The Sick Anatomy of the Republic’s Real Politik – The History of False Flags of the Ruling Cabal

Georgi Stankov, November 5, 2016

A must watch! Dr. Steve Pieczenik explains with sovereignty and great dexterity why the national state – the Republic  – must be abolished in the new ascended worlds. It is the single, most important source of evil in modern history and the chief vehicle of the dark cabal to enslave humanity. However, I must distance myself from Steve Pieczenik who is an enlightened man of the secret services and his mind is imprinted by his profession. You would not find any universal ethical and moral principles in his argumentation on behalf of a new republic and even less so spiritual principles that depart from the acknowledgement of humans being God’s sparks and sovereign creators who are one with All-That-Is.

In addition, being agnostic, Steve Pieczenik has no knowledge of the transcendental imperative of the ascension process in the End Time and that is why his announcement of a silent coup within the ranks of the secret services should be taken with a grain of salt with respect to the final outcome. If there is such a resistance and a battle between the different factions of the ruling cabal, the final result will not be the victory of one of these factions but the collapse of the old matrix and the final ID shift of this planet and part of humanity to higher, more pristine dimensions.

However, that being said, you can see the difference between an intelligent apologetic of enlightened Realpolitik and the cowards on power in Washington that bungled the entire Empire of Evil they wanted to create as a prototype of the NWO. Good so! But as an experienced psychologist Steve ingeniously highlights the pathological character of the stupid and corrupt US ruling cabal which he knows from personal experience better than anybody else. This information is priceless for us as it gives us a powerful confirmation which dark personal features and human vices of the ruling cabal, including the Clintons, will lead to their Fall from Grace and demise from power in the course of this year as they have been extensively discussed on this website from a deep soul-psychological point of view.


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