Energy Report of the PAT – August 15, 2015

Thank you for your leadership and sharing your brilliance.

Concerning the explosion in Beijing … I suspect the Galactic Federation withdrew their protection of the Chinese Elders, from the cabal’s ongoing attempts of assassinations and destruction, due to the elders continued delaying tactics and lies concerning the full disclosure and release of  the abundance funds.

I never trusted the elders, but I understand the Federation’s patience in allowing the elders a chance to make things right with the people they and the cabal enslaved.

Now Putin is justifiably furious with Obama for ordering the port attack, and will retaliate with an attack on the U.S. with Project Mercury earthquake/tectonic weapon.

What are your feeling on my statement and prediction?

I do not feel fear… I have overwhelming joy for the coming ascension.

Also, monoatomic gold from Harmonic enterprises quells my unbearable ascension headaches.

Love, Light, Joy, Abundance!
Lucinda from Colorado

Dear Lucinda,

thank you for establishing contact for the first time and your appreciation of my work.

I read Sorcha Faal’s report on the Chinese explosions and also Anna Merkaba latest message on the monoatomic particles. I somehow do not resonate with both of them, but essentially it does not matter as things happen and they all lead to the final drama of ascension.

The Galactic Federation does not play any role in this whole drama. It is us who allow some things to happen and prevent others as I did yesterday.

I have decided myself to concentrate on the positive constructive aspects of the ascension drama and it is the breakthrough of the Universal Law that only matters to me. Everything else will align smoothly thereafter. Therefore I reject in principle all channelled or other messages who do not consider this key event as they are not of the light and not informed what is going to happen and how it would happen. It is as simple as that and I have been proven to be right many times in the past. I do not need to list examples now as they are documented on my website.

It is though true that more and more people are beginning to sense intuitively the coming change but as they are not in control of their minds, they allow the mind to fuck up with weird interpretations and thus lose the real perspective for the coming big change. This is very human and only reflects the low level of awakening in these people where the ego plays “schabernak” (a Jewish word for prank) with them and they are the only ones that do not get it as they are enamored in their delusional insights – this also holds true for this obscure Dr. Atkins with his X-wave who came out of nowhere and now everybody is repeating him like a parrot. How about experiencing a cc-wave on a daily basis to learn how the energies from the source really feel in the human body? Anna Merkaba channels about monoatomic particles and does not know that the adamantine particles from the source do not have any atoms as they are pre-atomic and build the energetic foundation of atoms and matter. This shows the profound ignorance of all these channellers and their incalcitrance to learn something new, for instance from myself although they read in a clandestine manner my website.

I hope you understand what I want to relay with these comments.

With love and light

Would love your take on this:


Dear Johan,

utterly wrong and very naive. This man has no understanding of physics and here lies the problem with all alternative thinkers – they do not have first the sound base of science /physics before they reform it. This man for instance does not know that space is an illusion of the senses and the mind as I wrote one more time in my last article and also his derivation of the Einstein’s energy equation is mathematically wrong. He also does not understand mass. You can check in Volume II on  physics where I deal with this equation and explain its meaning.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I must admit I have not yet fully grabbed the concept of ascension, especially the different timelines and dimensions. (If you have any lecture to link me to I’d be happy to learn more but i won’t bother you asking.) I’m trusting the guidance of my higher self and my faith in our ascension is strong. However there are questions that would clear some worries especially since your latter statement. Will we ascend as if nothing really changed in our 3D lives? I thought this kind of ascension was only for the 4D worlds, and that ascension to 5D was to a new world hence a physical body ascension necessary. Is ascension only energetic from our perspective ?

Thank you for your support,

Much love,

Dear Gaspard,

we have discussed ascension and multidimensionality numerous times in publications and energy reports of the PAT, also many channelings of the Elohim deal with this issue. But of course you must develop your personal idea of it.

I did not say that nothing would change when ascension comes, but that it will feel subjectively as if New Lemuria has descended upon us and not that we have ascended higher as we are already part of it with our higher dimensional expressions and only need to align our mind with them. This alignment will happen from within through huge expansion of our awareness.

