Ascension Dynamics in Real Time

Georgi Stankov, October 3, 2015

I had barely published my article with my response to Nic on the clarity of mind as to how I see the close link between the surprising coup of Russia to solve the Middle East conflict by bombing ISIL in Syria upon Assad’s invitation and its success in resolving the Ukraine crisis, where I explicitly drew the attention of Nic and all my readers on the positive for Putin results obtained in Paris during the Normandy four talks two days ago, when Sputnik just published a confirmation of my political assessment which I would like to present to you only to demonstrate how dynamically now the ascension events have begun to unfold.

This is the most promising sign that our time is to come very soon. Just consider the facts – the whole conflict between the West and Russia began when the Ukrainian nazis, paid, trained and helped by the USA and EU, putsched the legitimate government and president in Kiev and usurped the power in a criminal way by killing more than 100 citizens and policemen by trained in the West snipers. After this putsch Russia was compelled to protect Crimea when the citizens there unanimously and peacefully voted for returning to their motherland as they did not want to live in a lawless country ruled by nazi thugs that were killing innocent people as this happened in Odessa. This was the pretext for the West to accuse Russia of “land grab” and to begin with the most insidious economic, financial, political and military sanctions against this country that the post Cold war world has ever seen.

Very soon it became clear that these sanctions completely failed and only harmed their perpetrators. Especially the Germans and the other EU countries learnt the true meaning of the proverb “when the chickens come home to roost”. Here I am not talking only about the refugee invasion in Europe that has already destroyed the functional system of the EU as a fair karmic price for the European crimes in the Middle East, but also about the huge losses which all EU economies suffered in the course of these sanctions. Europe has already lost more than 100 billion euros, half of it by Germany, and the losses are estimated to exceed 200 billion euros next year unless they are stopped before that.

This is exactly what now the Germans and all other Easteuropean countries demand and will most probably push through by the end of this year (if there will be one as this timeline will ascend before that) against the resistance of the Empire of Evil. The stooges begin to revolt against their master after they personally experienced the archetypal despicable destiny of being a loyal servant to a bad master, which is a very common karmic fate on this planet. Now Europe is punished by both their master and the Russians – in the first case out of pure spitefulness and in the second case as a just punishment for what they have done to Russia “Do you realize what you have done?” – Putin’s accusation of the West at the UNGA.

And now comes the clue. In their helplessness the Europeans are ready to throw all their past policies, statements, pseudo-principles and accusations over board and to accept the dire reality on the ground. Read below:

Finally the Penny Drops: Merkel Admits Crimea is Part of Russia

Sputnik, October 3, 2015

German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the first time publically accepted the fact that Crimea doesn’t belong to Ukraine and that the peninsula will stay as part of Russia, Alexei Pushkov, head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian Duma, said on his Twitter account, according to

Important: After a meeting in Paris, Merkel for the first time admitted that Crimea won’t return to Ukraine. That means the crisis is only about the east of the country,” Pushkov wrote.

The Normandy Four talks on Ukraine reconciliation concluded in Paris on Friday.

The leaders of the Normandy Quartet countries managed to agree on the procedure of the withdrawal of heavy weapons in eastern Ukraine, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Friday.”We were able to agree on the withdrawal of heavy weapons,” Merkel said following the Normandy Four talks in Paris. “There is hope for progress. We are moving toward each other.”On the whole, the results of Friday’s Normandy Four talks in Paris set a positive tone, Angela Merkel said, adding that she was satisfied with what the participants achieved during the meeting.

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