The Final ID Shift is in Full Sway – The Return of the Agarthans

Georgi Stankov  and Carla Thompson, December 21, 2016

Punctually on the December 21, 2016 portal I am bringing you the good news: The final ID shift is in full sway and today we made a huge leap of ascension. I will spare you the details as not to spoil the effect of the surprise. But this time it is earnest and there will be no more delays. However, this holds true only for those light warriors of the first and the last hour who have already ascended many years ago and have already become multidimensional personalities. For them the final clearance has been given today to transfigure and merge with the Source in the coming days. Their final ascension has already commenced.

When the final transformation will happen is irrelevant in this context as the ascension process is now running at a maximal speed. The joy in the higher realms is beyond description. The Source, which is the creator of infinite galaxies and universes, has focused the blue light of ascension onto this tiny planet as it brings it back to All-That-Is together with its best and glorious warriors. This is not my interpretation, this is what the Agarthans conveyed to us when they came to us today (see below).

During this auspicious portal we as conduits of Source Light inserted the blue flame of the ascended masters, who we, the warriors of the first and the last hour are, into Gaia and heaved this uppermost mother planet for ever away from the old 3D matrix. It is now vibrating with the maximal possible frequencies of the diamond light of the Source which was carried in on December 15th. The blue flame functions as a massive propeller rocket mechanism that catapulted the new earth away from the existing 3D matrix. It will increase its effect in the coming days till New Year. The blue flame was first introduced by us on September 12th:

New Earth – New Beginning. Huge Downloads of Blue and Magenta Light From the Source Establish the New Matrix

as reported in the second part of my chronicle for this summer:

The Creation of the Three Spiritual World Centres of Ascension – Part II

This was possible because the collective consciousness of humanity has reached its highest levels of expansion and clarity under these energetic circumstances. This process of expansion of the mental fields of all incarnated humans began last year at Christmas when the first big wave of transliminal souls entered this planet as walk-ins as reported:

Message from the Elohim – The Arrival of the Transliminal Souls

The process of mental purification continued unabated throughout the entire 2016 and on October 7th we raised the intelligence of the entire world population by 30% which is a huge leap measured in human proportions.

Message from The Elohim – The Perfect Storm

The results were immediately felt as the masses in the West began to see through the dark agenda and narrative of the ruling cabal and their presstitutes from the MSM. All their attempts to turn the course of the US elections in their favour failed, just as all post-election attempts to prevent Trump from being elected also badly failed. The obvious lie that the Russians somehow influenced the results of the election was rejected by more than 71% of all American people as the latest polls of today show. The cabal no longer control the narrative for this reality and has lost the war for the minds of the people. This is their end.

The actual foundation for this liberation of the masses from their perennial enslavement by the dark cabal was laid down in a series of dramatic events in the course of this year as reported by myself on this website. The first major event was:

The Creation of the Protuberance Field for the Two Spiritual World Centres in Vancouver, North America and Munich, Central Europe Within Which the New Theory of the Universal Law Will be Introduced After Ascension on August 6th and 7th

as announced in my chronicle

The Creation of the Three Spiritual World Centres of Ascension – Part I.

The second equally dramatic and auspicious event was:

The Final and Most Dramatic Global Purging of All Dark Thought and Emotion Patterns of Humanity From the Astral Plane of This Ascending Uppermost Mother Planet prior to the ID shift on September 5, 2016

as reported in the second part of my chronicle:

The Creation of the Three Spiritual World Centres of Ascension – Part II

Why this light work was of such paramount importance was confirmed to us today one more time by the Agarthans. Finally they came to us after they have been silent for about two years when they moved to the 6th dimension and evacuated their city of light Telos under Mount Shasta as reported by Carla and myself at that time. The Agarthans were accompanied by Sananda, St. Germain and other ascended masters and also by AA Michael, who is the holder of the blue flame of Gods Divine will. They confirmed in a most effusive manner that  we, the new ascended masters and multidimensional beings, are now able to establish contact with the Agarthans as we have in the meantime eliminated all the archons from the astral plane of this uppermost mother planet. Before that they had to cloak themselves as to evade the obnoxious influence of the archons on incarnated human beings. This was the reason why they had to move to the Inner Earth even before the fall of Lemuria as to complete their incarnation cycle free of dark interventions.

They confirmed that we, the light warriors of the first and last hour, have never left Agartha and that now we are back home in a conscious manner. In this sense Agartha stands as a synonym for the New Earth and New Lemuria. From now on we shall be able to communicate with them without restrictions and in full consciousness, in particular when the final expansion of our awareness will take place and our biological carbon-based brains will be fully transfigured into crystalline light brains based on superconductivity. This has always been a leitmotif in my writings.

Since their arrival this afternoon, the Agarthans are all the time around us and commend us for this unique victory – Ascension is now a done deal! To my question, if we can from now on communicate with them in a conscious manner and also bilocate consciously to Agartha, we received the confirmation that as of today, December 21st, we have received the divine “clearance” to do so. No dates were given, but from what we gather, it may take some more linear time before these dramatic changes manifest in this reality. It may happen before New Year or shortly thereafter, but it is very close now.

The most important achievement today was that the collective awareness was fully cleared from all dark influences that have built and sustained the old Orion matrix for eons of time so that from now on there will be no mental or other blockages that will hinder the full process of revelations, first and foremost the introduction of the new theory of the Universal Law, which is the foundation of any true revelation. This applies of course to humanity as the PAT is fully aware of the importance of this new theory for many years. But the expansion of collective awareness will be felt in a most beneficial manner by the PAT members.

With the opening of the December 21st portal, there is another dramatic leap in expansion of the collective human consciousness. This is the ultimate prerequisite for the occurrence of the final ID shift and emergence of the 5D energetic structures of the Cities of Light, we have been creating for several years. However, at the beginning only the true multidimensional personalities from the first wave of ascension candidates will have unlimited contact to them and will be able to move through the dimensions. The second and third wavers will follow in due time.

There is much more that happened today and we have received some personal information regarding our future mission, but I cannot disclose it now as first, this is part of the surprise effect and second, because everything is in flow and many unexpected changes may occur in this end phase of the Ascension process. But there will be no delays anymore, this is for sure.

The key recommendation of the Agarthans, accompanied by AA Michael and St Germain, among many other ascended masters, was that we must now fully detach from this reality as it has no relevance anymore and stay extremely positive as we shall observe in the coming days the utter collapse of the system triggered by an avalanche of atrocities committed by the ruling cabal in the West. The crimes have already begun in Ankara and Berlin, but this is only a prelude to what will follow very soon before this old matrix can be ultimately shed off from this ascending earth that is since today fully enveloped in the most intensive blue light of the ascended masters, who we are, and thus immune to all 3D collapses.

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