Living Daily the Multidimensionality of Ascension

Georgi Stankov, May 2, 2017

Yesterday, Sunday, the last day of April, was auspicious by all measure. Early in the morning I received a letter from Dominique suggesting that I should republish my initial article on the multidimensional model of ascension which I first posted on June 10, 2013 when I learned of our creation of the first seven 4D earths of ascension from the Elohim in May during Carla’s first visit in Germany. This is what Dominique wrote to me:

“Dear George,

Jerry says:

“[…] I have suffered physical symptoms on a daily basis for so long that the only way I can distinguish a heightened download is by the intensity not the occurrence. And intense they lately have been. Loud ringing in ears which still persists. Alternating diarrhea and constipation, hot flashes, vertigo. Anyone hearing this would think “poor thing he is to kick the bucket soon.” But no, today I felt better and hiked four miles before another wave has just started for me but this time no fear just headache, ringing ears and fatigue.

What does this mean? I am sure as you have concluded we have made another significant timeline split. But our service is not over yet. The beautiful blue skies of Arizona were heavily chemtrailed today.[…]”


I think that up to this very day there is still confusion and miscomprehension among your readers and even PAT members of how we can be both (incrementally) ascending yet seemingly live in the same world as before.  I came across your comprehensive explanation of the phenomenon of instant creation of parallel earths and timelines of June 10th, 2013 in terms of ‘the omni-earth of infinite timelines … (which) can be considered as a stable, standing wave that is created /composed of infinite superimposed, extremely rapidly fluctuating waves that build a crest and also determine the steepness of the slopes of this standing wave. […] The individual waves can be then regarded as parallel timelines/realities of the stable 3D-holographic model /standing wave, which emerges as a composite reality from these rapidly changing parallel waves/timelines. […]

I have posted a far longer excerpt of this clarifying article at and in the group.

At your discretion, I would like to suggest that a repost, maybe edited or with an additional explanation of the current State of The Ascension might benefit your readers.

With Love and Light,


And this is what happened to us on Sunday after I confirmed to Dominique that his idea is excellent and I will re-publish my article from 2013 on the multidimensional model of ascension and will refresh it eventually with some new insights which I have gained in the meantime from our constant bilocations to various timelines.

It was so bizarre and surreal that we still cannot wrap up our minds around our experience yesterday. Carla and I went early in the morning for a hike in the mountains. We drove to Squamish, a place half-way to Whistler, the Olympic village, in the mountains. We drove from the highway onto a side road and ended up in front of a big automatic gate that barred the road. There was a plate on it with red letters – “Do Not Enter”. Carla was surprised as normally you do not find such fences and signs in Canada and said: “I would love to see what’s behind that fence!”  She had her hunch. We assumed it was an old quarry.

On the left side was a creek and we stopped the car on the dirt shoulder on the right side, a few meters away from the fence barring the road. While we were exploring the creek, all of a sudden an old and very decrepit car came from the quarry and stopped in front of the closing gate. It was a jeep model probably from the 50s, or even earlier, with a very weak motor as one sees only in WW2 movies. The guys in the car opened the gate by remote control and then they saw us and our car and stopped immediately after they had closed the gate and began watching us suspiciously. They were obviously very much surprised. The whole scene seemed very surreal and reminded me of my time under communism when the whole country was one big prison. I have an excellent feel for situations and collective sentiments floating in the air.

Now I must say at this place that before we left the house Carla was considering what to wear as the weather was unstable. She put on a red hoodie which I liked but then the Elohim told her to change it and use another dark blue hoodie. She sensed somehow a lot of anxiety while preparing for the trip and could not explain it, but decided to change to the dark blue hoodie.  On the way to Squamish through Downtown Vancouver we crossed a lot of timelines and the weather improved quickly with the sun shining with beautiful glistening light over English Bay. When we arrived in Squamish, about 80 km away from Vancouver the weather deteriorated significantly again and it began to rain.

