that I have to expect some important news from CA with which I am in a constant telepathic contact.

However, I do not  get  specific details in a direct manner. Rather they come to me the other way round. I know that there is a missing link in my full vision on the future and CA gives me an inkling that it will furnish the missing link later on.This has happened on numerous occasions in the past. First there must be a demand for more knowledge on my part and then this demand is satisfied at the appropriate point in time.

That is why I immediately started listening to this interview when I received the link from Callista, thus neglecting all my duties such as answering my daily post. The whole RMN interview is garbage, expect for these 2-3 minutes and when I heard the news, I knew all of sudden what was the full decision on February 26. Then I checked this sensational information with my higher self and with CA and got immediately the confirmation that it is true and that this is the ultimate schedule to follow in the remaining 9 -10 months.

I will now again depart from my initial idea that the decision on February 26 leads to an acceleration of all processes, including our ascension. My version how the events will unfold in the coming months is thus the following:

Very soon, there will be a clean split of the catastrophic earth B from the other two parts of Gaia and humanity. This is possible because we have raised the overall light quotient beyond the expected levels for this point in time and have helped to complete the new crystalline 144-grid earlier than planned. However, this light quotient was produced by a tiny minority of star seeds, mainly by the members of the PAT and is thus not carried by the broader population. The (Gauß) distribution curve of this light quotient is hence not flat and broad, that is to say, not evenly distributed among the people and this makes it impossible to sustain the old scenario of two timelines.

There is a great sleeping majority in the middle of the two extremes – a very dark minority with its followers on the one side (10-15%) and a tiny minority of highly evolved souls (1%) on the other side. The entities that comprise this sleeping majority in the middle are neither very evil, nor very evolved and enlightened. It is like a huge ballast or a big tanker, the course of which you cannot change all of a sudden.

The February 26th decision thus includes in a first step the neat separation of the catastrophic earth B with a small portion of the most dark entities of humanity from the rest of earth and its population. The people that will be separated will be, according to my educated guess, no more than 15 % based on my soul age model. The advantage of this split will be that it will not be that much disastrous, as now it is not necessary that many incarnated human entities should end their current incarnation and leave earth through death experience. This is very good news for all of us.

The catastrophic earth B will be amputated as a gangrenous member from the body of mankind and will include all Illuminati and off-world entities from the Orion/Reptilian Empire, including their current clones and confused child souls that they have disseminated throughout the current human population in preparation for the End Times. When this vicious part is separated from the rest of humanity, the situation will improve dramatically. In this case, I agree with you that there will be no need to establish portals between the catastrophic earth B and the interim earth A/B, as the split will be clear-cut and irreversible.

When this split takes place, I assume that all of the members of the PAT, or at least some of them, will also ascend and then return on the cleansed earth A/B and take over the leadership, as the old ruling Cabal will be gone. Some may stay in the higher dimensions and coordinate from there the further evolution of humanity and Gaia. The split of the catastrophic earth B will be most probably triggered by the magnetic pole shift that will also make this split irreversible.

This is also the reason why the crystalline 144-grid of the New Earth had to be completed earlier than planned due to our combined effort in the last four months as to allow the interim earth A/B to connect to this grid and fully separate from the earth B that will remain linked to the old Anunnaki’s magnetic grid of separation. This connection to tne new grid will preclude that some dark entities from the 4th dimension  will try again to spoil and enslave humanity, as they have done since the Fall of Atlantis and ever earlier.

This split, which may even come this month, but definitely in the course of this spring, will hence produce the separation of the first two timelines – the catastrophic earth B and the interim earth AB. The latter will be, so to say, “pregnant” with the ascending earth A.

Let us assume that this will happen before summer solstice. In this case we will have for about half an year a mixed interim earth A/B, where the driving force in the society will be the new ascended masters. However the vast majority of humans will still have to awaken in this very short period of time. Please, observe that there is no such thing as collective awakening. Every incarnated entity must awaken individually, by himself. This is a huge workload.

It is not known now how many people from the rest of humanity will ultimately qualify for the mass planetary ascension in Dec 2012. Let as assume that in addition to the 15 % that will remain on the earth B, about 10% will leave the earth this year by death experience as their soul contracts end. We have then about 75% or about 5 billion people, who will remain on the interim planet A/B. It is still an open outcome how many will qualify for mass planetary ascension on Dec 21, 20112.

Let us split this human population in two equal fractions, then we still have 2, 5 billion people that will ascend by the end of this year. This is by the way the figure that I have favoured from very beginning. I have always spoken of 2-3 billion human beings, who will qualify for the final mass ascension. In this sense nothing substantial has changed for this part of humanity.

