Energy Report of the PAT – May 5, 2015

New Bilocations of the PAT to the new worlds as visions, dreams and conscious experiences

Dear George

writing you from the corner of Austria/Swiss/Germany, close to Lake of Constance, here in the morning.

I need to share with you, that just an hour ago I have seen the sky with the red colors and looking straight into the sun, it started to turn into blue color and radiating even in other colors too – such a wonderful experience, I could keep my eyes open and the sky has been miraculous beautiful. An uncommon cold breeze has been blowing. Now it seems a kind of “back to normal”…

I already woke up in a celebration state, even prepared a special breakfast for all of us. My dream from tonight is telling me, that the circle is completed and that I Am in the New Circle of Creation Now. Here is a brief story: It’s about a simple silver ring with “eternity” written inside. When I bought it, years ago (I do not like to count the years any longer) –  I gave this ring to myself as a present for my ascension – yeah! The moment the woman in the shop showed this ring to me, she tried to read the letters inside of the ring, but the letters were not written together and she just could not read it – I stood behind the desk, not seeing it with my physical eyes, but of course with my inner eyes and I joyfully told her: ETERNITY… it means  e t e r n i t y !  (since it was in English, this was also a reason she just did not grasp it)  …so I got – gave myself – created this ascension-present for me!

In the dream of tonight this ring appeared in a kind of muffin I baked – imagine, I put this ring into this bakery! …  I have to say, it was mainly my grace of humor, that made me survive this journey… the past months a lot was going on, I just couldn’t find the moment to write, I felt it is all too much to share…. but today, dear George, I feel to share, to confirm, here from my space of creation:  we definitely turned on the Lights!

And I read the message of the Elohim and I am bubbling in joy with your sovereign guiding, keeping us in humor and passion through the storms:  thanks for your compassion I honor our coming together with a big smile

IAmWEAre the Miracle

love you – ALL

Dear Silvia,

first of all let me express how happy I am to hear from you again. I have been thinking about you for some time and what you are doing. When I received Ramona’s letter with her new song, she also mentioned that she has sent this song to you, she writes “to Sylvia” and I assumed that this can only be you and then I decided to write you immediately thereafter, that is to say, after I have published her song, which I did this morning:

And then comes the funny part. Carla woke up in the night as usual and went to the other room to do light work as she does almost every night. But she could not attune so well this time to the HR. Instead her HS kept saying her, look at your emails for a donation. Finally she did it and was amazed and gladly surprised to find your very generous donation.

She came to me and I was also awake in the meantime, around 04.00 a.m. local time and then she told me about this donation. So I thank you one more time from the bottom of my heart for this huge help.

I hope you are doing well, as well as the current circumstances and energies allow. Your dream is highly significant. The more succinct the dream is, with clear symbolics, especially when this is acknowledged by the dreamer in a conscious manner, the more important the information it contains.

It is true that we now live in a completely different world and that the decors of the old reality no longer matter, although we still see them from time to time. But as you report, we are now capable more and more to see through the veil and perceive and experience the higher worlds – upper 4D and 5D – with which we now rapidly merge.

By the way I am bilocating almost every minute mentally and really to Austria and less so to Germany in the city of Light Raetia and so does Carla too. We are also taken away for some time each day to do some pivotal work on other timelines. Today we have to go to Fort Langley, a beautiful small place on the Fraser river about 30 km away from here. It is the first settlement in British Columbia and here of historical importance. We both have the feeling that we shall move to a higher timeline there and eagerly await to make the trip at noon time. The landscape is very lash there and similar to that of Bavaria and Austria with mountains, the Cascades, in the background that are very similar to the Alps. Let us seen what will happen.

How are your children doing?

Wish you a wonderful day – you have made mine already.

With love and light

Hi George,

Thank you for clarifying so eloquently, it’s starting to all mesh as an understanding without needing the mechanics of it if you know what I mean.  I find that when I read some of your writings, I don’t get it the way I would, say, an operator’s manual, but my higher self understands and filters it down and it just kind of sinks in.  You obviously imbue the words with energetics that do much more than just inform.