With love and light

On the article: A Necessary Clarification in the Jarring Cacophony of Financial Discussions in the End Time The Minotaur’s Complex of the Financial Experts

Great article captain! Please shoot me!!


Dear Brad,

Thank you – I am also very content with this article which was fully channelled by my HS and hits the mark. I was frustrated in the last days reading all these critical peer financial experts who do not get it and only build the opposite polarity of the same game of insanity. Very much like educating a frigid woman how to overcome her frigidity and learn to enjoy a real orgasm, but all your educational efforts fail at her inability to understand the concept of orgasm in the first place.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Do you have a link or small explanation of the Reptilian genetic heritage of humanity that you could provide me?

You are the man.

With love and light,
Brad Barber

Dear Brad,

The old Cosmic Awareness had some good channelings on this issue in the 80s and 90s before it got dark. I am not sure if these messages are still available on the Internet as the group dissolved after Callista took possession on Berlinghof. She used to participate in our discussions before that.

The old website does not seem to exist any more. I found this one:

but I do not know if it contains the information you need.

With love and light

PS: further info on the cerebellum as Reptilian brain

Dear Brad,

here are further links that may help you. The first one is a plagiary of my articles by this guy who have failed to mention my name and has published it in his name but with links to my articles:

This one does not deal with physiology but is a good summary of the effects ofthe Reptilian brain:

A video I have not watched yet hence no comments:

The following article deals more with physiology but from a conventional 3D point of view:

I now remember that I have written also a little bit on this issue in this book:

Obviously there is not much written on the cerebellum as the Reptilian brain, but essentially this part of the brain is responsible for the unconditioned reflexes when the cortex is switched off. These reflexes are fear-driven and they can dominate the human behaviour. The cerebellum contains mostly inhibitory synapses that close the mind to the higher dimensions. They are also in the majority in the two hemispheres (cortex) but are still more open to transcendental influences.

The best and only relevant explanation how the brain operates you can find in my article:

I do not think that there is much more information of relevance.

With love and light

Hi George,

I agree completely that the money system needs to go. I am not an economist, but was very interested in my undergraduate economics class. My professor was trying to get us to see what you are saying, that money has become something not backed by something to give it value, but simply assigned value. Your example of Bernanke just printing more tp money as you stay, and of course I am oversimplifying. But then when the great recession took hold in 2007-2008, it was really fear about not understanding how money worked that fed that situation, as most people and even politicians showed that they did not understand how the money system works, and as you quite accurately point out, they still do not understand it.

So, again as you point out, it is quite important for us to address this, or people will only be ruled by fear again. As you note, they do not see the very workable options, such as your nsp plan. But this or something like it can be done, and we can bring it about.

Mike in Florida

Dear Mike,

thank you for your valuable comments on this central topic in the End Time that will shape the destiny of mankind in the last days.


Fantastic article Georgie, I wish you could send it to Yanis, the economic collapse blog, et al…… as it’s infuriating reading such essential sites as zero hedge, when they ultimately adhere to the current monetary paradigm. I scream! The repetition is stifling.

Much love to you Georgie
Ashley, UK

Dear Ashley,

this was a very good idea. I just sent a comment to Yanis Varoufakis with a link to this article. Let us hope he will read it. I fully agree with you that the repetition is stifling and this was the main reason why I wrote this article.

With love and light


Contact name: Dr. Georgi Stankov

Comment: Dear Mr. Yanis Varoufakis,

I admire your battle against the financial Minotaur and know that it has a much greater impact on the destiny of this planet than many people, probably including you, believe currently. I have also published a number of your articles on my website in the past. Here, I would like to invite you to read my latest article on the current failed financial system and how it can be very easily reformed:

A Necessary Clarification in the Jarring Cacophony of Financial discussions in the End Time The Minotaur’s Complex of the Financial Experts

With best regards Dr. Georgi Stankov Munich, Vancouver

Type of Event: Academic conference
Institution/Company: Universal Law Press

Hello George

I am eagerly waiting for the final insight from my HS. Not sure if this was an insight or not. I was taken away for three hours this afternoon. The only thing that I remember was being shown a moon. The moon had a red hue to it. A  night sky. Was put directly in front of my face, seemed like for the longest time. That was all.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I pulled out the old farmers Almanac for 2015. The new moon for August is the 14th and September is on 13th. Yet the Blood moon is on August 28th. The vision I saw was a moon with the hue of red. The Blood moon, is my thinking. Maybe I am supposed to just watch? Anyway Just wanted to share. No one else understands what I am saying, about ascension.

