State-of-Ascension-Report-69: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-69, March 6, 2012

Rene Magritte, Ascension, 1966

March 6, 2012

Dear George

I have just read your excellent summary in the Big Event. Your summary of the past few months prompt me to share the experiences which I have had personally:
the hazy knowledge that I have had many meetings with others on another plane of existence;
the strange dreams;
the underlying anxiety which has no name (we are anxious that all will go to plan this time!);
the sense of being included in an unseen community of like-minded individuals who are drawn together for the common good;
the sense that all aspects of creation are supporting our cause;
the heartache we experience when we have to relinquish an aspect of our lives (person, relationship, material possession, job) which no longer serves our purpose;
the surprising realisation that we have nothing to fear, and furthermore, have never had any reason to fear anything;
the sudden appearance of states of pure bliss which transcend any feelings previously felt;
the wonder and awe when we consider the transformation taking place within our very own cells;
the realisation that the transformation in our cells is a mirror-image of the transformation of our Solar System;
the heightened appreciation of all the natural wonders of this planet;
the amazing way in which we are supported as we continue our journey.

I am sure members of PAT can relate to these experiences and many more!

March 6, 2012

Dear Georgi,

The latest publication on March 5th is wonderful as it puts everything in succinct chronological order for the new readers on the site, and continues to foster deeper understanding of the issues currently at play.

I have personally felt enormous energies for the past 24 hours, culminating in today’s explosive event from the Heavens showering down upon us… it has been absolutely incredible.

Because of these profound energies flooding us, I decided to test the current level of consciousness of the Wayshowers on the planet at this time and it measures at 616.  I believe the last measurement of the members of PAT was approximately 505. Testing confirms that our level of consciousness is rising with every day we are exposed to these light frequencies, at 991. It is interesting to note that Dr. Hawkins stated that we are not able to increase our level of consciousness to such a degree within one life span.  I understand that this growth we are each experiencing is a reflection of the true power of the cosmic energies influencing us and our planet at this time.

“Each ascended master holds enough light quotient sufficient to open and awaken 1 million human beings on the ground”, measures at 993.

“The crystalline 144-grid is 99% complete at this time”, measures at 995.  In fact, just 3 weeks ago the crystalline grid measured at 93% complete.

I have been clearing and fortifying the planetary body of Earth daily and nightly with the platinum light since January.  Recently, after a very long nightly session, I was suddenly shown a stunningly beautiful Earth globe with the deepest of turquoise seas and the most spectacular emerald green land masses imaginable. There was a multitude of sparkling white lights all over it. I heard the statement “It is done” immediately following it’s arrival.

Since that time, I have been drawing in the Crystalline light and fortifying the grids along the west coast of Canada and the United States. Whatever I imagine that I may be contributing, I expand that vision a million fold. My understanding is that our power resides in our imagination… if we imagine it, it is so.

An interesting dream came to me about 2 weeks ago as well. The planet was surrounded by a brown cloud that kept swirling in every direction. I had the impression that it was very heavy to hold. Suddenly, the brown planet disappeared off to my left and a beautiful planet appeared as though birthing from the other, but it was covered in many golden butterflies that lifted up and off the globe, this globe being light in weight and glowing from the inside.

With loving kindness,
March 6, 2012

Dear George,

I wanted to share an experience I had yesterday and perhaps get your opinion. I had quantum hypnotherapy performed by a woman who is trained in the Dolores Cannon method. It was a very awesome experience and I was wondering if you could share some thoughts on my experience. She said that my experience went in a different direction that other people’s do and that I was the first person she had met that carried two frequencies. She said that I am both a 3D and 5D or higher Being within the same body and that the anxiety I have experienced in my life is due to these two frequencies clashing. She said that 3d frequency feels that higher frequencies threaten its survival and are therefore very hostile against them, and that is why beings of light are often met with hostility by 3D beings.

I found this comforting and I am sure other’s would too, that the hostility/lack of acceptance they may have experienced in this 3D world is not a personal reflection on who you are, yet simply others of a different frequency reacting to your frequency. As for my experience, when I went under instead of regressing back through this life I am in, I saw myself as almost a different being. I was on a beautiful mountain top and completely at one with nature, communing with it and enjoying it effortlessly. I had light grey wings made of feathers, was pure health, and felt that I did not eat, experience fatigue or worry about anything. I just “was” to a point to where I did not even notice if there were others like me around. Then I found myself in a town square in a place that appeared to be somewhere in Europe where men in dark robes were gathered and determined I was pagan.

The next thing I knew my body experienced a most intense emotion and I began crying and yelling out as my wings were ripped off and I was tumbling into this dark grey world where people were crawling around in misery like zombies. The misery was like dark ashes spewed on everything and all there, were so covered in it and full of misery that they did not even notice each other. Then I could see the two worlds in parallel, they were side by side yet not knowing of or experiencing each other. She then asked if I could go back even further and I found myself formless in a light purple/grey haze and all was perfect except for this overwhelming desire in my consciousness to experience form. This drove me to look at Earth and see what forms were available and then I chose myself.

After this I went into a place where she asks questions of your higher self. A few things that stood out were that my husband and I on a higher level were on the same “craft”/ mission, and that at an even higher level we actually are each other and as we came down through the dimensions our soul “fractured” into separate beings in order to offer support in the 3D world. Also, my higher self, or over-self as the hypnotherapist refers to it, said that the process of upgrading and allowing my body to use all of my DNA was nearly complete in the upper 90%, but that it can only be completed by Gaia when She is ready. Once our DNA is 100% upgraded and the strands can hum at a perfect frequency we ascend, so Gaia ultimately holds the key and when She is ready She will complete the upgrade and we will ascend. When asked of when this will happen my higher self said “soon”. My higher self also said that the PAT is very real. From what I am gathering the part of us that exists in the PAT may be a more “real” part of us that is joining together enjoying watching how we are playing out this scenario in our 3D role.

In Love, Beth
Dear Beth,

Thank you very much for your account on this wonderful experience and for sharing this valuable information with me and the readers as I will publish this excellent presentation in the next report. Everything there sounds very plausible and familiar to me and also confirms my latest article of today, which is another remarkable serendipity.

