The Ticket Home – the Biggest Market Correction of Lifetime

The Light Warrior as an Enlightened Broker

Brad Barber, August 27, 2015

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I am writing this as a follow-up to my article of the other day. The multitude of signals taking place deems it a great time for me to contribute some of my madness in to the mix. Hopefully, a couple of years of recalibrating the DNA of humanity will enable my style of writing to become a little more acceptable to the population, but it doesn’t really matter.  Most demand beauty, but I demand substance and this ain’t going to be pretty.

To understand the purpose of my article, we must listen to the sage advice of Shaolin Abbot in Bruce Lee’s classic, Enter the Dragon.  “Now you must remember: the enemy has only images and illusions behind which he hides his true motives.  Destroy the image and you will break the enemy.”

We also have to toe the fine line of not committing much energy to the fraud, but as long as I’m here and I have to eat, I have a slight issue to deal with.

I will cover a ton of subjects and there will be something for everyone.  This is a bit long so don’t read it unless you have a good minute.  If we need to expand consciousness and awareness to raise the roof off to get this thing rolling then that’s what I’m going to do. I will start with smaller technical stuff and try to expand it as I go.

The great part about writing this is that so much of it could go different directions that I could look like a complete ass for half of the market commentary.  Sounds like fun. Keep in mind that I’ve made $425,000 in a day in markets, and I’ve lost $425,000 in day of personal and family money engaging the fraud so this is personal.  Let’s jump in…

The markets of the world are at an incredible juncture.  In continuing where we were at the other day, the first wave of the market crash hit targets (I always use the S&P as it is a much better representation than the Dow of only 30 companies, more on that fraud to be discussed later) of 1831 and the computers left behind a nice huge gap near 1970.  The face ripping rally of the last two days has filled that gap and then some as the HFT (High Frequency Trading machines) almost always overshoot anymore. My favorite part of this last couple days is how the dollar has synched up with markets which it should not be doing.  In fact, yesterday, a Fed official admitted they can’t raise interest rates in September and the dollar rallied 2% with the market.  Ya, that makes sense. The market should shoot to the sky because easy money will continue, but at the same time the Dollar increases in value because it’s masters are in too much trouble to be able to pay any interest on it. I don’t think so. If you can’t pay interest on capital, it ain’t capitalism, and if it ain’t capitalism then the Pope is so full of shit in his mission to drag in the hoi polloi.

Now we are confronted with the correction of a lifetime after this bounce and the support level of 1830, but we may have to wait out, most likely, the next area of absolute fraud. The end of the month bonus fraud and markup bonanza. It’s even worse on end of quarters.  The hottest areas are always marked up and the coldest areas are always marked down into the end of the month so all the money managers can look their best at statement time. They also pay their bonuses on these rigged numbers. This is when everyone buys what’s done well so they can put it on their statement to look like they know what they are doing.  That part’s juvenile, but that is more understandable during the culmination of a young soul epic than what the banks do.  They destroy the world trading with capital they shouldn’t use all month, then they stuff it back into acceptable collateral at month’s end to meet their capital reserve requirements.  All the big accounting firms are in on it and the rating’s agencies as well.  In fact, the only ones required to use actual accounting any more is you and I when we pay our taxes.

The markets of the world are worse than junior high school and disgusting, but not understanding them and ignoring is why we are at where we are at.  John Lennon would have been one of the greatest light warriors of all time, but his lack of ability to confront the markets is how the politicians and media cast him so easily as a hippie.  Instant karma didn’t quite work yet. Many a great light warrior fizzles out on poor timing.

Now, back to the correction of lifetime. It is being titled that by me because of the metaphors emerging from it.  1830 on the S&P is now the grand support that I believe will fail over the next few weeks and head even lower to the low 1700’s.  Most big boys are thinking the panic is done and are waiting for the bounces to mellow out here back down near support before really committing to the long and bullish side of markets once again.  The computers and short-termers are rocking these few days and are long-term meaningless.  The huge difference in paths the next few weeks is that if my work pans out, it is a signal that a bear market has begun. If 1830 holds and then new up-trends form, it will signal the continuance of the bull market of historical fraud that is hollowing out the entire world. I can’t take it anymore so I’m writing this to the world to help raise intent to flush it all away.

Every market has underlying metaphors as to why it’s taking place.  Ever since the business cycle failed to restart in the 2010 QE effort, the only market metaphors are fraud, Scarface accounting, NWO technology tricks, biotech enslavement pills, tainted foods, and a giant can of black spray paint over your third eye (hat tip Bill Hicks) in a massive effort to create a false God and forever theft your ability to connect to Source.  All the storm-troopers are working on their own enslavement.

What will be entertaining to watch the next few weeks is the correlation with the markets and the dollar as well as what should turn out to be the awakening of the resources of good ol’ Mother Earth.  As the market rolls over somewhere in the next bit and short termers jettison their positions, (let’s not even include the possibility of it continuing to go up forever on this bounce, because the way these assholes operate, it just might),  the 93.20 support we discussed on the dollar should get tested.  I especially enjoy the face ripping rally in the dollar the last couple days after I pointed out it was trying to break down and wrote an article about its value.  I think they sprayed a few extra chemtrails over Denver yesterday just for that one, hee hee.  The Plunge Protection team has been in place since 1987 (Harmonic Convergence again) and this will be the first time they will be overwhelmed in their central planning mission as has already been shown this week.