Thanks for listening.

Love From the Hills of Arkansas

Dear Elna,

the last fourth blood moon from this tetrad is on September 28th and not August. If you have seen a blood moon in your vision, then this should be an important date as I wrote and many other people predict based on their religious beliefs.

I think that we have a potential for ascension this month and quite surely end of September when this energetic cycle will peak.

I confirm the energy surge this afternoon (August 12th) as we both were taken away for an hour and after that the vibrations were smashing and we were in a haze for another two hours.

With love and light

Hello George!

I thought i would just mention this as someone else may have got it. On /about August 3 i got this date from HS of August 15, which i felt like it was a personal date for me as to movement/ change so i was just waiting, observing to see what would take place for me in a personal way.

Well, today i decide to check what is on Lightworker’ and I see an article posted in channeling that was channeled by Cosmic Awareness-Will Berlinghoff which is talking about August 15, as date for Hadron Cern Collider. Gist of what i get of it is that the ruling ones are to thwart “Source Energy” download that date. Of course it is ridiculous but i just thought to pass it on as today was my first time hearing of such. Has any others mentioned that they had received this date as personal/other?


Dear Avian,

thank you for this information. I read this message from CA and we must see how the events will unfold. This source was very dark in the past and although it has improved somewhat recently, I do not trust him. Besides CA predicted several times ascension in the past beyond any doubt and nothing happened and it did not bother to comment after that although this tore apart the whole group of CAC.

I reported as early as the beginning of July that there is a potential for ascension for us end of August but it may as well happen in September or later as linear time does not matter.

I do not discard such messages as they contribute to the final event by charging it mentally and emotionally, but I would rather stay sceptical in this case as CA has a dark agenda by praising the abilities of the archons and do not mentioning at all the light warriors of the first and the last hour that are now creating these timelines.

With love and light

On PAT Resource Group on Facebook

Thank you very much, George!  Most still don’t seem to get that I need their Facebook email address, so I send them an invitation to the addy they contact me with. There’s lots of interest from a wide variety of people, some of whom send me an entire spiritual resume or wondered if it is ‘strictly PAT’ and first wave ascenders, I said there might be some second wavers too, and would that be a problem.  It’s beginning to look more lively in there again.

Much Love,

Dear Dominique,

I am very happy to hear that there is increased interest in the PAT resource group on Facebook and I thank you very much for the invaluable coordination work that you are doing to select the right people and keep the spirit alive.

I know from my personal experience how important it is to choose the right people who are interested in genuine, open and sincere discussions and to let the Internet trolls outside as I am receiving daily such emails from paid Internet trolls which I keep away from the PAT when I publish the Energy Report. Why contaminate our discussions with such a scum?

I personally do not think that it matters much how evolved the people are in the LBP and such categories as first and second wave ascension candidates should have only a theoretical meaning for us to better assess the world around us and its collective behaviour. But this kind of discrimination should not play any role in the decision to accept new members to the PAT group, as nobody knows this for another individual for certain and rapid evolution is possible any time.

I think that the objective should be to keep the group as open as possible, but still closed for all CIA paid trouble makers, who now very closely watch our discussions and would love to derail them, knowing how powerful we truly are. In order to illustrate this, I will give you a recent example.

For more than a year I did not respond to the nasty and vulgar emails of the Internet trolls but simply deleted them without reading. Since several weeks, guided by my HS, I decided to respond immediately and as aggressively and demeaning as they do. I prepared two versions of my response – in English and German – as I have also a lot of Internet trolls from Germany, obviously paid by the NSA-BND headquarters in Frankfurt, from where these dark secret services spy on whole Europe as it became evident in the last months.