I have always known that the PAT is a very real community of affiliated souls from the highest realms with a common mission, and that they have planned this coming together at the End Times. So much synchronicities cannot come from a group of people, who are not linked intimately to their higher selves and function most of the time from this fulcrum. This is what your regression therapist has also said to you.

The conflict between 5d-energies and 3d-energies is very real and it arises from the fact that the higher frequency energies illuminate all the dark spots of the ego and it hates this revelations, just as the dark ones hate the light and cannot bear it. Many people with a younger soul  feel exposed in the presence of an old soul with higher vibrations and they automatically start to hate her and to consider her a “scape goat” for their deficiencies and problems. I have written about these negative emotional reactions in my book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” and have personally experienced them on numerous occasions in the past. It is a rather unpleasant experience.

Great  contribution! Thank you!

With love and light
March 5, 2012

Dear George,

before I start with my main topic and question, I want to thank you from deep inside for your continued efforts to run the ascension reports, I haven’t missed one! I appreciate very much the artwork you include lately, and especially “Leda and the swan” with the little conversation beneath. I had to laugh aloud about that. It really made my day, lightening up the astral tornado/ inner crisis I went through the last two days ( to be continued below).

I also have sex from time to time, I am 37 years now, but the way my partner and I experience it, is more a merging of souls together with tender touching, whereas physical penetration is less important and has tantric qualities. It is more about communication from soul to soul, also during sleep time it seems that we fly together and undergo some adventures, so that the “physical attunement” is a kind of preparation for that. We meet about once a week and these “updates” along with what I experience in dream time are very precious to me.

As a confirmation of the fact that energy flows from higher levels into those below, here is Denis le Fay coming up with a quite sensible response from a reader of her site, the article being “Ascension and earning money”:

We have discussed this topic before on your site.

I am very thankful for Robin’s information of the surgery that happened on Feb 29, connecting us to the 5D grid. My situation on that day was the following: I stumbled over your words in the second last ascension report where you talked about the chakras and said that when chakras start to turn left, the person is not true, as e.g. a politician who lies. I got very alarmed, because this left-turning of the chakras is said to be a goal for the pupils of my mystery school. I wrote you about me being a member (for 17 years now) of this school in a previous email. I thought, I did not want to qualify for planet B and started researching on the Internet. I found lots of material mainly from former pupils, but I must say that I saw a lot of confusion and after a while I got a terrible nausea with awful headaches that lasted until last night.

So far I thought changing the chakra rotation would correlate to “the way out of here” also the “zero point” would be part of this procedure.  When I realized this Wednesday that on the weekend my next conference would take place, I felt a bit overwhelmed, because time went by so quickly and my work had been exhausting, too. I felt too tired to pack my suitcase and ring a friend up who organizes the transport.

Please excuse me if my thoughts are not very organized, I do not know where to start and how lengthy this would be as not to leave out important aspects. Let me explain in short, how the stages are defined in this school in my own words ( International School of the Golden Rosycross/ Lectorium rosicrucianum / german website:

1. Hearing the inner call, phase of orientation ( Vorhof, vorbereitendes Schülertum)

2. Commitment to the group field and assimilation of Christ energy in the heart, building of the “workstone” for the higher realms/ brotherhood of light to work with ( bekennendes Schülertum). Here the inclusion of the lower three chakras up into the heart starts.

( start of “inner school)
3. Deconstruction of the ego and at the same time anchoring by the seven rays/ energies the cornerstones of the “New Temple” and the development of “higher consciousness”. A very intensive phase where inner conflicts become un-ignorable and the release of old fear-based patterns commence. Little groups work together in private meetings to reflect over each step, trying accompanied by intense mentorship with help how to deal with difficulties/symptoms, questions can be asked and are being answered. As I am at the end of this phase now I can confirm the benefits of being free from basic fears and the ability to hear the inner voice more undisturbed than before. I remember that this phase should end with the total surrender of the ego to the soul. The candidate can not be attacked any more from the dark ones on the astral plane. (Höhere Bewussseinsschule, 3-4 years done in groups)

4. The light body is complete, the “golden wedding dress” enables the candidate to be a “fisherman”/ to awaken people. Thus the soul traverses the “auric field” the imitation of the true higher self, and “cracks it open” like before the personality to enable connection to the monad ( Ecclesia)

5. Gralsgemeinschaft: the mystery of creation by the higher realms(?)

6. Goldenes Haupt/ Golden Head:  Spirit/the monad can merge into the soul thus providing knowledge from first hand (gnosis) with the ability of true co-creation. “Manas, der Denker” where thoughts are pure creations in total accordance to universal law.

7. Final reconnection with Source, TRANSFIGURATION: no need for physical incarnation. This phase cannot be found in physicality.

So, this  is the theory. Pupils are constantly reminded not to see this a “career ladder” and be very questioning about their real “position”. It seems to be possible to cultivate a fake-pupilship and e.g. being twenty years an “official” member of ecclesia, while in reality stagnating. The problem seems to be the “REST-EGO” which stays with the physical vessel.

Critics said, they never saw a person transfigure or being “taken away” as it has happened to Enoch before the eyes of his two sons. The reason I see for that is, that also the most advanced ones are kept on the ground as long as possible, like us PAT members.
(Each time somebody leaves the physical vessel my partner says “The lucky one, he made it! May I leave, too, please?)

Now it might be important to say that this school was founded in 1924. Around 1950 the inner school could be established to start with the LBP. This was MORE THAN 30 YEARS before the COSMIC CONVERGENCE in 1987. So, changes that already happened before, only happen when enough “pressure” comes in from the younger ones, like me.

I always felt very thankful to be part of this school, a community where everyone follows the path in his own inner authority with the possibilities being offered by a group. When I am in the temple or read verses from a special “prayer book” I feel  the connection to the higher realms, singing the songs in the temple makes my heart overflow, paradoxes always resolve on a higher level after “chewing on them” seriously for as long as it takes. The organisation though is hierarchical. My notion was that in the higher realms there is also a hierarchy, that means a hierarchy depending on the ability to serve the light and create, with source being at the /highest/deepest point. The dark ones also have a hierarchical pyramid, but of one service-to-self.

A burden for all pupils has always been the physical manifestation of the school: buildings/ rooms have to be maintained, that costs money, transports have to be payed, money needed again… And being reduced to the so called “biological minimum” and to earn money has not been so easy for many. Still there are some, who have really enough money. Fügung/ coincidence? Good karma? Sacrifice?