Anyway back to the “scene of the crime” as they say in thrillers. These weird people in the old car watched us with great care and surprise for about five minutes, probably also seeing our new car, which is actually six years old but still looks quite good and not knowing what to think. Here I must mention that in Canada all cars are rather new, so that it was very unusual to see such an old car all of a sudden, coming from nowhere – from a closed area in the mountains where nobody dwells. We pretended not to pay attention to them while exploring the creek but watching them carefully from the angle of our eyes. I knew there was something very strange in the air and around these people and their antique car that reminded me immediately of my past dangerous life as dissident in Bulgaria.

After five minutes observation the old car slowly moved, and disappeared down the road. Everything around looked very old and shabby all of a sudden – the abandoned gravel pit on the right side of the road with a few shacks – as if we had returned back in time, in the early 50s or even earlier and we had entered a veritable Orwellian world. This notwithstanding the beautiful nature around us which transformed into an ominous backdrop under the constant rain and leaden sky.

We then moved the car a hundred meters back on the road and parked it there on a small parking lot in order to go down to the river bed. We walked along the river shore when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, an old propeller airplane, a double-decker as we know them from WW2 movies, entered  like an apparition our space with a terrifying machine noise on top of our heads that desecrated the peaceful silence and disappeared after a few seconds in the clouds. We were so startled by that and began to comment whether we have changed timelines and are now on a much lower timeline.

While we were discussing this possibility we heard loud salvos of automatic machine guns coming from the direction of this alleged quarry and echoing in the valley. These shootings continued with short pauses for at least 10 minutes and I told Carla that it felt very much as if it was WW3. At the beginning we thought that this might be hunters but these were not hunting rifles. As I had a Kalashnikov during my military service, and was also an excellent radio operator in morse code I knew immediately that these salvos came from automatic machine guns as I could count 6-8 shots in each salvo, notwithstanding the echo that duplicated the shots.

After one hour sojourn at that place we drove back on side roads through native land with very old and almost torn down houses, past abandoned factories with a lot of rusting scrap metal in their lots, up to the end of the inlet from the Ocean which is actually a beautiful place surrounded by gorgeous mountains with steep slopes and giant waterfalls that glide majestically into the clear water of the bay. However this time the landscape was unusually cold and inhospitable, there was a strong cold wind that made us freeze. The rain became heavier and I told Carla that it reminds me of a prison landscape or planet, notwithstanding the beauty of the nature. We both felt rather uncomfortable and decided to go back home earlier than planned. The rain did not stop pouring, the clouds were leaden, the wind gusts became more powerful –  it was a terrible weather indeed.

After ten minutes drive on the highway back to Vancouver, we were again in a completely new landscape – the sun was shining, the clouds disappeared as if with a magic wand and the weather was warm and friendly again. I have no idea how many timelines we crossed in these few moments but this is what happens all the time when we drive around.

The last time we drove from Vancouver back home and rapidly changed timelines the GPS in the car did not function and the street map on the monitor was displaced at about 50-60 degrees, which had never happened before. The arrow pointing at our position was on another street parallel to the one we drove and showed as if we were moving in the wrong direction. Carla thought at first that the electronics in the car were not functioning. After we crossed the bridge over the Fraser river and we changed the timeline again the GPS adjusted all of a sudden and everything was as it should have been. I explained to Carla that we were in a kind of magnetic anomaly while crossing the timelines and that is why the GPS could not locate properly our position. At that moment of confusion, as always, the Elohim immediately came and confirmed my explanation.

On the way back to Vancouver we fully realized that we had entered a very low timeline, actually numerous timelines to disseminate special codes, what we regularly do when we rarely make a trip. Carla was asked to wear her silver medallion which had been imbued with the codes of the central sun two years ago by Vesta and Helios at the Infinity Portal in White Rock. As the silver had become very dark we decided that it should also be polished for this journey, which I did with a special silver cloth until it began to shine again. These were the codes we disseminated on Sunday on numerous timelines, this we knew from the very beginning. But we were not prepared to enter physically and in full consciousness such a dreadful Orwellian world in the midst of the beautiful Canadian landscape.

