Follow-Up on the ID Megashift May 15th – May 24th

Energy Report of the PAT – May 26, 2016

Hello Georgi and Carla,

In response to More on the Mega Shift, it is interesting to note that the 15th was Pentecost, and the 16th, Pentecost Monday (It falls on the tenth day after Ascension Thursday, which itself is 40 days after Easter.)

In addition, on the 15, 16 and 17th, I experienced a much more intense experience of clearing human dross than in the past. It was truly 3 full days of intense sadness and grieving. As with other PAT members, the heart wrenching injustice of why ‘they’ are given anymore time at all when so many suffer at their hands, was front and center in my emotional experience. I spent much of those days pleading with the HRs to finally release the energies of the final end of days. It is almost impossible to continue on pretending to live and enjoy anything anymore. The truth of the horrors of the evils that are STILL perpetrated on humankind dissolves any joy instantaneously, as least for me. In this way, my heart is broken. In this way, I am not living anymore, merely transmuting energies, on behalf of humanity whom is broken, whom is blind, and whom also isn’t living. It brings to mind the passage:

If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.

And I can fully appreciate Rumi’s assertion:

“As long as this human reality continues, as long as this human existence continues, the grind will go on and on. The HR will give us just enough energy to survive, and some info “to hang on there”, while the bastards in charge will be allowed to cause even more suffering which will have to be undone by us, as usual.”

And while it is what I see in many ways as well, what I think we may have just witnessed shortly thereafter was a huge response from the HRs for our sorrow that seems unrelenting and unyielding. It may have indeed sped up the process of the final unraveling of the Orion slavery system and it may have opened many more hearts to Truth so that we are not alone in this Planetary struggle for ascension anymore.

If we are Logos Gods, if we are the PAT, if we are the Elect, than when Enough is Enough it must be so. From my heart to All-That-Is.

With Love,



Dear Jessica,

I do not want to anticipate the message of the Elohim which Carla has received yesterday and today while she is typing it. It seems to be a rather long and complex message and I have not read it yet. But from what Carla told me and from what we have experienced during these last ten days, we not only decided to initiate the collapse of the financial and economic system on May 18th but this crash actually happened on numerous lower timelines as the Elohim have just confirmed to Carla. The peak was on May 23 and 24.

She received a vision of a money counting machine where the banknotes that are quickly stacked resembled the lower timelines that crashed and were rapidly separated one after the other from this uppermost mother planet. This created a huge energetic tension that we all felt in our extended multidimensional fields and this tension was the cause for our physical pains.

Carla received visions of the people from these lower timelines hanging on the ropes and almost drowning as if on a ship wreckage as this is shown in a most dramatic way in the famous painting of the French Romantic painter and lithographer Théodore Géricault (1791–1824) “The Raft of the Medusa“.

These people were so devastated by the financial and economic collapse on these lower timelines which the PAT decided upon and triggered on May 18th that this collective feeling of desolation and despair imbued our multidimensional fields and we also felt very depressed by these massive collective fears, for which we are, of course, not responsible but have to cleanse nonetheless. This reminds me of the famous “web of light” we created in 2013 after we opened the 12.21.12 stargate and about which we talked a lot throughout that year. I recommend all the readers of this website to go back to these articles and read them one more time as to gain a better notion of what we are still doing in 2016 and why we feel so utterly depleted.

The positive dialectical side of this ID Megashift is that we really ascended to lower 5D levels where the consensual horizontal reality matrix will begin to fall apart and the vertical dimension of multiple worlds will be firmly manifested on this uppermost mother planet. I am sure that the PAT will begin to sense these higher frequency realities more and more in the coming days. We shall ascend within this vertical axis and, depending on the progress of the individual LBP, one can ascend to the 5th, 6th, 7th or higher dimensions. This is what the Elohim confirmed to Carla today, but you will read it in original when the message is ready.