I have cancelled this conference/ this weekend and thought about so many points: what’s up with the chakra turning? My partner has been a member of the Ecclesia for several years, but about two years ago he stated “the pressure was too much to take” His ascension symptoms were many, like migraine, neck and shoulder pains, hot rushes, heart palpitations, “right arm syndrome”, exhaustion, unrest and loosing sleep. Also Ecclesia people are engaged in a lot of time-consuming services. He is now “back” on level two “bekennendes Schülertum”, when he can decide whether to go to a Conference or not. So I asked him about the left-chakra-turing issue and he said: well, it’s not like that, I do not really know, some say the left-turn is not really possible as a permanent situation, but definitely SOMETHING has to change fundamentally with your system, when you want to leave this plane.

I also found myself astrally in the temple discussing with some “leaders” seriously those points, and they were listening but did not response then. I also asked why it is a rule that males who have an official “mandate” wear a suit and a TIE! We are judges by our hearts and especially the youngest pupils in their early twenties are crystal children and they are not impressed at all by men with ties, but they feel the signature of the heart: “true” or “not true”.

Maybe this huge and dramatic inner struggle I had just shows the necessity for changes and for the release of any Old Structure at the right time, which is just around the corner. I noticed that many pupils long for an “update” and get nervous and impatient. A common critique is also why we hear texts written 20 years ago, there must be lots of actual things to be said, too. And there are: the concept of multidimensionality starts to be discussed and only four weeks ago the announcement that “in the higher realms a new incarnation prototype possibility was created for humanity, that will be valid for the next 600 – 700 years” was made in the main temple! But, again, only after YOU have told this before.

About two years ago I noticed that I somehow transmute more energy than others around me in the temple, that my mind is very clear and that I must have access to the “Golden Head”, I did not fell asleep like (some) others. In my little HBS group I am by far the only one to remember almost the total lecture, while others say five minutes after the service they do not remember a single word, which is quite common.

I also missed the information about star seeds in this school, maybe “earth bound” souls should not be discouraged? Is it really necessary to “pack people in cotton” ( in Watte packen) and not to reveal too much truth?

When I found your article ” the economic collapse in 2011″ on free galactic press, while suffering from attacks from a former Orion-like boss, I started to read the whole material on your site, as to find out who is this incredible Dr. Georgi Stankov. Just about ten days later I found my new job, which is hugely more pleasant, by the way…

The signature of truth on your site was as irrefutable as was the discovery of my spiritual school 17 years ago.  It was like encountering the “burning bush of Moses” after a long walk through the desert. After this encounter nobody could ever forget this deep punch of the fiery spirit” ( Stempel des Feuers, sozusagen). My immediate thought was: this man is “the missing link”! He is the new world teacher for the Age of Aquarius! I immediately wanted to inform my school about you, but I have to confess, I haven’t done so far, despite of informing two people serving at the book store in October last year.  One wrote down your website to read herself,  the other told me to write to the publishing company “Rozekruis Pers” in the Netherlands who is looking for contemporary gnostic literature from authors all over the world.

Now as time has passed by since then I might be found guilty in the higher realms for “not passing over important information”. I am now very serious about that, and that is why I ask you to help me:

Is every spiritual group that manifests a hierarchical organisation Orion-based? (The first Christians had also to be secretive in order to protect themselves). How does it come that the Giza-pyramids are highly appreciated as (former) initiation temples, but their alignment is exactly that of the Orion-belt? Why did Jesus say “my people come from Egypt”? Is this Orion-constellation only the home of the dark ones without higher beings being responsible for that constellation? Could logically not be…

What might be my role be in this spiritual school in these last days before the pole shift? I feel PAT is more important than that school might be and for sure it includes the special tasks we discussed before, like taking the responsibility for the new 5D grid, a job usually done by Elohim and being the Ascended Masters and guides of Earth Humanity for the next 2000 years, as you have told us before.  When this school serves only the light, my participation may be included, without being a contradiction or a conflict at all. Since September last year I feel more connected to PAT and read every report.

How does it come that PAT members have gone through their LBP so lonely and isolated, while I was living for 17 years off the fat of the land being with others (still I had to process things on my own, of course)?

You wrote before, that spiritual schools are mostly for the education of adult souls. But this one seems to be for very old souls, otherwise they would not engage in LBP to leave this place where “Gifthauch der Todesnatur aufsteigt” / “toxic odour of death-nature arises”, to quote from a temple song.

I felt like going crazy the last two days, not being able to find the answers myself. Did I miss something important? I also want to say that though the answer to this question is important to me I feel very calm and at peace, too, right now.  So, as there are some more 30-40 emails to be answered, dear Georgi, please take your time. I appreciate immensely that you are here for us and respond to EVERY email, I missed this opportunity elsewhere.

In deepest love and gratitude for all that you provide in these last days and beyond,
Dear Joana,

Please understand that I cannot answer your email in the same length as you have presented your current inner process of re-evaluation.

Let me then say it as simple as possible. In the last several months since you have started reading my website as an external confirmation of your inner evolution, you have developed so much and so quickly that you have surpassed the teachings of this spiritual school you attend. I have personally no experience with such groups and therefore I will not comment this particular one.

You have profited from this group a lot in the past and this has been a good decision to attend this school at that time. Now you have surpassed the teachings of this spiritual group and you should be proud and happy about this fact and not sad or confused as you seem to be. This is the most normal aspect of any spiritual evolution and of seeking and finding one’s own way.

You know, when you have surpassed an organized spiritual group and their established teachings you do not need a confirmation from them for this personal achievement, as they have no measure or means to do it. The only measure are you. This is the only paradox that now bothers you and makes you confused. You want a confirmation from this group that you have surpassed this group, but they cannot give it to you as they must admit that they are not that much developed.

This is part of the current separation of the wheat from chaff, where the chaff is still very valuable. From now on you are your own master and you do not need any external confirmation. This will automatically lead to your decision to stop visiting this group. And you should be proud and happy about this and not sad.

