The “Others”, Coming Interactions, Alternate Earths

Brian, the dragon, August 27, 2015

This is a very good message as it fully confirms our multidimensional approach to Gaia and the ascension process and explains why things are always somewhat different from what our human mind perceives and envision. But they align perfectly nonetheless.



Hi everyone,

This is The Dragon. As you evolve, it becomes necessary to expand your concept of what is “planet Earth”.

Gaia is participating in multiple games of Earth. You could say, and you would be right, that these are different expressions of the Gaia consciousness, and different “personalities”. However, you would also be right to say that these are all the same Gaia. Gaia exists within a more integrated consciousness and is well aware of the different expressions of Gaia, closely connected with them, and in essence One with them.

What is Earth? Is Earth a rock in a small solar system in a mid-size galaxy? Is it more? What is the sun? You ask questions like whether the sun is part of a binary system? Was it once part of one, but no longer? These are all very good questions about your own physical reality.

However, Earth is a multi-dimensional world, as is the sun, and different realities of it. There are a few Earth-like worlds in your Galaxy in your present space and time that you have constructed that are at a similar point in evolution, but these are not alternate Earths. Alternate Earths are very special

You have quarantined yourself in one reality. More evolved beings have not done so and exist in multiple versions of your Earth. They pass back and forth, more on how in a bit. In your physical reality, the closest alternate Earth that you would subjectively call “Earth” is very far away in your physical space. Even a space ship that could reach the Andromeda Galaxy in one Earth year would never reach it in a lifetime. In fact, you’d never even make it a small bit of the way. That’s how far away it is.

So, you may think, “What’s the point?” You may think you’ll never see one. Some of you are wrong in this life, and some of you are wrong because you’ll see it when you come back in the so-called “near future”. Earth is a portal at it’s very core. So is the sun. There are fissures in the Earth where these portals can be opened, if you vibrate at the right frequency. That is very easy to do once you get the hang of it. Some realities of Earth are very easy to pass between. Yours currently is not. That will change. And you’ll be able to explore other versions of Earth physically. At the same time, as the portals open, your consciousness will become aware of the alternate realities and the “yours” over there as well.

Well, do you think that when you incarnate on Earth, it’s just this version?

By the way, there are infinite of them, though your known universe has a finite numbers. Portals don’t stop at physical universal boundaries. They can portal to other universes as well. It does take more energy, however such energy is easy to attain once your body masters it.

Event then, you’ll only reach some of them, because you have to be aware of them at some level. You’ll all share your knowledge and be able to reach more. It’ll be a small sampling. Often ones that have been connected before, but it all just depends. So sometimes you’ll see “old friends” and sometimes it’ll be the first encounter.

You have some “bosom buddies”. Where did the dinosaurs go? Were they just wiped out and survivors turned into birds, yada yada? That is very one-Earth of you :-) The dinosaurs went to a different version of Earth. What that means is that the reality diverged and there was a point of choice. You chose to pick this one, at least for this incarnation, the dinosaurs chose the other one. Many of you are incarnated over there as well.

We’ll tell you now: Some of them are very evolved and even ascended dinosaurs. They had an awful lot of time in other realities. They are aware of you as well, even the physical ones. They have been here. Your ancestors have interacted with them. In fact, they have had colonies here in the past. They have been here longer than you, studying, watching. They have left very recently out of respect for your own freedom of shaping your destiny. They will be back very soon when you’re ready. They know this isn’t their reality and they won’t try to “take it” no matter how much your governments fear that. But you should also respect their ancient wisdom and you can learn an awful lot from them. Some of them, at least, that are not as young as you. The truly old ones…

Dinos are still so similar to you in the grand scheme of things, it may be a bit underwhelming to you to run into them. Most that are evolved are bipedal since your galaxy is biased towards that. Claws and sharp teeth have downsized, so they won’t look as rough as you imagine. Their heads tend to be big, at least for some of them. Some even live birth, some don’t. They will seem very familiar to you. So familiar that you may think everything you run across will be so similar. Nevertheless, these are your bosom buddies as we said. There are a few others.

There are also some that hang around for various reasons that have usually been here longer than you as well. They helped you seed yourselves, and visited before humans in many cases. That means, among other things, that some of you had lifetimes as them. That’s a prerequisite for “seeding” since genetics is a lot more than the physical. You have to combine it on multiple levels. Some of you had more lifetimes as “the others” than you have had as a human being.