Back home we continued pondering on our experience and the Elohim came to us and told us that this was not a past timeline, as we initially surmised based on the old car we saw, but a parallel timeline in 2017, where the second world war has ended differently and a true Orwellian order was established in the west. The second world war continued against the communists and that is why Carla was not supposed to wear a red hoodie as she could have been considered a communist spy.

They further elaborated on the fact that there are infinite timelines of the earth after WW2 which experienced different histories. Many of them were fully destroyed, in some the German Nazis won the war, in other timelines the communists were successful, and in many others the war continued while in the West the Orwellian 1984 version was installed. This is what we saw in Squamish, Canada on Sunday. Many of these timelines did not experience the technological boom in the postwar time and on the one which we visited in Squamish this humanity had not developed the Internet and the people there had not see an iPhone which Carla was using while walking along the creek. This must have perplexed the guys in the car and scared them to death.

If they did not arrest us, it was due to the fact that they were not sure if we were not part of a special elite and in possession of modern technologies they did not know but had heard rumours about. Also our car plate was completely different from the one they had on their car and we were told by the Elohim not to be seen to be showing interest in them.  By the way we were protected by billions of angels on our descent to Hades and I felt their consoling and benevolent touch all the time so that we never really felt any fear although we were fully aware of the ominous surroundings.

Now with regard to the massive shootings we heard, we got a notion from the Elohim that these were executions of dissidents, because how would you explain such shootings on a normal sunny Sunday not far away from Vancouver, for instance having military exercises deep in the mountains amidst nowhere. We had indeed descended on a very low and dreadful timeline of the NWO, which exists simultaneously with this one and felt as if it were a past timeline because of its technological backwardness and visible material decay. At that moment I realized how important it was that Dominique made me aware in the morning of my article on the multidimensional model of ascension as to attract my attention to what we were going to experience later in the day and how timely and well planned his suggestion was.

The Elohim also confirmed that since our birth we have experienced the most favourable timeline on this planet where the second world war could be ended with a parity between the two rivaling factions – the capitalist west and the communist east – and the cold war was later abolished in a very peaceful manner. This is because of our loving nature and a deep desire for peace as powerful bearers of the light. Other incarnated souls have experienced their dreadful realities on other more catastrophic earth timelines that resonated with their dark thoughts and belief systems.

In this sense the effort of the ruling cabal to establish the NWO is much older as we know in the meantime and it has had a different outcome on different timelines since WW2. In this sense we did not actually start with the creation of new earths in May 2013 as it is an ongoing process since the inception of this planet. What we actually did after the opening of the stargate 12.12.12 – 12.21.12 was the creation of the 5D earth that had to shed off numerous low vibrating 3D timelines on its way to ascension as

The Propulsion Multistage Rocket as an Explanatory Physical Model of Ascension

This was another model I introduced several months later, in September 2013, for my readers to better understand the ascension process in its entire, highly intricate complexity. I have written a lot in the meantime that as soon as we discern a negative outcome from a certain new political development each time this negative scenario is acted out on a lower timeline and we move to a higher one with a better and more light-filled outcome. This is how ascension is accomplished in every moment in the Now.

This also explains why most of my forecasts were not experienced by the PAT and the humanity we have surrounded ourselves with on our highest ascending timeline but on lower catastrophic timelines which we sever as a propulsion multistage rocket. Superficially we appear in the eyes of other people whom we have saved from a terrible destiny and who should be thankful to us from a higher vantage point of view as false prophets. It does not matter as long we know who is the real creator of this reality.

It is important to note at this place – and this was another insight stimulated by the Elohim – that most of the timelines that have their lineage in WW2 had no chance of ascension, although they still interact with this ascending timeline in various intricate ways and have to be visited by us and cleansed so that this timeline can ultimately ascend. But since we opened the stargate 12.12.12 till 12.21.12 and established the energetic foundation for the irreversible ascension of this uppermost mother planet, we began to create numerous new timelines that no longer carried the old lineage leading back to WW2 but were new timelines, free of this kind of bellicose karma. Nonetheless some of them still had to experience a catastrophic outcome but have the potential of ascension in the near future measured with their linear time.