You see, the difference between my website and such spiritual groups and schools is that I do not intend to establish any school, but simply to disseminate information freely and leave it to the readers to decide what they take. None of them has actually grasped my scientific theory, but this nonetheless does not prevent them from profiting from the ongoing spiritual information which has in the first place the psychological goal to help their morale and go with a more ease through these troublesome times. The other huge difference is that my proclaimed aim is to make everybody a master as soon as possible as  to make myself dispensable, while starting to enjoy learning something from my former readers and now ascended sovereign masters. This is a huge difference indeed

Spiritual schools like the one you have attended want to make you dependent on them by an hierarchical system of evaluation and progression, which is man-made and subjected to limitations, distortions and false human interpretations of what spirit is. They also never accept alternative paths or quicker paths, as this will jeopardize their very existence. This is very human, and this aspect is now coming to the surface and you have noticed it now and are about to make your decision. Shortly before one ascends one lets go of everything on earth, why not also a school that has taught ascension and is now no longer of any use.

Please interpret this new evaluation you are making as a clear sign that you have evolved so much more than this school has planned for you, that you no longer need any external support or confirmation whatsoever, not even from this website, except for the pleasure to continue reading it. Make a clear cut and leave this school in love behind yourself for what it  has given to you in the past. We are now on the cusp of ascending very soon and you have to prepare yourself on your own for this pivotal moment.

With love and light

PS. The discussion of Denise le Fay is good and similar to ours with one notable exception. It takes her one month to answer an email, while I answer them the same day. I think that this makes a huge difference.
Dear George,

thank you very much for your prompt and very clarifying answer. You have put precisely into words what my main conflict was, and you are right: I should no longer be sad about having surpassed the teachings and also the possibilities of spiritual growth of this school. In fact now I feel the love and gratitude for was was given to me in the past. We are though connected to all ascending souls and will recognize each other very easy on New Earth by our energy signature. I will write an “Austrittserklärung” (leave note) very soon and also express my gratitude. My friends from the little HBS-group I will inform, too, of course.

It took some time to realize fully where I am now and I am happy I have time to prepare myself for ascension – despite of going to work three days a week until…?

I have been with my partner yesterday, today I took a long walk outside in the fresh spring air, so that I have arrived home just now – therefore my answer comes only now.

Thank you so much,

“see” you soon, Joana
March 3-5, 2012

Hi George,
I think I’m going to keep the videos in very short format, as these linked above. I’m afraid people would tune out if I went on too long. Besides, the shorter videos may be able to pack more of a punch. Any thoughts? I am feeling a pressure to get my message out now.
Much love,

Dear Ben,

I have always sustained the view that any video message beyond five minutes is boring and misses the point. However, I also know how difficult it is to come to the point in such a short period of time. You have tried to halve this time, but according to my personal preference you can as well link the two videos – the first as an introduction and the second as an example and if it works well, you may keep this structure: 1) a theoretical introduction to your core idea(s) and a concrete illustration, as the people like to have a proof from real life, even if is the “Proof of God”.

There is a simple rule: the more you make such messages, the more fluent and experienced you will become and the easier you will find the best possible expression. Hence my advise: keep making these videos, if it is not much work for you, as it will pay out soon. Do not look at the numbers that see your videos. When the just time will come, they will jump all of a sudden. It is sincerity and credibility that count at the end.

With love and light
Hi George,

thanks for your thoughts on this. I think at this time, I am going to leave those last two unlinked and unedited, simply to avoid confusion, partly for myself. I’d rather not try and figure out the video editing at this point and just post raw video. I will, however, keep the format that you have suggested in mind, as I think that makes good sense… though I think the spontaneity of the moment will likely determine the outcomes.

I wonder if you can help me with something here. I am encountering internal obstacles to doing this, while at the same time knowing that I have something to contribute to the conversation. for many years I have known that I would be called to step forward, and have been quite ambivalent about that: on the one hand, wanting to serve the greater good, and on the other, experiencing fear of misinterpretation and all the complications that brings. I have re-lived memories of persecution and tortures from previous lifetimes…. and have also experienced them in this lifetime, though to lesser degrees. so far. maybe I’m being overly dramatic… I’m not sure what my point is here. I just have many questions, and am highly cautious.

I want so badly to help wake people up, and to reassure them that everything is fine, we only need to make a perceptual adjustment. and it is so simple, it almost doesn’t seem worth saying, yet so many sleep! Anyway, I will push through. any insight into this is appreciated.

blessings, Ben

Dear Ben,

fear of being misinterpreted is absolutely wrong and superfluous at this place, as you can never avoid the fact that some people will interpret you according to their narrow point of view and hence wrongly in your perception. But this is not your fault. As long as you are absolutely honest – and this is what you are in the first place – there will be enough people who will appreciate this, and these will be the people who you will reach.

You see, I also cannot reach most of the light workers and the majority of them are interpreting me wrongly, but as time passes and the events unfold, they may eventually change their mind and perception and this same dynamics applies also to your videos.

Make them in the best possible way as deemed to you and do not bother how they will be interpreted. This reaction is beyond your influence. But you should be also smart and sovereign enough  not to be dragged down by some negative reactions as they may come along, although I personally doubt this in the current times, when everything is in turmoil and you do not reveal any apocalyptic news, which have not been already articulated by many other people and sources in a much more fearful manner. Your primary goal is, as I get it, to calm down the people and  take their angst away, by explaining them the bright future they will soon enjoy, only if they open themselves to some new truths and embrace them willfully.

With love and light
Dear George,

In the morning light and the clarity of your response, my apprehensions from last night seem downright silly. You have a way of cutting through the crap with your words. Thanks. Yes, my primary goal is to dispel fear and to encourage awakening. I see only a bright future. Once again, you have helped put things in perspective.

In love and light,


Hi George,

Here’s the latest video: It feels like a breakthrough for me, knocking down my demons… Thanks for your encouragement!

Love and Light,

After watching Ben’s latest video today I am compelled to write this to him:

“Your video raises a number of issues. I don’t know the circumstances surrounding the experience you had of being told you were wrong.  However, my belief is that there is no wrong or right – there are lessons in this schoolroom called Earth. During the experience of lessons, we discover that some of the beliefs we have been conditioned with, are contrary to our nature. This is because these beliefs were originated in a mind that is not entirely Human. It is a mind that requires servitude and obedience and reacts with violence if questioned. This, we know, is not the human mind. The quarrelsome and contradictory religions with which we have been brain washed, are contrary to the nature of the Human. Humans are above all of those foreign concepts.  This is what Humanity needs to know about itself. That Humans are from Source, and therefore are cunningly tricked into believing that they are the lesser. Your experience of withdrawing from the rabble illustrates that you are choosing to behave as a Human should.  Allow others to behave in what seems right for them, and allow yourself to behave in a way that sits comfortably with you.”

