My Personal Experience with the Latest Timeline Shift on April 26th: Emotional Alchemy

Kari Marie Werth, May 4, 2017

Hi Georgi,

It has taken me a few days to acclimate since the most recent timeline shift. I knew I wanted to articulate the events I experienced in good detail, as they may be of significance to other PAT members or readers. I was kind of bummed when I saw you had already published an energy update regarding this, but perhaps there are enough other testimonials to make another one. I just sent you a donation. Thank You again for everything. I was thinking tonight that I may have already gone insane if it weren’t for your/our website. We’ve said this many times, and it’s so true, that there is nothing else like it on the entire internet. The information, archives and energy contained within are consistent and incorruptible. I witness so many people who were led astray by dark channelers and who eventually gave up all hope in Ascension. I’ve pointed many people to your website but many do not listen. In the end, I know it is impossible to try to convince anyone that does not have experience with these energies and events in a personal manner. I only hope all of your readers feel nudged to donate something to you for your years of untiring service to us and for having to explain things like a broken record at times (I’m laughing as I remember something you wrote from a recent post about how if we haven’t got it by now, you must have failed as an educator.) Hahahah! I laughed right out loud as I could relate to the feeling. But I digress now to last weeks’ shift.

In your post about the Earth splitting into two halves, you mentioned that the rift occurred on Wednesday, the 26th. I do believe it did but for some reason I experienced it personally on Thursday, the 27th at night. First off, all of last week felt heavy and off to me. I was having feelings of overwhelm and sadness and of course, moments of bliss. I also felt like the days were moving so quickly that I could not catch my breath or accomplish nearly anything I wanted to in a day. My friend/boyfriend said that he just had a heaviness he could not shake. This explained partially my feelings as well. Yet, I have been busier lately as I now teach Pilates and yoga a few times a week at a new business and I’ve been throwing myself into service there because I really believe in this business and know that it has the intention of Service to Others. So I’ve been distracted with that and not having as much time for rest and focusing on all the subtle and not so subtle energies. I only mention that to say I did not realize a shift was happening because I was attributing the majority of my feelings to this new job and having less time to rest.

However, last Wednesday was pretty awful for me. I woke up around 6 am and took my dogs to the park before I had to go and teach a private lesson at 9 am. As I was at the dog park, I became aware that I had an aversion to people that morning (more than usual), which is a sign to me that something is happening to my physical body and I don’t want most people near me or to have to talk to them. But there was one lady there who has a shoulder problem and who I have been helping with natural remedies so I knew I had to check on her because I sometimes go weeks without seeing her and she was there that morning. As her and I were talking, I became aware that a couple of dogs had gone Number 2 on the lawn and their owners hadn’t seen them so I cleaned up a couple of piles. Then, as I go to leave, I step in a pile and now have it all over my sandal. I am frustrated because I’m already pressed for time and haven’t had any coffee and now I’m trying to scrape my shoe off on the pavement before getting into my car and having to smell it on me. I was thinking “where the hell is my good Karma for picking up other people’s dogs’ shit?” hahaha. Oh well, I thought to myself, at least I can stop at Trader Joes and get some coffee before I have to get to my client. I pull up at the store and start to go in when I realize they don’t open for another hour! Ugh! I was so pissed! Then I thought I would stop at another place right by my house as I dropped the dogs off but, as soon as I entered the store there was this hellaciously long line and only ONE person working the register. It was unbelievable. I literally just turned around and walked back out. I have never seen a line like that in that store and especially not at around 8:30 am. So I now had a pretty good idea that we were in for a ride that day. Usually when a bunch of shitty (pun intended;) things happen in quick succession; I know something is up.

Also, at this time, my friend Victor was staying down on the Las Vegas Strip for a work convention he had all last week. Even though he lives here in Vegas, its most convenient for him to stay down there when he has a conference like that. He was also turning 60 on Saturday. He invited me down there to use the pool while he was working and also for dinner Thursday evening to celebrate his birthday with him. So after my client, I head down there to at least relax by the pool for a while and get some sun. I met up with him in his room and we both recounted that the day had been frustrating so far. He said he was able to go to the pool with me for a while so we went down and got some sun and had a pina colada. This part was nice but there was still an underlying heaviness. We also got in the lazy river and went around once which was therapeutic in its own right. After that, I went back home and told him I’d be down the next night for dinner.

