Why the Coronavirus Scare Now?

An Inspired Explanation from the Higher Realms

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, March 18, 2020


Yesterday in the afternoon, I saw through the window a scout spaceship in the sky. We went out to the beach to establish contact with the ETs who were watching over us. Amora then saw the mothership over the sea and she established contact with the Arcturians on this spaceship. They told us to use our power of analytical thinking to find out how this coronavirus epidemic will affect humanity and the outcome of our ascension through the breakthrough of the UL. As it is still quite cold and windy outside, we returned quickly back home and continued our discussion on the ramifications of the coronavirus scare and what its effects on the mass awakening of humanity would be.

This morning upon awakening the Arcturians came one more time to me and gave me more information suggesting to write about this topic as to illuminate the people about the actual energetic situation on this planet.

Before I will begin with my inspired explanation, let me assure you that currently so much more is happening on all energetic levels that we cannot wrap up our mind around it. Only three days ago we had a massive event about which I prefer not to talk at this moment, except that it was pivotal for the ascension process and in particular for the success of the equinox portal tomorrow. I can only say this much – the situation was very critical not only for humanity but also for the earth and it was resolved in a sovereign but most dramatic manner by us and the higher realms. Now the way to ascension is free and safe and Mother Mary confirmed to us that we shall experience the best spring in our lives. I leave it up to you to figure out what she meant by that.

Now back to the coronavirus scare. Let us state clearly and unequivocally: There is no such thing as a coronavirus epidemic – it is an outright, outrageous lie of the dark cabal to lockdown humanity in the hope that this will prevent ascension and eventually help them install the NWO. This has been their plan all along and they never change their plans as these dark ones are very inflexible.

Every sentient human being interprets the reality in its unique, mostly warped way and this is how we create our subjective reality within the current waning consensual reality. The latter is currently crumbling with the financial system, the economy, the healthcare system; in other words, we see currently the rapid dissolution of the old 3D holographic matrix before the new earth can manifest. The financial crash of the equity and bond markets, the world trade being in a deep recession, the oil glut leading to precipitously falling prices are now all over in the news. The hospitals worldwide have canceled all their surgical and other procedures because of the virus scare. As Patrick just informed me, his scheduled surgery was also postponed and the doctor who brought the news was very much scared, probably he needed the assurance of his patient that all will be eventually well.

Amora wrote yesterday to her cousin in Vancouver who is an emergency doctor at a major acute care hospital with over 1200 beds and asked him how many coronavirus cases he has seen and what is the overall situation. He wrote to her this morning that as far as he knows there are only 2 cases in hospital where he works and that he himself has not seen a single case. There is absolutely no disruption of medical services whatsoever as there are no coronavirus patients at all and that it is business as usual, even less so, as most people stay at home now.  Before the lockdown, the people visited the hospitals in droves when they started coughing but it was the flu and they were sent home.

I cannot imagine the situation to be much different in the USA and Europe. In Italy, the people are publishing reports from Milan and elsewhere, places that are allegedly hit the hardest by the virus, and they testify that they do not know a single person who is infected by the virus or know somebody who knows somebody who is infected by it. And nobody knows, of course, anybody who has died of coronavirus.

This is what I discussed yesterday in the line outside on the street to buy groceries at the local store. In Italy, one is allowed t0 only enter the story one by one after another client leaves the store. One lady working at the store who heard my explanation got so scared that she vanished immediately and then called the police to pick me up. The police car came a few minutes later but, of course, they could do nothing as I was not doing anything wrong with respect to the current draconian measures of the Italian government but only telling the truth. Luckily, we still do not have a thought-police but this is surely the next objective of the dark cabal if they would succeed with this attempt to install the NWO.

With that, I want to illustrate that there is NO virus epidemic whatsoever and that there are NO excess deaths at all. This is an utter scam. People die every day for a variety of reasons. Just consider for a moment that if this epidemic was so dangerous as the corrupt political elite, the MSM and the bought experts are claiming, why did they not establish an international coordination office that collects all death cases data and publishes them with their full medical history, so that the people can read and be informed. This is the easiest thing to do nowadays with the internet and we have officially only a few thousand death cases associated with coronavirus so far. The bulk of the information is negligible and should be easily managed. Instead, you cannot find a single death case associated with coronavirus on the internet where you can read the medical history and find out what was the real cause for the death. We do not know even how all these statistics are collected and who does it. The WHO is obviously not involved.

And then you have the narrative that some politicians and their spouses are infected with the coronavirus which gives them a credible excuse to disappear from the scene when this scam is revealed and responsibility from these criminal politicians will be demanded. This is surely the case with the despicable stooge of the dark cabal Trudeau in Canada who has compromised himself on so many occasions in the past.

That being said, we can easily discard the coronavirus and its non-existent medical effects on the human population and concentrate on the surreal but, nonetheless, very real and palpable fears of the people that have peaked to veritable mass hysteria. Here is where my explanation of the function of this fake epidemic begins.