I am currently reading George Green’s “Embracing the Rainbow” and here is a quote that I think is relevant for some of your readers who are having difficulty separating themselves from the energies of others with whom they find they now have nothing in common:

“Each must know theirs is a unique experience not to be compared to others. Each incarnation is for their own particular soul purpose to be created through their choices and decisions. There are no mistakes other than to remain closed to seemingly new concepts and continue to repeat the current experience for lack of discernment of the connection to that which has focused each into manifestation. That connection vibrates within the awareness of every human and is ignored or responded to with each and every choice and  decision. It is our goal to trigger the awareness of this connection in every human possible through direct connection or through changes in the mass conscious awareness on a planetary level, using what you refer to as the 100th monkey theory. First and foremost is transcendence of the victim consciousness into personal responsibility. This process will require that individuals separate themselves from those refusing to change their perceptions and to align themselves with others who are willing to make this change. When lives begin to change as a result of accepting and using personal responsibility through the application of the universal laws, those previously unwilling to change will again choose to follow suit or not. Remember that freewill is the loose cannon of the 3rd dimension and the freedom to choose is made by all whether they admit it or not.”….

March 3-4, 2012

Hello George,

Hope all is well – I found your latest report to be very informative and entertaining as usual, keep up the great work. Here is the link to my latest entry if you would like to share it with others.

With love and light,

Dear Skyler,

I wished everybody had this clear vision as you have it. Of course I will publish your link in the next report. You seem to be very productive – I can hardly keep pace with you. After all you are much younger than me and have more power.

With love and light

I may have three times the youth, but you have three times the experience and knowledge in this incarnation. I highly doubt that I would be the same person that I am today without your influence. The amount of people that you have touched in such a short period of time is nothing short of miraculous, and the influx of inspiring and heart-filled letters that you post in your reports is proof of this statement.

You have been the only mentor in my life that I can honestly attribute to my spiritual growth and success, and I sincerely thank you for stepping up and being a man of true integrity. Out of all of the so-called leaders of this sovereignty movement, you have been the only one to express full transparency and competence in your teachings, and I’ve never had a doubt about your credibility. The proof is in the pudding, and your work takes the cake.

Thank you for all that you do, and for the record, you write so much more than I do, that it’s not even a contest. Haha.

Dear Skyler,

I am overwhelmed by your praise and if it is correct that praise uplifts, then I must have ascended already after reading your email. Thank you very much. The best reference of any teacher are his pupils and his ability to make himself dispensable.

With love and light
Hello George,

I experienced some incredibly intense, but positive energies last night (March 3rd). It felt like a major solar flare or something, and I honestly thought that I was going to ascend. The energy current was so strong, that it felt like I was being electrocuted, but in a good way of course. Here is my latest article covering the topic of dreams, I think you and the other PAT members will really enjoy it.

March 4, 2012

Hi Georgi!

It’s been awesome to have so many posts from you on your site. Reading your updates has been one of the few things that keeps me relatively sane during this time. I don’t even know how to adequately express gratitude and appreciation for your astonishing and continuing efforts to keep everyone together and on track, so thank you! You sound well and seem well energetically for which I am also very grateful.

I have some deranged need to still read the channelings posted at which of course for the most part are quite silly. But its this silliness that I was using as a source of amusement and entertainment, a distraction if you will. My perspective is fairly subjective since I have the fault of erroneously assuming many times people think the way I do… at least intellectually. This of course has caused me a lot of disappointment and I am still working on this. But is that regard, the situation involving the largely non-sensical channelings struck me as much more serious and harmful to many and should not be looked at as a source of amusement at all.

Unfortunately Susan Carroll is posting again and her latest,

literally ends with: “This sentence is the KEY to being able to remain on New Earth” regarding her statement:

“I AM the creator of my reality
And ALL patterns of resonance
Are created by my consciousness.
My reality,
The reality that I AM creating,
Begins with a thought form,
Which I created
By the thoughts and emotions
That I am consciously, or unconsciously,
Allowing to fill my heart and mind.”

She actually even capitalized “KEY” in her fear based threat to follow her words or risk being rejected from her New Earth. Again this was hysterically funny to me at first, until I thought that someone might actually, again, be listening to this insanity and become fearful that they are not following her explicit instructions to get to and remain on New Earth.

I understand that no one is responsible for anyone else in this game, but its extremely difficult to watch as someone abuses their supposed authority and possibly sidetracks someone else’s progress at this critical time due to disinformation and ignorance.

I will write Susan a very nice email requesting that she please explain this in a public posting… but Oh My God… is it really that hard to NOT write something when she doesn’t know what she is talking about. I am so sorry to beat this dead horse with you, but I don’t know exactly how to stand by and watch this again and again… this directly interferes with the unclear fence riders and the people that are coming in new to this subject. In my humble opinion since she demands to constantly make public posts and given her ‘professional’ status as a supposed PhD therapist, I personally hold her to a higher standard and that’s part of the reason I speak specifically of this post. It’s not my intention to constantly use her as the whipping boy and target only her, but her behaviour constantly draws this to her.

Maybe this is my fault for feeling some responsibility to help my fellow man, since we are all one. Maybe I should continue to use this as source of entertainment and turn a blind eye. I’m personally fine, but I’m only a little nuts about this for others. If you have any suggestions about how to help or not regarding these types of situations it would be greatly appreciated.

Your friend the dead horse flogger,
Dear Marco,

I could have written your email. I fully agree with everything you say and comment. I also watch with growing disappointment the recent deplorable development of Sue, but I am powerless to influence her. You know, all these channeling esoteric “trash ladies”, as I call them in the meantime, be they Ute, Sue or Aruna Byers, are absolutely refractory to any decent, reasonable arguments and are not able to participate in a constructive discussion as I practise it on this website.

