The Edge of Infinity

Brad Barber, November 13, 2015

Dear George,

I sat down to write something yesterday as the pain reached astronomic levels (the undersides of my kneecaps were in my eyelids), but I had two ideas presented to me and didn’t know which to write.  I can see why I elected to wait as reading your latest update let me know exactly what needed to be done.

I was going to write a more creative article that had Bob Cratchit interviewing Ebenezer Scrooge from Dickens fame about his experience of going from finite to infinite after the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come scares compassion into his tiny heart.  The fun part was that I was going to mix this in with a dedication and style the whole story to Kurt Vonnegut, Jr’s homogenous human classic, Harrison Bergeron.  For those that love a quick, classic read and aren’t familiar with it:

I wasn’t aware Vonnegut was Mr. 11/11 birthday guy, but I woke up on the 11th with that story in my mind that I had read on my friend’s coffee table back in 2011.  I also wasn’t aware of his wonderful comments on the the fraud taking over Armistice Day of 11/11 with the introduction of Veteran’s Day.  We’ve replaced the “Voice of God” and the greatest moment of peace with honoring the continual production of more Veterans. We’re really shooting for greatness now.

I was going to replace Vonnegut’s United States Handicapper General with the new International House of Permission (IHOP) as the fraud has a much more global ambition of underachievement these days.  IHOP is dedicated to all the bunnies just hopping when someone else gives them permission to hop.  Yet when my cat comes around, you just lay there and get eaten.  A bunny is probably the most helpless thing I can think of right now and the committee of IHOP is in charge.  You don’t need my permission to tell the cat to f&%# off.  Anyway…

I didn’t write that article because my head hurt so bad I wasn’t sure I could pull the bunny out of my hat.  Just so everyone knows, it was the greatest article ever produced and if it were to have been written, the very concept of creation in this universe would have come to a complete halt.

The other option was to provide an update of the current cracks in the matrix that I can supply with my view.  I didn’t write it yesterday either as I came to a standstill and I slept on it.  I told myself that if one more big sign popped up today that I would engage the concept.  Your update was exactly the perfect sign as I was going to highlight the progress of so many incredible things that have taken place that were written about in my “rant” in which I vented a built up cauldron of scathing opinion based strictly on logic, reason, and sound thinking about life on the Death Star in the United States.

In the moment of now, the US is headed towards a complete disaster, and no matter how many filters of the past someone wants to apply to act as the gauze on their ego, it doesn’t fix now.  True cause and effect specialists read the words spoken now and the decisions being made today to understand what will be seen years down the road.  I don’t care if your dad sold insurance in the 1950’s, it’s a full scam now, they can never pay out their policies written, and it’s assisting the enslavement of everyone now.   Deal with it.  I’m sure he was a nice guy.

I made quite a few people uncomfortable with this article, but let’s look now, a couple weeks later, at what has transpired to see the magic of creation that is finally taking place in relation to true information.  If you haven’t read Dr Wierdlove, here it is:

Nothing I write is something I own so there’s nothing to profit from.  In fact, calling people unintentional fascists isn’t usually very profitable.  I started to write in 2010 to help teach people the financial markets after 2008 caught most everyone I know completely blindsided and then the markets fell apart in relation to operating on anything true.  Then I died while alive, experienced some sort of walk-in or soul melding, found Dr. Stankov’s legendary work, blah blah blah blah. My agenda since then has been to educate and get energy moving where it should as it’s kicking my ass.  Everything I have tried to make grow has been met with immediate resistance.  Every time I mentioned something in the markets of note that looked like progress of a light based nature, it would immediately reverse and head the opposite way.  The central planning involved in every single aspect of this is truly mind-boggling when you see it clearly.  We no longer want to dwell on any of it, but we’re pulling the energetic rug out from under it.

Dr. Wierdlove is kicking major energetic ass and it’s entirely due to the PAT.  What I write is also written by you.  Take a look how much you’ve accomplished.

First, the true, fascist nature of the operation of the system was discussed.  Several new US authors have since engaged the subject and the TPP trade documents have finally been released to reveal the single greatest corporate power grab possibly ever attempted.

Then it was pointed out how the money printers are not elected and there’s not one reason left to vote as they’ve reached the toilet paper phase.  This election to the Fed board yesterday makes it five non-elected voting reps that formerly worked for Goldman Sachs controlling the US monetary supply.  Europe was taken over recently the same way.

The market rally of October based on more governments announcing monetary debauchery was exposing the fascist nature of their intent and exposing the companies that are the transmission boys and girls.  Of course Home Depot’s on the list if you read my real estate article a while back.  There are a few others but these are the imperial troopers.  Most people love Netflix, but don’t realize it may be the single biggest reason very few Americans have a single, true clue what is happening in the world as they now avoid the obviously fake news.

A mention was made of the poisoning of women and then this wonderful research was released:

Dr. Wierdlove took a quick turn to the unreal Israeli, Palestinian situation and anyone can look up the thousands of great articles on that subject detailing a different picture than painted in the past.

The discussion of the fraud and indoctrinating children in the Ponzi scheme was responded to the very next day by China.  We’re powerful, but wow this was impressive.

Obamacare was outed for truly being a fascist health care system with intents discussed in later articles.

Now for the three biggest examples of PAT ass whoopin’.

