Is the Medical-Pharmaceutical-Regulatory Cartel Assassinating Physicians?

by James Tracy, July 25, 2015

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Yes! I Can Prove It

Dr. Georgi Stankov, MD, July 29, 2015

Before I publish this complicated article on medicine below, I would like to shed some light on its scientific background. Before that let me mention that I was also threatened to be killed by representatives of the pharmaceutical industry for propagating the new General Theory of Biological Regulation which I developed in the 90s based on the revolutionary discovery of the Universal Law.

One of the major findings of this theory is that about 90% of all drugs registered by the FDA and other regulatory drug agencies are detrimental to the human organism as they inhibit the cell metabolism and thus increase mortality and morbidity (cell-inhibiting drugs). In the first place, such drugs increase the occurrence of various cancers through suppression of the immune system (immunosuppressive drugs), which is a fine-tuned cascade of complex cell-stimulating processes and reactions that lead, among many other functions, to the elimination of cancer cells by immunocompetent cells such as B- and T-lymphocytes, macrophages, etc.

In volume III of the General Theory of Biological Regulation I have dedicated half of my book to elucidating the complex structure and dynamic regulation of the immune system based on the revolutionary discovery of the Universal Law, which is also the only law according to which organic matter functions as living matter and is constantly regulated in a highly dynamic manner. I discovered the Universal Law first for organic matter in bio-sciences and called it initially the “General Principle of Biological Regulation“, before I could prove that it is a Universal Law that is also valid for physical matter and later on for the whole universe (Cosmological Principle) and finally as the Law of All-That-Is that also includes the higher dimensions beyond this holographic 3D model, in which we still dwell.

The proper understanding of the new General Theory of Biological Regulation presupposes not only detailed knowledge of the latest advances in modern bio-sciences and medicine, but also a full understanding of the new physical theory of the Universal Law, including its applications at the quantum level. And frankly speaking, there is not a single scientist on this planet who has this broad and in- depth knowledge and the holistic point of view to understand this new General Theory of Biological Regulation.

It is called “general” because it explains for the first time all biological phenomena that have been observed so far in bio-sciences. It can also predict all phenomena that have been detected and investigated after the publication of this theory in 1999. Since 2000 I have stopped following closely the latest scientific developments in bio-science as they do not make any sense to me any more, but only confirm and reiterate the findings and discoveries I made in the 90s.

As I shall show below this also holds true for the enzyme, nagalase, which plays a key role in this medical criminal drama. Before I go into detail, let me reiterate the major conclusions of the new General Theory of Biological Regulation that prove beyond any doubt that we have to deal with the most insidious cartel of corporate criminals – the FDA and the international pharmaceutical companies – whose only goal is to develop and sell chemical substances that kill all humans indiscriminately in the greatest genocide in the long bloodthirsty history of mankind with the aim of establishing the NWO in a vastly depopulated planet in the current End Times.

1) About 90 % of all drugs currently registered by the FDA and EMEA (the European agency for drug registration) are cell-inhibiting drugs, that is to say, they infringe upon the natural metabolism of the human cells and the organism and cause huge energetic imbalances that in turn trigger cancer and all kinds of chronic diseases, which ultimately lead to premature death.

The findings of the doctors who have been killed by the criminal FDA-Pharmacy Cartel have discovered this fact for a single substance nagalase, which is a regular toxic component of all immunizations. But they were unable to render a general theoretical explanation for their dreadful findings, although I did this almost 20 years ago.

This is another fact that makes my life as a scientist, researcher and a knowledgeable spiritual person so unbearable on this planet – to know that you have made the greatest discovery of all times on this planet that can save the lives of billions of people and to be powerless to alter the cause of the events. The reason – even the most critical and alternative thinking scientists and doctors are too stupid and mired by the system to be able to grasp the bigger picture. Ergo – human ignorance and stupidity is in the core of all evil on this planet and it affects likewise the masses of the zombies and the few critical thinkers that should be the spearhead of human evolution. The situation on this planet is very dire, make no mistake about this fact, but there is still hope – the breakthrough of the Universal Law will come very soon.