It was not so with Sue in the past. I was  in contact with her since 2010 and exchanged numerous emails with her on all possible topics, and she was much more open than she is now. I assume that she has now fully entered the initial fear cleansing period of her LBP. In fact she is much less advanced in her LBP than all the members of the PAT and these fears now overwhelm her channelings. Besides she is not really channeling most of the time, but interpreting her higher self through the veil of her fears, as is the case with this last message. I expected somehow this development, as she had no idea what a real LBP means even as late as 2011, when you have to descend in the abysses of your carnival fears and rise as a phoenix from the ashes.

My last attempt to reach her was when Beckow failed with his joyride to visit with black limousines the mother ship of the GFL, but she does not answer my emails and I have stopped any contact with her. It will be absolutely futile to write to her. The same holds true with Ute.

You know, when you are advanced in your LBP you simply know the truth with all your energy fields and you can no longer be attracted by this weird human, fear-based stuff that most channelers are producing. You simply know that it is crap. But they do not know it and the very idea that they must stop channeling  as to take a new direction, makes them so fearful that they cling to this channeling like an invalid to his wheel-chair.

I also skip over as to register the deepening of the level of imbecility among light workers.

The latest scam is that some of the Beckow’s crew have been taken to the mother-ship, but he himself could not as he has been observed by the US-secret services and could not be fetched by the GFL. In this sense is also the latest channeling of this idiot Greg Giles that the GFL will take selected persons to their mother ships. The absurdity is now reaching a peak and the best thing to do is to fully disentangle from this weird stuff.

With love and light
March 3, 2012

Dear George,

When I read your reply to Robin in report-68 about her diuresis, I became confused about the percentage of water in the crystalline and carbon-based body. This I know is trivial, but I want to point out my confusion.

Personally I like drinking lots of water during the day, especially when I feel down I have the impulse to drink. Since April 2009, I ensure I drink 2.7-3.0 liters in one day, due to to one Internet source which says that the minimum amount of water you should drink each day is 3.2% of your body weight. I can’t exceed 1 liter in one seating.

Sometimes I joke myself: “You’ll get drunk from drinking lots of water.” I empty my bladder almost every hour when I drink a lot. I sweat a lot when I exercise or when the sun is too hot.

Now to my confusion:

Your email to Sue Lie on page 159 on your book “The cosmic laws of creation and destruction” states the following percentages according to channeled information you have read:

“The crystalline body will contain 82-85% water (body weight) compared to 62% in the carbon-based organism.”

But your email to Robin mentioned the following, which apparently is in reverse of the channeled information.

“the new crystalline body will contain much less water than the current carbon-based body (more than 80%). To my information, the water percentage of the future crystalline body will be in the order of 60% or even less.”

Your situation with drinking water either has changed or the channeled information is faulty. So it seems to me that the body decides how much water it can store according to its condition. For example, it seems to me from Robin’s experience the LBP can affect how much the body needs water.

In love and light,
Aegil de Vera Santos

Dear Aegil,

well done! You have caught me. In my letter to Sue I have simply done a concentration mistake and have substituted the crystalline body with the carbon-based body in this sentence. It is correct what I have last said to Robin. Such mistakes slip from time to time and that is why one needs a professional editor to correct your books in a proper way and I have none as I cannot afford it. Thank you for this correction. I must see to change it and issue a new pdf.

In fact it is very simple – the more crystalline the body, the more heavier it becomes and the less water it contains. At present even the earth’s gravitation is slightly decreasing before ascension comes as to compensate for the fact that our bodies are becoming much heavier than say 10 or 20 years ago during the LBP. Even an increase of only 5% may be very detrimental to the skeletal system and make life very cumbersome. But as gravitation is also slightly decreasing, the overall effect remains constant and cannot be directly measured, although there are ways to prove this, and I suspect that the dark scientists know about this change but prefer to keep silent.

This all is associated with the increase of crystalline structures and the reduction of water content in our bodies. On the New Earth, there will be much less gravitation and at some point in time it will be eliminated as it is a simple energetic field associated with magnetism, and this force will be also eliminated at some point in time. The magnetic pole reversal will be a step in this direction. I only mention this as to show how intricate all processes are intertwined and how easily one can make a mistake in one or another direction (increase – decrease), particularly when one has to write so quickly to so many people on a daily basis.

For instance you can have a diuresis not only because you release water from your body, as was the case recently, but also when you have a huge metabolic turn-over due to massive transformation of your body during the LBP. In fact I do recommend to drink more water than normally during the LBP as to increase the overall conductance in the body and the nervous system, even when this leads to increased diuresis, which also cleanses the kidney and dilutes the toxic substance that are excreted through this organ. This is particularly important when the second chakra is affected by a LBP-wave and the urinary tract is usually inflamed. This became already a full lecture.

But your objection proves that you have very carefully read my books, and I compliment you for this.

With love and light
March 3, 2012

Dear George,

I am one of those who are classified as the “quiet, in the background ones”, reading the updates and, taking it all in. I have acquired quite the skeptical mind, for I have seen so many, too many, who claim to be this, that and the other, but who eventually all collapse under deceit and lies. Wading through the mountains of Who is Who, is quite overwhelming, but yet, that is what I was led to do over these past months.

My official conclusion regarding you and this website, is, it is a God-send!  I come here, drinking thirstily, filling again and again, unlike anywhere else. When all else seems to have fallen, George, I must admit, you have never wavered, and the Truth and Love that vibrate in your words and the PAT member’s words, bring tears of relief to my eyes, the same eyes that see such a barren and empty world.

My life has been challenging in every aspect of the definition, and this has become my Sanctuary in a world gone mad. Thank you for all your hard work, and your genius, your unwavering stance regarding Truth, the Truth as it really it.

Yes, I am still here. The growth and the integrity and the strength I have gained just by reading your website, I am so deeply grateful for. Thank you, George. Words are so inadequate. I have become accustomed to communicate in the Golden Silence, and words to me are now cumbersome. None-the-less, I hope you can feel my genuine gratitude for everything you have done for us.

Love and Light,
Dear Amy,

I am really overwhelmed by your praise and humbled, where in fact I am doing what any enlightened human being is supposed to do – stick consequently to the truths he perceives and observe the utmost transparency. Obviously these virtues seem to be quite rare these days. The irony of life is that exactly these virtues, which I have cherished my whole life, have been the origin of most troubles I have experienced. It is the first time that they are really appreciated and this fact says two simple things:

1) The readers of this website and members of the PAT have gone through the same tribulations in their lives, living up to these same virtues and

2) that life on this planet is really changing for the better very quickly.