Altogether I must conclude that the suffering was worth it as we are now in a completely new energetic environment and we shall begin to see the changes very soon. At the end the final outcome depends on how the incarnated souls on this uppermost mother planet have overcome their existential fears and are ready to let go off this crumbling reality and accept fully their divine nature. We, the PAT, are constantly pulling them to the upper 4D and lower 5D levels and only their mental and emotional intransigence than makes them cling to this old crumbling matrix can eventually postpone this same outcome on this highest timeline as the financial collapse is inevitable and only the benevolence of the accompanying circumstances can be influenced by us and the masses in a positive way when the rapid awakening will commence. We are now on the cusp of this event and that is why the Elohim are so passionate in their advise to the people to let go off and recognize the creator being in themselves and be ready to envision the new bright future for themselves and leave the doom and gloom catastrophic scenarios behind them. This applies to most critical writers nowadays that are total agnostics and cannot generate a positive vision on the future of mankind based on the full acknowledgement of the ascension scenario

This is essentially the current situation and we have gone through similar episodes and ID shifts many times in the past. But this one was indeed of Mega proportions.

With love and light



Dear Georgi and Carla,

Thanks so much again for seeing the better side to my anger management and I too feel as if we make great strides of success,  always,  it would be impossible otherwise.  As soon as I get in my quiet place to which happens often the whole world changes around me, instantly.  I just had some of that terrible headache too and I never or should say never use to get headaches,  sinus kills me now always and is doing so today.  I also felt the heat to which is a bit different as I used to always be freezing, and always I deal with mental and emotional issues.  This is where I must have wanted to show my strength as I see it because I also always feel my self gaining in power and strength of Source Energies that are transforming us but yes it is after we have transformed many brutal truths of this world.  Such an enormous process it has been but I do feel a very close proximity to great appearances and final changes like you have said too.  The Source Energies are highly intense and you are experiencing as well as Carla of course the very highest with such perfection,  it sounds so utterly awesome,  no words describe seeing to the heights of what you are experiencing now.  You as always as well as Carla are our biggest proof.  I hope you have better days very soon,  immediately and I send you love always.

In love and light,


Hello George,

With you taking a much needed break. Did a lot of thinking. Key words kept popping into my mind. These words were coming from all of the PAT. Trust was one word. All as one, was another.  Many other words were coming to mind.

I don’t remember the days, I do remember how I was feeling when the source energies where so strong, The cleaning of the dross, how my body wanted to exit from these torturous days, that are none stop.  It got to the point, on two different evenings.  I was able to get some privacy to myself.

No, I did not meditate. What I did was have a heart to heart talk to my H/S and the H/R’s, and to whom ever was listening.  I spoke out loud, calmly, speaking from my soul.  I spoke on behalf of all of the PAT.  I told them that We could not keep going on this way. The torture on all of us PAT.  The H/R’s failed on their part of waking up the rest of the PAT.   This was not our fault. It’s just that, what few of us did wake up.   We’re the ones who are taking the full load of responsibilities of having to be the conduits of spreading the light and cleaning on top of that, and the numerous other roles that we are doing. We were never supposed to be tormented with these inhuman energies.  This is killing us, I told them.  I even asked them. Have you ever experienced this kind of LBP’s and energies before?  My gut feeling told me NO……

What I am trying to say. I may not have any dream memory, of being at the meeting.  Those two different nights, where I had the heart / soul  talk.  I was at the meeting.   Didn’t know of the outcome of my talk.  I do believe we the PAT did vote to get the ball rolling. with crashing currency,  world-wide.

I agree with Bonnie. H/S won’t let us remember. Either to protect us from the longing, or our emotional outbursts.  Or Both.

Enjoyed James story. I mentally waved to him as he and his wife, drove by on interstate 40, on his way to Nashville. Country music Capital of the world. His describing of All that Is.  Tortoise has been showing up in my life for quite sometime.  There is a story there, another time maybe.

Wanted to thank you for being here.

