The Saker Is Back and Asks What Comes Next?

Georgi Stankov and the Saker, December 23, 2015

Dear Saker,

what do you think about this latest article of Samour Hersh in London Review of Books? It appears officially on Jan 7th, 2016

He forwards the thesis that the US military are the good guys that offset the Obama’s hegemonic policy of insanity in Syria. I read his article and could not find a single piece of information that I did not know before or have not read on the Internet. There was nothing new to me to indicate that he has been given some additional valuable secret information by his sources.

The idea of US former chiefs of stuff being decent guys is very dangerous as it implies that there are good guys in the deep US government which I wholly exclude. Is Seymour Hersh bought by the dark cabal and as playing the role of agent provocateur with his good reputation as a critical, independent journalist? I am inclined to believe so.

On the other hand I am also expecting the stipulation of the Diadochus fights among the dark ruling cabal in the USA. And we have the latest positive arrangements between the USA and Russia which point to this direction as you discussed in your latest article.

What is your take? This is an important issue.

With love and light



I have downloaded it but not read it yet. I have a great deal of respect for Hersh and I look forward to the reading.


The Saker


Dear Saker,

Me too, until one is disappointed. I believed Woodward and Bernstein were good investigative journalists in the Watergate scandal, until I listened to this brilliant interview yesterday with Paul Craig Roberts, whom you also honour:

Listen very carefully the whole interview – it is worth gold and cleared a lot my mind today. I was able to further clarify my concept on the End Time scenario which is a very dynamic, rapidly changing process and needs my constant attention:

Here is some background information for you from a higher source. My dual soul Carla with whom I live now is very clairvoyant (call it “remote viewing”, words do not matter) and sees at least five fighting factions in the deep US government. One of them wants peace and it will gain dominance with the help of at least one further faction when the situation becomes very scary. Not before that, but this point in time is very close now.

I myself had my personal information from my highest source this week that we are in the final preparation for the collapse of the matrix which is a multifactorial and multidimensional event. I assume that this will begin after New Year as the ruling cabal banksters want to get their gratification end of this year before they crash the banking system early next year. That much sick they are.

With best regards



Could you please be more specific? What should we expect in the 1st part of 2016?


The Saker


Dear Saker,

We expect the total collapse of the Orion monetary system and the shutdown of all banks in the Western hemisphere any moment which will cause also an economic infarct of the entire western world. This is the best solution to avoid the WW3 scenario on this uppermost mother planet /timeline, which is otherwise inevitable if it goes linearly into the future the way it is now.

I have written and published many articles and analyses on finance and economics that are incomparable in their depth and clarity by any other expert. Go here:

This is not an empty boasting but a matter of fact. I predicted the current economic End Time scenario as early as 1997 and since then everything is happening as I have written it here:

It is important to note that many of my forecasts have already happened on lower timelines since 2011, to which this humanity has no sensory access.



Dear George,

Thank you very much!

Kind regards,

The Saker


Dear Saker,

Here is the philosophical dimension of this or any other prediction, which you may underestimate when you approach it from a conventional 3D point of view. Life in incarnated state in the current 3D holographic model based on illusory linear time is essentially incessant decision-making analysis. Any individual and mankind as a society move from one juncture to the next one which are always bifurcation points with two or more alternative pathways to choose from in the Now moment.

This mankind is now on the cusp of the last, most fateful bifurcation point in the End Time with two principal future alternatives within the experienced linear time. Both alternatives have been realized in the multidimensional simultaneity of the higher realms and co-exist as I shall show below:

1) WW3 and eventually installment of the NWO if the nuclear war has not fully destroyed the lower earth-timeline. In addition, all such lower catastrophic timelines are devastated by a huge tsunami due magnetic pole reversal (MPR) as this is inevitable in every ID split (interdimensional split). Has to do with physics.

2) Total failure of the plans of the western cabal to install the NWO and collapse of the Orion matrix caused by a financial meltdown as this matrix of oppression is based entirely on the Orion monetary system which is precisely described here:

The first alternative has happened many times on numerous 3D and lower 4D timelines. The decisive factor is the balance between the forces of light and that of darkness, which we define as “light quotient”. On most lower timelines it was in favour of the dark forces and that is why the catastrophes happened there. The soul population of these lower catastrophic earths consists mainly of young, unripe souls who have to continue with their dreadful incarnation cycle for another 26 000 years (Kali Yoga) until they learn their karmic lessons.

This same mechanism of destruction liberates huge amounts of dark energies from this uppermost mother planet which ascends like a propulsion multistage rocket:

That is why it would not experience this same catastrophic destiny. It has nothing to do with what some humans – politicians and dark cabal in the centres of power – decide on the ground, but how high the light quotient is on this highest timeline. Highest in terms of frequency which is synonymous with light.

As we, the new ascended masters, are present on this highest timeline with our full soul essence after we have retrieved all our soul fragments from the lower catastrophic timelines in the last several years since the ID splits began, we dominate the light quotient here which is firmly anchored in the 4D and 5D where we dwell most of the time.

In this way we prevent WW3 by our mere presence and with the clarity of our minds as to what is happening on this uppermost mother planet. First comes the thought and then any material form – this is the ultimate law of Creation in All-That-Is. That is why I am performing ongoing analyses of the rapidly changing political situation on the ground and of the propensity of the masses, including their most intelligent and critical representatives such as yourself, to understand this reality. This includes an implacable evaluation of the cognitive shortcomings of their agnostic weltanschauung. Everything must be uncovered – this is Apocalypse in perfection.

That is why I have to register and gauge all energetic changes on the ground that manifest as random political events and reflect upon the actual balance of powers in order to predict the next move, which then inevitably happens, one way or another, as we are creating this reality with our thoughts in every moment in the Now (see bifurcation points above).

This is multidimensional analysis in perfection of which the secret services and institutions you know and have worked for have no idea, although they tried to use psychic people to do remote viewing of the future as the dark cabal knew about the existence and power of alternative timelines and that they can be modulated with sufficient knowledge.

This is another huge topic I will not delve into now as it will overwhelm you, but someday I will explain to you why the dark cabal failed to achieve any success in this area and why we are here, where we stand now. In other words, why the dark cabal failed to prevent ascension on this timeline, which is divine dispensation from the Source and cannot be offset by lower dimensional, lower frequency entities living in service-to-self.

With love and light


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