State-Of-the-Art Analysis of the Ascension Scenario on Christmas Eve

Georgi Stankov, December 22, 2015

The last two weeks, since we began opening the 12.12 portal, were actually one uninterrupted portal and ascension spiral and it was very hard for us most of the time. I feel better today for the first time, but Carla is hit hard. We work in shifts. As I have published in the last days, we observe now clear openings and resolutions that are cracking this very rigid and deadly locked political situation on the earth as it has devolved in the last one hundred years. Now all these fossilized structures are beginning to dissolve and offer unexpected new perspectives for mankind.

The key driver of the current End Time scenario is the recognition of the ruling cabal in the west that they are now running a desperate race against time that they cannot win under any circumstances. The Anglo-Saxon Empire of Evil must gain predominance over Russia and China in a very short period of time before the financial system in the west fully crashes.

Contrary to their plans exactly the opposite has happened. Russia proved to be very resilient and already challenged the Empire of Evil very successfully in the Middle East, where they did not expect it, after they opened the Ukrainian war at the Russian door and put Kremlin and Putin under great pressure last year.

A the same time China, in cahoots with Russia, is quietly eliminating the dollar as world currency. Notwithstanding its current economic problems, the Chinese economy is still much more sound than that of the USA and the EU. The sanctions against Russia and the deliberate crash of the oil price have back lashed. China, being the biggest net importer of oil, is the ultimate winner and even Russia has managed to raise its oil production under highly competitive conditions while crashing the unprofitable Saudi and US oil industries. The incorporation of Ukraine in the EU market, while being excluded by Russia from the Asian free market union as of January 1, 2016, only increases the huge economic and financial burden on the EU, which is already in a state of total decomposition due to the massive refugee crisis and the Greatest Depression of all time.

The Greek debt crisis has not been resolved at all and can explode any time soon. Spain is lost for the EU after the latest elections on Sunday and even France is on the verge of leaving the sinking EU boot, with Le Pen and her party coming very strong, even if she lost the second round of the local elections due to manipulations of the French electorate by the established Orion parties.

Cameron has already ejected GB from the EU although the Brexit vote is planned for next year. There is no way back for this political ape-clone, even if he is already back peddling after it became clear that the British state and households debt is hitting its highest levels this year and is burying underneath this already decrepit economy with defaulted too-big-to-fail banks since 2008 that were bailed-out by the state at the staggering price of half of the British GDP. The debt ratio to GDP of GB is more than 300% and thus even higher than that of Greece.

The Eastern European countries are fed up with the EU which has not fulfilled a single promise that it mendaciously announced two decades ago to lock them in the Bilderbergers’ NWO trap. As these countries are already immunized against big international unions, being for four decades members of the COMECON that dissolved within several weeks in 1990 after the collapse of the Soviet empire, they have already factored the dissolution of the EU and are now quietly gravitating towards Russia and China as the future economic power houses.

Only Poland has some reservations against Russia. But the Polish people also hate the EU in their majority and fear Germany as a powerful citadel of this artificial conglomerate and a dangerous neighbour on the west border that has to be contained as much as Russia. Hence they are now between a rock and a hard place and have to make up their mind with whom they want to go to bed in the near future. This is easy to predict, given the fact that the Germans are hapless stooges of the Empire of Evil, marching resolutely under the banner of their lies-press towards their third national fiasco in less than 100 years, while Russia has emerged, as the Phoenix from the ashes, as an independent world power that is about to bury the Empire of Evil anytime soon.

Italy is already trying to break out of the Anglo-Saxon incarceration and its courage will grow parallel to the discontent of the other EU countries with Germany and Merkel as the only bulwark of this failed union. The tipping point will be reached when the Germans, “die Nase voll haben werden mit Merkel” (will be fed up with Merkel) and will oust her from power. The chances are very high now as the German party landscape is falling apart. Then everything will go very quickly as the powerful German industrial lobby is already leading the revolt against this despicable political clone with female genitals in men’s pants and an amputated heart.

The present-day Western European anti-Russian hysteria is triggered by a deep-seated angst since the end of WW2 that the Russians have the military power to wipe out Western Europe with a few ballistic missiles against which there is no protection whatsoever, while the EU (and NATO) has no means to respond as none of these countries are truly atomic powers. The few US missiles in Germany have only an alibi function that the US army is still present on the Old Continent. The British and French nuclear deterrence is a joke with their few obsolete nuclear missiles; it will not help these countries to survive a first preemptive strike by the Russians, as Putin seriously warned the West this last week: “I have learned one thing in my life: When a war is inevitable and you do not want this war, then strike first”.

The EU elite know perfectly well how vulnerable they are and they now play “chickens with sticks” (A Canadian comedy movie) to frighten the Siberian bear. I hope they know how pathetic these efforts are, while everybody in this world, even the most stupid ones, have grasped that the EU elite are hapless stooges of the Empire of Evil and the latter is in a state of a rapid collapse.