Love from the Hills of Arkansas



Short message as normal. No time, and limited energy for a sacred space to send this:

All confirmed on my end, even spared by some** of the heavier lifting because of my age.
Couldnt breathe today. Heavy air. Heavier energy. 2 weeks of solid fog and denser than ever air and atmosphere here…very unusual.  My partner states it is clear where he is at work in a neighboring city. Just shows the portal we r living in trying to hold 2 world until they move onward…

Found major relief from internal inflammation and breathing issues (as well add feeling drench in a 100 wet towels in an energetic way) Ice cold hybicus tea which is great for the heart. I had a pre-made one, called Temple Tumeric. Its ingredients are as follows if anyone wants to try. I’m never receptive to teas for medicine but then again shows the changing times:

Hybicus tea
Blueberry extract
Hawaiian Tumeric
Lemon juice
Orange extract
Sea salt
Stevia Rebiana

All organic with filtered water.

Cold shower with magnesium at the foot also helped for clearing and draining some energy to assist with getting to a more stable state. I use stable lightly but emphasis we are all doing what we can to get by.

My high self confirms that the anger and irritation we are all feeling on such an extreme level, is very much related to the anger and fear of the ptw as the world changes. Unconditional love towards all beings can adjust the onslaught of this feeling to a bearable level. This apparently comes from the fact most of us are all highly sensitive or empathic and we take many things on as our own even tho we know in our hearts it’s not ours, it still becomes highly difficult to shake the essence of a world in fear down to the last cell strand…meaning we are going to feel it as our own on some degree or level even when its not because of how intense things are right now (as you all understand anyhow)

Love to you all


Dear George,

Well obviously this past week has been quite powerful. I get it that the pressure of the flight (on May 21st) just made me experience some things a little more intensely and quicker than other routes possible. I didn’t even exist for two days after, but yet again, here I am.

It is tough anymore to even write in words, but I wanted to convey a couple of things quickly to give amplitude to your wonderful reports that hit it all most excellently.

I talked with my dad’s wife at his doctor’s appointment today and she is a classic new age “love and light illusion” woman but is an open energetic circuit. She works with a very interesting vibrational healing organization that is completely missing the macro angles, but is great at micro assistance. They need to understand your site so badly, but I’ve done what I can.

Back when my dad had his surgery in April, I sat with her all day.  She has friends in every area of metaphysics but all together it’s just short of really great work like most we can find.  I ended up sending her a bunch of our articles and included the Astral currency article too and forgot about it.

I could barely believe what came out of her mouth today, but it was so in line with all you reported.  She said she was laid to waste on Sunday all day and didn’t want to get out of bed.  She reminds me of everything you have ever said about Julia and the waves kicked her butt and that is the first confirmation I have of such.  Next, she said she read all of my articles I sent her and she thought they were amazing (which I could care less about, but I saw how she was using some of the concepts now).  She then proceeded to say some of the most magical things I’ve heard in this whole process and especially being in the Western ponzi.  She said she just wanted to sit in a chair and do nothing most of the time now.  She then said she has been trying to get her daughters to do stuff for their whole lives and that she was probably wrong.  She said her daughters that don’t want to do anything were probably smarter than her.  If I could really describe the situation properly you’d be blown away.  I’m the only person I know of in the US to cleanse this process consciously and write about it so it is quite powerful to hear this. There’s a reason they are talking about a new Jane Bond instead of James Bond now.

Next, she said something so powerful. Her business sends remedies all around the globe as they have healers that participate in multiple countries globally and their reach is massive.  She said that the most recent comment she has heard the most recently as medical issues were discussed was people saying “I just don’t want to do much anymore.”  Talk about transliminal soul cocktail of all time. Booyah! The amount she was open to discussion of a different level of consciousness as I could make sense out of all this for her was fascinating.  The term multidimensional was used properly and so much more awareness was involved.  The energetic web of the ascension finally seen in full force pulling the proper direction.  Humbling indeed.

