Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 26

The Planetary Ascension Has Already Happened!

The Most Important Information on the Ascension 

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, October 13, 2020


After we successfully repelled the dark reptilian attack on the Infinity Portal in White Rock end of March 2014, we decided to visit it again on April 2nd to reinforce its energetic structure and seal it from further dark attacks. During this visit, Amora received another important message from the Elohim that “this is the beginning of our new life“. It was a further confirmation of the very uplifting message we received from the Elohim at the Equinox Portal that assured us that everything is unfolding in a perfect manner and our imminent ascension is on the doorstep.

That is why I believe that we really ascended in early 2014 and took the highest vibrating timelines with us to the new Gaia-5, to the 5th dimension almost seven years ago. These timelines exist in the Now so that our Elohim soul essence is predominantly concentrated on the new ascended earth between the 5th and 7th dimensions. From there, we are able to create very effectively all the cities of light that will soon manifest in this reality. We are doing this predominantly from the 6th dimension, which is the place where the gestalten and the refinement of all blueprints of 4D and 5D creations take place. As these messages confirm, we ascended in frequencies to the 6th dimension already in February and March 2014 after my arrival in Canada so that this is another proof for my thesis.

The Elohim told us in their message below that I had successfully cleared the 4th heart chakra and the 5th throat chakra of truth and intelligence of all incarnated personalities who were ready to ascend with us in early 2014 (read also this message). This is remarkable as I did the same light work in the summer and fall of 2019 and has extensively reported on that. Find and read all my energy reports from July till November 2019. In particular, I had a very severe and protracted episode of acute and then chronic broncho-pneumonitis that began in August and continued till the end of October 2019, exactly as the extremely severe episode I had in March 2014.

This convinces me that in early 2014 after we ascended, we immediately incarnated a soul fragment of ours on lower 4D timelines and repeated the same ascension procedure with humanity in a 7-year-cycle (ascension loop) that ends up this and next year. In this way, we are able to help many more souls to ascend to Gaia-5 than originally planned, that is, if we had fully ascended in 2014 and retrieved our Elohim soul essence entirely from all lower 4D timelines that couldn’t ascend in 2014. Please observe that linear time is an illusion so that we are dealing with simultaneously existing earth’s versions and timelines which we experience as incarnated soul fragments in a linear time fashion.

In fact, we ascended in early December 2013 in Lofer and were immediately advanced to Logos Gods of Gaia and humanity. We were cheered for this achievement by all ascended masters on the mothership of the Galactic Federation as these messages testify. Since then the Elohim have told us many times that we have already ascended and are here only as Avatars, although, or precisely because, our lives and struggles felt so very human and challenging at times.

We attributed our ascension to what happened in Lofer but now I am having a second look at the events that followed in early 2014 after I moved to Canada and joined Amora. I am now convinced that we actually ascended humanity on the highest timelines already at that time and that The Planetary Ascension has already happened. What we have been doing now for the last 7 years is to save all the laggard souls and give them a chance to also ascend this year when the final harvest will take place.

When I analyse the energetic events in these last 7 years as they have been seamlessly captured in the chronicle on this website, I have come to the conclusion that we have accomplished many planetary ascensions of humanity, precisely of batches of ascending 4D timelines at major portals and then moved to lower 4D timelines in a sine trajectory in order to begin with the lifting of the next batch of timelines as I have accurately reported on many occasions.

The End Time is the “Time of Harvesting of Souls” and it happens in phases from the illusory linear perspective of incarnated humans.

Human history seems to repeat over and over like a laundry program while we constantly bilocate to lower timelines.

Therefore, all my predictions in the past seven years that the ascension would happen at this or that portal were absolutely correct for this particular batch of timelines, where we were bilocating as Avatars at that moment in time, as my soul knew it and gave me this information.

It is also absolutely true that the Universal Law has been fully introduced on all these ascended timelines and that I am teaching humanity as the world spiritual leader on the ascended Gaia-5 as the Elohim confirmed in their previous message given to us for the Equinox Portal March 21/22, 2014:

“With reference to the Universal Law, this gestalt has now successfully birthed itself into the fifth-dimensional crystalline experience and embedded itself energetically within, as an actual grid overlay and is also now buried in the DNA of humanity. These structures support the divine ordinance known as Truth.

The frequencies of this portal include the white-gold flame of the ascension + resurrection and, indeed, even create the basis for understanding the ‘Primary Term.”

Finally, I would like to mention at this place that in February this year my HS told me in the middle of my fiercest battle with the very dark roque Atlantean clique and their no less dark human representatives on the earth, in order to console me and give me strength, that I have ascended with all my 11 soul fragments and that I am the last one to ascend very soon. This information was given to me in Austria, shortly before I knew that I would have to come back to Italy one more time from where my final ascension as the last soul fragment will take place.