Hence it is correct when I wrote back in June 2013 that we started with the creation of seven new parallel 4D earths which were subsequently destroyed by a nuclear war, a tsunami, MPR or a combination of the three and were severed from this ascending uppermost mother planet. During 2013 I have published many reports dedicated to the destiny of such parallel timelines, the number of which grew to 12 and then we stopped counting them by the end of this year.

This all is part of our daily multidimensional existence as ascended masters, transliminal souls and Logos Gods. In order to show that this kind of experience is not exceptional or singular I would like to quote the testimony of our PAT brother Henry Clymer who reported my bilocation to him at home the other day:

“Dear George,

   I had a lucid dream of you early this morning (April 29th); at exactly 2:13 AM.  It was on two parts… In the second part, you were in your original body, like I had seen you in Bulgaria in early adulthood, and you were handling a pocket watch in your left hand.  I could see it gleaming, walked up to you and inquired what you were doing.  You showed me the watch, it was incredible. It was hand tooled in 22 carat gold, with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Then you said that it was “a gift from the Tsar and the new Tsar is Mr. Putin.”  Then I awoke, at the same time that the door to my apartment was closing!  Now there are two locks on the door which I always check at the same time before going to bed.  That’s how I knew that is was 5D and that your mastery of bilocation is superb; and just enough to get the message across.”

Finally, I sent this report in advance to Dominique and this is what he wrote back today:

Dear George,

Flabbergasted is an understatement. There’s no need for further confirmation that Carla and you are full-fledged transliminal Souls and are performing Light Duties across timelines and time itself. It reads like the summary of what could be a bestselling fantasy/sci-fi book.  I get to my point.

I have considered on a couple occasions of cleansing work and ID shifts that I am led to watch a particular movie or series that relates to what you report after.  It seems to be my subconscious way of partaking in these activities.  The most recent example being the series The Man in The High Castle based on the book by Philip K. Dick. There is a hunt on for this man in the castle because he collects film reels of alternative outcomes of the Second World War, which can’t have been counterfeited, as some characters confirm. Where did he get those from?  It remains a mystery.  A Japanese character perceives several times a nuclear explosion in a San Francisco valley, which is a vision of either a potential outcome or of an event on another timeline.  He also gets retrieved to an alternative timeline during meditation, where WW II went as we know it. I was riveted all through the show, as you can imagine.  I didn’t feel like I was energizing destructive potentials, but far more getting a beginner’s lesson in probabilities, timelines and so on. Please read the wikipedia page for a full summary.  

Polina stated that it was a remarkable coincidence that she had been asked to read this book, which I posted on my FB timeline, from the book club she joined.  You may consider this a long shot, but I don’t believe in coincidences. 

Talking about weird stuff: maybe you have seen those photographs with allegedly time travelers on them, because of their modern clothing, or holding a cell phone. What if these are for real and from a future when others also travel across space-time and are caught on film?  Another long shot.

I am deeply impressed by your experience. Below are the links for more information. I hope and even suggest that you share it on your website in an edited form.

and the free PDF e-book:

Man in the High Castle (1st Edition).png

Much Love to Carla and You,

And now read one more time carefully the revised version of my article “A Simple Multi-Dimensional Model of Ascension” from June 10, 2013 which is now even more valid than four years ago when we started bilocating all the time in a conscious manner to different timelines in order to cleanse them and prepare them for the final ascension.

A Simple Multi-Dimensional Model of Ascension

by Georgi Stankov, first published on June 10, 2013; revised on May 2, 2017

We have entered in May a new phase in the ascension process that challenges all our previous, more or less deterministic points of view. This new time affords an absolute clarity of the mind and a great flexibility in personal perception and ideas. It is not surprising that some light workers, and even members of the PAT, may now go through a short period of confusion before their understanding clears one more time and they see the light through the haze of the newly emerging multi-dimensional world in front of their new, expanding senses.

