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Report-70, March 7, 2012

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On Soul Dimension and Charlatanism in Hypnosis and Channeling

March 6, 2012


Hello again mine friend! Thanks to the PAT &, of course, yourself, for the ongoing shift(s), our interactions & cooperation are indeed fueling, in a manner of speaking. Of all the information & knowledge “out there”, time and time again the resonance of this website & it’s community IS, simply, refreshingly, amazing.
I’d like to submit for you an experience mine brother & I also had with a quantum hypnotherapist trained by Dolores Cannon (actually, let me re-phrase: I do not know for certain if Dolores herself trained this particular practitioner, or, if her training was the result of a “workshop”). In any case I admit that mine evaluation, using discernment I feel I’ve quite sharply honed, is that these methods & their practitioners ARE too much part & parcel, in league with, the esoteric, trashy ‘Vanity Fair’ so oft described & discussed by the PAT, yourself, & this website.

So, in a nutshell I discounted this experience, two years ago now, as completely erroneous & ultimately, worthless. Let me explain, because I do trust & value your opinion, and also, truly, I do not mean to disparage in any way the experience(s) Beth herself had in regards.

Basically, I found that it was not even possible for this woman hypnotherapist to even hypnotise me (nor was it possible for her to hypnotise mine brother either). In short, almost three years ago now I found Dolores Cannon & her material and, in the course of mine research I was indeed quite interested & intrigued with the concepts of her work. I scoured the Internet & found that there were two, perhaps three, practitioners of her work practicing in Utah and I sought them out, choosing to go ahead and visit. Importantly, I do have (and also had already at that point in time) several experiences with psychics & the like, ranging from simple palm & card readings to angelic “channeling”, etc…

Over the course of mine research, over many years, the deplorable condition of (& mine experiences with) the esoteric “scene” had been quite off-putting BUT, also, I KNOW there is truth somewhere in it; never did I waver or misunderstand such… it was just so, so frustrating to meet these individuals whom supposedly “got it”: or “had it”, only to come away, time after time after time with the impression they were little better than misguided physicians “practicing” on their clients, such as Western medical doctors do, or @worse that each was likely a charlatan, complicit, either knowingly or not! (NOTE: Imagine the synchronicity & validation for these impressions I received herein, from yourself & the PAT, not to mention the drivel that is circulating throughout “channeled” resources).

Anyway, moving along, mine experience with this practice, past-life regression/quantum hypnosis, was so, so disappointing because, even though I knew I was not/had not been hypnotised, the practitioner believed I was; in due course I immediately realized that I could tell her/say/report anything I liked because she believed I was hypnotised and I, knowing I was not (remaining fully alert & conscious, though with mine eyes closed) could have spun for her ANY tale I wished and, I am pretty sure, it would’ve been believed!

Now, I must say that I did not do any such thing and after a few minutes of mumbling and such, trying mine damnest to actually LET something happen, I sat up and told her it hadn’t / wasn’t working. She was kind, as was I, but importantly she took my several hundred dollars anyway though mine hour-long session concluded after only 20 minutes. I was too confused at the time as to why it hadn’t worked, etc…, to ask for a reduction in payment, but she was nice to offer me another session the following week. Suffice to say that, after mine brother’s session with her the following day, & his having nearly the EXACT same experience as myself, I did not care to return for the promised follow-up session.

So, I delved into deeper & deeper research regarding hypnotism, past-life regression, etc… and what I found nigh-convinced me that it is mostly fluff wrapped up in pretty terms to make it seem all alluring & ‘New Age’. I decided, for myself, that perhaps the notion of ANY outside entity, be they unseen or terrestial, cannot/should not be able to tap into your subconscious, EVER, and this I came to believe was what had occurred; my higher self actually declined to allow her or whatever other entities access to my subconscious. Because of this I did conclude it likely to be yet another manifestation of the dark. I do not know if I am “right” but in the context of what I believe & resonate with it, this experience as a culmination of many, many experiences with the esoteric planted the seeds within me that ultimately led to mine conclusions of the sad, sorry, and thoroughly corrupted body of knowledge that comprises most of the esoteric ‘Vanity Fair’ & it’s associated new-world charlatans  –  a fact that became synchronistically supported later when I had the unpleasant misfortune of experiencing Steve Beckow up close & “personal” so to speak, followed by finding you, your work & website.

What do you think, opinion, Georgi? I ask because, as I have tried to relate above without writing a novel to ya (which isn’t really working, the length of this is already beyond what I’d intended) I value your words & opinion precisely because I resonate so strongly with your work & ideals. I often find myself considering that there is probably no one else besides yourself, whose work I respect & admire so, not to mention that I know we are on the same page, so to speak.

Also, I would like to clarify that the experience(s) Beth related I absolutely resonate with, and I am surely not deriding her experiences therein. I just wonder, as I do with most everything psychic, if the experiences are not simply our higher selves communicating to us (as it always does) & it is the persona, the ego, that interprets these communications as more flowery than they really are? I’ve mentioned before to you in previous emails that I do not consider myself psychic, or sensitive, & yet I undoubtedly know, believe, and resonate, so…

* shrugs *

I know that with the veil coming down and ascension finally nearing that our truths will soon be known & fully embraced so, my curiosities are just that, curiosities. I do value your thoughts on the matter as my intuition tells me, there is value in Dolores Cannon’s work but, that said, I wonder if the value found within her work is really a product of the incredible beings she is working with (meaning her clients!) and not at all a measure of the value of her actual “work”?

Dear Geoffrey,

You raised a very important question on an issue, about which you obviously have much more experience and knowledge than myself. While I fully agree with all you have said, I would like to make an additional contribution to this vital topic.

I came to the question of hypnosis and experiences in a state of hypnosis at the soul level for the first time in a conscious and exploratory manner when I read Michael Newton’s book “Journey of the souls”. I had of course read other books concerning hypnosis in the past, which is a basic procedure in the Freudian/Wiener school of psychoanalysis and is hence very popular here in Germany, and especially in Munich, but I have always felt a great portion of mistrust and a kind of aversion to this kind of established psychological charlatanism.