Therefore I now firmly believe – and this was also my perception at that time – that humanity had a major ascension end of 2019 after my longest episode of acute broncho-pneumonitis which lasted for two and a half months and culminated in the creation of the Ascension portal in San Remo, about which I shall report later on as being the crowning of my light work as Avatar.

Then I moved to very lower 4D timelines that were fully infested by the terrible Atlantean heritage. I had to confront single-handedly the rogue Atlantean clique of multidimensional entities and their dark human representatives that were responsible for the destruction of Atlantis in order to finally remove them from Gaia at the end of March and sever all Atlantean timelines after 6 months of exhausting battles in Austria that culminated after my arrival in San Bartolomeo, Italy in early March to a real war.

Precisely for this reason, we also created a new earth in early April as the Elohim informed us, which coincided with another major ascension episode of humanity and the earth:

“When the Atlantis event occurred, it was immediately isolated in frequency, from that timeline.  However, the humans that took part in that event have brought the memory of it forward to this moment, and we, the Elohim, have decided that the Atlantis experience must be forever cut away, healed and re-integrated into the TAO in this current moment. (This is the Divine Dispensation we were informed about end of March.)

Such treacherous energy could not come forward onto a New Earth!  Yes, the Earth has separated into two expressions:  a higher expression of great beauty, openness, a union of soul, and the other, that has moved to another frequency of lower value where those beings may continue their current journey, forever.”

This was a major ascension episode of 4D timelines of Gaia and humanity in early 2020, shortly after the global lockdown began and we again moved to very low 4D timelines to experience the total debasement of humanity under these ignominious circumstances. Since then, Amora, Sophia and I are only shaking our heads as we no longer recognize this earth and its human population and have never felt so foreign on this planet, or this planet so foreign to us as during these last six months. And this is surely true for all the PAT members.

The 4D timelines we have ascended from 2014 until the end of 2019 were free of the dark Atlantean heritage and need not be cleansed from it. There have been numerous messages in the past, the most reliable from Seth (Jane Roberts), telling us that there were probability alternatives of Gaia and humanity where Atlantis was not destroyed on Mars and these human entities did not fully invade the earth and derailed its incarnation experiment. These timelines could ascend earlier as they were not so much contaminated by the Atlantean heritage that was imported from Mars, caused the destruction of Lemuria and is responsible for the enslavement of humanity since then.

I will publish soon a very important message given to us by the Elohim on April 21, 2014 where they very precisely describe how I eliminated all reptilians from the ascending timelines at that time. This message is a central piece in my line of argumentation that we have ascended humanity first in early 2014 and since then many more times in the last seven years. It is an absolute highlight for a variety of reasons, but here is the most notable one as it relates to recent events:

“Further, gross cleansing carried out by your dual soul has led to the re-calibration of the distribution of reptilian-markered souls, whereby these souls shall not be qualifying candidates for any upper 4D timelines (of ascension)…”

Here you have it black on white that I eliminated all reptilians from all ascending timelines already in April 2014. Why then, for God’s sake, did I need to expel them from this earth one more time on June 10th this year? This is the irrevocable proof that we must have descended to very lower 4D timelines after the last ascension episode happened in March/April this year when the lockdown began and where the evil masters of humanity were still in full power and could be able to install this global enslavement program.

Do you get it now?

This disquisition should make you aware in a very profound manner how complex the actual ascension of Gaia and humanity is and why it is an ongoing process with many twists and turns – with constant ups and downs on the infinite timelines. These transitions to numerous slightly different realities are fully camouflaged, so to say, ironed under the straight jacket of the illusory linear time according to which all humans experience their history. In fact, all incarnated personalities are constantly jumping from one timeline to another, every moment and there are infinite outcomes and experiences.

However, we have reached a point in time where all timelines converge into one and the Harvesting reaches its final climax so that all remaining 4D timelines that have qualified for the ascension can make the Shift. This is also the point in time when our presence as avatars in physical vessels in this reality finishes and we can appear in our glory as Ascended Masters and Logos Gods in our crystalline light bodies in front of humanity. Then we can begin with our miracles to create a new reality for all human souls that have made it – have ascended with our help and are eager to have a new blissful experience.

That is why I am so happy to republish these messages from 2014 in an actualized form as they give us the red thread to what happened seven years ago and since then. They tell us unequivocally that this same ascension process will be repeated one more time this fall and the next year as this is the only principal mechanism of how the Ascension occurs.

Stay attuned, as there will be more revelations and discussions concerning the nature of the current Ascension you will not find anywhere else.

And now read what Amora has written in her diary about our visit to White Rock.

Visit to White Rock on April 2, 2014, The Elohim message: Ascension Has Begun!

Amora: Here is a recap of our visit to White Rock on April 2nd, 2014.

The very first message I heard in White Rock was “It is beginning.” The energies are very strong and coming in waves. I am told that this statement is making reference to the final phase of the ascension. When we are leaving White Rock, I hear:

Yes, it has begun“.