Also after reading Jennifer Rott’s amazing train adventure, it reminded me of the fact that when I was hearing the Frog Choir it didn’t occur to me that it would not sound like that always.  I just accepted it as a wonderful fact at that time and that of course I could wait until the next day to record it, in fact it didn’t even occur to me that I should try to record it until I was thinking about it later in the day!  Normally in my past if something like that had happened, I would have raced home for the phone, and drove back to get there as fast as I could so as not to miss it, but I didn’t feel that way at all at the time.  Kind of out of time really.   So I totally get what she said about not even remembering it until later, being on a different timeline.  I really wish I could have seen her at the train station!!

Speaking of timelines and parallel realities, I am really having trouble walking and maneuvering myself these days –  one minute I’m walking along fine and the next I feel 2 inches above the ground and kind of spacey, then I’m back to earth.  I probably look like I’m drunk sometimes trying to stay grounded and I think to myself, well with all else that I have going on right now that I don’t know I’m doing, small wonder!  It does feel like I’m more in connection with my other selves and that yes, they are coming home to the me here and now.  I think I’m going to like knowing all my me’s!

One last thing if I may – a small but beautiful miracle yesterday – I was sitting reading by my pond and when I closed my book, I looked up to check out the clouds and the one right over my house was a rainbow – as if that wasn’t enough – then a great blue heron came flying over from the creek and I thought to him, what a beautiful bird you are, thanks for the gift, and didn’t he swoop around over my house in a circle before he continued on!  I have never seen one fly in anything but a straight line before!  I like it when nature says hello! :)

Thanks again for all you and Carla do keeping us all on the same page, we need you!  There’s definitely magic in the air these days!


Dear Katy,

thank you very much for this energy update. Indeed we all bilocate since some time in our light bodies, but now it is becoming conscious at the mind level.

By the way we were yesterday (Saturday) at Walmart in the evening and when we came out of the store at around 22.00 p.m. there was such a loud frogs’ choir as I have never heard before. The funny thing is that it is in the centre of the city, put it that way, and Carla confirmed that she has never heard anything like that before. We had also a full moon, incredibly big, shining bright disc on the clear dark sky and nothing seemed real that evening, just as you have depicted it.

Today (Sunday) there was another massive ID surge as we were taken away for almost two hours at noon and did some very important light work and then were not able to return to this reality for another half an hour due to the exorbitant intensity of the vibrations. The old reality is gone and what comes now defies any past human experience or “wisdom’ so far.

With love and light

Hi George,

Wow, so the frogs are harbingers of the New Earth – so cool, thanks for letting me know that!  I’m going to be keeping my ears open wherever I go now – have a magical day!


Dear Georgi,

There is definitely some Beautiful Looshing taking place on Mt. Shasta. I have now been living in/on Mt. Shasta for 1 month now. It seems as if I  have been here forever, but also like I just arrived.

Arrived Friday April 3rd, had the most hilarious landlord/tenant interview I have ever experienced in my life, with the landlord prompting me on how to answer the bizarre questions. Then I needed to be “approved” by the other community members, as there are 8 of us in various buildings on the property, with a community garden area and a central building with toilet, shower, small sink, utility sink and a washing machine. My little cabin is 9ft x 9ft and was the properties original sauna building, so it is made of all cedar. The view out my front door window is of course the mountain. My place is 2 miles from downtown Mt. Shasta City and only 1 mile from the National Forest border on the mountain.

As I was immediately well received and accepted by the other community members and their various pets, I moved into my little cabin on Saturday April 4th. Then early Sunday morning April 5th it snowed. It was 33 degrees outside and 46 degrees in my cabin, so I fired up the little wood stove, and within 20 minutes it was 30 degrees warmer.

I took advantage of the newly fallen snow and went up on the mountain and x-country skied into Sand Flat where the large stone medicine wheel lay hidden under the snow. There was definitely Beautiful Looshing energy abounding.

