The Hyperboreans’ Lecture: The Role and Function of the Blue Light of God’s Divine Will That Flooded Gaia and Humanity During the Winter Solstice Portal of Ascension on December 21, 2016

Carla Thompson, December  24, 2016

A warm Hello to everyone!

The Winter Solstice Portal was a magnificent experience for us and I feel compelled to share my side of the story (in addition to Georgi’s report) in case any one of you may also relate to what I saw and felt throughout the 21st and carrying on since then. Confirmation through others is very important these days.

First of all, we three, Georgi, Julia and myself, were in a restaurant by the beach at the Infinity portal in White Rock.  Just after Julia joined us, we all began to feel a shift and Julia said “This is once in a blue moon – today’s event – today’s alignment“.  Just as she said this our gaze took us outside where we saw a white paneled van with a blue moon on it.  “Blue Moon Contracting” was written over the large sliver of a blue moon. Both Julia and I thought and stated out loud at the same time, that this van would disappear immediately after driving out of sight, as it was clearly “one of those signs from above” that we all get from time to time, if we are open to receiving them.

As soon as the van disappeared out of view, I was immediately aware of Archangel Michael on my right side, hovering about twelve feet up in the air and with his arrival a stillness prevailed all of a sudden, which was accompanied by a pervasive royal blue light everywhere.  When I mentioned that I saw this blue light, Georgi and Julia both confirmed they saw it as well.

After a minute I was aware of the presence of other beings.  I was wondering if they were the beings of Crystalline Light, which also show up within a blue light, but the energy signature was completely different. Julia sensed it was the Agarthans and I heard  “Hyperboreans“.  Hyperborea is said to also be within the Agartha Earth Network although at a higher frequency than other civilizations there.  This information comes to me as a knowing.  I have included this link to an interesting discussion:

Whether we believe the Hyperboreans to be a mythical society or not, these beings have identified themselves with this name. I will say that their group energy is very familiar to both myself and to Georgi and maybe some of you will also resonate with this information/ energy.  Please feel free to contribute to this inquiry if you have any knowledge or personal experience with this group. I will say at this place that there were no representatives present from the Telosian civilization.

Here is the “lecture” that I received from the Hyperboreans.

Wishing each and every one of you success in opening your hearts to radiate peace and love to everyone,





This is a great moment, a window, that has opened momentarily to offer a glimpse of the sacred event underway.

We are the Hyperboreans sharing with you this day, our understanding of the learning universe as it is known.

The royal blue light that you saw everywhere was an alignment with the God-the-Father principle as God’s Divine Will.  The will of God is the foundation of the Blue Flame where it has been divinely decreed that the Earth and humanity upon it shall rise up now, into the ascended representation so long ago decreed.

It is the will, the ever-present will of the Creator that this expression of the One, be now assisted and supported through this time of expansion by anchoring the blue flame that protects and guides all things sacred, honoured and cherished, into this divine expression called Earth, and this includes humanity.  Indeed, humanity was assigned to Earth and she was appointed to hold and protect you.

As time has moved on, humanity itself has forgotten the sacred commitment to Mother Earth – to honour her and the kingdoms that accompanied her into the depths of density.

It is time to awaken to the power of God’s will, to hold unwavering faith that every experience around you is here to awaken you to your selves. Indeed, it is the time, NOW, to invite in the blue flame that has been dispensed to the awakened ones whom we also refer to as “the multi-dimensionals“, for in this we mean the multidimensional travelers who are working with us now, working to now fully anchor this protective energy into Gaia’s crystalline grid that expands the globe and is the foundation of the power behind this ascension through the full protection of every single human expression on this Earth, that is bringing in their own piece of this magnificent creation.

Every single one of you has a divine appointment to express your own individual understanding of how to best help awaken your fellow man, to the whole truth of their reality, a reality of whole self expression, of learning about how this self expression expands the awareness and consciousness to new levels, to see and ultimately to know at the deepest level that you are each an expression of the creator, and what you learn, the creator learns too.  This is, after all, a learning universe.

As you awaken, your heart opens to the true expression of your soul. Your soul rejoices in your “coming home to understanding your truth”.  You become peace, within and with others.  It is this peace that creates the open and pure heart. And when we spoke of giving “clearance” we are meaning that those who enjoy a clear, open, loving, peace-centred heart have a ticket to admission to the higher realities, including conscious bilocation to Agartha and beyond.

Some of you recognize the intrinsic value of light as the foundation of the learning universe.  You know at the most fundamental level that everything is light, that really all there is, is light.  The living light of this universe is just that – Living.  This light holds all the consciousness of creation within its unseen components that you know as protons (read Georgi’s scientific explanation of the protons as the creational particles of this reality, note Carla).  There are even more minute particles of quantum origin that your scientists have not yet discovered.  It is an irony that these particles are aware that your scientists are observing them and not the other way around.  

We note that there are some highly astute individuals among you who know of the existence of the consciousness particles and who are quietly impacting the scientific forums and groups who have not yet awakened to an alternative explanation of Light, without having any number of mathematical derivations to support a theory of human creation.

So for those who may not have seen, nor experienced the blue flame during this December 21st portal, as you have called it, rest assured it was anchored, and it was successfully anchored into the crystalline grid, worldwide, through your very own activated multi-dimensional expressions of who you truly are.  You are only one fraction human and you are multi-fraction-multi-dimensional.  If you consider this fact you shall empower your soul, as you set aside human-mind-doubting and its resulting disempowerment.

You have noticed before that heavy energies, sometimes labeled as “negative”, are thrown off of this planet each time there is a leap to a new dimension. We do say that this has happened again with this portal opening (heavy cleansing on December 22 that is still ongoing, note George) and the role of the blue flame this time has been far-reaching as it has neutralized the perceptual limitations of the human mind and the continued unwavering acceptance of every distortion in thought. This failed way of the human mind shall be conquered one way or the other. It must be recognized that the ascension takes great effort, for one must be habituated in objective and balanced assessment of concepts, ideas and situations that are presenting themselves. As you expand your awareness, your tolerance for ill thoughts either founded in dispassion or in the absence of logic will no longer be qualified by your inner conscious awareness. The true gift of the blue light shall be revealed as you work diligently with this beautiful light and the power of its energy.

This ascension is advancing and cannot be stopped by any one, nor any group, for this evolutionary leap is supported by the will of the Creator and absolute success is guaranteed.

We are ever by your side, with love.

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