A Historical Interview with Gorbachev

by Georgi Stankov, August 13, 2015


Gorbachev was the man who governed the collapse of the Soviet Union because at that time he believed the rogue promise of the greatest criminal and cabal-mafioso Bush Senior that NATO will not extend beyond its 1990 borders after the Fall of the Iron curtain. Now he is a disillusioned old statesman, who is blamed in his own country for destroying the Soviet Union. He has meandered a lot in the last years in his political opinions, but finally he has found his motherland and has fully embraced the current policy of Putin, whom he criticized only a few years ago.

This  interview is in the first place a full vindication of Putin, as Gorbachev was misused in the past by the western MSM presstitutes to seed dissent in the Russian leadership. Now the Russians are more united against the USA than under communism during the Cold war. And this time the Russian people are able to build their opinion in absolute freedom and making use of the most democratic and open press worldwide, which has become the preferred alternative source of information for all critical intellectuals in the West.

This interview is very revealing and extremely important as Gorbachev knows the world political scene probably better than anybody else and is honest enough to express his opinions without considering the despicable western “political correctness”. The interview also profits from the fact that the journalist Sophie Shevardnadze is an old family friend of Gorbachev – she is the granddaughter of his close ally and longtime foreign minister, Eduard Shevardnadze, who was one of the fathers of the perestroika and later a former prime minister of Georgia before he was ousted from power by a CIA-sponsored colour putsch, very similar to the one in Kiev last year.

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