All in all, there is every reason to be optimistic about what will come soon.

With love and light
Dear George,

Yes, George, yes.

As you wrote, “The readers of this website and members of the PAT have gone through the same tribulations in their lives living up to these same virtues”. This is why I hold so dearly to my heart, your website and the information it contains. The persecution, the ridicule, the shame, the scorn, we all who are associated with the PAT have endured, is slowly retreating, and in the place where these attributions stood, now are standing, an attitude of “awe” of “our light”. It has become so easy, it actually makes me giddy. I don’t even have to say a thing, but just arrive in a place, and the looks of either, “Star Struck”, or “Fear”, usually manifesting as anger, (yes, unfortunately, that factor is still very prevalent in this world, yet it is receding!) are seen on faces around me. I remain quiet, amiable even when confronted with the “F” factor, humble, smiling, and inwardly, I rejoice, that this day has finally arrived. To be honest, I feel as I though I have dignity and am walking in royal shoes, and that “feeling” is mirrored in the faces around me. That, is a complete 180 to how I had been treated in this world. To live to see this happening, is a JOY beyond imaginings.

My husband had to go the ER this past week due to a terrible outbreak of hives. I had to stay behind due to responsibilities, but the moment I “felt” I was needed, I immediately left for the hospital. In a nutshell, not only did I “hear right” that I was needed, but later, my husband confided to me that I “lit” up the entire ER. I knew he was speaking Truth, for I “felt” it happen. All these years of pruning and plucking, of plunging down into the dark recesses of hell to face dragons, and to “love” said dragons… all the inner work and the agony of morphing into a crystal BEing, all have been worth it, to live to see the day, that my light shines, and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that I, nor anyone can do to prevent it to do so. It just is. It is so. As within, it is without. As it is me, it is you.

Yes, what is to come no one truly knows, but this I do know. I wouldn’t want to be with a better group of BEings then those of the PAT. Our “future” is glorious, for we all have earned it! We all have created it! AND, we all have begun to experience the “gold”.

With love and light,
March 3, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I have been prompted to say hello and mention a happening that is increasing in occurrence.

Recently I mentioned in an email that I had had an experience that was impossible to describe. A consciousness totally new – a consciousness where paradoxes resolve and we are left to use a language in which the inexpressible is difficult to describe. I thought this experience was a rare singular event; something like this having been only felt once before many years ago. This has changed. These changes in consciousness; the experience of transcendental or multidimensional awareness; are increasing. I am directed to relay this to you Georgi. We are stepping between two worlds in my experience. I have the picture in my mind of two dimensional timelines moving towards each other interlacing and this resolving in a picture of a new world for ascending humanity. In the interlacing; which seems to be peaking now; both types of consciousness exist and interact within us. Massive change is occurring, and its just below the surface of the mass consciousness. What we are moving into is wonderful. When the changes take place magnificence will occur.

I felt reticent to convey this image – but I was drawn to a comment to read on the website, and then comment on what internally is occurring. This I have done…

From my higher self to yours
Dear Craig,

my perception fully concurs with your vision since 11.11.11 and do agree that we are reaching a peak very soon. I also dwell most of the time in the 5th and higher dimensions, but as I have a lot of experience in bridging different energies, I try to be also anchored in the 3d-reality, precisely in the 3d-earth, as to incorporate the two dimensions in my body fields. This is indeed very important then this is the only way how one can ascend a planet together with her population. One must allow them to participate in this junction (overlapping) of the two dimensions which we now represent. Of course, this is a very difficult situation to bear and one cannot dwell for too long in it as it may compromise the LBP on the long run,. But we will not do this, as it  has been already decided to carry on with the major event.  Soon we will experience a definite split of the two timelines and it will be much bigger than initially planned. It will anticipate most of what was planned for Dec 2012, and this was made possible only due to our efforts and decision to stay longer than planned on earth.

With love and light
March, 3 2012


First I’d like to thank you for your time in putting forth such a website. I am an outsider looking in at all the terminologies and theories of what it means to be an awakened one. I feel as though I am one of the many who are a part of this already, but other times I feel like I don’t know anything anymore.

My main reasons for emailing you is to ask about the state of the financial collapse. I feel like I’ve been a slave long enough and I am quite literally refusing to “pay” their game anymore. Most people will tell me I am doing wrong by not paying my many bills and not caring that I am being hounded by their collection agencies, but I can’t help but to think this is a totally fine thing to do. Am I jumping the gun to think this way? Should I still have some concern over my debts to large banks who have been ripping me off with high interest charges and such?

Also I have been feeling very out of sorts for the past couple of months. I have been having dizzy spells from mild to pretty severe lately. Does dizziness for no reason mean a person is having Ascension symptoms or they are just feeling the effects of the pole shift? My whole change of life attitude actually began back in late 2008 by becoming a vegetarian and it has escalated into something more that I can’t put into words. Sadness over the brutality of what is being done to Gaia and the beautiful life here has been so overwhelming sometimes I burst into tears if I allowed myself to think about it more than a minute. I just felt the need tonight to reach out and ask a few questions.

Thank you for everything you do.
Dear Lori,

first of all we have discussed the issue of personal debts to this corrupt Orion system and have almost unanimously concluded (with one voice against us, that of Frank) that it is absolutely moral, ethical and even mandatory to stop paying all debts to this corrupt system and to simply delete any bad consciousness about this whatsoever. Quite on the contrary. You should be proud that by stopping paying your bills to the banks, you actively contribute to the collapse of this system and to the emergence of a new and  more just order. However you need not tell this to other less awakened people, as they will try to convince you in the opposite out of fear and jealousy that they are not courageous enough as you as to do the same thing, although they would love to do so, as all greedy people – and this is the vast majority – hate to pay bills.

Dizziness is part of the LBP and the connection to new realities and multidimensional experiences and it comes and goes throughout the LBP. Do not  think too much about the current deplorable state of Gaia and humanity, but try instead to envisage the positive changes that will soon come.