The advantage, I should say, the charm of the new three-earth-scenario is now that many more people will be saved and/or will not need to live on the catastrophic earth B that will be fully under the control of the dark forces from the Orion/Reptilian Empire. They will install a terror order on this planet from the very beginning, exploiting the physical mayhem after the split and the fact that there will be no enlightened souls to keep the light on this debased planet.

The new planet A/B will thus be a much better 3d-version of the current earth, but most of humanity will still carry a lot of darkness that the people have not been able to release in the current End Times. However, this darkness will be man-made and not off-world as is currently the case. The interim planet A/B will not be subjugated to direct interventions from the 4th dimension, as has been the case on this earth since the Fall of Atlantis.

There maybe some interferences with dark forces from the 4th dimension at the telepathic level, but they will no longer rule human society  as reptilian shape-shifters and through numerous human clones in leading positions, as is still the case now. In addition, the connection of earth A/B to the ascended earth A will be much more intensive and it is not excluded that there may be individuals that will ascend through the numerous portals that will be established between the two earths after Dec 2012.

The ultimate news is however that very soon the absolute dark portion of humanity will be amputated from the rest and will no longer intercept with it. This was not planned in the old scenario with the two timelines. In this sense the more I analyse the new three-earth-scenario, the more I like it personally, as I see only advantages. Ultimately, one cannot blame Heaven if some incarnated souls have not lived up to their soul contracts.

In conclusion:

1) Nothing  has changed substantially as far as our destiny is concerned, except that we will now definitely ascend this spring when the first ascension wave will take place. This was not so sure after 11.11.11.

2) The split between earth B and earth A/B will be definite and irrevocable when it will take place this spring as predicted by myself and broadly discussed on this website. According to the old scenario of two timelines, this split ought to happen in Dec 2012. Thus we have a more favourable scenario now.

3) The real process of awakening and preparation for the final ascension will really commence after the split under much more favourable conditions. In the old scenario this awakening was planned to occur organically, through a world revolution and ousting the ruling Cabal. This probability timeline is now no longer valid, as the events on the ground confirm.

4) The magnetic pole shift will most probably coincide with the split of the two first timelines B and A/B this spring. There will be much less casualties now than planned in the old two-timeline-scenario, as many of these human entities will now prolong their soul contracts and live on the third earth version A/B.

5) The final split between earth A/B and earth A will take place in Dec 2012 as initially planned.

6) After that, portals will be established between earth A/B and earth A as to allow some laggards to find the way to the new earth. It may as well be that some ascended entities may not keep pace with the higher 5d-frequencies of the New Earth and may fall onto the earth A/B. But they will still be better off than to fall onto the catastrophic earth B, which will be real hell.

This is my preliminary interpretation of the new three-earth-scenario and its consequences for the rest of this year. I will welcome a broad discussion on this issue, as there are surely many readers, who will have alternative views. We must gauge and compare all our visions, as we have done in the past as to charge the collective PAT vision with more mental and emotional power, because this is the only way how to create our future reality in the Now.

With love and light
March 10, 2012

Dear Georgi

The report-71 you published on 9 March about the third earth is logical and is a “must” decision on the highest level. About two months ago I created a scenario of 3d-earth. I never bothered to publish it because back then I wasn’t so sure about my creative abilities on cosmic scale. Also have to admit, that my English is not my native language and therefore I have personal complex of not sounding right. This is so critical topic, that I don’t care about “sounding right” any more.

I often create scenarios, while being in altered state of consciousness. Sometimes this happens while driving my car on long trips, or when sitting on my chair relaxing. I do not meditate. I totally agree that meditation can be harmful. I often asked to see the future and NEVER got any answers. So I asked why? Answer: because I am highly qualified creator. My job is creating and NOT asking for glimpses in the future. It makes perfect sense.

Creation of earth C was my logical answer to current situation. Now I will call it earth A/B, as you call it, because it is more appropriate name for it.

Reasons for creation of additional earth A/B are following:

– My estimation of the number of awakened souls is less than 500 million (Two months ago). They completed their last incarnations lesson and therefore qualifies for ascension to 5D earth on 21.12. 2012.

– There is additional number of incarnated entities that have two important personal qualities. They are:

1. With open heart chakra. The masses call these “people with GOOD HEART”

2. HONESTY. This topic has newer been discussed on your website. I know you discussed it in your books. Honesty is of critical importance here on the ground because on 4D and 5D there will be a full transparency of our thoughts, intentions, energy and personal knowledge. Being honest on this 3D earth is of symbolic value or gesture of personality who will successfully integrate with Gaya and others on earth A in preparation for ascension at the end of this year to the new 5D Earth.