Just because you know me and my world, I do want to point out that the paper gold market got trashed exactly from May 17th to this morning the 25th as paper options expired.  Talk about over-abused thought pattern and execution.  To see and read so much metaphysical pain and process so inline with the gold market and ascension is just too surreal now.  I felt so strange for so long feeling that movement of this whole process through the gold market and why I wrote all I did.  My bones may be gold. All doesn’t matter but it’s painfully obviously linked together now.  The 23rd into the 24th was the nastiest day of the smashing too.  They will fail to deliver in June as the whole thing fails to deliver.  Everything fails to deliver anything as it all sucks.  Rock and roll.

Nice to see all the articles about how China and Russia are about to set prices of the worlds commodities.  Uh oh!

I thought you may want to read this article as it reminds me of my dad’s wife, Julia, and everything since we came together.  It’s not perfect, but it is what it is and it’s including others in multidimensional thought.  It almost killed us to get this shift so we might as well enjoy the progression.  How many people in finance even bother to engage other areas of research besides doom?

My good friend sent me a text message last night that had more brilliance and thought in it than almost anything I have read in five years outside our circle of discussion.  I surely let him know.  The seeds he has sown in wisdom are showing and his elevation of mastery was incredible to read.  What a few days.

Glad to be alive though not always sure why…

With love and light,



Dear Brad,

I was just thinking of writing to you and you were quicker. What is happening with your dad’s wife is miraculous but this is precisely what is happening these days on a global scale and it is becoming very rewarding for us amidst unbearable pain as we are the creators of this change. Your dad’s wife is the classical second wave ascension candidate while your dad embodies the third wave ascension candidates with transliminal souls but still with a very rigid personality structure that has to be overcome first before they open to the HR and can ascend.

This is the group of people the Elohim address in their message which Carla is writing now and I will publish it the day after tomorrow as she is getting more and more information and may split the message in two or three parts. In this context the wife of your dad is the second wave ascension candidate and she is now fully awakening and joining us while the third wave must do this in the coming days. Then the final shift can happen.

This month we laid the foundation in a brilliant manner and today I am in an exalted state as my HS tells me that we have made it and that our ascension is coming now beyond any doubt. For us this is a huge triumph and the effort was worth it which explains your terrible experience with the source waves and the massive cleansing during your flight on May 21st. It was not possible that the HR would have spared us such negative moments given the importance of this Megashift.

Everything we planned for May has come true. The Elohim confirm the collapse of the financial and economic matrix on all lower timelines which we shed off in the last five days that caused us so much pain. I explain this in my answer to Jessica which you will read tomorrow so that I do not need to repeat it here one more time. Knowing that we can reckon with the visible collapse of the financial system anytime from now on is a great consolation. You have pinpointed it very well with the Comex market where less than 5% (actually less than 0.5%) of all contracts are covered by real gold. As this has become a common knowledge to all investors, how long would it take until there will be a run on the gold stock exchange and the cabal banksters run out of physical gold?

The article on economics as being wrongly applied physics to human economic endeavours is excellent and could have been written by myself as it deals with methodological aspects other experts and writers do not grasp. I have always preferred the methodological approach to any science as this gives you the most reliable access to the fallacies of science. It is philosophical and spiritual at the same time, which means “epistemological and gnostic”. Unfortunately almost nobody in the West now masters this approach and most of the intellectuals do not even know that such a science as methodology exists. This is the kind of discussions we shall lead very soon with all scientists.

I now firmly believe that something will happen in June after May fulfilled all my expectations. Then the crisis will proceed for the third wave ascension candidates throughout the summer before the resolution can take place in the autumn for them and we can introduce the new Astral currency on this collapsing timeline. We shall ascend at the beginning of the crisis and then we shall establish as Logos Gods the new spiritual hierarchy on this uppermost mother planet that will lead to everything which the latest AA Michael’s message announces. Actually a remarkable unanimity in the presentation of the End Time scenario.