After I read Newton’s book which contains some interesting information and after discussing this issue with my higher self, as I always do when I enter a new area of knowledge, I learned the following:

This whole hypnosis circus is only a camouflage, behind which there are certain special agreements for some souls to help their incarnated entities establish direct contact with them for whatever reasons. For this purpose they use the procedure of hypnosis, which is an established social phenomenon in this agnostic society. As all these patients for hypnosis are not able to establish contact in a private inner dialogue with their higher self, they need an external situation, which legitimizes this procedure.

This is the only purpose of hypnosis as social phenomenon. No one can be hypnotized, unless his soul has permitted this at the higher level. In all successful cases of hypnosis both the patient as incarnated entity and his soul have given a priori their consent for this weird procedure. Optically, it may seem that the therapist is successful as a professional, while in fact  it has nothing to do with his abilities to hypnotize. In such a case even a child can put a patient under hypnosis, as long as the soul of the patient has given her permission to it, because she wants to come in a direct contact with her incarnated entity beyond the veil of forgetfulness and tell him some truths, which she otherwise cannot relay.

This is the actual background of any kind of hypnosis. It may lead to a real and valuable experience, as it has been the case with Beth, or it may lead to lack of any success as it has been the case with you as your soul have obviously not given her consent for a successful hypnosis. Your critical attitude towards this procedure has, in the first place, prevented you from making a genuine experience. This will certainly be the case with me too, if would try it, but knowing this, I have never bothered to experience a state of hypnosis.

In this sense, this situation is very similar to that of channeling, about which I have gathered more practical experience in the 90s, when I tested and experimented this phenomenon with about 7-9 different channelers, all of them sent to me by my, and their, higher self for this purpose.

I have written somewhere a little a bit about this research in my articles, but most of it has not been discussed so far, as it is of no importance.

My initial idea was to furnish the “proof of God“, the existence of a higher intelligence through channeling. After having a very intensive active dialogue with my soul since 1992, who helped me discover the Universal Law, this fact was as evident to me as my “cogito ergo sum” (I am, therefore I exist), which is the first and only cognitive principle of departure for Descartes in his philosophy, being the foundation of modern science and society.

But I knew that most other people have no contact to their soul and hence reject  her existence and her all-pervading knowledge, which I learnt to appreciate in the 90s. The technical goal in my experiments with channeling was to prove that the information coming from a channeler exceeds his own personal knowledge, and this fact should automatically prove that there is a higher intelligence or cosmic awareness.

I started discussing the theoretical implications of the Universal Law with these channeling sources and I filmed my interviews, which were sometimes longer than 2 hours. After that I had discussions with the channelers on the same issues after they have awakened from their state of  trance. I could show soon that these channelers had no idea about what they channel and had no memory or mental connection to the channelled stuff. This was particularly cogent with one  channeler, who had read my book on physics and was supposed to know a little bit about its content.

In this sense, I did prove the existence of God – the existence of a higher consciousness with the limited means, which I had at disposal at that time. In reality, nobody was interested in such proofs – neither the scientists, who dealt with this kind of cognitive research, nor the theologians whom I approached during this time. And there are a lot of them in Bavaria and especially in Munich, which is the catholic metropolis of Western Europe.

Realizing how futile this research was with respect to my initial goal to prove to humanity the existence of God, being the crux of all Christian theology for the last  2000 years, I stopped with this kind of futile research in 1999, when I entered the last and most exhausting phase of my LBP.

There was also another major reason why I stopped with this experimental research on channeling. I realized very soon that I will never get more information from an excarnated channeling source than I already knew, no matter how clever I formulate my questions. In fact, most of the information  I received was well below my own knowledge.

After discussing this issue with my higher self, I became aware of the reason, and this is a very important information as it is valid for all human beings:

It is not the goal of any incarnated human being in a physical vessel to get better and more information from an external, excarnated source than the information he can get from his own soul.

If  you aspire to the highest possible standards of knowledge, as I did throughout my whole life, you will receive the best possible information you can ever acquire in a physical vessel in form of intuitions and spontaneous insights. This was the way how I discovered the Universal Law and solved all fundamental and particular problems in physics, mathematics and bio-science. Especially in bio-science, I have been lead by my soul from one particular, spectacular discovery to next one and it was really mind-boggling how many theoretical problems did I solve within only one year, each of them worth a Nobel prize to the current debased standards of conventional science.

I was in a state of perennial exaltation for almost 7 years, making one scientific discovery after another and I really hovered all that time one meter above the ground. It was the utmost form of apotheosis, which a human being can ever experience in a physical vessel. This was the most exciting and blissful period in my life. Any experience after that was a fall in the abyss, especially during the long LBP. I need not say that I was intensively beamed all the time (between 1992-1998) from the highest realms.

From this experience with external channeling and personal internal inspiration, I made two basic conclusions:

1)  You cannot learn anything from channeling messages, as they will always stay below your inner knowledge, given to you by your soul.

2) In order to become a passive channel you must explicitly refrain from any active quest for knowledge and practically stay an idiot. Otherwise, you must revolt against this form of manipulation in the name of higher information, which degrades you to a physical robot without any free will and sovereign decisions as to how to structure your knowledge in a meaningful intellectual manner. This wilful, total subordination under an excarnated authority is so deeply rooted in the current esoteric Vanity Fair and derails the minds of the people that I sometimes really begin to lose hope in humanity as a whole.

The only time I got directly involved in channeling since 1999 was with Sue when I started connecting the dots with the members of the PAT around this website. I knew already from my higher self that this is my duty at this particular point in time, but I was a little bit unwilling to follow this path, as I have always considered my primary goal to popularize my scientific theory of the Universal Law  among scientists and not to engage in esoteric discussions.

But then I realized the higher purpose of the PAT as a highly powerful collective energy, which is pivotal for the transformation of Gaia and humanity and their ascension. Hence I consented to the pressure from my soul to do this job. Exactly at this point in time, I was approached by the Arcturians through Sue, which she channelled for many years. They sent me several private messages that confirmed my decision to summon the members of the PAT around this website. This Arcturian intervention happened without my personal wish, but I considered this kind of external confirmation as an additional proof that I am on the right track.

It has always been my proclaimed goal to ascend in 2011, at the latest at 11.11.11, and since it became obvious that this is also the soul plan and intention of many other highly evolved souls dispersed around the globe, who later built the PAT, I was happy to  have a company. In fact, I was convinced that if this is an orchestrated collective ascension as a first wave, it will have a much greater chance to occur at the envisaged date.

