Short Energy Update – May 23, 2016

Georgi Stankov

This last week marked another huge and prolonged shift to higher frequency levels. I knew it and that is why I had to take a break from my editorial activities. It began on May 15th and 16th with a 48 hours cc-wave of massive descent of source energies, followed by another 2-3 days of massive cleansing of human dross at all levels.  And it peaked with the Blue full moon on May 21, one day after Wesak Day (the day of Buddha). Some of you wrote to me and confirmed independently this stressful energetic episode:

Major ID shift

Hello Georgi and Carla,

I realize that you are recharging which you certainly deserve without question. I just wanted to comment that this past week including today, May 20th (at full force) has got be one of the biggest shifts at least recently. It just keeps coming without a cessation. I am just barely making it thru the days. I need to lay down almost all of the time just to handle the intensity of the energies that are coming in. Of course all of the physical symptoms are there and I feel that my back is going to give out on me, which it has twice before. Once in July of 2014 and the other in June of 2011. As I reflect back to those times they were both Major shifts/portals for me personally. I feel very frustrated and although I know that everything is held in All-That-IS in perfect symmetry, I long for the finale. Sometimes it is as though the HRs ask beyond what I can physically offer. I wonder if yourself, Carla and other Pat members are experiencing this as intensely as I?

With Love,


Indeed, this major ID shift had a well-defined goal and here it is: On May 18th we, the PAT, made the collective decision at the soul level in a conclave to initiate the final crash of the Orion financial system. Don’t ask me for proofs now, but take this information at face value. I hope some of you remember this crucial meeting in the dream state. I have no idea how long it will take until this sudden financial apoptosis will manifest in this reality, but it can’t last very long. Parallel to that we also energetically obliterated all the plans of the ruling cabal in the West and in particular in the USA to install the NWO. It has to do in the first place with the underground cities of the deep US government which have been built with taxpayers’ money to give shelter to the most insidious dark ones when the final ID split and MPR will happen. They know that these events are inevitable in the End Time. Since then their only thought and effort have been how to prepare for this End Time Apocalypse while we ascend.

Everything they have done so far has been dedicated to this goal. They abolished the gold standard and introduced fiat currencies only to inflate and devalue them in the End Time in order to introduce electronic cashless society and thus to enslave humanity into the NWO. It is so obvious now, just as it is cogent that the cabal have totally failed to achieve this goal on this uppermost mother planet. But they will try it to the very last moment and this will be the time when the actual ID shift will come.

That is why when we, the PAT, decided on May 18th to trigger the crash of the financial markets and all the major fiat currencies in the West, we also decided at the soul level to immediately introduce the new Astral currency. The most likely scenario will be that the banksters will shut down the banking system, the stock, precious metals and currency markets through an electronic crash using the same computer systems with which they now rig all these markets. Before that they will keep the markets calm as they fear uncontrolled reactions of the masses.

With the crash they hope to be able to introduce their new cashless digital world currency in a global reset of the financial markets. The video below discusses this scenario from a conventional point of view. It is very similar to our scenario for the financial crash in the End Time. That is why it is so important for us to be ready to introduce the new Astral currency immediately after that. As this video illustrates, the banksters may need a few years to install a new functional currency after the current Orion monetary system collapses. This forecast does not even consider what will happen with the world if Russia and China introduce the gold standard which will hit America and Europe so hard that they may not be able to recover from this financial shock for a very long time, if ever.

An important piece of information in this video is that Deutsche Bank is de facto bankrupt –  a fact about which I have written as early as 2013 and then again in 2015 and all along throughout this year.  Zombie banks die hard. However DB is not alone, virtually all big European and US banks are in the same cesspool and can go bust any moment.

Read hereLehman Brothers Greets: The EU Banking System is a 46 Trillion Euro Ponzi-Scheme

Altogether, it will be sufficient if only one big bank declares bankruptcy and this will automatically lead to a sudden financial apoptosis of the entire Orion monetary system in the West. The latter will be technically implemented by the banksters cabal through a planned electronic crash of all markets at a point in time which is deemed to be the optimal for the introduction of the NWO.

Obviously DB is now illiquid and needs urgently billions of euro fresh capital to fulfill the tier 1 requirements according to Basel III regulations for minimum capital standards. For this purpose DB has started offering 5% interest rates for long-term investments. This is the biggest Ponzi scheme as how would this bank generate these returns in an environment of negative interest rates where all the banks are already losing money and have no revenues?

Read hereLiquidity Problems? Deutsche Bank Offers 5% Yields If Depositors Lock Up Their Money For Three Months

In this interview Bix Weir gives a possible date when the electronic crash may happen – June 24th – when the banks will have to publish their earnings for the second quarter of this year. I am getting since several months that the beginning of the summer will mark a peak in the ascension scenario that will then unfold throughout the whole summer and I have mentioned this intuition in past publications. I was now positively surprised to find a technical explanation as to why this date is very conducive to a global financial crash and the shutdown of the banks.

The fact that the Fed recently suggested that it may raise interest rates end of June made me very suspicious as there is no way how this could happen given the terrible slump of the US economy which has already reached the bottom of the Greatest and Longest Depression of all time. In fact with such rogue announcements “Ali-Baba Yellen and her forty thieves” only aim at distracting the public from what is really going to happen end of next month or in the course of this summer – a total financial apoptosis. Everything these mobsters say and do is “smoke and mirrors” until  they make their final “hit and run” crime on humanity and disappear in their underground cities.

Last week also marked a significant expansion of this holographic matrix when infinite new worlds and realities were created and descended upon this uppermost mother planet. These new realities will very soon substitute the current horizontal consensual reality and establish the vertical dimension of multidimensional realities. Each incarnated personality will move to his /her appropriate timeline according to the individual level of awareness. These timelines will intercept in the downward direction, so that all people will be able to perceive what is happening on lower timelines, while the information coming from higher frequency levels and worlds will be rather limited and may be totally blocked for the agnostic masses until they make all the necessary experiences with the financial and economic collapse at the individual and societal level and learn their lessons. After that their consciousness will also expand accordingly and they will move to higher timelines with a more favorable outcome.

These new timelines co-exist now in this reality and I am sure that you will be able to perceive them with your third eye if you attune to them. And you should do that in your meditations as in this way you will gain inner knowing as to where you will move very soon. After the final ID shift these timelines and realities will become visible for us and many light workers and we will be able to bilocate to these timelines in a more conscious manner. This will be also the beginning of our true mission as Logos Gods and the new spiritual hierarchy on Gaia. This is the “Second Coming of Christ” which is so wrongly interpreted by all Christians and related sects. The old matrix is falling apart and this last week we made a major leap in eliminating it.


Half an hour after I published this report I read the latest news on DB:

Deutsche Bank Slides After Mortgage Probe Unveiled; Admission It Rigged Stocks

A month after admitting to rigging precious metals markets, Deutsche Bank has been hit with a double-whammy of more alleged fraudulent behavior today and the stock is sliding. First, Reuters reports that the bank took a charge of 450 million euros for “equity trading fraud,” and then Bloomberg reports that The SEC is looking into Deutsche’s post-crisis mortgage positions. SEC investigating whether Deutsche Bank inflated the value of securities in its mortgage-bond trading business, masked losses around 2013, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

Please observe that I wrote as early as 2013 that DB is bankrupt and is hiding its losses by massive rigging of its balance sheets. This is what all banks do when they are illiquid as to prolong their final death. But with this the ultimate collapse is only postponed for a while as this chart shows below:




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