He made reservations at the Four Seasons which I had never been to so I was excited but at the same time Thursday had its challenges as well and I was feeling depleted and just “off”. I had fleeting thoughts of canceling but reasoned that it was his birthday and good for me to get out sometimes. I also had a newer dress that I had never worn yet and I really liked how this dress made me feel. This is an important detail because this dress feels like a perfect expression of myself. I also had the perfect pieces of jewelry that i had manifested that went absolutely perfect with the dress. So I head down there to make our reservation at 7. I pulled up to the valet with only about 15 minutes to get to his room where we were going to make a toast (I had brought a bottle of champagne) before we walked down to dinner. The valet tells me the regular valet is now full but I can pay $40 for VIP valet. I was taken aback at the price but at that point, I just didn’t want to be late to the only thing I was looking forward to that day so I paid it and hurried off to find Victor. We toasted in his room and then went to the restaurant. As we walked up to the hostess stand, there were two female hostesses ready to greet us. One was a very pretty blonde and she kept looking at me like she was trying to figure out who I was or something…I think she felt my energy and just didn’t know what to do. She seemed intrigued by me. She exclaimed, “I love your dress!” Again, I found this significant because it’s a unique dress and it feels as if I created it for myself. Then she seats us and she just lingers by me looking at my hands and all the way up to my head. Then she says in a dazed tone, “I love your jewelry too…wow, you’re just….” And she didn’t really finish her sentence. I turned and looked at her and gave her a nod and a genuine smile because I felt I understood what she meant. She seemed genuinely amazed by me and like she had never seen such an integrated person. Then she nervously started chatting with us about how she never had her ears pierced even though she’s now 30 years old and maybe she should get them done. The main point here is, she didn’t want to leave our energy.

Even after she left, I caught her watching me here and there from afar. But it was different than any sort of jealousy or anything like that. She had no ill intent. In fact, I could feel she had like an affection for me. Dinner was nice and then we went and walked around the pool at night and finished our wine. We sat down on a round cushion and started looking up at the sky. The stars were very visible that night and we began talking about Hawaii and the sky there. It seemed we were on a higher timeline for that period in the restaurant. After hanging out another hour or so and talking about some past wounds (clearing), I said I should go home. Victor told me that he would be there for me if I needed him and that words are just words until it’s time to show up (or something to that effect). Well, little did we know that I would be needing him that very night!

I drove home in good spirits and wanted to take my dogs on a walk around the block since they had been inside for several hours at this point. It was late but I had taken them out on late walks many times and kind of preferred the silence at that time. I was still in my dress and walking them around the block when Frank (my male dog) suddenly began screaming at the top of his lungs like he had broken a leg! He was flopping around on the ground and letting out the most high-pitched screams. I still had some wine in my system and was not prepared for such a sudden catastrophe so I was on my knees trying to see what was wrong with him and I was shaking and he keeps crying out and he wont let me touch one of his front paws. In fact, he nipped at me a little for trying to touch it and he would never bite me but I knew he must be in pain to even nip like that. I could tell he felt bad for it too. It was horrible! I felt so helpless with my 3 dogs out late at night and no phone on me even. He was flopping around someones yard and I couldn’t take it anymore. I dropped Shelby’s leash and Stella doesn’t walk on one so now I have two dogs with no leash and I’m scooping up Frank like a baby on his back so I didn’t touch his leg and so he couldn’t put pressure on it. I am now holding him like a baby and crying and running with him back to my house, yelling at both Shelby and Stella to follow me and they did because they knew something was wrong with Frank.

Anyhow, I get them all in the house and my heart is racing and Frank is scared and I lay him on his back on the couch and place a hand firmly on his chest so he can’t try to walk around. By this time, his paw is tremoring and his eyes are wide and he has big green eyes like a human so the entire thing was just surreal. It literally felt like I was carrying someone out of a landmine and trying to save their life. This was probably happening on a lower timeline because that is the emotional trauma I felt. It was just like the time the landscapers cut up my beautiful tree in front of my house and I was on my knees in front of the leasing office screaming and crying. Remember that one?! I started begging my guides and angels to help me and I reached for my phone to dial the 24 hour animal hospital. They just told me to bring him in but I didn’t know how I could drive him there and hold him on his back to keep him from pain. It was too painful to hear him cry again. I’d seriously have rather just died. I called my friend who lived the closest but he didn’t answer and I figured he was in bed so suddenly I called Victor and thank god he was still awake. I was hysterical and told him he had to come NOW because there was an emergency with Frank and I needed to go to the animal hospital. Victor said he’d be there right away. I sat with Frank trying to calm him and crying my eyes out until his paw stopped tremoring and he began trying to pull away from me. He managed to stand himself up on 3 legs and started to jump off the couch with me screaming, “no frank don’t jump!” but he did anyway and he even went upstairs to my bedroom which is his favorite place. At least he had stopped crying and then my friend who hadn’t answered the phone called me and I told him what was happening. He told me to calm down and that frank would not hurt himself any further so I could let him up and try to find some pain meds for him and an anti inflammatory because it was probably a sprang. I found some old medicine from the vet and then Victor arrived very very quickly. He had run down to valet and basically manifested green lights all the way back to the suburbs. I took him upstairs to Frank. Victor was exactly who Frank needed because he was very calm and loving and let Victor look at his paw. Meanwhile I snuck the pain pill in some food and took it up to him. He began eating the food and it was like he was normal again just like that! It was very crazy. I still don’t know what the hell he did. I never saw him trip or fall or step on anything. It was just a sudden drama just like the tree.

