Humanity Has Reached the Threshold of Unvarnished Truth

Georgi Stankov, May 1, 2016

The truth on this planet has been so far like a dam (Staudamm) barred from flowing. Now with the incoming high frequency energies from the Source that flow through our cosmic fields as Logos Gods and engulf this uppermost mother planet and humanity the floodgates of truth have been wide opened. When  it rains it pours. My gut feeling tells me that we have almost reached the necessary threshold when the tsunami of revelations will sweep over humanity as it did in Texas and while it will be “flood fabulous” for us as ascended masters in physical vessel, most of humanity and the entire cabal elite will drown in it. They cannot resist the flood of truth anymore as Obama demonstrated yesterday:

In his final address to the White House correspondents dinner also known as “nerd prom”, Obama embraced his last chance at a snarky, hyperbolic, comic monologue and used the stage to unleash a series of one-liners at 2016 presidential candidates in both parties, the media and his own career as president. And what he said was really astounding:

“It is an honor to be here at my last, and perhaps the last, White House Correspondents’ dinner. You all look great. The end of the Republic has never looked better….(minute 8.)

Didn’t I say that Obama will be the last president of the USA as we shall ascend and take over the leadership of humanity as Logos Gods this year? This is immediate manifestation in the purest form, a gallows humour in perfect form:

But the truth now flows in all directions and there is no stopping. Here are some of the revelations as of today as to get a glimpse into the powerful energetic streams that sweep away the old Orion order of lies and deceptions:

Not only the Canadian banks are storing cash in anticipation of the impending financial collapse and the shutdown of all banks, as I have just reported also all US banks and hedge funds have started cashing their money for the bad times to come.  The US online broker, Charles Schwab has started informing its clients that “it will invest at least 99.5% of its total assets in cash, U.S. government securities and/or repurchase agreements that are collateralized fully by cash and/or U.S. government securities”

A Hint Of NIRP: Schwab Is Quietly Forcing Cash Out Of Money Market Funds

As early as January when NIRP was introduced on a global scale I predicted that this unique measure of desperation of the central banksters decided in Davos will kill the economy and the capitalist Orion financial system based entirely on interest. And it is happening now. Cashing assets and investments lead to collapse of the debt bubble which the is the current Ponzi system of finance in the west. The end is very very near and Jerry is right with his forecast that May will be a month of very exciting, groundbreaking revelations. It has already started on Labour Day.

I have been warning for years that when the financial crash will become inevitable, the banks will begin with their “bail-in” robbery of the savings of the people. And this is now coming:

Deutsche Bank Unveils The Next Step: “QE Has Run Its Course, It’s Time To Tax Wealth”

 The next step is national defaults:

Puerto Rico Default “Virtually Certain” As Bond Prices Crash To Record Low

Hence everybody is getting it finally that:

This Won’t End Well

And what is bad news for the banksters cabal is good news for us who are tired cleansing and ascending this planet and its dumbed down population.  It is time for mankind to awaken and begin the international revolution – the last battle between light and darkness:

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