Trust me, when they want the markets to go down, they let it.  Letting the market crash in ’08 was purely intentional and one of the greatest robberies of all time.  The market started to go down the exact day Bush allowed the end of the uptick rule on short selling allowing anyone in the know to naked short sell the targeted financials into oblivion and then they bailed them out without our vote.  What a democracy.  And the Pope targets unfettered capitalism as the world’s evil.  Don’t worry, Trump will rig the system to work for the common man.

Where was I?

Right. What we can start to see surface here is the metaphor developing which is the market’s success is turning into the Dollar’s success. A further metaphor would be the Dollar represents the faith in the fraud of this planet and its ability to control it as well as pay out all of the hollow promises behind it that are long gone.  The next correction will show if a bull market is being signaled amongst the general populace of a complete loss of faith in the Dollar and it’s masters.  Basically, the cabal.  I still can’t figure out why people call the fraud the elite of the planet.  Great human beings are the elite of the planet, but just have less people that believe it. Here’s China doing the right thing and moving their savings out of dollars as discussed in the last article.

Wait until everyone else admits it too.  The flood of loss of faith has begun.

If that 93.20 mark fails on the Dollar with a weekly close, then a long-term bear market signal has been given. With only sellers and now no buyers but the fraud itself, they will be printing (behind Japan and Europe as well) dollars to buy dollars. This means the end of the paper illusion and a massive shift towards what is actually real.

This now brings us to the metaphoric awakening of the elements of Mother Earth.  Ever since 2011, everything “real” has been decimated in the financial markets. Nothing real has been used due to severe malinvestment by anyone with access to the printed paper.  There has been no massive inflation of the purchasing power of the currencies so far because none of it has made it from the printer to the people.  That is why the monetary velocity is reaching historic lows.  Most of the printed cash has gone into buying and holding bonds of bankrupt countries and companies and then forcing the populations through austerity to pay debts that can’t ever be paid.  Some has also gone into many other horrific yield chasing concepts like building too many apartments, Ponzi fracking arrangements, and the ever dark quest of inventing the next app or pill to help enslave the consciousness of mankind even worse.

There has rarely been a period of worse investment in developing the future of business. The change in accounting standards by the Fed to keep the zombie banks alive has spread like an illness throughout the corporate world as CEO’s are now so motivated by short-term profits for personal gain and to join the imagery of the junior high world of current finance that they have issued and epic amount of short and long-term debt to engage in the biggest round of buying up shares of their own companies ever seen. Most of these companies are now ticking time bombs as their share prices are getting obliterated and the debt payments are just coming due. If they used real accounting, earnings per share are down something like 16% in the last year.  If you use NON GAAP Fed standards, earnings are down something like only 1%.  Buying shares with debt is hiding a massive over-leveraging of the corporate sector and the related bond market is signaling major trouble.  In fact, in the energy world of fracking fraud, it’s already a disaster.

The main reason I come to this point is that there has been major attention taken away from what Gaia is up to right at the wrong time which has severely hindered this process. But the signals are pointing to a massive awakening.  Little money has gone towards the research and further development of the resources of the planet which is drastically affecting the consciousness and awareness of what is taking place.  Some of the most brilliant “in the now” thinkers are in the financial worlds, but they mostly hijacked and addicted to paper.  No one has been studying Momma Earth because paper has reigned for four straight years.  It has been punishing any one looking into real things instead as the lies have had to be ridden out and continue longer than necessary due to the epic insouciance of the zombie crowd.

This now brings me to the algorithmic machines that are front running the markets all the time now and basically shaping the day-to-day reality of mankind.  The affect they have on human consciousness as a collective is almost too brutal to think about. They have been present for years, but especially went into high gear in 2011 when the S&P was brave enough to downgrade the debt status (as they rightly should have) of the United States.  They were promptly punished by the US for that one.  Every single alarm that could tell people what was going on, or at least give them warning, has been turned off.  The machines propped the US Treasury market immediately after the downgrade and then set off on a four-year mission to annihilate the gold market to threaten anyone that even remotely offered an alternative to the Dollar fraud. Every dip in the markets have been bought right when a collapse was set to happen and every single bit of perception has been managed.

One quick example of how the machines work is the most brutal of all, the directional “spoofing” bot which works in unison with the law exempt exchanges to ruin your life. When a bit of news comes out that isn’t what is wanted, a machine will put in a massive paper order to direct the flows of investment in the direction that is desired and then it will be allowed to remove the order. Massive money flows then move the wrong corresponding logical direction as the junior high crowd chases each other around. The justification as to why the US Treasury market went up in 2011 was because everyone was rushing to the safety of Momma US as Momma US was the safest spot to be in turmoil.  Wait, what was that?  Say that again please.  This was right when gold was killing the S&P and making a mockery of the paper world.