At this point, it was very late and I told Victor just to sleep over since he shouldn’t be driving back downtown so late after we’d had the wine and now the drama. He stayed the night and in the morning, we both noticed how extremely peaceful my house was. When he left, I walked him out to his car and we both noticed how blue the sky was, the absence of chemtrails and how amazingly oxygen rich and clean the air was! I forgot to the mention that at dinner Victor asked me if I had read your recent post about the timeline shift. I said that no I hadn’t but I couldn’t wait to do so because Wednesday morning had been some sort of 8th ring of hell. So the next morning when he was leaving I said that we had just had our timeline shift and Frank had been the catalyst to evoke the huge amount of emotional release from me to trigger the alchemical reaction you’ve talked about in the past. I am now familiar with these events because of the massive amounts of emotional energy they generate from me. Since then, things have been very weird indeed.

Also, I posted on Facebook about the timeline shift and a friend asked me if I’d read the article by this woman: Diana Canfield. So now I wanted to ask you if you had heard of her because she also confirms the timeline shift on the 26th. She seems like a pure channel to me and this served as more confirmation. I did not hear this exact info on this date from anyone besides you and then her.


Love to you and Carla,

-Kari XO


Dear Kari,

your story is amazing indeed and I know very well how alchemical reactions are triggered as I have experienced them myself numerous times and they always felt very dramatic although the actual trigger was rather trivial most of the time and made no sense retrospectively. But first let me thank you for your unwavering support that is highly valued.

By the way I immediately contacted this woman Diane Canfield on her website and made her aware of our reports on the ID shift/ installment of the new matrix on April 26th. I am curious if she will respond.

I will publish your report as an article as it so well articulates what happens with us at the subjective level when we go through these ID shifts and dramatic energetic changes. This is the only way how one can learn to attune to the multidimensional events and properly interpret these shifts they are associated with without interpreting the unfolding inner dramas and emotional tempests the wrong way – as personal events. We are multidimensional beings and have become transpersonal long time ago and what happens to us happens to Gaia and the entire humanity.

By the way, after our last visit to this Hades timeline in Squamish, where the NWO was reality in Canada and the western world and WW2 still continues in the year of 2017, we must have transformed such negative dark timelines in such a profound way that this has caused another ID shift of our ascending timeline in the last 24-48 hours. There is much movement and it has reached us too with some beautiful outcomes. But we must wait and stay open how they will ultimately manifest for us. But I am now very confident that we have entered the final phase of radical change when this holographic reality will begin to transform in front of our eyes as if with a magic wand.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this excellently written personal report which illustrated what each one of us experiences these days in a very personal manner but fully embedded in the planetary ascension.

With love and light




thank you so much for your response! OMG! I was just going to ask you if you thought we had shifted again in the past 24 hours! My friend/boyfriend said he absolutely had to lay down yesterday late afternoon and he was just going to close his eyes for 15 minutes but ended up being passed out for over an hour and said he felt like he was floating all day yesterday. Shortly after he texted that he woke up, I then felt I must lay down (like the no control over it feeling) and then I was sleeping for hours and kept trying to wake up but couldn’t bring myself too. When I finally did wake up, I felt my entire skin was on fire and went and kicked the AC way up. I couldn’t breathe either. Then I texted Victor to see how his experience was and he was having symptoms of fatigue but was somewhere where he could not lay down and then he felt ravenously hungry all of a sudden. Now, today I feel extremely tired and like I don’t have much energy to even walk around. I’m actually going to go lay back down now.

BTW – I’m glad you wrote to Diana and I also wanted to tell you that when I was reading your story about Squamish, I felt so many eerie feelings as I know these “looks” from people and I have often felt like I’m being watched and having to be aware but pretend I’m not. You told the story so amazingly and I can so relate to crossing many timelines for a simple drive across town. In fact, I rarely do this anymore because I feel so exhausted by the time I get back home. If I have any appointments or clients in one day, I can barely leave the 5 mile radius of my house or else I’m toast.

Love, Kari

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