Now see what happened: At the beginning there was a selected small number of Internet trolls that regularly harassed me and the PAT. Some came directly from the NSA-BND headquarters as from the content of their emails it was obvious that they closely follow my posts for a very long time and are well informed. This is not the case with casual Internet trolls. When I started responding to them, they changed their addresses and began to use false addresses, so that when I answered them there was no delivery possible. They also used female names and very often PAT names which they took from our Energy Reports.

In response to my direct attacks the secret services must have started to select a new group of Internet trolls who did not know about my practice of responding. When they were confronted with the same nastiness on my part, which they display towards other people, they must have been shocked at first as they did not expect it. For me it is just paste and copy my answer as I still do not read their emails but only the first sentence to know that it is from an Internet troll.

I assume that these people have not been exposed to the same but reciprocal nastiness and probably now for the first time realize what it is to be treated in a similar mean way as they do with the rest of humanity on the Internet. The result was that the new Internet trolls stopped writing to me instead of resorting to false addresses, and the dark secret services now have to recruit every day new paid Internet trolls to harass me and the PAT, which is becoming increasingly difficult. The new Internet trolls write to me with regular addresses, which means that I can send them my response and it is accepted. Also the content of their emails reveals that they are writing for the first time to me.

In other words, I am wearing them thin and it is a very interesting experiment how it will end up. The Internet trolls now face head winds and this makes them very insecure as even the MSM have begun to discuss the same topics, especially the coming financial crash in great unanimity with the opinions expressed on our website. This makes them particularly nervous as they also fear and jitter about their naked survival.

You must consider that they know that our ideas are very important and full of truth, otherwise they would not be paid by the secret services to bother us. This is the dilemma with which the Internet trolls now live and witness fearfully each day how they are losing ground under their feet. This is the way how this hollow matrix will be destroyed as it is kept alive only by such false, psychopathic, illusory ideas as currently expressed by the Internet trolls in a most despicable manner.

There is a war that is now being waged on the Internet and it is not only between the alternative media outlets and the MSM, but also between the forces of light as the PAT and the dark secret services represented by their despicable minions, the scum of humanity – the Internet trolls. Humanity has always had a tiny portion of Judas and this human archetype of the coward traitor has always sought the light of the prophets, just as the dark archons have fed on the light of the light gestalts that incarnated on this planet as they have severed their connection to the Source and have no light on their own to live on. Now the archons have been removed from this uppermost mother planet by us as Logos Gods for the most part.

I am giving you this important information, so that you have a clear idea that the secret services are watching us now very carefully as to learn something new about the ascension process, they do not know from their remote viewers, but also to derail our creativity in shaping it. You should consider these circumstances as the situation is now heading to a showdown this and next month, when the dark cabal is planning a flurry of dark events to impede the ascension process, beginning with the CERN collider in Geneva and the Jade military exercise in the USA.

You should know that the PAT resource group is much more important than just a platform for an exchange of ideas of ascended masters and ascension candidates, but that it is now a trendsetter for what will happen to the rest of humanity very soon. While you should be very careful in the choice of the participants, you should still try to keep the group as open as possible as you now carry a great responsibility that goes beyond this group. But I am very confident and know that you are doing this already in a perfect way.

With love and light

Dear George,

Thank you very much for your loving support for the PAT Resource Group and your exemplary reaction to the monsters that grow thousands new heads if you chop off one – lol.  I’m trying to get the new people in as smooth as possible, but as it is a secret group, there’s some procedure involved, like their Facebook Profile, for selection screening, and the addy they use there so I can invite them, – this seems to be rocket science to some, which leads to invitations bumming, not my bad.  They don’t know how Facebook works in many cases, especially groups and admittance policy. I’ve been thinking I should start bracing myself for some trolling, but so far not one single ugly email. I keep a very low profile in the group, it’s their group and I emphasized to some that they should feel free to express themselves uninhibited and uncensored, I hope it keeps on gaining momentum. I will put up your message of support up in the group now.

Love and Light,


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