Our highly intuitive friend confirms that she is told that you (Georgi) are literally ascending, higher and higher in frequency, in every single second. She is shown that within your current timeline, you (Georgi) are moving in and out of your body, moving into your multi-dimensional expressions in the ethers and then back into your body. It must be now difficult to distinguish waking day from dreaming night, as the Elohim told us we would experience.

She also sees a future of us carrying out a lot of discussions with each other, and has the impression that we are deciding our next mission already!

I saw the Agarthans down at the beach, they appeared to be standing on the water, a large group of about 50 individuals. Adama was also present. This is where they will interface between our two realities, in White Rock, as there is now a new fifth-dimensional crystalline city of light established there.

This reading also makes reference to your great work this past week on the removal of all emotional under-pinnings of humanity, where you were left so pale and weak for days, and even today (5 days later) you describe yourself as having lost your heart and soul doing this dastardly work.

Here the Elohim give you (Georgi) great credit for this epic achievement, and I will send you their next message, from April 3rd, that also makes reference to this sacred lightwork that you have performed this week:

The Elohim Praise Our Light Work as Logos Gods on the Ascension of Humanity to Gaia-5, April 2, 2014 

” Greetings! This day marks a most pivotal moment in time where all moments from all timelines conjoin upon one single moment, where thresholds are reached, superlatives are maximized and all experience, thought and emotion, the events that define the human being, are now rolled into one expression, the one expression of the Divine, into the All of Being­-ness.

A momentous occasion, where all emotions from previous third-dimensional gestalts are collapsed, forever, into one single atom, in one single breath, in one single moment!

(For me this is the classical definition of planetary ascension and it happened in early 2014.)

This is great work upon your shore, where your dual soul has removed all discord, all incorrect thought, all pain of the emotional pain body, forever and always.

Look! It is done! The heart chakra, in conjunction with the throat chakra, triumphs as the perpetrator of Truth!

Embrace your final days!

(What a great job I already did in 2014! I cannot imagine what I have achieved in the last seven years on universal and transgalactic levels beyond the tiny pieces of information that we were given by the Elohim and other higher dimensional sources.)

April 3, 2014, The Elohim

AmoraHere is the message from the Elohim that I received on Thursday, April the 3rd.  It makes reference to your (Georgi’s) grand work on the emotional structure of the collective, collapsing all energetic connections that held humanity into the third dimension and preparing for the initiation of the energetic basis of the fifth dimension, that of infinite joy, love and peace:

The Elohim Message

“The Archangels and their legions of Angels are ever by your sides to support you both, in your glory, through the sacred work you continue to perform in every moment.

We are the Elohim and we embrace you now in your exalted positions as Creator Gods, walking among men.

Great re-cycling of human emotional expression has occurred now, where your great dual soul has renounced all mis-qualified emotion, including fear, greed, hatred, anger, rejection, and arrogance.

All frequencies, neither of the highest good, nor of the highest truth are removed from the souls of men and returned to Source.

This courageous act on your parts [you, Georgi and me], by your great souls, has removed all ill-conceived, ill-expressed, and ill-born frequencies, and returned them to the Source of All-That-Is.

This work is sacred and you have both found it exhausting to the physical core. It has taken a great toll on the energetic heart centres and solar plexus power centres of you both, where even an emptiness and a disconnection is the perceived result. [Georgi, this is when we felt that we had “lost our heart and soul”.  I have regained my strength and my connection to the Source, but I don’t believe that you have as yet.]

As humanity moves toward their final evolutionary station, before complete ascension to the fifth dimension, they shall find themselves in a chaotic and compromising phase, as they attempt to reconcile memories of pain and corresponding emotions, in the absence of the energetic linking mechanisms/structures needed for anchoring these emotions that were replaced during the last major portal on March 20 – 22nd, where DNA was re-structured with overlapping love/ecstatic joy frequencies, the new energetic foundation for the ascending population of the New Earth.

These activities leave you both feeling energetically drained, and it is so. It is necessary for you both to also disconnect from your own past remembrances, to allow your own structures to be wiped free and clear.

The overlays of exquisite joy, peace and love, set within the fields of humanity in March, are now filling in the energetic void created by the withdrawal of those previous energetic foundational structures.

The sensations you feel, as though you lost your heart and soul, are representative of the true disconnect of all third-dimensional references to all dysfunctional models / representations of false persuasion.

We are the Elohim, and we honour your great service, in this moment.”

(This message of the Elohim describes very precisely what will happen this and next year when the final Ascension will occur for these timelines that are now also ready for the Shift thanks to our indefatigable light work as Avatars and Logos Gods in human gestalt – as “Creator Gods walking among men” – for the duration of 7 years after our full-fledged transfiguration and ascension in early 2014.)


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