On the other hand, I knew all too well how quickly cosmic and human plans are put aside and dates are being cancelled. I decided therefore to go after the best astral probability alternative, namely, full ascension at the stargate 11.11.11, as I realized  that the more we charge this idea with our collective aspirations, the greater its chance to happen. This is how our reality is created by ourselves – through the intensity of our emotions and the determination of our will.

In this sense, I decided to do the utmost to motivate the members of the PAT and readers of this website and vowed for this optimal and best alternative, which by the way was firmly established in most scenarios for the End Times in the higher realms. We know now that it did not happen, not because we did not do our job, quite on contrary, we actually saved humanity, but because all other human beings failed to achieve their goal in this last incarnation. We had to stay longer on this toxic planet and compensate for the missed opportunity in 2011 to ascend with Gaia to the higher dimensions.

But the initial conditions are still the same. I knew that I have to keep the morale of the PAT members high as to finish our job on this planet and this is the reason why I continued unwaveringly to issue the ascension reports and enrich our discussion and spiritual evolution with new details and theoretical aspects. In this effort I was supported by the highly effective coordination of our souls from the highest realms, so that each new topic discussed in the next report evolved automatically and organically from your personal discussions and preferences. In this way, there was always something new and exciting to report, which kept you in high mood and confidence in our final victory. This is how one creates his own reality in a conscious and active manner and why we need not wait for black limousines to drive us to the mother ship of the GFL.  We are our own portals to the higher dimensions.

This was also the last time I had direct experience with channeling “trash ladies”. When it became clear to me around November 3 that the Arcturian promise of ascension at 11.11.11 could not be fulfilled, I asked Sue for a confirmation and comments on my perception from her Arcturian source. I made her aware as a joke of all the consequences that will inevitably arise when the promised Ascension would be cancelled one more time. Sue became scared by this dire perspective, because all these channeling trash ladies cannot even spell the word “personal courage” and disappeared immediately from the scene.

Later on, she wrote a very nasty email to me accusing all members of the PAT of being possessed by dark forces and told me how proud she is to have established contact again with the honorable Mr. Beckow, who had stopped communicating with her because she cooperated with me. This is the last message of importance that I received from her shortly after 11.11.11.

What I want to relay with this elaboration is that ultimately one can only rely on his inner voice, as all external manipulations to receive additional information, be they channelling in trance,  automatic writing or even worse – hypnosis – lead to a conscious delegation of your sovereign human power over to another entity,  be it of more light or more darkness. Ultimately, it is of no importance to what entity you succumb, but that you succumb to another authority, as you doubt in this case the ultimate authority of your soul: From that point onward, you are “verraten und verkauft” (betrayed and sold), as the Germans use to say in such cases.

With love and light
March 7, 2012

Hi George

You must be a busy boy with all these synchronicities coming to the fore! We the PAT really are marching to the beat of the same drum now. I am touched by every report and can relate to all the PAT members as I am experiencing the same.

I wanted to share a couple of thoughts that may help some PAT members glimpse All-That-Is as you might see it during the waiting as the energy builds – and we can feel it building.

I remember reading in some recent reports that some readers couldn’t internalise or follow your scientific or mathematical theories even though they resonated with the information. I personally get in over my head very quickly reading your scientific material with only a high school level of physics and mathematics and it can be a little frustrating. I have recently revisited fractals for some reason as I try to intellectualise your theory of universal law and thought it might help others visualise the vastness and infinite complexity of All-That-Is.

I found this video of a Mandelbrot zoom which is basically – for those that are unfamiliar – a zoom into a mathematical picture made up of repeating a very simple function (equation) over and over to infinity (theoretically). These amazing seemingly random patters are all a created just by repeating this simple function. I liked this particular video as it coloured the set white as opposed to black – which is the norm – accompanied by pleasant music, also displaying the zoom factor and average iterations (the number of times the function was repeated). The iterations seem to increase exponentially then step when the zoom reaches areas of self similarities. A mathematical example of levels within levels?

As for some perspective in trying to visualise the vastness of creation – the final magnification of this video is 1 x 10³⁴².

When the picture is zoomed to a certain magnification, the whole picture would cover an area below

1E6 Vancouver Island……………………

which is 1 x 10⁶……….or 1,000,000
1E9 Jupiter’s radius……………………….which is 1 x 10⁹……….or 1,000,000,000….etc
1E12 Earth’s orbit
1E18 distance to Alpha Centauri
1E21 Milky Way galaxy
1E30 large doesn’t cover it!
1E42 size of a proton to the universe.

Remember the video goes to 1E342. I have seen zooms to over 1E1000 on youtube.

I must add that as I’m typing my Higher Self doesn’t seem too thrilled at me comparing All-That-Is to the Mandelbrot Set possibly because it is a gross oversimplification on a 2d plane?

The set appears similar in that all points in the set are infinite and yet connected (U-subsets). The set has a seemingly closed area (closed system), yet an infinite border with infinite details. Infinite details within also as infinite Julia Sets.

George you might be able to explain to me why my HS doesn’t fancy my example? Space-Time relationship perhaps? I thought I’d share anyway just in case it helps. Sorry if it has the opposite effect.

Warm regards
Alex (Perth, Western Australia)
To your question:

George, you might be able to explain to me why my HS doesn’t fancy my example? Space-Time relationship perhaps? I thought I’d share anyway just in case it helps. Sorry, if it has the opposite effect.

Dear Alex,

I can only guess why your HS doesn’t fancy any example based on fractal (chaos) theory and Mandelbrot sets, but here is my educated guess.

When I started developing the new theory of the Universal Law in the early 90s, the chaos theory of fractals experienced its high noon, and some scientists, who used similar models, such as Prigogine, even got a Nobel prize for…. – nobody knows for what. A that time the chaos theory was considered to be a dazzling new perspective that will give humanity the answers to all unsolved questions conventional science, and in particular physics, have failed to render in the past.

It was quite natural that I dealt a lot with this science and read some very voluminous books that were published at that time, notably “Chaos and Fractals; New Frontiers of Science” by Peitgen, Jürgens and Saupe, where your can find all the elements of this chaotic theory. I hoped at that time to find an useful approach that will help me formulate my initial scientific ideas that differed hugely from the conventional concepts.