3. Please note, this was my view two months ago. Since the late injection of high frequency energy, I expect that most honest incarnated entities with open their heart chakra and will awaken to some degree.

Creation of earth A/B will be for incarnated entities, I just described, who did not awaken jet. Members of the PAT will create portals from earth A/B to A for individuals or groups, who will awaken in time for planetary ascension.

Others with soul contracts for planetary ascension who have not yet awakened will occupy the Earth A/B. They will have to complete their lessons in the next 2000 or so years. Kind of fail the class in school. I did this so, because I did NOT agree with school system.

Creation of earth A/B also gives the opportunity to some incarnated entities who would otherwise be destined to catastrophic earth B. This is a bad news for PTB. In my opinion this decision has something to do with the Decree, we the members of PAT did. In fact, this may be the main reason for creation of earth A/B.

In conclusion, we will save lots of souls, only with 2000 years delay, what is not a big deal with comparison to almost eternal hell on catastrophic planet B.

Therefore planetary ascension 21.12.12 will be about QUALITY and not quantity. Masses on planet A/B will also have proper education under better conditions and quality ascension some 2000 years later. This means some of the PAT members will need to come back again.

It is not first time we are doing this. In a dream, I saw myself during the last days of Atlantis. Waiting for directions from higher realms…. and then nothing happened. I am of the opinion that it would happen again, if we, the members of the PAT and especially Dr. Stankov wouldn’t have taken the current situation and decision-making in our hands and have instead only waited for the higher cosmic providence to give us instructions.

Here is another important reason for the creation of earth A/B:

If incarnated entities would qualify for ascension only because of their soul contract, but have remained asleep, then they will be considered “as saved”. Anyone who was saved (individual, race or planet) never worked out on the long run. It is simply a lesson that needs to be consciously experienced. Everyone needs to save himself based on personal knowledge and love. Again the importance of the opening of the heart chakra, the left brain portal and the brain synchronization.

With love and light,
Boyd Kraigher, Thailand
Dear Boyd,

thank you very much for this precise analysis and interpretation of the three-earth-scenario. I fully agree with all your arguments on behalf of this alternative. I especially like your conclusion that the pro-active decision-making policy of the PAT, as I have always advocated around this website, has largely contributed to this new cosmic decision. This is also my impression.

It has always been my conviction that one must develop new concepts on his own and implement them with conviction and great endurance in order to gestalt successfully his reality and not wait for instructions from heaven as most “enlightened” people do nowadays. However, in such a situation one should not expect that his ideas are realized 1: 1, but that nonetheless the personal impact is still significant for the final result.

This was true when the PAT decided to ascend beyond the 5th dimension after the failed first ascension at 11.11.11, while still staying on earth beyond their initial soul contracts. The recent decision for the final End Time scenario that was taken on February 26th and reported by myself the next day is also in the same direction.

As discussed in my forecast for 2012 “Winds of Change”, the masses could not awaken to the point of triggering a world revolution and the lack of this social impetus to break away from the shackles of perennial Orion/Reptilian enslavement led ultimately to this logical decision – the creation of a third earth for the laggards that have not lived up to their initial contracts of possible ascension, but have, at the same time, not deserved to end up on the catastrophic earth B.

There is one third reason, which I have not yet discussed for this three-earth-scenario. It is a well known fact that all civilisations in this universe have rejected to incorporate failed human souls, who have not qualified for ascension or for the catastrophic earth of greater density, in their societies as to complete their reincarnation cycle, as they are energetically so much compromised that they will not fit any other galactic civilisation.

This earth has always been an asylum for derailed souls who have failed in various 3d-civilisations and incarnation experiments throughout this universe and have ended on this toxic planet, where the most mad inmates have taken control over their asylum and the few conscious evolved souls, as the members of the PAT, have been declared insane. It is a dire reality, but there is no other way to understand the current situation and decision for the End Times, but to accept these stark facts.

The human masses could not reach the threshold of emotional revolt against the PTB at the End Times. It is this intensity in the collective feelings that is the major driving force (energy) that would have heaved most human beings to the 5th dimension. What most people always neglect, especially among esoteric circles, is that the determination of human intention and the intensity of their feelings, supporting this intention, are the two major driving energetic motors that create any new reality in All-That-Is.

