Follow-Up of the First QHHT Session

Todd (Suzanne’s QHHT client), Georgi Stankov, November 29, 2016


Suzanne (Spooner) told me that you had blogged our session about ascension and Donald Trump. I am the voice giving the information. It appears that you would like to know about me.

I went to Suzanne because I “knew” something was different about me and always has been. My path to awakening took about two years and when something internal knew I was ready,  I was drawn to a session with Suzanne.

During the session the information came out that I am a soul fragment from a planet in Alpha Centauri that has evolved beyond physical existence. I was here before to assist evolvement from 300 BC to 12 BC at which time I left the planet in disgust. I am back now to help finish what began all those linear years ago.

The torsion spin of photons was just one of several things I said and had to look up later when I listened to the recording.

The part where I state that time makes no sense and then say “Rotations” is where higher self had analyzed my internal definition of time and had pulled out to view the Earth transiting around our Sun. Suzanne asked another question before the calculation was finished but the transit was slow as if I was attempting to arrive at a fraction. The answer I feel would have been something less than one “Rotation” around the sun. I saw approximately 3/4 of one rotation from where we are currently.

I am asking Suzanne to release a second segment from our original session, but I leave that up to her to decide if it will help ascension.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. We are clearly walking the same path and communication is always welcome.

Thank you for the kind words,



Dear Todd,

I am very happy that you contact me and gave us some background information on your QHHT session with Suzanne Spooner. Indeed it was obvious to me that you must be an enlightened light warrior with expanded awareness to receive such qualified information. One always gets as much information as the human mind is capable of processing. If one does not train his mind and is not ready to learn more he/she will get the same information over and over again. This is what happens with most New Age channellers. None of them is ready to expand their esoteric view as to incorporate a more profound physical knowledge regarding the nature of energy and the multidimensionality of All-That-Is. This presupposes a very high level of abstraction and the readiness to leave conventional human thinking.

This has been a main point in my critics of the New Agers who play with great gusto the role of a guru but repeat the same phrases over and over again until their spiritual messages devolve into empty icons and become meaningless. If you are new to our website you should read this essay on the New Agers and why they failed intellectually to grasp fully the transcendental dimension and to develop a new Gnosis that is a viable alternative to the current agnostic and religious teachings and to modern science that mire the minds of the masses.

As you must have read, I have published in the meantime a second QHHT session with Andrew Martin who is a light worker and talks in videos a lot about the ascension process. How high are the chances that I came across and publish two consecutive QHHT sessions within a few days?  Obviously my HS makes me aware of the important information such sessions give us on the impending final ID shift. We are now working so hard during the dream state which more and more encompasses our daily life that all this information is now pouring down into our daily consciousness and prepares us for the final transfiguration and expansion of awareness.

For instance my HS has been telling me for two days to check the latest video of Magenta Pixie as it contains important information. Finally yesterday I looked on Youtube and found this remarkable and unusual message:

Among other things, she announces that Gaia and the few ascended ones still in a physical vessel will reach a pivotal interception point at winter solstice where we shall finish with our incarnation cycle, cross the threshold line and expand in our full glory as transgalactic ascended masters and creator gods. She is speaking of the true royal blood lines from where we come, but I have problems with the term “royal’ as it has been misused by the Reptilians on this planet. Thinking only of the British royal family fills me with disgust.

But you are right – we are a special breed of souls and have many incarnations on the earth since time immemorial as we have dedicated ourselves to the salvation of this toxic planet and its moribund incarnated population, fully separated from the Source.

Although I, as an Elohim soul, have had comparatively few incarnations on this planet, they were all very focused and associated with important missions. The Elohim, whom my dual soul Carla channels, told us long time ago that our incarnation on earth was always associated with a much bigger transgalactic mission, being ourselves the creators of new galaxies and Gaia, and that our incarnation was always a guarantee for success. This is what also Magenta Pixies alludes when she speaks of the real royal blood lines of souls coming from Arcturus, Lyra, Pleiades, Andromeda, etc. We, me and my dual soul, come from the Source and will return to the Source, but we can visit any dimension in human vessel or any other form  – from 3rd to 12th – at our discretion as we have already built this unity field around our Merkaba.

The Elohim told us that we both were instrumental in saving Lemuria from full destruction by helping those souls who did not ascend at that time to move to the inner earth of Agartha. They ascended last year to the 6th dimension and since then they have no contact with the surface population. All channellings that refer to Adama are thus fraudulent and you may know whom I mean.

In Atlantis I was a high priest and rejected the policy of the dark cabal who at that time took full control over this civilisation and derailed it. I died with the people when Atlantis sank although I was a transliminal soul and could move through the dimensions at that time. Later on Carla and I were instrumental in establishing the mystery schools in ancient Egypt that prepared the incarnates for ascension. There is a very strong evidence that I was Elijah who ascended as the first human being in modern recorded history. I am revealing this information which I received in the 90s from my HS only now for the sake of completion and because you raised this issue.

And we – the light warriors of the first and the last hour –  were all incarnated during the time of Apollonius of Tyana, aka Jesus Christ at the turn of the new era to begin with the ascension process which took further two thousand years during the dark Pisces epoch before we could successfully accomplish it in the present End Time. There are some more incarnations which I remember and one of them is being a close disciple of Socrates, I leave it up to you to guess who I was but he is a famous philosopher. That is why the ancient Greek philosophy is an open book to me while there are virtually no present-day philosophers and thinkers that understand it.

I am telling you all that as I intend to publish our disquisition which is an established policy of this website as announced on the home page. I assume that you have given your consent to the publication of your email which is indeed an important contribution to our ongoing discussion on the ascension process and helps us better understand the impending ID shift end of this year. Now the confirmation is overwhelming and many different sources speak unanimously about the high probability for this event to occur around winter solstice.

I invite you to regularly visit our website and it will be a great pleasure for me to publish the second part of your QHHT session, also independently of Suzanne Spooner, in case she decides not to publish the second part.

Thank you very much for your effort to share this valuable information on your personality which is highly appreciated by myself and the entire PAT, which stands for “Planetary Ascension Team”.

With love and light


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