With love and light



The Latest ID Shift, Last Night (24th)

Hi Georgi,

My heart is soaring right now after reading the last two posts and AA Michaels’ Message about the Sun Gate 6.20.2016.

The last 2 days were absolutely terrible. Last night (May 24th) I was ready to throw in the towel… AGAIN. lol. I was angry and irritable most of yesterday but last night, I was suddenly overwhelmed with feelings of despair, loneliness, and anger. I spoke to my boyfriend on the phone and he said a few things that gave me tremendous anxiety and suddenly the dam burst open and I was bawling my eyes out telling him I had the worst anxiety ever and I was ready to check out of here. That is the worst cleansing episode I’ve had…well, since the last one. haha! You know, I’d say it was THE worst one but each time I’m in the midst of one, I could just swear it was the worst one yet. So I’m actually going to stop comparing them and just say it was pure hell.

I had to do a few guided meditations with my headphones on in bed just to calm down enough to sleep. Interestingly, one of the meditations I was led to included a visualization where I had rings of light around me and contained within more rings (all touching each other) were people with whom I had recently shared some negative energy and I told them all what I wanted to tell them and then I severed the rings or chords and let them all float away from me….which felt really freeing and then I filled in all the new space with beautiful healing colors and visions of the New Earth!! How bout that? Furtherly (I just made that word up:), I haven’t heard from my mother or brother in quite a few weeks and I can feel that I am not really in their daily consciousness often. It’s a feeling like we are forgetting about each other and separating even more so now.

I think it was last Tuesday night or just before the Full Moon when suddenly I was sitting in my living room in the dark watching a show on Netflix (which I very rarely do) and the show was over so I turned off the tv and just sat there with my dogs by the glow of my flicker candles and a lamp that’s in the shape of a spaceship which gradually changes colors and makes me feel like I’m back home. Anyhow, I was suddenly flooded with such a feeling of well-being and completeness that I began to type or channel certain words. I saved them and I will include them here:

I called it ‘The Knowing’:

“And then the realization spread over me, and just for a moment time slipped away, all ideals about what I should be or should have and who I should be with, vanished as if these concepts were incomprehensible. I didn’t notice anything was missing, instead I felt filled and expanded with a grand and familiar presence. The presence was ME. The presence that always was and that always would be.

I sat there in the dark, during some odd hour, when the world finally ceases to be so meaninglessly busy. The cheerful chirps from the birds outside didn’t fit this hour…but they accentuated the exaltation of my soul. I was free, completely untethered by regret. The people that had had power over me, that I had attributed qualities to that were greater than me, melted away and revealed their true insecurities, some with grey hair, some with weight gain, some with vulnerable smiles, some with huge responsibilities. I saw their actions towards me in a pure light. They had played their roles perfectly for the scripts I had given them. They weren’t out to get me anymore than I was out to get them. They were real beings having real experiences and learning real lessons just like I was.

I had imagined them as more successful, more happy, more in love, than I but, the truth was they sat in empty rooms sometimes and imagined the same things about me. Most of them missed me from time to time and some even shed tears over me. I felt cruel to have assigned them such spiteful roles and I suddenly understood that my ego had created more of these scenarios than they ever actually had.

All at once I was free.

An obscure warmth spread throughout my entire body and I couldn’t find a damn thing wrong with myself for the first time in my life. Everything had led me to this moment, this divinely orchestrated moment of returning to my true self. There was absolutely nothing missing from me. The realization that I had made it to this moment overwhelmed me with humility and gratitude and tears began to well and then flow down my face. For I knew that most had not arrived at this place and here I was, complete. I knew there was no circumstance that could ever make me feel more fulfilled then those few moments… no elusive goals still to be achieved. And because I knew that, I could stop searching for… anything. For I was the seeker and the one being found. I was everything, all at once and complete in and of myself. And therefore I could just BE.”

I just wanted to share this with you, it felt divinely inspired. I have been called to Sedona Arizona once again for June 17, 18, and 19th….and now I know why. In preparation for the Summer Solstice Portal:)



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