As long as most light workers are still suspicious of their and other people’s feelings and interpret any exuberant emotion as an aspect of the ego, they will not be in full possession of the right fulcrum at the soul level, from which to heave Gaia and humanity to a new dimension as once Archimedes wanted to do with the earth with the right lever and the proper fulcrum.

This is a huge and very intricate aspect of human existence that needs a separate elucidation. I am the only one in this scene who repeatedly tries to address the issue of emotions  and their pivotal role in the creation of new realities and I am happy to see that the members of the PAT are now realizing this emotional potential of this group of highly evolved souls and are now beginning to implement it in the creation of their new personal reality in a more effective way. While shaping our present reality with our emotions and thoughts, we actually create the prototype of the New 5d-Earth, which the ascending masses will then follow.

With love and light
March 10, 2012

Hi Georgi!

Thanks for the post from Cosmic Awareness regarding the 3rd option planet A/B. The caller stated in his question that Cosmic Awareness had made the planet A/B announcement very recently which CA confirms in It’s answer. I could not confirm that announcement or statement anywhere before this radio show. I am also trying to clarify/discern/explore that announcement myself and will of course inform you of any relevant findings. At first listen, I concur with your assessment and this does sound and feel right. The woman interviewer is a moron and the platform in embarrassing, considering the importance of the Source and relevance of the information being presented, but that aside, I have attached an MP3 file of only the 12 minutes that seemed relevant. Starting at about :06:00minutes the subject of ascension is opened and even more to the point if you want to skip ahead is starting at about :10:00minutes until the last 3 minutes where CA states ‘in conclusion’. Sorry about the audio quality I didn’t have time to clean it up yet and I can not find a transcript yet, but the important bits are the last 3 minutes of this clip I attached if you care to use it.

My best,


Dear Marco,

Thank you very much for your effort to check the first announcement of CA on earth A/B. and for the MP3 replay. I heard it, but the quality is indeed not very good and I do not see much need to publish it now as the original link is available and the readers know where to find this message. In fact CA does not say more than what I have mentioned in my response to Callista.

This is the actual missing link and I knew in advance that CA will have some important things to say when I heard that it would give an interview on March 8. After I heard the news, I checked once again with CA, with which I am in contact since 2 years and the confirmation came immediately. It is always like that. I need just one sentence to complete the picture I have developed in my mind and this is always given by CA or another source in due time.

The new decision makes sense in every conceivable way.

With love and light
March 10, 2012

Hi George,

I have just read your new posting: Sensation!!  Change in End Time Scenario: New Third Earth A/B Will Be Created.

After reading and feeling what it says, I felt compelled to go back to the line where you say…”Now we need further confirmation for this scenario.”

Then I immediately got that unmistakable feeling of inner direction that basically said: “go get in the shower…now”!  (This is because I seem to “hear” best in the shower or bath).

So after following directions and becoming centered in the clarity of what my deepest truth is, I feel compelled to write and share my strongest and most sovereign feelings as my “confirmation for this scenario”.

Since February 24-27, just the thought of my “staying here any longer” for any reason, feels simply wrong.

This goes back to what I wrote in my letter in Report 65, about how we are holding the whole of duality in the heart space of Oneness/Love/Unity, and anchoring that into the grid until the building of Light for this Spring gets to its ‘zero point’ — on the Equi-nox.

I strongly feel that the seasonal build-up of Light toward the Vernal Equinox is very much tied into the timing for the critical mass being reached by the anchored Unity consciousness, mainly provided by the PAT; and that from the day of the Equinox on, the Light of both the Spring season and of our combined Christ Consciousness Light, holding both polarities as One, will have reached zero point, or full equalization (50% and 50%).  Each day beyond that, the Light will build, (which feels like to me exponentially – maybe because of all the other factors at play including the Sun’s activities), to the critical mass that will create the tipping point of Light, which will be the final trigger for our cosmic ascensions.  My feeling is that this could be within hours to just a few days after the Equinox.

I cannot tell you why I feel/know this, but anything other than this feels simply untrue to me inside … as if I cannot make it be true for me, no matter how I slice it!

To share a brief personal anecdote:  I have a single memory from when I was about 5 years old, one that has intrigued me all of my life.  The memory is simply this: In the early morning sunlight, on a warm summer morning, I stood in the back yard looking up at the sky. In that moment, I was filled with the “knowing” of a future time, and these words reverberated within me … “I get to BE ME”!!