For this purpose I will present below a simple method based on mathematical matrices that can serve you as a point of departure for a better understanding of what is now happening on the seven parallel 4D earths. In this context it is important to reiterate that the 3D earth has been fully separated from the 4D earths and is currently undergoing huge calamities that are no longer perceived on our upper 4D timeline, in which we dwell since June 4th, 2013.

The omni-earth of infinite timelines has always existed in the Now and this is how the limited 3D-holographic model of the earth, we used to know, was created in the first place. It can be considered as a stable, standing wave that is created /composed of infinite superimposed, extremely rapidly fluctuating waves that build a crest and also determine the steepness of the slopes of this standing wave, which can also be presented as a Bell curve in statistics for didactic purposes. The individual waves can be then regarded as parallel timelines/realities of this stable 3D-holographic model /standing wave, which emerges as a composite reality from these rapidly changing parallel waves/timelines.

Now, all these parallel timelines, including all past and future timelines, exist in the present and are rapidly changing their pattern and form. However for the sake of a more effective transformation of the stable standing wave / holographic model, numerous stable parallel models can be built very quickly from the infinite rapidly changing probable timelines.

This is what happened at the end of May and the beginning of June after the 3D earth was irreversibly severed from the 4D earths. It is as if the stable standing wave was split into several standing waves and now has more than one crest. These kinds of phenomena occur all the time in wave theory and in particular in the quantum microcosm. Thus the wave model I am using at this place is a basic approach in quantum physics to describe and explain most known quantum events. All these quantum rearrangements are obeying the Universal Law of constructive and destructive interference as widely discussed by myself on this website.

I have written recently that after the 3D earth was energetically (electro-magnetically) fully separated from all the 4D versions of the earth on May 24/25, 2013, this timeline experienced its devastating MPR on May 28th, to which I was personally fully aligned as the energies for this event flowed through my personal energy field and completely knocked me down on that auspicious day.

Read here

Elohim’s Three Messages: The Final Separation from 3D Is Complete

You Are in the Final Preparation for the New Planet Earth A/B

We learnt that a decision had been made to create several parallel 4D earths as to facilitate the transformation period of mankind prior to ascension. In this context it is essential to observe that Gaia as a sentient soul being has fully ascended to the 5th dimension in May 2013.

Since May 22nd my dual soul and myself have had numerous discussions and conversations with our HS and other sources from the HR (my dual soul left Bavaria yesterday) as we were fully involved in all these processes as a combined energetic force – as future Elohim and creator gods in all earth timelines and beyond this. Hence, we were given a lot of information beyond all previously known levels.

I have published some essentials with regard to the occurrence of the MPR on the worst 4D timeline on June 8th in my latest publication immediately after our return from the Alps, where we actually triggered this event under the guidance and constant surveillance and information of our HS. But there is much more data to these events which I cannot discuss now at depth as they do not relate to most members of the PAT, who have different tasks to fulfill in this End Time and will be only unnecessarily distracted by information that is not relevant to them at this point in time. But I recognize very well the necessity of presenting a common background of knowledge that will help all of you to better understand and interpret the coming auspicious events that are exclusively of multi-dimensional nature and need a completely new mental approach.

Now let us restrict ourselves to the basic information given by our HS that at the end of May seven new parallel timelines were created to facilitate the transformational process of mankind and mitigate the scope of inevitable natural catastrophes that were part of the MPR and also of the awakening process of the incarnated masses.

The PAT and most light workers, including most old and ripe souls, and all indigo and crystalline children, are now dwelling on the upper 4D earth, which we experience in these days. This timeline is planned to evolve to a stable 4D society that will be the spring board for mass ascension of about 500 million people. About 300 million souls will initially remain on this upper 4D. Later on they will be joined by many other souls who are now distributed among the other six more catastrophic timelines and will experience bigger catastrophes and personal calamities that will be more conducive to their awakening. Most of these souls must go first through the death experience before they can incarnate on the upper 4D earth. And I can assure you that most of these incarnated souls have already experienced death, have left their catastrophic 4D timelines and are now dwelling in Celestria, waiting for the just moment to incarnate again on the upper 4D earth.