The more I delved into this chaotic science, the more I came to the conclusion that it is the next attempt of the Orion system to confuse humanity in the search of proper answers to old unsolved questions. This theory had in fact only the purpose to even deeper fractalize (compartmentalize) the already fractured human knowledge in science.

There were other notable attempts to achieve the same goal in science at that time, the most famous one being the “string theory”.

Now the point is that these theories contain, similar to all channeling messages from dark sources, some correct elements and information, which is then used to divert the human mind and present him a chaotic, unnecessarily complicated pseudo-solution to the old, unsolved basic scientific questions, which also build the foundation of any true human gnosis, which is much more than the current disparate scientific knowledge.

I dealt with these two new branches of science in my first German volume on physics in a critical way, as you may check in the content of volume I. At that time, it was necessary to consider these weird disciplines in the theoretical discussion, as they were very much “en vogue”.

Today, nobody talks anymore about them, as they have proved to be a dead end, but I remember when I attended a scientific conference in Potsdam in 1998, where Hawking was the star guest, although he was not able to say anything due to his illness, there was another “coryphee” on string theory (Theory of All) from the USA, whose name I have forgotten now. He was considered by all participants on the conference  to be the rightful heir of this mind-confuser Hawking and a future Nobel-prize winner.

I wanted to propagate my theory of the Universal Law on this conference by distributing my German book among the scientists there, in the hope that I will open some of them for my new discovery (my first German book was only published an year ago in 1997). The result was that I was expelled from the conference for no apparent reason – although there was a deep reason behind it – and I was attacked on the conference, in addition to the human minions, by some very dark forces from the 4th dimension with such a vehemence as I have never experienced after that throughout my whole long LBP.

This is just a nice episode to illustrate you at the personal level, how the representatives of these disciplines behaved at that time. In the meantime, they have all disappeared from the scene, and the two theories have virtually nothing more to say. It was obvious even then to the real specialists.

I remember one of the last judgments of the great physicist Richard Feynman on string theory shortly before he died. He is, by the way, one of the few past scientists, who I value somewhat. His quotation is to be found in the book. “Superstrings, A Theory of Everything” edited by Paul Davies and Julian Brown, 1988, Cambridge University  Press, which I have only in the German translation. Essentially, Feynman criticizes that the string theory wants to become a physical and mathematical theory of Everything, but does give a single explanation of any of the many natural constants that build the tissue of modern physics.

You have already published my Table 1 with the integration of all fundamental physical constants with the help of the Universal Law from my homepage on your facebook, where I integrate all these constants with a simple rule of three  – the Universal Law. In fact, shortly before he died, Feynman criticized all string theoreticians for the same thing, for which I criticize the classical physicists, namely, for their inability to unite all physical constants and all other scattered experimental evidence to a homogeneous theory of All-That-Is.

I hope that with this short survey on fractal theory, chaos theory  and string theory, which were developed by the  dark controllers in the field of science to mire the scientific community around the same time, in the late 70s and 80s and really exploding in the 90s.By the way, your soul has behaved in the same manner as mine, while guiding me to discover the Universal Law and prove it in physics beyond any doubt. She always kept me away from indulging too much in technical details and thus spared me many unnecessary efforts and frustrations. “Keep it simple”was her motto, and this is exactly what your soul is telling you now with respect to chaos theory and Mandelbrot sets. Eat instead a tasty “almond bread”, the English translation of “Mandelbrot”, and forget all fractals and the chaos theory. We are  heading to Unity now, where fractals have no existence.Your question did have the opposite effect as you rightly suspected,  but you should not be sorry about this, as you have opened a very important discussion, and I am more than happy to address this issue.

With love and light
March 7, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I am currently getting that we need to make a concerted and unified effort in supporting the crystalline grid, now, in order to elevate it over the 99% threshold. While the feeling may be that the grid will easily make it’s own way over the top, this is not the case. There are huge forces to overcome and I would urge you to implore the PAT members to focus on this goal, at this time, in order to fully realize this event.

This may be achieved by simply pulling the light in through the crown chakra, down through the spine and out the heels into the crystalline grid – or in any manner that one envisions this process (such as out through the heart chakra). This action is needed for a period of 15 minutes or until one has the understanding that the grids below have been fortified (it may be more or less time). Carrying out this healing, with intention, several times each day may indeed be key. The physical body requires a great deal of water to move this light, as well.

Thank you.
With love and light,
Dear Carla,

I know this dynamics between our light fields and the building of the grid very well. The primary goal of my continuous effort to edit this website is to keep the morale of the PAT members high as to be able to transfuse more light and attune better to the collective light of the group. Being alone in the society always leads to depletion of light quotient.

I will publish your email as it is important for them to know this interdependence. I am not sure if such meditations will contribute anything to the overall effect, as we all are already doing our utmost with or without meditations, which no longer play that role as at the beginning. I even have the impression sometimes that meditation may even harm us, as we no longer need it anymore. But ultimately everybody must decide for himself.

With love and light
Dear Georgi,

Thank you for offering to share this. It is important as I was asked to tell you about the importance of the situation. Of course, I know that how you choose to proceed with it is also part of “the plans”.

When I speak of this connection, it is not so much a theta meditative state but rather done simply as a clearly focused activity.  For example, it is carried out in the same manner with which I play my piano.

I feel into the flow of the music, the energy and the light flowing all around me. This intent focus, dedicated concentration, and full expression of passion, facilitates our connection with our creative side that we each have inside of us.

Dear Carla,

Normally this should be the daily rhythm of all members of the PAT and I live in this energy flow in an effortless manner without doing any meditation whatsoever. But this is the ideal state and there are many deviations.