Here’s the paragraph discussing pills and Warren Buffett from Dr. Wierdlove’s love of the current holocaust:

“Well shit, I sure can’t figure out why everyone but the nazis feel like shit.  Here son, take some more pills.  Warren Buffet is sold as our investing hero and every company he owns is poisoning people.  Nice hero.  Like Bill Burr said, keep Lance Armstrong on his bike because at least that’s one less sociopath out there running a corporation.  Do you want Abilify with that antidepressant to kick it up a notch? Have fun son.  Go get ’em kid.”

Just yesterday, Bill Ackman, one of the biggest hedge fund managers in the world and investor in major pharmaceutical companies, and the Buffet camp are arguing with each other publicly over how they invest in and poison people.  Ackman’s Valeant pharmaceuticals is under attack and he responded to moral attacks on him by stating the truth that Buffet’s companies are poisoning people.  I’ve waited for this moment for years.

To see pills and Coca-Cola get into a punch-up is just plain epic.

The next two are what happened today.  Mario “jawbone” Draghi mentioned more money printing to keep verbally moving markets the direction the fraud wants and it didn’t respond at all.  In fact, the markets rolled over hard and the Euro went up and the Dollar tanked.  This is the exact opposite of the prop job that people have been responding to for years.  The markets have already front run the money printing and the time for talk is done.  The Euro was down in the morning as this article states, but reversed on the fraud later. 

Dr. Wierdlove made it a point to highlight the free energy concepts that are available.  Why anyone is working on any other energy concept at this point is beyond me, but I just work here.  it is very appropriate that the rug is being pulled from under the oil market.  I entirely credit this to consciousness work at this point.  Every effort possible has been made to get oil to rally and I’m pretty sure most central banks are printing money hand over fist and buying oil to prop their Ponzi investments and it’s still failing.

Every technical indicator pointed to oil rallying again over the last two months, but it basically has just rolled over and died.  This failure on the charts points to mid $20’s on oil and gas is crashing.  Any success in the oil price to the upside is what feeds this whole resource scam and to see it failing this badly is quite inspiring.  Nothing can happen at this point in the debt Charybdis that benefits the common man and woman so this ain’t good for the Ponz.  The PAT should be quite proud of their efforts.  This is the first area where consciousness has overcome this BS in years.  The next is the complete implosion of the dollar/paper gold scam.

The obnoxiousness of last week reached levels beyond description in the financial markets.  Credit expanded more month over month than any time in history as the Baltic Dry shipping index dropped to its lowest point in November in history.  The fascist stock market rally reached an overbought level not seen in 20 years or so as most real numbers show earnings plummeting and a global depression setting in.  It didn’t even matter that only 20 companies were responsible for it.  Gold was forced down 15 out of 17 days for the first time in history as multiple governments announced more easy money and complete debauchery of thought.  It has all become beyond perverse.  We all know that, but to go through it anyway is quite surreal.

The plummet in today’s market shows the rest of the cracks.  The commodities cartel is imploding worldwide.  Glencore is back to crashing.

Anglo American is plummeting.  Alcoa is hitting new lows as their aluminum Ponzi burns.  The worldwide steel industry is in complete shambles and former behemoths become victims of their grandeur.

Small cap stocks are rolling over after having barely bounced with the big boys which is highlighting the true weakness of the American domestic economy.  That’s not what we hear in the news I’m afraid.  High yield junk bonds are near new lows first as everyone admits the corporate debt taken on the last few years is one giant fraud and balance sheets are a complete lie.  The rally of the past couple years has hollowed out anything America had left.  Where’d the gold go again?

The Bank of Greece is imploding again.  Deutsche Bank is hitting new lows.  RBS doesn’t look good.  HSBC is a mess.  Canadian banks charts are surprisingly strong with what’s happening there and with oil so I’d look for a quick plummet in that department.

The biotech chart of pharmaceutical companies looks terrible and should crash with any further market weakness.

A well focused rant is now beyond called for.  Something grounded in logic and harnessed emotion is particularly effective at this point.   I hope that everyone can see just how much ass we’re kicking already and I appreciate being a part of this all with you.

Excuse me while I go pull my toes out of neck.

With love and light,

Brad Barber


Dear Brad,

The dire reality is catching up with the perception of the masses. In the last days it has become increasingly obvious that the Western economy is in the Greatest Depression of all time accompanied by a Hyperinflation. Both began invisibly for the experts and the masses and were well hidden by the cabal with rigged statistics. Now these facts cannot be hidden anymore and this is the end of the story.

Only yesterday we went to make some groceries after more than a week pause and we were flabbergasted to find that many items were 30-50% more expensive than a week ago. This could be a coincidence but then Henry Clymer from Rochester, USA wrote to me:

“We’re being suffocated with economic stagnation and inflation to the tune of 30% in prices on a weekly basis, i.e. for groceries, rent, insurance, etc.  It is mind boggling.”

Hence this is a general trend in North America. It is the beginning of an exponential hyperinflation caused by the Greatest Depression and the current credit and cash crunch, which itself is the result of the unwinding of the debt crisis. Hence the bells toll the end of the Orion matrix and when it begins full force it will be destroyed within a few days.

This as a confirmation of your, as usually, excellent financial and economic analysis.

With love and light


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