Other Experts Confirm the Collapse of the Dollar and the US Financial Ponzi Scheme

Georgi Stankov, May 1, 2016


The truth is like a torrent, when it starts it sweeps away the entire old Orion order and opens the minds of the people for the truth. It is like the flood that has just hit Texas and some other US states, as our PAT member Malechite from Texas wrote to me yesterday:

“Flood Fabulous – Was hit by the flood big time.  In the home, up to the knee caps.  But the required demolition flowed like wonderful water. I asked and I received – almost immediately.  Workmen, equipment, volunteers, singing floor sanitizers and good, good souls one and all. So that is how the energy intends to work this disaster and I am absolutely fascinated.



Dear Malechite,

was there such a big flood in your region? I haven’t read anything. But I am happy to hear you have coped with the problem in such an elegant manner with a little help from the HR.

With love and light



This flood is all part of the unfolding collapse.  Media keeping full scope of disaster off the airways. It will cost billions to reset the enormous damage.  Impervious concrete surfaces poured for ExxonMobil new headquarters and super highway, surrounded by new employee housing caused the flooding.  Rules & Regs were side- stepped and no water runoff routes were created in the corporate haste to relocate operations.

But the miraculous happenings at my home go WAY beyond description.  I am learning how to stay in the flow amidst the mud and muck.



I am publishing this correspondence as it is paradigmatic for how we will be spared from the worst when the system collapses and will wreak global chaos even if we are in the thickest of the unfolding drama. With this insight equipped, listen now to two interviews that confirm brilliantly Brad’s and my forecasts about the imminent collapse of the dollar as already seen by the surge of all precious metal markets.

This is all part of the revelation of the gargantuan Ponzi scheme in all financial markets that are now suffocating the real economy and have led to the Greatest Depression of all time. The unanimity in the opinions of independent, external agnostic experts with our enlightened transcendental views on the economy as the battlefield between light and darkness is very impressive and illustrates the synchronicity of all events in the End Time that are now converging to the zero point of final transfiguration and ascension.

By the way yesterday Carla went to her bank and they were unable to pay out 500 CAD in cash as they had no money. The explanation – all cash is now stored in the bank headquarters. For what? In preparation for the impending shutdown of the banking system as the financial system is drained of all the real (cash) money amidst the burst of the debt bubble.


Biggest Financial Bubble in History Will Engulf World-Gregory Mannarino

Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Gregory Mannarino – We Are Living In an Environment Where Nothing Is Real. This is the biggest fraud in the history of humanity.

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