This new ascension model creates understandably some confusion among many readers of this website as it offsets all previous forecasts based only on one 4D earth that encompasses the whole human population of currently six billion incarnated human souls. The key aspect to understand now is how is it possible that we still observe the whole human population, including the chemtrails of the dark portion of humanity, while we have already moved to the upper 4D, and the 3D earth has been fully separated?

From the many emails I have received in the last days, this was the main topic of confusion. I will now respond to your cognitive dilemma and will present a simple operational model, which you can apply to your new multi-dimensional reality that you now begin to observe as to better explain it without being confused by faulty linear thinking.

Let us present the human population of six billion incarnated souls as a mathematical matrix with rows and columns consisting of elements. Each element designated as “1” will represent one hundred million human souls, who still exist on a timeline, while zero “0” will be used to designate all souls that do not actively pertain to a certain timeline, but only appear there as an empty holographic image. To this I will give more detailed explanation below.

Below I have given the distribution of incarnated human souls on the seven parallel 4D earths and on the separated 3D earth as a matrix. The numbers of souls pertaining to each timeline are arbitrary and only serve as an example. The real numbers will be known only when the process is completed:

1, 1, 1, 1,1, 1, 1, 1,0,0   –    (1) Upper 4D (800 million souls, 300 million 4D-souls and 500                                                                               million  5D-souls.
0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0         The rest 5,2 billion are empty holographic images “0” that fill in
0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0          the space-time to create the illusion of an intact population on
0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0          this timeline.

1,1, 1, 1,0,0,0,0,0,0   –  (2) The least catastrophic parallel 4D earth (400 million souls)
0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0         The rest 5,6 billions are empty holographic images “0” that fill in
0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0          the space-time to create the illusion of an intact population on
0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0          this timeline.

1,1,1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0 – (3)  moderate catastrophic parallel 4D earth (500 million souls)


1,1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0 – (4) more catastrophic parallel 4D earth (400 million souls)

1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 – (5) severe catastrophic 4D earth (300 million souls)

1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 – (6) more severe catastrophic 4D earth (200 million souls)

1,1,1,1,1,1,1,0,0,0 – (7) worst catastrophic 4D earth with MPR on June 28 (700 million
etc.                               souls)

1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 –  3D earth now fully separated from the other seven 4D earths

The building of parallel 4D timelines is based exclusively on the level of individual awakening, respectively on the lack of any awakening in the general human population. This parameter is constantly gauged in the HR in the course of the numerous ascension test runs that were conducted by the PAT in 2012 and 2013. The last major series of such ascension test runs took place between May 18th and May 23rd, 2013 when it was decided to implement the current model of many parallel 4D earths and to fully separate the 3D earth from them at the very beginning.

The new model of seven parallel 4D earths has the advantage that those human beings, who have advanced spiritually in a sufficient way, will not experience in their timeline /reality of upper 4D earth the catastrophes, which the rest of the souls on the 4th dimension will experience with various degrees of severity. If this would have been done on one 4D earth, the 800 million human souls from the current upper 4D earth would have directly participated and witnessed all these natural catastrophes caused by the deluge of the MPR and would have been scared to death/ overwhelmed by the fears of the rest of humanity, which is not prepared for this event. This collective fear, which I personally experienced on June 8th, could have jeopardized their ascension process even though they will not be physically harmed by these events.

As the harvest of ascended souls was measured to be very low after the last ascension test runs in May 18-23, 2013, it became obvious that there is a great danger that in the course of the MPR the HR may even lose these 500 million souls for ascension, if they are directly exposed to such catastrophes. Hence the decision to split the 4D earth in parallel timelines and proceed with the catastrophic events in a separated fashion, even though all these parallel 4D timelines are energetically interconnected, so that a MPR in the worst 4D timeline, as it happened on June 8th, has huge and immediate repercussions – a sudden ripple effect – on all other subsequent catastrophic 4D timelines (five), except on the upper 4D earth.

