An Epitaph of the Western Type of Orion Order From an Agnostic Intellectual

Georgi Stankov, July 28, 2015

Unanimity in opinions is the key word of the current End Time. The nearer we get to the Ascension Day (A-Day), the more congruent and clear the expressed opinions of the critical intellectuals who still dwell on this uppermost mother planet after this social caste was wiped out from the social landscape with the begin of the neo-liberal, globalist policy of ruining the world economy and debasing humanity. Its aim was, shortly before ascension, to prevent this event and enslave most of the people for another interminable period of gruesome karmic experiences on lower 3D and 4D timelines.

You may wonder why I pay so much attention to the unanimity in opinions, in particular with regard to critical agnostic thinkers and journalists. Because they are the actual driving force of all social change and without this change we cannot ascend. The moment when sufficient intellectuals acquire their full true version of this illusory reality, which the old rigged system based on fraudulent beliefs that the Orion elite have imposed on the people through the MSM and official political doctrines, it will simply cease to exist. First comes the idea and then the 3D holographic illusion as an external reality. The more the idea of truthfulness is collectively supported, the quicker the society will change.

It is true that we, the last warriors of the first and the last hour,  are the spearhead of this global movement for a greater realism and that we are also the carriers of the source energies that currently transform humanity to this end – first and foremost the minds of the critical, agnostic thinkers. But we can only achieve the paradigm shift after we have educated a sufficient number of  followers, who can begin to express our views “on their own”.

Please observe the term “on their own”. The people can only truly awaken if they make it on their own and we as Logos Gods have the divine objective to protect and forge their free will in this painful process of awakening. Everything comes from within and nothing that comes from outside and is in imposition on the individual free will can endure the coming big changes.

We had to wait so long for our ascension precisely because all the so-called “inteligentsija” in the East and the “intellectuals” in the West were in a deep slumber for so long time and needed the dramatics of the recent political, economic and financial events to begin to open their eyes to the dire truth about this planet.

I remember only several years ago when I admonished the toxicity of this planet as unique in the whole multiverse on this website and what “toxic” reactions this revelation elicited from the “half-slumbering, half-awakened” light workers. Truth elicits great fears in most humans and this is the most clear sign that they are not very much evolved.

Nowadays, nobody is outraged anymore by such blunt statements as the facts speak an unmistakable language and because the critical intellectuals in East and West have awakened enough to see the truth more clearly with each day on their own. This is entirely our achievement as we have accomplished a tremendous inter-counciling work on all these advanced souls and have slowly incorporated them into the Christed Unity Field of the PAT. These high vibrating energies activate the clarity of the mind in most humans beyond recognition.

Indeed, it took longer than expected, but what counts at the end is the positive final outcome – the Orlovs, the Sakers, the Alex Jones are beginning to awaken fully and to depart from their past petty, 3D tainted stories, gaining more courage and intellectual dexterity to encounter the naked truth with open eyes and not with “eyes wide shut”,  as was the case in the past.

This human civilisation and this planet are in their last throes in the current energetic form and what will come next is the divine schism. The four apocalyptic horsemen will come and bring the vast part humanity to their new dreadful homeland in the lower timelines of this earth and the few chosen will ascend to New Lemuria or move to the new 4D worlds. This last knowledge is still hidden behind the veil of forgetfulness for most critical thinkers, but they progress with big steps towards this insight.

The latest article of Dmitri Orlov, a traveller between the two worlds – the East and West, “like twins that never meet”, to quote Rudyard Kipling – is an excellent example as to how quickly the intellectual insights of these critical thinkers now progress. These second ascension wavers have just arrived at the final biggest hindrance in incarnated human life – the acknowledgment of the infinite multidimensional world behind the veil of forgetfulness, which is a frequency barrier that we, the incumbent Logos Gods in human gestalt, have overcome in the course of our LBP years ago.

Dear Orlov, Saker and Alex Jones, welcome to the new brave 4D world we have created for you to finally expand your awareness and rediscover your true intellectual potential:


It’s Really Very Simple

Dmitry Orlov, July 26, 2015


[Credit to Dmitry Leikin, whose brief post at served as the source and the inspiration for this piece.]

There are times when a loud cry of “The emperor has no clothes!” can be most copacetic. And so, let me point out something quite simple, yet very important.

The old world order, to which we became accustomed over the course of the 1990s and the 2000s, its crises and its problems detailed in numerous authoritative publications on both sides of the Atlantic—it is no more. It is not out sick and it is not on vacation. It is deceased. It has passed on, gone to meet its maker, bought the farm, kicked the bucket and joined the crowd invisible. It is an ex-world order.

If we rewind back to the early 1980s, we can easily remember how the USSR was still running half of Europe and exerting major influence on a sizable chunk of the world. World socialist revolution was still sputtering along, with pro-Soviet regimes coming in to power here and there in different parts of the globe, the chorus of their leaders’ official pronouncements sounding more or less in unison. The leaders made their pilgrimages to Moscow as if it were Mecca, and they sent their promising young people there to learn how to do things the Soviet way. Soviet technology continued to make impressive advances: in the mid-1980s the Soviets launched into orbit a miracle of technology—the space station Mir, while Vega space probes were being dispatched to study Venus.