Some of them are in so-called “ships” (floating worlds) that they don’t need that are quite bigger on the inside than the outside. Why? Because they get a kick out of it, for one thing. The other piece is that out of service to you, as well, since they have lowered their vibration as far as they can to make it easier for you to get to them. You can already do it through your remote viewing/projection.

Some channels interpret messages wrong and say they will “reveal” themselves to you in time. What will in fact begin happening is you’ll all start to see them. Some people before others due to vibrations, and some ships before others because of their vibrations. Our partner can already see them up close when others can’t, as glassy things with pulsating energy. However, only when they are close. Far away he has to remove view them since his “third eye” doesn’t make it out far away. There’s some auric field proximity dynamics involved in that in the physical levels.

Our advice with the “Others” is a few things:

Don’t fear them. You will invite the ones you won’t like as much with fear and your souls just may let it happen so you can teach yourselves a lesson. Our advice: just don’t mess with it. Don’t have fear. You’ll get the better ones if you don’t let fear through, and that very knowledge can be your security blanket. You need to also help soothe other people that don’t carry that knowledge. Luckily for you, you’ve been there and done that and as you raise your vibration enough to begin interacting you will raise wisdom as well. Keep in mind that what you call aliens are just spirits playing a game. The same rules apply when trying to discern which fourth dimensional entities to let interact with you. Everything just falls apart with fear and you can’t discern anything and just let everything through because of your fear (or nothing, which means putting up a veil you don’t want either). As goes for fourth dimensional beings, handle it the same way with so-called aliens. Oh, to throw a wrench in it, some less experienced “others” may fear you a little or at least be anxious around you, yet may have come anyway because they felt they needed to and probably accompanied by others who may have interacted with humans before. Throwing up a temporary shield if you come into contact with a being and sense anxiety on their part is perfectly fine, so you don’t start internalizing it. It’ll give time for them to acclimate and calm down.

Don’t outright believe everything they say either. It’s not that they will usually have a reason to outright lie to you. A few may, but most just have different stories. They come from different worlds, different versions of Earth. Some will not know much about your reality. Others will. Their ways of doing things may not yet work in this game.

Don’t get frustrated over your weaknesses in telepathy as you learn to improve in it. Ask them to compensate. They will usually do it automatically. Ask anyway. We should give a channeling on telepathic advice, but one thing we want to say is that there’s nothing wrong with talking out loud while you communicate telepathically. It actually helps you strengthen your communication. We thought we’d say that because our partner has a big hang-up about doing that. He calls it “echoing” and he’s just being silly about that bothering him :-) The other beings won’t hear the sound. They will see the ripples of the vibration energy of the sound, but the telepathic thought will come through at the same time.

They will need help in understanding your condition. Many of these beings are connected to many of their incarnations, very few of which are as dense and lower vibration as your current condition.

Some will know you already individually. Most won’t, but some will. Don’t let that weird you out. Most of them will have collectives. Those collectives will often know who you are even if they don’t all individually know you. So they will be able to access information in their collective about who you are as it relates to them. Don’t let that weird you out either.

This information of how you relate to them is going to be multi-faceted: First of all, they can access your akash. They will know your potentials. They will know about any incarnations you had in their collective. They will also know how the future of your own current incarnation relates to their collective, since they exist outside of your linear time, as spirits do.

However, how your current incarnation relates to their collective will not be line-by-line an exact story to how the life you are writing is going to occur. They won’t be able to “tell you your future” since it hasn’t been written yet. We know that gets complicated and confusing. You have free will. Your all big boys and girls and so we’ll let you decide how to handle the fact that they already have memory of your current incarnation, in full. Hopefully you give them a few surprises.

We hope you see from your interaction with them of how much your way of doing things puts you at a disadvantage. Not a competitive disadvantage like you would think of from a survival mentality. We are talking about how you are constantly shooting yourselves in the foot by limiting what you can do individually and as a group. When you see what some of these beings are capable of, it will open your eyes. Very quickly, you will realize you are capable of that too.

In hindsight, it will seem pretty easy to enhance yourselves, however frustrating it is to hear when it’s not in hindsight.

In the end, you’re going to have a lot of visitors. There are enough visitors to keep all of you company. Have fun with it.

With Love,
The Dragon

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