The death of these critical doctors – their killing by the criminal FDA-Pharma-cartel – is just a side note in the ongoing massive genocide which is happening in front of our eyes daily and nobody is morally outraged, even when confronted by this fact. I know what I am talking about. Hopefully, the death of these doctors will finally trigger the proper emotional and ethical response among the masses, who are the victims of the current Orion health care system and they revolt against their masters, prison overseers and regular murderers.

Now let me explain to you a basic fact that even the most critical scientists and critics of the pharma-crimes have failed to comprehend:

All cell-inhibiting drugs are synthetically produced and do not exist as physiological substances in the human body.

This fact alone should be sufficient to convince even the most stupid observer that these drugs are harmful. Nature (our souls) only uses chemical moieties in the organism that are in perfect energetic harmony with all other substances as each chemical moiety used as a drug or administered in the body has an electro-magnetic dipole moment (specific amount of energy) and exerts an energetic effect on all cells and the whole organism that consists of trillions and quadrillions of cells. This has been proven beyond any doubt by myself with the development of the dipole-model, with which I explained the medical effects (in most cases adverse side effects) of all chemical moieties registered as cell-inhibiting drugs until 1999 and many other physiological, cell-stimulating substances in the body that are used as substitution drugs.

In the centre of the recent murders of alternative holistic doctors, as shown below, is the enzyme nagalase which is originally produced by all kinds of viruses, including the HI-virus.  It is an extracellular matrix-degrading enzyme that is also secreted by altered cancerous cells in the process of tumor invasion. As nagalase is an intrinsic component of the envelope protein of various virions, such as HIV and the influenza virus it is also secreted from most virus-infected cells. And many virus-infected cells mutate very easily to cancerous cells.

Now nagalase is the enzyme α-N-acetylgalactosaminidase that is secreted in the blood serum. It deglycosylates the vitamin D3-binding protein DBP (also known as Gc-protein). Gc-protein, which contains three sugars and is the precursor for the major macrophage-activating factor (MAF). The  complete deglycosylation of Gc-protein by nagalase prevents its conversion to MAF.

Normally, MAF is produced from the Gc-protein (GcMAF) by sequential removal of the galactose and sialic acid without touching the remaining sugar N-acetylgalactosamine. Macrophage activation for phagocytosis and antigen presentation is the first step in the immune development cascade. Lost precursor activity, therefore, leads to immune suppression.

This is the succinct description of the function of nagalase with respect to its suppression of the immune system. This effect was found by these murdered scientists. They also found that nagalase is one of the many toxic components found in many immunizations commonly administered to children, including the Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine. Some of these independently minded medical practitioners such as the recently killed Dr. Bradstreet began to acknowledge not only the deadly nagalese-vaccination link, but also that GcMAF possesses great potential for the treatment of cancer and a variety of other illnesses, including autism, inflammation, and viral and bacterial disease. This is of course true for all cell- and immunostimulating drugs as nystatin, as I have proved in volume III.

What these researchers and medical doctors actually found in an empirical manner, is that the suppression of human cells and in particular of immunocompetent cells, as with nagalase present in all kinds of vaccines, leads to the occurrence of a variety of severe and chronic diseases, while the use of the cell-stimulating, naturally occurring immuno-stimulating GcMAF is an effective drug in many diseases.

This has been proven by myself for most known immunocompetent physiological agents, such as lymphokines and I have also quoted many clinical trials that confirm this theoretical finding. What is most significant in this case, is that I was the first researcher to explain the role of galactose (and other sugars) and sialic acids in all precursor enzymes based on the Universal Law and how they are dynamically activated and deactivated after well-done stimulation in the body by other physiological enzymes.