Incarnated human souls have lived numerous incarnations on this toxic planet driven entirely by the fear of survival. Nothing has changed from the time when the primitive man was exposed to the dangers of nature to the present day when the dangers are much bigger and come exclusively from the society and the perils of toxic industrial technologies, such as 5G.

However, if humanity is meant to ascend, it has to release all existential fears as they are not compatible with the ubiquitous constructive interference of the 5D and higher dimensions which is defined in a profane new age manner as “unconditional love”. The latter is the emotional perception of this universal constructive interference with physical senses in a physical body. This state of being is very rare as the incarnated personality is surrounded all the time by numerous very powerful and invasive fear patterns. This is the current situation on earth.

The coronavirus-hysteria has thus the function to release all existential fears of the entire humanity and to prepare them for the incoming shift. It is a global cleansing of the root chakras of the human population and it is indispensable at this point in time. This notwithstanding the fact that all the other chakras of most humans are also being opened and cleansed. Ascension is a multidimensional, multifaceted process that we can hardly encompass it its entire complexity.

Existential survival fear has always been the greatest enemy of the incarnated human being. It represents the worst and most intense form of destructive interference at the level of the biological body. It is the cause of most diseases from which the human body suffers and eventually dies.

Let me explain: Our physical existence as incarnated human personalities encompasses numerous energetic fields which are wave systems that interact all the time and contain themselves as an element. According to the Universal Law, all systems and levels of All-That-Is are U-sets that contain themselves and the Whole as an element, and the element is energy perceived by humans as space-time. Watch also the four recent videos on this topic.

The human body consists of the biological body, which has the lowest vibrations, then the ethereal body, also known as the body elemental, the emotional and mental body, the causal body, etc. Then we have the seven body chakras and numerous higher chakras which are now beginning to open in all candidates for ascension and have been opened a long time ago in all light warriors who ascended at the stargate 12.12.12 – 12.21.12.

All these human energetic bodies or fields must operate in perfect constructive interference so that the physical body is also in a state of energetic harmony and functions without symptoms and diseases. Clinical symptoms and diseases are not defects of the biological regulation of the human body as is erroneously believed in medicine (e.g. pathology) and bio-sciences today but a natural adaptation to changing energetic conditions in the mental, emotional, ethereal, causal bodies and in their interceptions as chakras. Most of the change in these energetic conditions is caused by human fears.

Human fears impede the natural free flow of source energies into the human body and are the only cause of all diseases. Vice versa, when a person begins with the light body process (LBP), which is essentially an increase of the body vibrations through the release of deep-seated fears, we again have an adjustment to new energetic conditions that manifest as clinical symptoms and diseases.

Human health is a very fine-tuned energetic state of being that needs the constant intervention of the soul as the creator of the incarnated human personality. This simple truth must be now revealed to the awakening humanity and the current virus scare has precisely this function.

In the first place, human fears, and among them the existential fear of survival of the 1st root chakra looms high, suppress the immune system. The immune system is of central importance as it provides the natural regeneration of all the other body organs and systems. It should be well known that the biological body and all its cells are renewed in the average every 7 years, while most cells such as the blood cells are exchanged within weeks and days.  Without this constant exchange and renewal of body cells, biological life will be impossible.

Modern bio-science does not know yet what a human cell is and how it functions and is regulated. Currently, the theoretical approach is based entirely on biochemistry, where different metabolic pathways are described as one can read in any standard textbook on biochemistry. All these scattered and random facts are presented without any cohesive theory that explains the immaculate regulation of trillions of cells in the human or any other biological body. That is why bio-science and by default medicine are fake sciences.

Doctors and bio-scientists do not know how a single cell is regulated but they have the shameless audacity to pretend to know what is good for the health of their patients and prescribe drugs and other procedures, the pharmacological effects of which they also do not understand and thus only harm the human body and contribute to the greatest genocide in human history since the global development of the pharmaceutical industry after WW2. Human ignorance has always been the chief cause of human death, just as knowledge is the foundation of longevity and immortality. I have written extensively on this topic and will not delve into it here.

But these observations apply perfectly to the current fake virus epidemic. The experts have no idea how all the viruses function, how they interact with human cells as to be reproduced and so on. They are completely ignorant of that. That is why it is wrong to believe that lethal viruses can be produced by the dark secret services in order to cull humanity. While this is indeed the goal of the dark cabal, this is not possible as it includes the full control over the regulation of the human body by the soul and the higher realms will never allow these evil dark ones to achieve that. Therefore, all past epidemics the dark one unleashed on this planet almost every year, died without any tangible effect, as you can read on the Internet. This one is no exception.

Here is the key theoretical reason why the dark ones and their equally dark scientists in secret research institutions are not able to create lethal viruses, much to their chagrin: They do not understand the biological regulation of the cell and the organism as they do not consider them as an assembly of electromagnetic systems where the biochemical energy of food is first converted into electromagnetic energy of the cellular membrane potentials, also known as action potentials, and then into structural chemical energy of the cell biomolecules, such as proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, DNA, RNA, etc.