With love and light


March 7, 2012

Dear Georgi,

synchronicities are going through the roof and the flow of All-That-Is provides so much that my gratitude can’t really be expressed at the level I would wish, much less put into words. When I came out of a retreat into nature two days ago the first thing I did was writing you an email which I never got to finish completely. Since I have the chance now, here we go… it is the experience of my final night (out-of-body experience in the lucid dream state) in the mountains (Southern Alps of New Zealand):

We are gathered in groups, all over the place, and there is a speaker on a small platform in the distance. He’s asking a question: ‘What if this would happen, and whatever held us back is suddenly gone?’ An old friend of mine that stands next to me gets to answer and dismisses this possibility, reasoning it out with what seemed like poor excuses to me. Many people raise their hands, all wanting to respond to this perspective – but instead of anyone getting a chance to talk, something entirely different happens: Next to the speaker two dragons rise up into the sky, one on each side of the platform. These are no animals, but rather high technology of light and consciousness or maybe entities in their own right. They are huge, enormous and unfold themselves ever upwards. Once their full size is visible they suddenly coil around each other like two snakes. Then something happens.

The next thing I know is waking up in a small shelter, in the same area, with sleeping people next to me. As I look outside there is a dense fog and the first thought that comes to my mind is “Stasis!” – or rather that I just awoke from it, maybe earlier than the others because of previous development. Before I could indulge in this any further the first ones began to wake up as well and I see the fog clearing. I got up and left towards a structure that began appearing rather close by, noticing that I’m barefoot as I want to step on the grass outside and an old fear jumps into focus: “What if I step into something laying around?” Immediately I decide that “Fear” is not the way to enter into the New World so I accept it, move through it and it dissipates right away as I run towards a cliff, now in clearest daylight, while a stunningly beautiful scenery presents itself all around me and I’m overwhelmed by joy. Surrendering to whatever happens I jump off the edge, trusting I will be able to fly – and so it is. Meanwhile I notice many other people in the corner of my eye doing just the same.

The sensation of gliding and then flying is a little strange at first, because its different than what I’m used to – I can feel my body in the air as opposed to being consciousness floating around. As the maneuvering is just the same though it comes very naturally and I make a turn to look back on whats happening and realize now filled with total exhilaration: “We did it, we finally did it, its real!” I’m so drunk with joy that I can hardly contain myself.

I move towards the structure I first saw, which is actually a building, but unlike anything we are used to – it has mostly round shapes, very natural and well integrated into the high energy surrounding. There are three tall beings standing on the ground, emanating a very loving energy and watching over the scene like parents interested in their children. They seem to be the guardians of the world we just entered and happy to see us taking our first steps here. As I fly rather close over their heads I get a very strong message from my Inner Guidance to ‘pay attention to what I’m doing and be respectful – because this is real!’ It sure felt and looked more real – more colorful, more deep, more everything, than the old world… which I awakened to only moments later, a little sad, but all the more enthusiastic about the future that is upon us. I’m ready for the shift, lets do this!

Much Love, Andre


March 7, 2012

Dear Georgi,

The last report (69) was so beautiful and full of visionary expressions. Thank you so much for your poem. I’ve read it twice and will read it again. It is very complex and at the same time expresses with starkness and acuteness both the imprisonment of your and so many souls in those days (1960s/70s)  as well as anticipating our situation now. I wonder if you were influenced by Rilke or it is just your own in your phrase, “a terrible beauty is born”.  Though I know you don’t mean “beauty is the beginning of terror” the way that he did in the Duino Elegies.  It seems your “beauty” is the beauty of the world to come and the world you envisioned so long ago?

hope you don’t mind my sending you a photo now and then. I feel it says more than words sometimes. This is the Rijeka Korso after the rain. Though this shot is nothing special, I find myself imagining and envisioning the light in it as the path ahead and if you squint all the buildings and structures disappearing and only the clarity of the sky and sun remain. A metaphor for what is happening now. (Random fact of interest– this balcony/terrace on the left of the photo is where Mussolini gave a speech as an occupier. I love imagining all the structures that hold such terrible memories and energies dissolving).

This brings me to my question. Having been studying Croatian the last few years and being a lover of languages (Chinese, Spanish and German, though not fluent in any of them!), I am wondering in the coming transition, what will happen to the diverse and varied human languages? I’ve been noticing how much trouble I am having learning Croatian which is odd since I am immersed in it and Leo is a native speaker and also because I have always been good at learning language. I wonder if the reason I am having trouble is because the energies now are so intense my energy is needed to go into transformation and not language learning.

Will the diverse tower of Babel of human language dissolve in the coming transition into a kind of telepathic universal language? Also, why has your website primarily addressed the English speaking world?

With much appreciation and gratitude for all that you are doing every single day for the benefit of humanity and each and every reader and writer to this website,

Love, Sarah

Dear Sarah,

I am glad that you like my poem. I personally think  that Kari’s poem is really great. At the time I wrote it, I was still in Bulgaria as a dissident and did not speak German, so that I could not read Rilke, although he was very influential to the Bulgarian Symbolists between the two wars, which is the highlight of Bulgarian literature. I only started reading him after I emigrated to Germany when I gave up writing poems, which is a youth passion for most of us. Beauty also includes destruction of the old order and known habits, and this was what I felt at that time must occur in the future, before humanity can build a new and more just social order.

The diverse tower of Babel of human languages has been deliberately introduced by the Anunnaki to separate and fracture humanity in nations and tribes. In the 5th dimension, there will soon be no need to use any oral language, as the communication will be telepathic. But one can still use an oral language, if he wishes at the beginning. This is most probably the reason, why your soul does not support you in learning foreign languages at this stage.

The photo of Rijeka is full of atmostphere – from the decadence of the Austrian K&K monarchy to the Duce’s fascism.

Why have I chosen the English language to communicate? What else? According to statistics, 4-5 billion human beings on this planet speak or use English, and only 100 million European speak somewhat German. Considering the stupid Bavarians, where I live, every one in ten reads anything of substance nowadays, so the actual number of potential readers shrinks to 10 million, out of which one German in a million is  enlightened enough as to follow our discussion on this website. This makes about 10 readers. This is precisely the real number of German readers I have at present on this website.

