Breaking News: The American Civil War Has Commenced – An Internal Coup Against the Clintons’ Criminal Clan Has Begun on November 1, 2016

Georgi Stankov, November 1, 2016

Today is my birthday (All Saints Day, Allerheilige) – the 65th and who would have thought that I would live so long in this toxic reality – and I had no intention to publish anything. But I would not have missed anything in these final, most dramatic days before our ascension and I am so grateful that I am still alive and can witness the political drama in the End Time of Ascension first hand. As I promised you yesterday, the American civil war has already commenced and will surely explode on the election day. And I can smell a revolution ten miles against the wind as I have participated in so many of them personally.

Alex Jones has just published an official statement of the resistance faction in the deep government – patriots from various secret services – who have exerted a silent coup d’etat and have prevented the criminal Clintons clan to usurp the power. I have informed you long time ago that there are three or four factions in the deep US government and one of them is more benevolent and may gain the upper hand with our support as light bearers on this uppermost timeline. This information was given to us by the Elohim and we interpret all events that happen in the USA from this perspective.

Steve Pieczenik is a remarkable and highly trustworthy person and an intimate insider with a vast experience as deputy assistant secretary of state in three administrations among many other important positions in which he has worked as diplomat and secret service man. He is a highly intelligent and integer person and you should read his biography here as to appreciate the truthfulness and the significance of his historical announcement today.


This statement is independently confirmed by the fact that the FBI  has just released a 128 pages document about Clinton’s crime in pardoning the arch-criminal Marc Rich on the last day of his presidency, which caused a lot of criticism at that time as I very well remember. This is a clear shot across the bow of the sinking Clintons’ ship by the FBI telling them that the fight has commenced and that the secret service community is determined to expose all crimes of the Clintons’ clan and indict them. They are determined to prevent them from usurping the power as they are fed up with their corruption and crimes.

At the same time Murdoch’s press which seems to support Trump has just published in Daily Mail a lengthy article that lists major investigations that are now being performed by the FBI against the “Clintonworld”.

Similar revealing articles have appeared in WSJ in the last two days that also belongs to Murdoch. Obviously we are now witnessing an open civil war between the most criminal faction of the Clintons and the most benevolent faction consisting of secret service patriots who want to save the republic. The outcome is predetermined, we must now only wait how the scenario will unfold. It may be that the Clintons will be allowed to rig the election result as they are desperate to win. Otherwise they know that they will end up in prison for a very long time. The secret service community will use this as a proof for their criminal nature and will easily expose them. The talk about election fraud is now gaining momentum in the Murdoch’s media (Fox news) in anticipation of the impending Clintons’ arrest:


This will break the Clintons’ neck. However, when this happens, the scenario will shift to higher dimensions and then we shall appear on the stage. This part of the ascension plot has been extensively discussed in the past and therefore I will stop here.

Read also this article (For German readers):


Here you have a link to the FBI website “The Vault” where today the initial release of material of the FBI file on the Clinton foundation was published. This is a clear shot across the bow as this would say that the FBI may continue publishing revealing material about the criminal machinations of the Clinton Foundation:

If you click on the pdf file and scroll a little bit more than halfway down you will find a redacted description of Clintons’ criminal activities. Please observe that this is just an initial release that has not been asked by at least three external parties as is the rule with the publication of such confidential data under the current US law of freedom of speech and transparency of information and this explains why the Clinton gang is scared to death and in great turmoil. The next 48 hours will bring much more clarity as to the outcome of this still silent civil war, described as the “silent coup” by the speaker of the resistance Steve Pieczenik with regard to the famous bestseller the “Silent Coup” dealing with the Nixon Watergate affair.

In order to have a feel how far the public accusation of the criminal Clintons has advanced in the MSM watch also this video:

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