But alongside all of this business-as-usual the rules and principles according which the “red” half of the globe operated were already in an advanced state of decay, and a completely different system was starting to emerge both at the center and along the periphery. Seven years later the USSR collapsed and the world order was transformed, but many people simply couldn’t believe in the reality of this change. In the early 1990s many political scientists were self-assuredly claiming that what is happening is the realization of a clever Kremlin plan to modernize the Soviet system and that, after a quick rebranding, it will again start taking over the world. People like to talk about what they think they can understand, never mind whether it still exists.

And what do we see today? The realm that self-identifies itself as “The West” is still claiming to be leading economically, technologically, and to be dominant militarily, but it has suffered a moral defeat, and, strictly as a consequence of this moral defeat, a profound ideological defeat as well.

It’s simple.

1. How can they talk of the inviolability of private property while confiscating the savings of depositors in Cypriot banks?

2. How can they talk of safeguarding the territorial integrity of countries while destroying, in turn, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine?

3. How can they talk of free enterprise and then sign contracts to build ships but refuse to deliver them because of pressure from Washington, as happened with Mistral ships which Russia ordered from France?

4. How can they talk of democracy and then use naked threats against the premier of Greece—the birthplace of European democracy—forcing him to ignore the unprofitable results of the Greek national referendum?

5. How can they talk about fighting racism while in the US they are constantly shooting mass quantities of unarmed Negros, all the while forbidding people to call them Negros.

6. How can they accuse the Serbs of genocide while refusing to acknowledge what they did to supposedly “independent” Kosovo, which has been turned into a European criminal enclave specializing in the production and distribution of narcotics?

7. How can they claim to oppose extremism and terrorism while training, arming and financing ISIS and the Ukrainian Neo-nazis?

8. How can they talk about justice while the US maintains the largest prison population in the history of the world and has executed many people subsequently discovered to have been innocent?

9. How can they talk about freedom of religion after the US federal government exterminated the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, and then imprisoned the survivors, even though the government’s allegations against the sect have subsequently been proven to be false?

10. How can they accuse others of corruption after the colossal financial embarrassment of 2008, in the run-up to which obvious financial bubbles that were ready to bust were assigned the highest ratings?

What has happened is the worst thing that could have possibly happened: in full view of the entire world, “Western values” have been demonstrated to be null and void.

If you think that these are just some specific examples of difficulties or mistakes that could potentially be overcome in some dim and foggy future, then you are wrong: this is all of the “Western values” worth mentioning, and they have all been invalidated by observation. Note the past tense: they already have been invalidated. Are there any “Western values” left intact? Oh yes, just one: the rights of sexual minorities. But it is not possible to maintain Western civilization on the strength of gay marriage alone.

Is it any wonder then that the rest of the world is trying to put as much distance between itself and the morally bankrupt “West” as it possibly can, as quickly as it can? China is working on developing its own model, Russia is striving for self-sufficiency and independence from Western imports and finance, and even Latin America, once considered the backyard of the US, is increasingly going its own separate way.

The ranks of the fools who are still buying the West’s story are shrinking, while the ranks of the rebels are growing. There is the truth-teller Edward Snowden, who was forced to flee to Moscow to avoid persecution back home. There are European parliamentarians who recently broke ranks and visited Crimea. There are French and German military men who are volunteering to defend Eastern Ukraine against Western attack. There are the many European businessmen who came to the Economics Forum in St. Petersburg to sign trade deals with Russia, never mind what their politicians think of that.

On the other side, the rapidly emerging new world order was recently on display in Ufa, capital of the majority-Moslem Republic of Bashkortostan in Southern Urals, Russian Federation. Leaders of more than half the world’s population came there to sign deals, integrate their economies, and coordinate security arrangements. India and Pakistan set their differences aside and walked in through the door at the same time; Iran is next. “The West” was not represented there.

Now that all Western values (other than the rights of sexual minorities) have been shown to be cynical exercises in hypocrisy, there is no path back. You see, it is a matter of reputation, and a reputation is something that one can lose exactly once. There is a path forward, but it is very frightening. There is the loss of control: Western institutions can no longer control the situation throughout much of the world, including, in due course, on their own territory. There is the abandonment of the Western narrative: Western pontificators, pundits and “thought leaders” will find that their talking points have been snatched away and will be reduced to either babbling apologetically or lapsing into embarrassed silence. Finally, there is the loss of identity: it is not possible, for the non-delusional, to identify with something (“The West”) that no longer exists.

But the most frightening thing of all is this: behind a morally bankrupt civilization there are morally bankrupt people—lots and lots of them. Their own children, who will be forced to make their way in the world—however it turns out to be—will be as disrespectful of them as they were of their own vaunted civilizational values.



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