Cheers! It’s Time to Ascend Now

Jodie Cowan, Pepé Fleischman, Tomasz Roszak, and Georgi Stankov, September 20, 2015

Today is September the 20th, a historic date of immeasurable magnitude when the PAT made its irrevocable commitment to detach fully from this reality and ascend. This was the long-awaited signal All-That-Is needed in order to begin with the final ascension process. Or do you believe that it is a random coincidence that exactly on the eve of the fall equinox, the entire group exclusively responsible for the ascension process as its name tells – The Planetary Ascension Team – made collectively the decision to leave this reality by ascending to higher dimensions?

Please observe that it was entirely your decision and I, while the captain of the PAT, have not forced it in any way. I only made my decision and you made your decisions in full sovereignty. This is how ascended masters create. And believe me the HR are rejoicing at your decision. All the angels, ascended masters and Elohim came to us to confirm this. They have been waiting for this decision but could not intervene as it was your free will as incumbent Logos Gods to decide when the best time of ascension has arrived because we are also the main protagonists in this process. Now that the dices have fallen, they are happy beyond measure and have approached us yesterday and today to share their ecstasy with us, just as I am sharing my ecstasy about the impending ascension at this auspicious moment with you.

The signal for the final ID shift has been given by the PAT and the events are accelerating on all lower timelines. As these parallel worlds are energetically closely intertwined with this uppermost mother planet, where the main focus of our souls as Logos Gods is placed, we must reckon with a very rapid sequence of major events that will herald and trigger the final ascension. Hence try to fully anchor in the inner space of your higher selves by fully detaching from all negative events on the ground as they do not matter any more.

The more serene and calm we are now, the better we can stabilize the energetic framework of this uppermost mother planet and the easier and quicker its ascension to the new Golden Galaxy will be. With this, our light mission is accomplished and we can come together in New Lemuria. Until then do what every true ascended masters does – BE yourself and act from the fulcrum of your unlimited creationary power to manifest your most intimate desire.



Hello Georgi,

I read your last post. I wrote this late last night / early morning. I debated if I should even send this email, respecting your decision, and I too feel that I’m to move firmly away from 3D. Rather than spend time questioning, I’m sending this now then will attend to home and family. I’ve already sent it and we’re already home.

Capt.’ and Carla,

I was thinking all day that, we already came back to help the other people ascend. That this is the actual help, NOW.

I never believed religion, never felt normal until I was finally free of that energy sucking side-show. my ideas were never main stream I’ve always been a fringer with thoughts I couldn’t always convey in words others could understand, but there were a small number that did keep up with me, so I knew I wasn’t a total babbler. I’ve been diagnosed ADHD, put in prison, almost died when having my own daughter, twice. Can’t have children as a result and the asshole father took her from me. I have an 11-year-old grandson I haven’t seen since he was 3, all because I’m unconventional, strange, a witch, addict, I’m not quite sure on that, she doesn’t speak to me. Her Dad really did a number on her.

My beliefs are my religion. I can almost see around the corner now. I touch it with the tip of my fingers as its slipping past my tongue. As you’ve said so many times “we’ve already ascended” that our energy exists in our newly created Lemuria and beyond. Am I remembering? or creating? does this seem probable? doesn’t matter really. There is so much going on, so many things on so many levels it’s over whelming. I feel it falling apart. I’m not afraid, strangely calm actually. I don’t know what to expect. If it keeps getting faster and energy rising higher, I can’t see there being any time to freak out or have an emotional break down.  HEH.

And so I will see you in the universe my friend(s) I know that no matter what happens it’s going to be perfect, that it already is because I’ve already been there to remember this. remember that we came back to remember. we came back to remember this is an illusion. to hold our belief, to hold that energy and space in defiance of societies and small minded personal agendas. as the gap gets smaller I wonder how much we’ll remember before it finally just merges together. It’s accelerating, so so fast now. the rate at which I remember and this reality crumbles are colliding into the peak moment of transition.

Just gotta keep the biters off my heels a little longer. Can’t imagine ever dealing with them and the pathetic game their attempting to play by taking all our homes away and enslaving the human race. It’s objectionable, appalling, and hilarious all at the same time. they are heel biters. Nothing can stop whats coming. their greedy little selves are going to keep it up until this slaps them in the face. I do want to ignore them, I cannot allow the issues with the bank to distract me into 3D. I must stay creating only so that we survive as comfortable as we’re able until this too passes away . There is no doubt of the ascension, the bank biters and the money is a trap, everything is a trap to make you doubt.

Believe and it will all be perfect, believe you are right where you are supposed to be, and be amused, laugh in the face of danger and kick ass. It doesn’t matter what you are doing so long as you remember, and remember you will.  their system doesn’t operate anymore in this level of awareness.  holding that awareness is the higher thought, the highest energy thought one after another and bring yourself away, open to the light, allow the codes to fill you. enlightenment, awareness, ascending. having access to all the memories; the more you see the lie, the veil is gone; cats out of the bag, and I’m ready to go home.

I love this life and I love this death, I’m being reborn now. remembering how to live longer in this body and transitioning and creating along the way. I may already have the body again ahead of this NOW. and other bodies I’ve had and have in the linear free environment we all exist.  The energy is like, supreme right now, this September 20th.  I know you’re reading, no need to reply at all, this is to you, the universe and all human kind, it’s happening….

Morning 9/20/2015

Throat chakra highly lit. transitioning between timelines to the point my solar plexus feels as if I’m on a roller coaster. my head is buzzing and ears ringing; hot and cold on my face. hands hot, fingers ice-cold. my mouth has almost blistered as if I ate too many bananas, but have not eaten one. fighting back a head ache and my vision is changing from seeing sparkles to so flat and without depth perception it’s hard to cut back flowers in the yard. My dreams are intense, detailed as ever and I have realized that I start dreaming as soon as I close my eyes.

Amused, alight, in love and service,

Jodie, Pacific Northwest


Dear Georgi,

Thank you, captain! I know that there isn’t really nothing much left to say and I’m sure that we all feel that the ascension is literally at hand. Thank you for all that you have done for the PAT. You really helped me unspeakably and otherwise I wouldn’t probably be one of the glorious ascended masters. It’s time for us to go now, the energies are overwhelming right now. Huge geomagnetic storm is occurring right now, and I feel awesome. In the past I always suffered a lot during these storms.

Yes, it’s time to focus on our ascension. I’m looking forward for us the PAT to reunite and let it be so! See you there!

With regards, J. Fleischman. Czechia


Dear Georgi

From the bottom of my heart I thank you very much for your leadership, for your love for all the PAT and love for the whole earth (Gaia). In moments of uncertainty you were always support for me. You are leading us through all these years fully committed to the whole process of ascension. You are my/our mentor, you are our leader  and you are God who leads his children home. The last steps we will have to do ourselves but as you told us we have everything what we need. Personally, I will do everything that needs to Be, I will do everything to meet you again on the other side and say thank you. Giving yourself a chance for ascension is commitment of respect to yourself and all your work. I hope that I will not fail myself and so also you. “Father” – is the only term that comes to my mind when I think about you.

Farewell, and see you soon dear Georgi. I thank you very much again and I bow my head in respect to you.

Kocham Cię …

With love and light
Tomek, Polska

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