U.S. Dollar: The End of the Barbarous Relic

A Discussion with the Author Jeff Nielson From Sprott Money as to How the Dollar Will Disappear and What Will Come Next

by Jeff Nielson and Georgi Stankov, November 13, 2015



Georgi Stankov

Finally I was urged by my HS to enter a theoretical and pivotal discussion with the journalist Jeff Nielson from Vancouver who writes for Sprott Money and has published many outstanding articles on the financial fraud in the western world. I have re-published some of his articles in the past as they very well present the collapse of the Orion monetary system and matrix from a critical, though still rather conventional point of view and support our predictions.

That is why this exchange of opinions has a pronounced pedagogical and explorative character and can be regarded as a clash of world views between second wavers and ascended masters that prepares the fruitful ground for future theoretical discussions as to how to organize the new enlightened human society in the new 4D worlds. We create these new earths in the Now and, as Brad showed in his latest article, we, the PAT, are now the driving creationary force, the cutting edge of evolution, behind all “spontaneous’ revelations of the experts and protagonists of this final battle between light and darkness that also trickles down to the masses and pave the way for the final Big Change and ID shift.

Jeff Nielson published a few days ago an important article denouncing the dollar as a barbaric relic currency that is doomed to disappear from the real economy very soon. This is also our key prediction for the End Time. I participated for the first time in the discussion on this website and was very positively surprised when Jeff answered me. Today I responded to his reply but as my latest reply has to be authorized by the editor of this website you can only find the first two posts here:


For this reason I decided to publish the full discussion in advance as I am not sure if my second reply will be posted. This discussion is pivotal in any respect as it paves the way for many future discussions on this and similar issues with representatives of the ascending humanity. That is why I leave it at your discretion to participate in this discussion too and then I will be glad to publish your comments. Before you read the comments you should read the original article given above as a link as to know what we are talking about.


Dr. Georgi Stankov, 2 days ago at 10:46 PM

While Jeff’s elaboration is correct in the historic perspective, it does not explain why the dollar has gained so much in value against all other currencies this year. Jeff should have discussed the end of the dollar carry trade, the unwinding of which has caused a huge dollar illiquidity worldwide. The dollar will not disappear as a currency relic by losing its value through currency exchange, but by rising so high in value that it will simply vanish from the real economy, as this will also happen with gold, much to the chagrin of Jeff and other protagonists of gold as the better currency.

The future will belong to a completely new digital form of payments and transactions that will be based on the unanimous collective acknowledgment what the true nature of money is: Money has no value in itself, unless humans ascribe it one. Ideally, it should be a mirror image of the properties of energy, after humanity has comprehended that everything is energy and in particular human economic activities. I think that it is time for Jeff to discuss in-depth the philosophical and physical aspects (in terms of theory of physics) of money and gold as physical currency as this key aspect of money is highly obscured in the Western world and in particular in North America. Without a proper understanding of the true nature of money, all discussions will ultimately remain unyielding and will not contribute to the evolution of humanity.

Sorry for this sober conclusion by somebody who highly appreciates Jeff’s contributions on finance and has re-published many of his articles on my website.

Dr. Georgi Stankov,
Vancouver, Munich, Plovdiv (Bulgaria)


Jeff Nielson, Yesterday at 7:03 PM

Georgi, it’s simply not possible to “account” for everything in the space of a single commentary, even though mine tend to stretch a little longer than most. My perspective on the U.S. dollar is not “historic”. It is current. It is a fundamentally worthless currency — today.

“…it does not explain why the dollar has gained so much in value”

No, I do that in another, recent commentary:


The Western banking crime syndicate are convicted, SERIAL currency-manipulators. So when one asks why ANY currency is valued irrationally, the answer is the same: “convicted currency-manipulators.”

The suggestion of “dollar illiquidity” has no basis in reality. The dollar is being PHASED-OUT as reserve currency. China has done $TRILLIONS in “currency-swaps” and “bilateral trade agreements”. Every one of those deals reduces demand for dollars, and increases demand for renminbi.

Meanwhile, the WORLD dumps U.S. Treasuries, adding yet another dollar-glut to global markets…


If there was ANY significant demand for dollars, the U.S. government wouldn’t have had to “launder” (literally) $100’s of billions in Treasuries onto the balance sheet of Belgium — to fake demand for dollars. These are the “sober conclusions”, Dr. Stankov. ;)


Dr. Georgi Stankov, Today 11.00 am

Dear Jeff,

thank you very much for the comprehensive reply – it is highly appreciated.