(This argumentation is based on the information we received at that time for the creation of the first seven 4D earths that were fully separated from the old 3D earth with its numerous timelines linked to WW2. In the context of this argumentation regarding the multidimensional nature of all creation the number of parallel earth timelines is irrelevant, what counts is their existence and close interrelationship. The goal of this pivotal publication was to awaken the awareness of all light workers for the complexity of the ascension process with the introduction of the concept of simultaneous multidimensionality and why it is so important to put aside the idea of linear time which is the basic idea of separation of the incarnated personality from her soul and the source.

This disquisition does not include the concept of massive influxes of new transliminal souls as walk-ins during the creation of each new timeline and ID shift that further complicates the understanding of the ascension process as a very intricate input-output model of soul energy that transforms in a very powerful, though invisible manner the energetic structure of the holographic incarnation reality of planet earth.

This fact underscores why it is necessary to go back to previous concepts we have developed in the course of our discussions on this website and to critically reassess and eventually enrich them with new knowledge we have acquired in the meantime. What should always be observed though is the axiomatic nature of our argumentation that should never be in contradiction with past and future knowledge and facts.)


Now that I have presented the reasons for the introduction of the seven 4D-timelines scenario of ascension, let me explain how these holographic models were created as identical mirror images of the old 3D earth as to create the illusion of normalcy and continuity of this holographic model.

We all know that in the multi-dimensional realities of the HR the soul can exist in many parallel worlds and timelines at the same time. We speak in this context of bi- and tri-location with respect to one or more realities. In fact the soul participates in infinite probability realities and parallel timelines all the time, where she creates and studies the results of her creation. Such realities can be replicated infinite times, just as one can copy a file many times on the computer.

This topic is as old as modern esotericism and has been extensively discussed by Seth in the famous Jane Robert’s books as early as in the 60s and 70s. This knowledge must build the foundation of any enlightened view on modern human Gnosis. But unfortunately this is seldom the case nowadays.

Now let us develop this concept of simultaneous existence of the soul in multiple realities a step further. When all incarnated human souls on the old 3D earth learnt about the creation of the seven parallel 4D earths and the initial separation of the catastrophic 3D-earth, they immediately retrieved their focus of incarnation from these realities/timelines and placed it on the timeline they chose to make their specific experiences. In this way they continued to project an empty holographic mirror image of their incarnated personality in the other timelines, so that an overarching illusion of the continuation of the old 3D-order was created in all seven 4D timelines.

This explains why the cities started to resemble ghost towns, with a much lesser population in the last several days. It is not so much that the human count has decreased, but that the number of living souls has vastly diminished in the upper 4D earth and this fact one can sense telepathically in the atmosphere, just as I have always sensed the emptiness of historical heritage in the American air compared to that of Europe when I have visited the North American continent in the past. This fact was also confirmed by my dual soul these past days with respect to the historical density in Central Europe.

Now if you read other channeled messages, they all stress currently the importance of inner experiences and recommend a full detachment from the outer reality as a prerequisite for ascension. This advice considers exactly this new ascension scenario of seven 4D earths.

It is not at all important if the incarnated personality participates physically in a catastrophe, but how she perceives and processes this event emotionally and mentally and how effectively she copes with her deeply ingrained fears in her cells and DNA-structure. The other empty images/ avatars of this soul in other parallel realities only fill in the space-time there, but they do not participate in the events of the other timelines in an active and conscious manner.

For instance if the population of the upper 4D earth experiences very soon our ascension and appearance as ascended masters, the empty images of the incarnated 3D-souls in this timeline, which now dwell (or have already died) with their main focus on the catastrophic 3D earth, will not be able to perceive this event as their vibrations are so low that they simply cannot see us as light gestalts, while all ascension candidates, who vibrate at the higher 4th dimension, will be able to see us.