You have to bear with me, as this is a very complex topic that necessitates an intimate knowledge of the three-dimensional (quaternary) structure of these proteins with their numerous sugar and sialic acid attachments and how they cooperate in an intricate manner according to the dipole model. But the striking fact, also to me, was, when I read this criminal story below, the involvement of the metabolism of numerous enzymes with respect to their coating with sialic acids and sugars, the mechanism of which I discovered and explained for the first time, guided by my HS, almost 20 years ago and was very proud of this major breakthrough at that time.

You can go and read volume III, where I write extensively about this issue.

This highly convoluted biological aspect is also well documented in the attached video below by a brave journalist who makes heroic efforts to explain to his audience the physiological effects of nagalese and GcMAF and is almost breaking his tongue pronouncing their names, but does a formidable job as a layman at the end. It is this kind of scientific complexity that creates the obscure, demonic background for the use of such toxic substances as nagalese by the criminal Orion pharmaceutical cartel, in the exploitation of human ignorance, in order to kill innocent people and in the first place our children.

Read now very carefully this medical thriller below and check one more time the circumstances around the killing of these scientists here:

MD found murdered inside Florida home – This makes 6 in 30 days, 5 still missing

5th holistic doctor (age 33) died in Florida making 5 dead and 5 more missing

Holistic health care becomes high risk profession: 5 holistic health doctors found dead in 4 weeks, 5 more doctors go missing

Third alternative health practitioner death in past two weeks



Over the past several weeks no less than seven established doctors have either been killed or died under unusual circumstances (e.g. here and here). What do these physicians have in common and what remedies are they researching or advocating? Do any of their proposed treatments pose a threat to the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical cartel? If so, would government agencies and/or private contractors be commissioned to harass and perhaps even assassinate such individuals?

The answer may lie in an understanding of nagalese, a protein made by cancer cells and viruses. Nagalese is a primary cause of immunodeficiency given its ability to block the body’s production of GcMAF, otherwise known as “Vitamin D binding microphage activating factor,” a naturally produced immune regulating compound that aids in fighting what are traditionally considered terminal diseases. Some researchers suggest that nagalese is one of many toxic components found in the immunizations commonly administered to children, including the Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine.

Some independently minded medical practitioners are beginning to acknowledge not only the nagalese-vaccination link, but also that GcMAF possesses great potential for the treatment of cancer and a variety of other illnesses, including autism, inflammation, and viral and bacterial disease.

The most prominent of the seven doctors who’ve been murdered or died under suspicious circumstances is James Jeffrey Bradstreet. As the contents of his blog suggest, Dr. Bradstreet has conducted extensive research into the causes of autism. His body was found on June 19 floating in a North Carolina river with a gunshot wound to his chest. Perhaps uncoincidentally, Bradstreet was a strong advocate of GcMAF and had treated over 2,000 autistic children with the substance; 85% exhibited marked improvement under his care.

Dr. Bradstreet’s private practice in Buford, Georgia centered on “treating children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, PPD, and related neurological and developmental disorders.” Bradstreet has also provided expert testimony in federal court for families of the vaccine-injured and was founder and president of the International Child Development Resource Center, which once employed autism expert Dr. Andrew Wakefield as its research director.

Of course, GcMAF is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a treatment for any disease. Just three days before Bradstreet’s body was recovered, FDA agents had obtained a court order targeting Bradstreet’s Buford Georgia medical clinic. The document granted the government the right to seize:

All Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF) GC Globulin, and/or any other products or component substances thereof that constitute misbranded drugs under the Federal Food, Drugs and Cosmetic Act.

Even in death Bradsteet and his GcMAF-related work continue to pose a threat to the medical-pharmaceutical-regulatory complex, as evidenced in their flak-generating public relations arms, “Quackwatch” and “Science Based Medicine,” each of which have published vicious broadsides on the deceased physician.

Big pharma, which for decades has exerted vigorous control over the regulatory process while presiding over literally millions of deaths via its products, will stop at nothing to hamper medical scientific progress and protect its bottom line. Perhaps this zealous quest for profits and control now even includes outright murder of alternative practitioners.

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