Your approach is historic in the sense that the devaluation of the dollar entered its most intensive phase after Nixon abolished the gold standard in 1971. And it is true that it is an actual phenomenon because the worthlessness of this bogus currency is being manifested in these days. But it took a very long period of time to arrive at this point. I personally expected it to come much earlier and was wrong as many other critical forecasters. Hence there is no difference in our opinions.

Your further explanations as to why the dollar is losing its role as world currency are completely in line with my observation of a temporary dollar illiquidity, it terms of money tightness, because most other nations such as China, but also all emerging nations, are now getting rid of the dollar, as you say, which means they have to pay back their loans in dollars in this same currency and need to buy real dollars under worsening conditions (end of the dollar carry trade) in order to do this. This is also the reason why we have a credit and cash crunch in the entire western world as the dollar still accounts for more than 60% of all money in circulation. By the way, this issue is currently widely discussed even by the fraudulent MSM.

That is why I predict that the dollar will disappear from the real economy not because it will lose its value at the currency exchange markets but because it will become so ridiculously overvalued that nobody will want to use it as a functional currency as this will also happen, or has already happened, with gold. You did not comment on this forecast on my part, which is in the core of your article – why the dollar is a relic currency and must disappear, whereas the question how it will disappear is the key one in this academic discussion.

I agree that it is a conditio sine qua non in any enlightened discussion on current finance issues to consider the criminal activity of the ruling cabal and their stooges, the banksters in the one world bank, as you name it, and I like this term very much, because we have to do with a well orchestrated cartel of notorious criminals in all key positions of power in the western society. Their aim is the full destruction of the free market economy that could only cherish during the Cold War in the West under the nuclear danger of mutual annihilation by the Communist bloc. The West had to be simply more effective than the communist bastards.

Now that Russia and China have left behind the failed experiment to establish the NWO on half of the globe, the old Anglo-Saxon empire is desperately trying to establish this same NWO in the western hemisphere by abolishing the free market economy, the middle class and by totally impoverishing the broad masses. This is done by a variety of destructive, but deliberate measures which we observe in an exponential manner in the last quarter of a century.

You have described brilliantly many aspects of this effort of the western cabal to destroy the world economy and establish the NWO, although the latter concept has not been clearly explained in your articles, most probably (and this is my personal assumption) because of self-censorship. In Germany we speak of the “scissors in the head”. Not because you are not a courageous thinker, you are probably one of the most courageous writers in North America, but because you are involuntarily rejecting the transcendental dimension and the overarching driving force behind the current historic events in the End Time of humanity. You are afraid that you might be blamed as being too “esoteric” in a hard financial world, although you have already trespassed this threshold, but this is a separate issue I do not want to delve into now, although it is of primary cognitive importance for any true thinker.

To discuss theoretically the disappearance of the dollar as a relic currency affords much more than just pointing at the criminal activities of the banksters behind the crashing of this world currency that makes no logical sense whatsoever and cannot be explained entirely with the stupidity of the ruling cabal as at the end they will also lose everything. The cabal may be sociopaths, but they are not stupid. Otherwise they would not have been able to control the entire world for so long.

The truth is that they know that their demise is close and inevitable, because it is of cosmic proportions, and they want to gestalt their ousting from power according to their, what they consider, favourable conditions. This will not happen but this is the whole motivation behind what you and I, and many other critical experts observe as a seeming insanity in the financial sector and in the economy these last years and days.

This is all from a historic perspective, even if it also includes the near future. But apart from that it is our intellectual duty as thinkers to design new just and effective forms of finance that will be based entirely on scientific and ethical principles and will lay down the foundation for the establishment of a new enlightened society which we all want to live in.

And here is the proper understanding of the physical nature of money in the core of any successful attempt to reform this debased society, for which you have so much contempt, and rightly so, in all your articles.

As far as I see it, you did not even approach this topic, of which I made you aware of, in your response and I am not sure if you even understood where I am heading to as it is of such an abstract simplicity that it appears, at first (wrong) glance, as an insurmountable complexity. It is an urging for an utmost expansion of one’s awareness that triggers so much unconscious angst in front of this infinity that the human mind contracts and retracts to old, known and convenient half-truths. A fundamental gnostic problem of all humans and the greatest hurdle for true spiritual evolution of mankind.


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