Then the fraud drug out its old gladiators and put Warren Buffet in the bathtub on CNBC and had him talk about what a great idea it was to buy Bank of America stock and they also drug out Trump on TV to say it’s time to buy stocks.  Then they printed an additional $14 trillion worldwide and the rest is history.

Dr. Stankov is completely correct in calling this last few year period the matrix re-indoctrination phase as it was too powerful and most bought back in to the fraud.  After the Dec. 21, 2012 passing, then all the lightweights jumped ship because they weren’t getting paid out.   Dr. Stankov was correct that 2011 was the real implosion, but it only happened metaphorically.  Time has since played its Earthly tricks and made us wait this out until now.

This last phase is what the fraud has always salivated over which is the ultimate dislocation of mankind from its connection to the Earth and these machines are the best at it.  Every indigenous group has been under attack for centuries to prevent the wrong information from spreading and to attain ultimate control of Source at this time.  The financial markets and their machines have almost completely separated humans from understanding that they are part of the whole.  Every single thing you research is infected with some sort of Khazarian style toll charging fraud that inserts itself between you and Source.  The machines are ensuring daily that no energy is given towards Gaia and it works in a spectacularly quantum way.

This is where the elements now come in. Gold has been forced down in an unnatural bear market since 2011. Especially since April 2013 after the infamous banker meeting at the White House. These markets are so rigged that they have executed printing trillions of dollar as well as getting gold to go down. Gold represents the ultimate concept of freedom available to man as long as you are held hostage to this environment.  It is the metaphor for a karma free environment and of taking complete sovereign possession of oneself.  There are no debts attached to it and the ultimate storage of ones energy for later use in this environment.  If one understands gold at all, and is then able to apply any axiomatic thinking to the process, then one should easily ultimately be able to find one’s way to the Universal Law if one cares about operating on true principles.  This is one of the main reasons why this process has been laid on to such a precious few.

The machines are molesting the ability of mankind to connect to the energetic project at hand and making it painful to even try to connect.  At this time we must introduce Jim Sinclair and his note sent out yesterday.  If you don’t know who Jim Sinclair is, you may want to take time to understand his past.  He is one of the greatest financial jedis alive and he has done his best to educate everyone for the last 20 years.  He laid out what would happen over 40 years ago. I don’t know his awareness of the ascension but he makes incredible little hints at spiritual concepts all the time. Dr. Stankov is the only person I am aware of that has a grander overall view of the world and it’s operation.

The quotes of “super civilization change” and a gold market rally that never stops caught my attention.

As of today, the CRB has signaled that it may have made a major low.  This is the measurement of the commodities of the world.  After having completely crashed to lows not seen in decades in most commodities, oil finally popped back above the crash trendline today to state that this time is most likely over. If things continued in a 3d manner, it appears that this moment may be the best moment in history to buy real assets.  But if you really understand what is happening, none of it matters.

This is stating in a metaphoric way that the attention is about to return to Gaia as it should and should be the final push needed.  If we start adding a lot of this together, it is saying that stuff is also about to get real expensive as a most likely failure sets in on the US Dollar as it is abandoned. Prices going up as business gets worse and markets fold in on themselves is not a fun concept. If anyone applied logical thinking and a balanced emotional state to their world, they would stop 95% of what they are doing and speak about completely different things. The machines have made sure of the matrix reprogramming.

What appears to be happening would be similar to the bounty hunters in Star Wars.  The bounty hunters serve whoever pays them.  The fraud used machines to centrally plan the world but now, just like China dumping treasuries for savings as all should, the bounty hunter HFT fraud companies are the ones killing the plunge protection teams for the dollar.  The bounty hunters are ditching Darth Vader and the Emperor has been stripped naked.

One of the more fascinating aspects of the control of the elements and consciousness is the centuries long control of silver.  Silver metaphorically represents the energy of the Christ Consciousness.  It is the ultimate form in this environment for one to store energy in an affordable manner and should be able to provide a level playing field for all of mankind to operate from. The Bible hijacks this energy well with the story of the betrayal of Jesus for 30 pieces.

There’s a reason it thwarts vampires and werewolves, there’s a reason JFK got shot just days after talking about it. There’s a reason all the governments of the world went on tear from 1870 to 1930’s to ban its use for the benefit of man.  The effort by the machines and the governments and the fraud of it all to prevent the rise of silver has been the most herculean of all. Now watch as all the supplies vanish worldwide. The shortage has already begun and dealers may not be able to deliver any within weeks. By the time most figure it out, it will be too late.

One intrigue in silver is its atomic weight of 108 and its logical connection to Christ Consciousness. 108 is one of the most commonly repeating large numbers anywhere in so many different belief systems.  Check this list out.

108 in numerology equals 9 and I don’t know much about it, but I’m pretty sure that means completion and ascension. The very element of silver represents the completion of experiencing through many lifetimes of all the polarized emotions and personality that come attached to experience with each element.  Silver is a metaphorical representation of the completion of the energetic system or transliminal soul.

All signs of the financial markets point to an incredible myriad of so many incredible things taking place.  The next few days and weeks will be very interesting.  Traders already started jumping ship today at the end of the day.  Has control finally been lost?  We are about to find out and 1830 will tell you all you need to know.

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