With love and light
March 3, 2012


Thank You for this latest message. There is definitely a tangible excitement. I also feel some anxiety as well. I knew something was about to happen soon, as I feel that things are even more complete now.  The other thing is that I have been mainly sequestered this past week and because of just “perfect” conditions, I have been held up in a safe haven and allowed to let my vibration go higher and higher. I felt some anticipation building and I feel as if I’m in an entirely new space, tucked away from everything.

It really is like a bubble. First my car dies and I was having trouble getting a mechanic to fix it… then we are having a torrential downpour on the island, where it has literally been raining non stop for 3 days now and the streets are flooding, and the third thing is that a very special friend is in town and he flew in on the 27th and leaves on the 11th, both seemingly significant dates. Well, we have basically only been spending time with each other and have been  tucked away in a very special house. Apart from work, I go straight there, and come from there, straight to work. When I am in the house, I feel that I have crossed the bridge to an entirely different reality. It is like only honest, openness, and light heartiness is allowed there.

So I have been on a high for about a week now, and haven’t much cared that my car is still not fixed. The other night, I told him that something is about to happen to me.  I was crying a little out of sheer exhaustion and excitement also. Part of me feels so weary and the other part feels very relieved to be moving into this new space. Everything is happening rather easily now. I have a few people that I love who are experiencing crisis and they have been calling me for advice and to talk about their situation, yet I don’t find myself affected by their turmoil. I have compassion for them but I just mostly listen as I know that this is now necessary for their potential awakenings. The friend I have been spending time with is becoming very aware. He has asked me a lot of questions lately and is an active participant in his evolution. It is very exciting to see!

I can definitely feel the energy building very quickly and sometimes I feel as if I’m not prepared and then this ancient part of me feels very prepared… sleep has become so peaceful and wonderful. I long for it and I would rather be asleep now than to be awake. Many people are quickly fading into the background of my life and there are only a few who are able to appreciate my frequency. I have no casual friendships left. The only relationships I have are very deep and very honest. There is nothing that we can hide from each other as it is becoming evident that we are telepathic.

The other night, I read my friend this poem that I wrote over 5 years ago. At the time, I wrote it so quickly that I felt like it was channeled but, at that time, I did not know what channeling was and so I thought that it had “been given to me”… that was the term I used.  It is called “Returning from War” and my friend suggested that I share it on this site and it seemed like a wonderful idea when he said it. I would like to share this with all members of the PAT from my heart and I hope it blesses you in some way.  We have been through the darkest nights and finally, we are about to see the brightest days.  We are the bravest beings in the universe and if you close your eyes, you can feel your whole body tingle as Heaven is applauding us for our sacrifices.  The things we have done here will be recounted again and again and the wisdom we have accumulated will benefit all of creation. I honor each and every one of you for the courageous souls that you are. We are almost home!!!

Love, Kari

Returning from War

Treat everyone as if they were returning from war,
as if their eyes had seen horrors beyond this world,
do not offend the broken any further,
their hearts contain much sorrow as it is.
From what place have they come?
A time when tragedy did not exist,
and hands did not shy away from human warmth?
And where now have they gone?
A realm of the retired souls,
with bits of dreams that once made sense?
How far is the distance in their eyes?
Or did you even stop to measure it?

Treat everyone as if returning from war,
as if they’d said farewell to limbs, and friends,
as if they’d clutched dead children in their arms,
and lost innocent eyes in a landscape of darkness,
as if sometimes, they wake to forget,
than experience their losses all over again.

Yes, treat everyone as if returning from war,
as if their world just doesn’t fit,
and be so gentle with strangers’ hearts,
as if they still lodged bullets deep inside,
as if it isn’t personal when they fail to meet your gaze,
you’ve no way to know how many deaths they’ve died that day.
How many times they’ve ignored a mirror or a piece of glass with a perfect edge,
be quick to overlook mistakes, for moments pass and they are gone,
reliving things that haunt them still, and tangling with their enemies.

Treat everyone as if returning from war,
as if they are soldiers in life and love,
and give them space to call their own,
for this might be their only home,
and call them great…
as if a thousand medals hung,
and heads of beasts adorned their walls,
they know that life has teeth,
… and claws.

Treat everyone as if returning from war,
and if they stretch a timid hand,
prize it more than pounds of gold,
as a wound in a physicians’ hand,
they’ve placed themselves within your care.
They’ve seen a hope within your eye,
that crossed the bridge of blood and despair,
so meet them there…with head hung low,
in honor of these hero-ghosts,
who know not how to live again,
lest you acknowledge the scars in them…
Dear Kari,

Thank you for your latest poetic account. Your poem is very powerful and expressive. In order to put my dime in the slot, I am sending you one of my last poems, which I have written in 1973. It  is actually an anticipation of the current End Times, but I did not know it at that time and attributed this vision to the future collapse of the communist dictatorship in Eastern Europe (in 1989).

With love and light



Gentle is the feeling of the understanding
Easy`s then the way to woo,
My desire meets deliberately the demanding
Of a love that’s pouring free from you.

And the mere thoughts
Are clear.
The prolonged aims
Seem to peer
Through the Nature`s claims
So dear –
Through a jungle of a fear,
Which we in despair rear.

When the loss of common sense
Within intellectuality immensely dense
Turns the act into a rigid norm:


Gentle is the memory of isolation
Within the gulf of foregone dreams.
The faintest hope of their realisation
Is a long way which so often seems

To disperse the efforts straining
All the muscles and the heart.
Good intentions are so often draining
The ballads of a wanton bard.

But the bleeding flute
In drowsy youth
Often strives in vain to soothe
Pains that seldom are acute.

When the roots are wistfully detracted
In our minds hence so distracted
Make the human bonds all worn:


Generous is the one with born-bestowed freedom.
Clever, but his freedom often underrates.
The one who`s by misfortunes overridden
And his secret prospects to the future closely relates,
And all his energy and wisdom for this end preserves
Is helping the worst in power to blur
The urgent need of freedom modern man deserves.

Thus the world
Reduced to ashes
And to bone
in frightful flirt
With the UNKNOWN
The moral tone
Naively thrown
into the dust
For men are prone
To hate the past,
And still to own
The ills
They have condemned…

Oh, God, I am so alone!

When we begin to lose the common sense
We must envisage a new era to commence
Regardless of the form –
A resignation or a storm:


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