With love and light
March 7, 2012


In your last post I was relieved to hear that on March 8 we will “usher in a new era.” I, like many PAT members, have felt an excitement building, knowing something was just around the corner. I seem to be feeling the energies just before they arrive. I have been feeling shaky, like too much caffeine, butterflies in my stomach, shoulder and neck pain and pain in my head. I sleep soundly at night but can only remember traces of my dreams. And when I am  “awake in 3D” I feel like  I’m in a fog.  I can still hear the heartbeat of Gaia but its getting louder again, it did that right before the last big influx of energy. Sounds like a washing machine inside my head,

George, you mentioned  that PAT are emissaries of light and famous throughout the universe. Wow, didn’t see that one coming! Would you mind sharing any insights you might have on our PAT history? Where did we come from, how did we manage to band together for this mission? Were we ET’s, Celtic Priests, Cathars, Essenes, did we know one another prior to this mission? Because I certainly feel like I have known this group of people before.

Love the poetry, artwork and Carla’s description of the Gaia covered in golden butterflies ! Your posts – are bread for the hungry. Thank you , Thank you, thank you!!!!

Love & Light,
Dear Sheryl,

The history of the PAT is so complex that no one of us can perceive it with our current limited linear brains and minds. I personally think that we simply come from the highest realms of cosmic awareness or from the “causal worlds” as I call them and although normally thése dimensions no longer incarnate, as they have finished with the reincarnation process long time ago, they send emissaries of light in extremely difficult situations to be birthing helpers of new planets and civilisations.

The fact that you remember so much past information can be explained with you being an open channel  to these dimensions which harbour all past history of mankind and you can tap into this source and have any information. This is also the case with me. However your soul need not have lived these lives, but they will be still very vivid in your memory and consciousness.

With love and light
So are you saying, we may be a representative of our own soul group  who volunteered to incarnate at this time? And at one time a member of our soul group may have touched lives with members of PAT and we retain that memory?

L & L,
Yes, this is one possible explanation. The other one is that we simply have open access to the Akasha chronics and all other memory levels in the higher realms.

March 7, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I’ve been reading your web since October 2011. and I must say that it has helped me a lot during these several months. I don’t know if I am a member of the PAT or not. I don’t have any visions, and if I do have lucid dream, it’s very short and has nothing to do with me saving the world.

But on the other hand, all of my life I was searching for deeper meaning of my life and how to re-program my mind, so that I will be free from the cage that “They” want us to be in. Not much has changed in my life in the last several months… I still have ups and downs (downs are shorter than before, and not so strong) but I must say that people around me are acting strange in a way that they become happy when they talk to me, they are delighted by my courtesy and kindness… I mean I am nice, but not that nice!!! hahhahaah.. I do not complain about that, it’s just what I observe.

I didn’t go through much of physical pain what you have mention (little pain in my collar bone) when the LBP activates. Does age have any influence on how one should or could feel and experience the Merkhaba? I am half of you age, so I am wondering, does this activation of LBP has to be with a lot of pain?! Otherwise, I’m doomed.. hahhahaa.. not feeling any pain!!! That’s so funny, who would thought that one day I would like to experience pain?!?

I must say that I felt a big relief when I read your last report about the BIG EVENT! I really can’t wait for things to be different. I somehow have a feeling that I am stuck in between 3D world (’cause I’m still a part of it, and very much involved in it when I’m at work, or doing groceries or something like that) and 5D world, when I experience peace and serenity.

I know that whole life is all about experience Oneness with everybody and to remember of who we really are, but still… I would like to be a mother one day. I don’t know if this is just a 3D wish or it’s what my soul wants to experience, but I am wondering, what’s going to happen with this desire once I step into 5D reality completely?!  Will I manifest everything what I want, including this desire? Or I will just “get over or higher” than this and will not have this desire anymore because I will feel as I am one with everyone?

Why do I ask this? Well, because sometimes, even when my energy is very low, and when life doesn’t have much sense (from a 3D point of view), even then I think that a motherhood is the biggest thing that is occurring on this planet.. to be able to provide and help souls to come here… well, it’s a big magic and something so Divine, that it would be shame not to be a part of it. So, maybe it would be a sort of conciliation if I would know that this will occur eventually, no matter if I am in 3D or 5D world.

Strange thing is happening right now, when I write this… I am writing this and at the same time, a part of me is wondering why do I ask this questions because I do feel and  I know that everything is on it’s place… like it should be… and questions don’t exist, and I know that this moment is perfect and there is no doubt no worry, no nothing… just perfect NOW. And tomorrow I will probably ask myself again, what’s the point in all this, will I join you on the Ascended planet and finally be at peace and harmony, not just for a time to time, but for eternity. I am like on the roller coaster, and to be honest, I wish this ride will end soon in 5D reality.

Thank you for your effort and patience, for sharing your knowledge with all of us and I wish some day we will all have this understanding of life…

Blessed be,
Dear Adriana,

There is no standard path to ascension. If the experience of many members of the PAT coincide in the severity of their clinical symptoms, this is so, because they have a common mission to accomplish and their LBP and crystalline bodies must be calibrated to the exact same level. The members of the PAT are however only the spearhead of the first ascension wave that will include at least several million people. This wave must occur to my estimation in the first half of this year. At the end of this year about 2-3 billion entities will ascend.

From what I gather you are either a first generation crystalline child or a last generation indigo child. I tip for the first alternative. Most of you have already come on this earth with an advanced light body and its transformation need not be as painful as ours – the first and second generation indigo children. There are infinite graduations which make for the harmony of this collective ascension process. This energetic situation is so complex and delicate that it escapes any verbal description.

Bottom line: It is not so vital how much you suffer or not during your LBP, but what is your mental attitude towards this process in all its plurality. As long as you identify with the more broader issues discussed ón this website you are part of the first ascension wave. Please consider that the people that will ascend during mass ascension do not even know of their luck yet, and they will ascend nonetheless.

You are right when you hear your soul telling you that you know all these facts and need not get additional confirmation from me or anybody else. Besides, we have discussed these various aspects extensively in our reports and in my publications. This is only a repetition of what is already known.

With love and light
Dear Georgi,

thank you so much for reading and answering my e-mail! Most of the time I do identify with broader issues discussed on this website, along with my friends, and we all did go through difficult time of self observation, meditation and lots of reading and searching (that’s how we find you as well), and now it seams that we are much more calmer, without fear, waiting for the Great moment!

So, you say that many people will ascend even though they are not aware of it. I assume that they don’t even bother with questions like, what’s the meaning of life and who we really are… and that they are in a sleep mode…  Isn’t that weird?! I mean, imagine how many energy / time did we “waste” on self realisation, to be where we are now… and they didn’t bother at all… hmmm.. I used to think that it’s easier to be stupid and unaware… and it turns out to be true! hahhahah.