Until now the EU vassals have supported blindly the reckless hegemonic policy of the USA in the hope that it will soon destroy Russia (e.g starting a deadly, bloody war against the Russians in Ukraine) which they consider a permanent menace to their very existence. Putin referred one more time yesterday to this anti-Russian paranoia when he said that the Europeans still suffer from their nightmare of being encircling and asphyxiated by the Soviet Union during the Cold War, while present-day Russia has no intention to become Soviet Union 2.0 version.

Why should the Russians do that if they are better off the way they live now – powerful, but without any imperial aspirations, even much more powerful and sovereign than under communism while enjoying a much better life? And life would have been even much better for them if they were not constantly attacked by the Empire of Evil in its last deadly throes.

The Russians are very patient, long-term strategists and they know all too well that time is their best ally. The same holds true for China. When the silk road is ready and the Eurasian economic space is created in the next few years, the Europeans will have no choice but to succumb willingly to its charm and will run in droves into the lap of the Russian bear and the Chinese dragon.

In case we have not ascended before that, which will definitely be the case. Here I am arguing from a conventional point of view to present the strategic plans of the Russians and the Chinese which are now quickly gaining momentum.

If the USA has performed 16 war games against Russia and has lost all of them, this tells us where the strength lies. If Russia is not to be defeated military and the same holds true for China with its 1.5 billion people, as the recent tensions with the USA in the South Sea showed, when the USA silently admitted its defeat and are now pushing its lap-dog Japan to do the dirty work there, then there is no future for the West. This is the key conclusion from the current situation.

Given the fact that Russia is the world trove of natural resources and China – the world factory – with the rest of the world united behind them as they hate the Empire of Evil, while the Western powers on the Old and New Continent are on the cusp of an imminent financial collapse, it is easy to see who is already the winner in this mortal global battle between light and darkness.

The current waning predominance of the West lied entirely in their financial system which is a real Ponzi scheme based on gargantuan debt and printing money out of thin air. As long as the rest of the world accepted the four major Western currencies, dollar, euro, pound and yen, which until recently comprised more than 90% of the world money in circulation, all was well with the western cabal and they felt secure and very much arrogant in their power.

Now the situation has changed dramatically – all four currencies are in a huge crisis and their end is imminent and obvious to all people. After all we have entered the epoch of big revelations and the truth can no longer be hidden. The people are no longer living with eyes wide shut but are beginning to see the dire reality behind the illusion they have lived so far. Simply because the Greatest Depression of all time gives them no other choice. And we, the PAT with this website, are the catalyst of this global awakening of humanity – on the ground and much more so from the fulcrum of our HS as ascended masters and powerful creator Gods of the Ascension scenario in the End Time.

The moment the currency bubbles in the West burst and these currencies undergo the necessary haircut to their actual value according to the size of their real economies, West Europe, North America and Japan will become marginal colonies of the emerging Eurasian Union led by China and Russia.

Just consider for a moment. The US industry currently contributes only 10% to the GDP. More than 60% of all economic activity in the USA is entirely financially driven and has no value at all as it is based on gargantuan debt. The same holds true for the EU. Both continents now roughly contribute 50% to the world GDP. When the financial Ponzi bubble bursts, which can happen anytime before or after New Year, the real value of the two biggest economies will shrink to 5-10% of the world GDP which is a fair value.

The share of the Russian and Chinese economies to the world GDP will automatically jump from currently 25% to 50% and more. These are the actually relations already now, when one dismisses all the rigged statistics about GDP and alleged economic power distribution in the West. It is very important in these final days to clearly discern between fiction and reality – between western fiction and eastern reality.

I am making this analysis to show that the tide has already turned against the West and there is nothing the Western cabal can do to conquer the world and establish the NWO as they planned it for the End Time. This last week before Christmas was the proverbial watershed.

This is exactly what Paul Craig Roberts says in his latest interview which I published today – the Empire of Evil and its European stooges have already lost the final global war, which, as we know, is a follow-up of the Atlantean wars that destroyed this continent. There is no hope for the dark cabal in the West anymore and their demise has already happened in the eternal Now. It must only manifest in this sluggish 3D reality in the coming days.

Only the blindness and the stubbornness of the western politicians prevent them from seeing this dire fact and hissing the white flag of surrender. Indeed Kerry already hissed the white flag last week in Moscow and Obama did the same a few days later at home – at the UN in New York. Now we must patiently wait till the neocons, the most heinous and reckless representatives of the western cabal, admit their fiasco or trigger one final 9/11 dark op in their self-destructive insanity, which will only facilitate their demise.

The danger is imminent as Paul Craig Roberts also confirms in his latest interview and we can only applaud this outcome as we shall leave this reality and ascend immediately after the beginning of this Armageddon.

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