This fact was illustrated to us two days ago when a mafioso – a Russian gangster almost drove with his expensive car on the pedestrian zone of the old town/island of Lindau (Lake of Constance) over my feet and then get off the car without seeing me and my dual soul, who was making pictures at that time. He could as well have driven through us and nothing would have happened. It cannot be excluded that in his reality he actually drove through our body fields, but it was clear that he did not register us even when he walked several inches away from us and entered the next shop.

What I want to relay with this example is that, although everything seems to be still the same old crap and many define this as a stalemate and a reason for despair, in fact nothing is as it seems to be. It is the same situation with a reverse character when my dual soul and I were fully engaged in the MPR on the worst 4D timeline on June 8th and at the same time we did specific cleansing work on the upper 4D timeline. None of this crucial light work of the PAT can be registered by the rest of humanity and not even by most light workers.

From this disquisition it becomes cogent that we must try to preserve the clarity of our minds and the utmost flexibility of our ideas and concepts if we want to understand what is currently going on in our reality and beyond it. It is actually imperative to do so as we are the spearhead of humanity. If we now get lost in semantic and cognitive confusion, then the whole population on the upper 4D earth will be also confused. We are the wayshowers that pave the way for the others to follow. It is obvious in the last days that the general confusion among the small LW community has reached an unprecedented peak and none of them is able to interpret the energetic situation on the ground and in the HR in an adequate manner.The PAT must avoid this unhealthy situation at any price now. (How true this last statement is – it is as valid today as four years ago. This is prophecy in fulfillment.)

Comment May 3, 2017

Dearest Georgi,

This information was very helpful in bringing clarity to our minds.

Sometimes when I am trying to convey this information to others I find that I have to use information that is more easily understood by them. Americans have been deprived of a meaningful education in math, science and history and can easily get lost.

I like to equate the “stable, standing wave that is created /composed of infinite superimposed, extremely rapidly fluctuating waves” to the creation process in the SIMS computer game.  It uses wave simulation as part of the process of creating a reality. When one plays the game you get a feel for how our holographic reality is created using fluctuating waves.

Excerpt from:

“New Create A Sim—Create any Sim you can imagine. New easy-to-use design tools allow for unlimited customization to make truly individual Sims. Determine your Sims’ shape and size, from thin to full-figured to muscular—and everything in between! Choose your Sims’ facial features, their exact skin tone, hair, eye shape and color and select their clothing and accessories.”

I equate the empty holographic images to “hollow vessels” spoken of in the Hopi Prophecy:

Excerpts from:

“Many will appear to have lost their souls in these final days. So intense will the nature of the changes be that those who are weak in spiritual awareness will go insane, for we are nothing without spirit. They will disappear, for they are just hollow vessels for any thing to use. Life will be so bad in the cities that many will choose to leave this plane. Some in whole groups.”

I equate the entire Ascension process into our Light Bodies through the activation from the Great Central Sun to the Hopi Prophecy of the burning changes that occur within us.

“The return of the Blue Star Katchina who is also known as Nan ga sohu will be the alarm clock that tells us of the new day and new way of life, a new world that is coming. This is where the changes will begin. They will start as fires that burn within us, and we will burn up with desires and conflict if we do not remember the original teachings, and return to the peaceful way of life.”

The man who drove over your foot is like the ghost mentioned in the Hopi Prophecy. The parallel earths in different dimensions can be seen in the Hopi Prophecy as well in how they speak of some not being touched by the events and others suffering. It clearly speaks of how reality will be shifting in and out of a dream state and many doors to other dimensions would be opened.

Again, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I see harmony in many ancient texts and prophecy where truth is spoken. Where harmony is lacking usually reveals a lie. Every word you’ve published can be confirmed within this context so there can be no doubt that you are speaking the truth.

You are so loved and deeply appreciated for all that you do.

Peace & Light my brother,


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