Please, don’t misunderstand me, I would never change my place with nobody, even if I knew that we will all ascend together one day! Well, it all depends on our souls and what they decided to experience, and mine decided to be aware, not complaining about that!

Thank you, once more… and I’ll keep reading your reports…
As you say: with Love & Light

Dear Adriana,

you address the major issue in the current End Time: How long will the masses still dwell in the old matrix and do not bother to ask themselves the vital questions, regarding their very existence and further evolution – the so called eschatological questions.  Indeed, it is much more easy to live in the comfort zone and follow your fear based instincts, but the time is over now and the blind will no longer be able to enjoy their past comfort, but it will be the other way round. Then, the masses will flock to us to explain them why the past time of complacency, which was actually the time of their enslavement, is irrevocably gone.

This will happen very soon, and we all must be prepared to step up in our role and be the new teachers of humanity.

With love and light
March 7, 2012

Dear Georgi and all of PAT,

As things will very soon never be the same again, I am writing to you all, while we can all connect in this way, to say that I love you all and thank you all. The thanks is simply for being there and uplifting me nearly every day with your thoughts, ideas, questions (and answers) and love over the past few months. Georgi, you have done an amazing thing, to bring us all together like this. Thank you so much, from the depths of my heart and soul. I, for one, can’t wait to actually meet you and the rest of us (however that may happen). I surely know you speak the truth Georgi, about it being VERY VERY soon…. There is such a still, yet joyful emptiness and it is sort of hanging in the air, bursting with potential!!!…. I’m sure you all know exactly what I mean. See you all soon,

with love and light,
March 7, 2012

Dear George,

what a funny and miraculous time I had only this afternoon:

While waiting for the bus to drive to work I was thinking about different human timelines: when the Old matrix crumbles and the rag is pulled away from under the feet of all people, they might have to think over their whole life in a  short, concentrated “review”: everyone has stood at several CROSSROADs in his life, where he decided for one probability. Should I follow this freedom-loving, dreamy guy and live the life of a farmer with family, friends, animals and nature in New Zealand or should I finish my studies and take a well-payed job for a big company?

Let’s say, decision number two was taken, our person finds herself as a 40 year old, “successful” broker without family, but with a well-payed job and a cool penthouse-flat in London. Now everything from the old order is gone, there is no money for anyone, the electricity is gone, he feels isolated because he cannot call any friend to talk to. The person takes a deep breath, climbs down the many stairs into the grey backyard of the skyscraper he lives in and has to think who he/she would feel at this “zero-moment” if he was surrounded by his/ her family, all the animals and good friends in New Zealand. He would have somebody to talk to, he would have have home-grown, fresh food and milk from the sheep…

Then I drove with the bus a few kilometers through the woods, where I could witness with my own eyes the “two suns”, as they were already hanging low in the sky and were visible through the tree-branches (you attached the links to the pictures taken by a PAT member in a previous ascension report).

Then the bus stopped at a CROSSROAD and  I noticed a mother with a little, ca. three-year-old boy getting ready to get off the bus. The boy was floundering in his mother’s hands and crying: “Mama, let me go, let me go”. His crying was heart melting. The little boy was dressed in a very colourful winter jacket with yellow, pink and blue on it, quite a little boy to be seen from far away. Then they got off the bus, this bus had to wait because of red lights and then the “miracle happened”: I still could see the mother, who seemed very stressed, fear-loaded and aggressive, her skin looked one on alcohol-addict, but I was looking for the little boy and I could not see him anywhere. I looked to all directions of the crossroad, I expected he only could appear to the left street side, being hidden from my sight for a short while as he was in front of the bus.. but he was gone! He also couldn’t have disappeared from my sight in any crowd, as there was no crowd, only four to six people, including his mom in a diameter of about 30 meters from the center of the crossroad (intersection of two streets).

His mom continued her way without any change in emotion, she did not look around, nothing.

Was he taken away? I will note this event in my calendar, where I have already put “the second full moon” for March 8th a few days ago, and “Floodgates open / winds of change) for March11th to keep up with the cosmic events.

When I arrived for work at a grand hotel at Potsdamer Platz (Berlin) I noticed again, what a cold place that is, completely covered with Orion-style buildings. It is always colder and draftier there and one can very easily discern who just passes by and who “belongs there”.

The nearly full Second Full moon was smiling at me and I asked myself, just like in the last email to you, how long I would keep working there.  Right at the beginning of my day, the banquet-chief told me, the leadership of this hotel ( belonging to a U.S.  large company) had just decided that my “hair was too short for this hotel” and I could leave. He was a bit disturbed himself, and also I sensed he was sorry for that.

Now I am sitting home again and thus have the opportunity to write to you and PAT earlier than planned to tell you about the “rapture” I have witnessed. I am looking forward to more miracles these days! Yes, with joy and pride in our hearts we can really be prepared for some more adventures in this Grand Finale! I am ready to join the Cosmic dance of ascension!

Now I give you and all PAT members a big, heartfelt hug and will go to your website to read the new report, after the announcement from yesterday has been such an important update and revelation.

Much Love,
Dear Joane,

excellent observations on the verge of ascension. I have also pondered much throughout my life over such life alternative timelines and what would have been if… Ultimately, the optimal timeline is the one we now live. I have been convinced on many occasions in this elementary truth.

However, you must have entered a parallel timeline, while you have witnessed this small boy, who later disappeared.

I am glad that you see all events around your from the comic side, which is the best attitude of all at these times. Indeed, it becomes very “spannend”, to say the least.

With love and light
March 7, 2012


While reading your post dated March 5, I experienced energetic waves that caused me to “chill” repeatedly- even though it is quite warm in my office. I often refer to this energetic confirmation of Truth as my “holy chills.” The sensation was particularly strong where you wrote, “Our combined energetic force of light will be infinitely more powerful than all the fear based patterns of the dark ones from the Orion Empire.”

In agreement with other PAT members, I also confirm from my Higher Self that our ascension no longer requires a physical disappearance from 3D reality as both the 3D and 5D realities have now merged and that we, the PAT, and Gaia have already ascended to the higher 5th dimension and beyond. The impending split is currently in process – lots of detachment taking place at present – and will be completed with the magnetic pole shift.