In my life’s darkest times, that little phrase has come to my awareness, acting as an inner audio beacon that kept me on course.  Each time I would be “at the wall” with some circumstance or issue and would remember that phrase, I would think, “Well, even though this “me” that I’m presently gettin’ to be feels like crap, I’m just gonna hang in here, so I can  get to THAT ME who seems to be real excited to … BE ME”!

Well, I know that I have made it now to “THAT ME”.

I know we each have a specific niche we were/are to fill in our contracts here.  I know I’ve done the very best I could do to fulfill my contract, given the many and major changes in the Plan.  It has never really felt complete to me due to the “outer” changes that have led me to second-guess my inner truth and sanity  And yet, especially now, I’m being loudly called to a “place” beyond “here”, that may not even involve Earth and Humanity’s evolution and ascension any longer.  My love for Gaia and her Humanity is beyond words, and that has nothing to do with no longer being able to deny the louder and deeper call from within me, from the other realms of my existence.

“I must go”!  is the only inner truth that this “present me” hears and feels anymore. The deep inner pull to be all of who I already AM on the “next leg” of my journey (or the simultaneous expression of Me on the realm I am in/on beyond this form), is what I must say “YES” to now.  I have to believe that I feel this way because my cosmic ascension is nearly upon me, and that my work on this plane, and in this form, is done.  “It is done”.

So, my confirmation for this new scenario is that I’ve known deep within, as you alluded to, that there must be a missing piece, since I did not feel totally “on board” with remaining here for any longer whatsoever.  Also, from my experience with those in my life who were on-board in the ’90’s and on their path in the spiritual upliftment of humanity, they need the chance to see that they have since fallen asleep, and to be able to feel once again, their own inner leadings to awaken to who they truly are … as those meant for the original “second wave”.

This new scenario feels much better to me as a more graceful way to proceed, all the way around.  It would benefit all in moving from where they currently are in their consciousness, into their natural next step in their process.

And, best case scenario for all, our upcoming wave of cosmic ascension can affect all, en masse, in a manner not unlike, yet much grander, than what is shown in this clip of the conclusion of the movie, Powder !!

So George, this is my truth, and it feels so great to say it out loud.  It is not based on science or on what anyone else says.  It does not come from any ego desire, as in, “I gotta get the bleep outta here!”   Rather, it comes from the depth of my SoulSelf; from the Love that is calling me to go only towards It’s call, and to trust only in It.

With all the love that I AM / that we ALL ARE!!  Robin


March 10, 2012

Hello George,

I experienced an interesting synchronicity this morning while listening to the latest Cosmic Awareness interview:

Right when I heard CA discuss the new third option of Earth A/B, I was urged by my higher self to check your website, and lo and behold, a new update discussing this exact idea was posted. This occurrence is but another confirmation of the higher connection and coordination that transpires amongst the PAT members in the higher realms.

Regarding this scenario, I am not surprised at all that this plan has been devised, as it seems completely logical to me that there be some kind of in-between zone for the people who do not qualify for the more clear-cut courses of Earth A and B. In any school, it just makes sense that all three options for a student are available, whether it be to move down a grade, repeat the same grade over again, or move ahead to a higher one. In fact, I find this idea to be so natural and obvious, that I am surprised that it wasn’t brought up before in our previous discussions.

Lastly, as you mentioned in your update, this is certainly great news for those of us who will be graduating this year. I’m sure that we will be released from duty the second the light quotient reaches the appropriate threshold, and we are no longer needed on the ground. Your assessment of this event occurring within the first half of this year resonates with me.

With love and light,
Dear Skyler,

there is only one reason why we did not discuss this option – because we were for the most optimal solution, just as we did not discuss the possibility of failure before 11.11.11. But at the end Heaven must adjust its plans to the real situation on the ground, and it is not at all glorious.


Indeed, as you have mentioned in the past, these plans are always subject to change, and it is not always possible to foresee all sides of the scenario. Regardless of this conclusion, it is our duty now to initiate the commencement of the new Golden Age. This means no longer expending energy into concepts of the old matrix, and advancing forward from working to raise awareness of the new paradigm,  to living as examples of the new paradigm. We have already completed the course of duality, and we are simply awaiting the final ceremony to take place. This is our final window of opportunity to share our creative gifts and wisdom with the masses, and inspire all of those who are destined for Earth A/B to raise their vibration before we exit the scene for good. The time has come for the next renaissance, and those of us destined for Earth A are the premiere figures, so it is our duty to act the part.


Here is my latest article:

The time has come for us to steer this planet to its rightful destination.
Dear Skyler,

An excellent sum-up of the present situation.

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