I am the first scientist in the history of mankind to clearly explain this energy exchange from a physical energetic point of view and thus established a coherent General Theory of Biological Regulation. For this reason, the current fake epidemic also prepares the ground for the imminent breakthrough of the Universal Law, which will begin with a proper understanding of this theory as it is closely related to human health and then will proceed with the more abstract physical and mathematical theory of the Universal Law as presented in volume I and volume II.

The new theory of biological regulation shows, based on the newest results in science, that all the important chemical moieties in the human cells operate as superconductors and electromagnetic dipoles. They all have a positive and a negative charged end and an extended electron system that connects the two poles and allows the perfect flow of energy without any loss as heat.

Just consider for a moment the ability of the organism to keep constant body temperature of 36.6 degrees Celsius against the fake law of entropy which is indispensable for all biochemical reactions in the cells. Please, observe that until today science is not in the position to explain this simple and obvious fact – how the human body manages to keep such steady temperature and survive. This proves that bio-science is a fake science and so are all its experts.

The constant high temperature in the cells provides the maintenance of very sophisticated tertiary and quaternary structures of proteins and other biochemical substances that enable them to function as superconductors. This is the secret of the proper regulation of the cells and the body in a state of perfect health. The entire regulation is, of course, regulated by the soul and the body elemental which is an autonomous higher dimensional software program of the physical body. This should be known to all enlightened lightworkers.

This perfect energetic framework of the human body is significantly derailed by human fears. In the absence of fears, the physical body will be immortal and this is the direction towards which humanity is heading these days. And the fake coronavirus-epidemic is paving the way.

Firstly, when the existential fears of all humans come high on the surface caused by such a non-existent artificial virus scare, they are released from the human bodies. This already is a movement towards a better constructive interference of all the elements and systems in the human body.

Secondly, existential fears mobilize the immune system and enhance its function. Normally, such an enhancement takes place when there is an invasion of foreign bodies, such as pathogenic viruses and bacteria. In this particular case, there is no pathogenic bug at all, but the immune system is nonetheless maximally activated as most people are scared to death by the fake coronavirus epidemic. Thought forms are just as effective boosters of the immune system as physical foreign agents in the body, and even more effective. Ultimately, we now observe global healing of the world population under the close coordination of all human souls and the higher realms.

This is the dialectical purpose of this fake virus hysteria that was initially triggered by the dark cabal to dumb down humanity but was then utilized by the HR to improve the immune system of the world population, heal many people simply by allowing them to release their pathogenic fears and prepare them for the impending ascension. This is ingenious and that is why I want to convey this insight to my readers so that they can better understand the perfect coordination of the ascension process by the HR  and why nothing is coincidental or constitutes a life-threatening blow to humanity.

While it might have been intended by the dark ones as such, it has become a vehicle for the awakening of the masses and for their preparation for my ascension and the breakthrough of the UL. At the same time, this global cleansing of the root chakra of humanity has initiated the light body process in many humans who have been in a deep slumber until now.

Ultimately, this virus hysteria will reveal all the fallacies of the current healthcare system and will facilitate the decision of the people to turn away from it and embrace the new forms of energetic healing we shall offer them, first in the new 5D healing centre here in Diano Marina and later on in numerous places all over the world. That is why we are being told that all these events are closely connected and why we had to come to Italy, Diano Marina at this auspicious time to begin with the ascension process. And ultimately why this virus hysteria is also closely related to the rapid introduction of the new General Theory of Biological Regulation that will facilitate the breakthrough of the UL in all sciences and in daily life by also rendering the theoretical foundation for new advanced technologies, such as free photon energy and anti-gravitation vehicles.

The current ascension scenario is a perfect and very intricately staged drama that encloses the whole human population which any enlightened person should marvel and behold as it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience not only on this small planet but in the entire multiverse which is also ascending with Gaia, the latter being the focal point of this process.

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After I published this article, our PAT member Gerald sent me this publication from Italy which I have partially translated as it fully confirms what I have written above:

Coronavirus: Iss (Higher Institute of Heath), in Italy there are only two deaths so far due to Covid-19

Rome, 13 Mar 19:12 – (Agenzia Nova) – The people who died of coronavirus in Italy, who did not have other diseases, could be only two. According to the medical records examined so far by the Higher Institute of Health (ISS), according to the President of the Institute, Silvio Brusaferro, during the press conference held today at the Civil Protection in Rome. “Positive deceased patients have an average age of over 80 years – 80.3 to be exact – and are basically predominantly male,” said Brusaferro. “Women make up 25.8%. The average age of the deceased is significantly higher than the other positives. The age groups over 70, with a peak between 80 and 89 years. The majority of these people are carriers of chronic diseases. Only two people have not been found to be carriers of pathologies at the moment”, but even in these two cases, the examination of the records is not concluded and therefore causes of death other than Covid-19 may emerge. The president of the Iss has specified that so far “just over one hundred medical records” have been received from hospitals throughout Italy…”

Watch also this video by a German doctor from Berlin with English subtitles who fully confirms all my articles on the coronavirus scam, however from a conventional point of view and without knowing the transcendental dimension of this event.


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