I am currently experiencing the sensation of being in both worlds at once. I am watching as my peach trees bloom with beautiful, delicate white flowers and the herbs in my garden are becoming more pungently fragrant and healthy and bushy. We planted winter rye grass (like they use on the golf course) last fall and this grass has a thick, lush carpet-like texture and the color is the richest most radiant green I’ve ever seen! You have to feel its lushness and beauty as words cannot adequately describe it…! My plants are in full bloom as are my multi-colored rose bushes. Morning doves bathe and drink from my patio fountain and the squirrels romp and run up and all around my trees while the cat lazily grooms with my dog in the sun. It is this visual model that I use while focusing my heart energy outward and creating the New Earth.

In stark contrast to mine, the St. Augustine grass in my neighbor’s lawn across the street is still dead, mostly yellow and it has the appearance and texture of straw following the severe drought last year. His post oaks have no buds or leaves on them yet and look lifelessly gray. His wife recently died of cancer. I rarely see wildlife on his property with one exception. There is a large white owl that frequently sits atop his house looking over at mine and watches me in the garden…!

Love and Light,
March 6, 2012

Dear George,

First I apologize for the English that may not be very eloquent. When I read your report of March 05 “big event” my heart exploded with joy and felt so united with so much pleasure to be living this experience with you.

2 weeks ago I got sick and had to stop working and meditation groups that had. Just felt my body was running out of vital energy. I knew I was going through a very intense process, because every night felt much pain in my body (liver), sweat and I woke up with images of much suffering. I figured I was cleaning my past lives so that my body does not have any emotional charge. But I felt physically ill. A friend gave me a massage to unlock  emotions on my body, and I experience  many images and pain, as if seeing a movie in the history of humanity and suffering going through my body, then I was recovering for 4 days but I still felt very bad, experiencing many feelings in my body. Then I read your report about the energy of 27 February and I did not understand why  I have not felt this powerful energy, maybe I was not doing well.

Yesterday I read your report of the Great Event, then all became clear. My body started to feel good, I felt an amazing calm and above all a connection with all these wonderful people who write in your blog. Reading the report-69 today felt like a powerful energy running through my body and a great joy pervaded my being. Today I feel so connected to this movement. I just wanted to share  to you my experience and thank you for your work, I love reading you, every time I read it I feel your energy down my being. Georgi Thanks for being a guide telling us all.

With love and gratitude inifinito
Claudia Sabrina (Mexico)
March 6, 2012

Dear George,

Thank you for your latest report. It confirms what I have been getting from the Dream state.  Many lucid dreams of helping folks move into their new “homes”. For the first time in many years, the aches and pains have disappeared and I feel almost giddy at times! I’m having a hard time containing my excitement!

In Love and Light,
March 6, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I’ve been following your website for about a year or so. I immediately recognized and silently understood. Tonight I walked outside after reading your March 5th post. I read it about halfway and became engulfed with an overwhelming feeling of elation, joy, and strength. I’ve secretly wondered who the members of the PAT might be and tonight I realized that one of them is me. While walking through the street here in Silver Lake, California without aim just enjoying a sea fog that rolled in tonight, I noticed a big white bird. Within the past year I’ve had owls make their presence known to me. Well tonight I had the most powerful interaction with a white barn owl. I felt a telepathic connection. We stared at each other and it felt as if I was leading it and telling it were to go.

I came back home and finished reading the article. Thank you for bringing us together in this plane and for serving as a lighthouse in what has been and is the ride of a lifetime. I know the work that lies ahead and I am thrilled at the prospect of finally being able to step into my shoes. I was hesitant to write to you for some reason, but tonight it feels appropriate that I connect with you and let you know that I am here.

With Love,
Oscar Alvarez
Dear Oscar,

I am very glad that you finally has contacted me after being a regular reader of this website from the very beginning. It is an important information for me to learn from my readers that this article (forecast) stimulates positive and elated feelings and perceptions upon reading, as this is the best way to verify its truthfulness and, above all, its reliability.

A white bird is always a symbol for the Holy Spirit and an owl symbolized wisdom (a symbol of university and education). The combination of a white owl symbolizes wisdom through merging with the Holy Spirit, which is ultimately the goal of our ascension.
I dreamt once of a white seagull shortly before I discovered the Universal Law and this dream was very powerful.

With love and light
March 6, 2012

Dear One….

I came across your Web Site a few weeks ago and have been most interested in it. I have been  a student of metaphysics and Cosmology for over 50 years now. It is my greatest hope that your take on The Ascension will transpire as predicted by you.

I myself have been going through the Ascension symptoms for countless years now and indeed I am tired and worn out.

I am a Reiki Master as are many of my close friends. Since Feb. 26th we have been dizzy and feel as though we are all in a hologram. I am also seeing when I close my eyes I am seeing a Grid System of Triangles with bright white dots at each corner. I have seen this for many years but it is getting stronger.  We all await the Ascension with GREAT anticipation.

Thank you for your work and Web Site.  Marjorie
PS: I am in New York, USA
Dear Marijorie,

Thank you very much for establishing contact with me for the first time and for your appreciation of our website. It is important for me to know that you share the same intuitive and energetic perception of the latest planetary changes behind the veil.

Ascension is a done deal and the only open question is when the first ascension wave will take place. After that this website and its readers, the members of the PAT, will no longer need Internet, as they will be all ascended human masters. This outcome is only a question of few´weeks or months, after our promised ascension was postponed at 11.11.11.

With love and light

Another confirmation from Metatron (Tyberonn) of the key date March 8, 2012 for the completion of the crystalline 144-grid and the beginning of the unfolding of the BIG EVENTS (George):

Read also the forecast of Clif High, at the bottom of this link:

Our collective victory over the entrenched elite spin machine BEGINS at 4:59pm Pacific coast time on Friday, March 9, 2012. The word begins is shouted, so that you will understand it, will yet take time to complete, but the release language takes away their spin machine power.. merely a matter of how long it will take to crumble. It starts going on that Friday, and they never get it back… do not trust me on this… but give the process a few weeks before saying you’re not seeing it… you may be particularly dense and be missing the early signs of it.

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