After returning from the mountain I went into town for a hot cup of rice and beans at one of several gathering spots. As I ate my meager meal, several people entered and commented on how I was “glowing” like the Buddhist monks they had seen. I just smiled and stated that I had just been on the mountain.

Later on that 2nd week of April, I found myself meandering in town encountering small groups of people with whom I knew from previous visits. Each time I approached a group to say hello they would say “we were just talking about you”. This occurred 3 times and after the 3rd encounter, I stated to the group “this is the 3rd time today this has happened so please stop talking about me as I must then manifest my presence and am getting tired.” Then I casually stated “it is a good thing that I am now able to bilocate” in which this 3rd group just laughed.

Thinking back now, I am not really sure how much time passed during my meandering, nor how I got from one group to the next.
Mt. Shasta City is still in a state of major transitioning, as old businesses close and newly awakened Starseeds arrive, like lost puppies called by the mountain but they don’t remember who they really are and what they agreed to come and do, but are all just waiting for some fantastic miracle to happen.

I do believe the miracle has already happened. Photos of cabin, view from front door, and Sand Flat

With much love and light,
Robert (formerly of Eugene, Oregon) Mt. Shasta, CA.

Dear Roberts,

sounds like a fairy tale, everything you report from Mt. Shasta. I immediately forwarded your email to Carla as she is a great fan of Mt. Shasta and longs to visit it.

The latest developments point to a change in the guardians and this is the most promising sign that things are rapidly evolving now.

Enjoy your time – there must be a reason why you have moved to Mt. Shasta and you will know it very soon.

With love and light

Georgi and Carla,

Thank you so much for the recent dream posts and news from the Elohim. It is so encouraging to hear that other PAT are experiencing similar symptoms and experiences.

In reference to changing dimensions; maybe this is not relevant but I was curious if any Pat are having the same experiences. I have noticed the air is so much sweeter. It comes and goes but there are times of stillness and the air is filled with the most beautiful scents. At the same time the birds are singing their hearts out. Even the colors of the landscape are amplified. It is like a peaceful pause in the day. It can last anywhere from a few seconds to twenty minutes. Time stands still. I hear no traffic, no human voices, only the soft sounds of nature and the scents of the purest fresh air.

Another thing I have noticed;  I space out. I will be having a conversation with someone and I don’t hear them. I may be looking at them but I’m not there. A few seconds later I return to the conversation and ask them to repeat what they have said. I honestly have no idea, what we were talking about. I just seem to slide out of the conversation. It also happens when I am driving. I am en route to the grocery store, I seem to slip away and then I am at the store.

I had  this dream this morning. I had been up to this point creating on paper. A precursor or a map as how to bring forward the life I chose to lead. I was shown it was written down somewhere but now there was a change. My creative potential was now a reality. Instead of a map on paper, it went directly into the earth. The earth was holding the creative ideals and at any time I could open it and watch it unfold. There were mounds of dirt and each mound was a souls creative treasure chest. I could go in at will, open my mound and bring forth whatever I chose. All I had to do was wave my hand across the mound and it came into manifestation.


Dear Sheryl,

very impressive dream about the full awakening of our creation potential. Otherwise we confirm fully your daily experiences of shifting in and out of this reality and the increased scents and animals’ or birds’ voices. Only yesterday evening in the centre of the city near Walmart we heard the most amazing frogs’ choir, where there should be no frogs normally, of course all this under a huge full moon, that was tilted strangely when we observed it under a binocular displaying a new moon craters map.

With love and light

Hi Georgi,

its been a while since the last time I checked in. Here, I present to you an energy report and the ‘Harrenhal Interpretaton”

Energy report:

Usually, my ‘ascension’ symptoms are quite mild and I’m so used to them that I don’t really take much notice of them except when they peak in intensity. Today was one of those days.

1. The radiation of my body heat concentrated around my groin was so significant that I had to turn on the air-conditioning and splash the area with water(!).

2.  Went to sleep in the afternoon (during which I assume my body was processing the energies) and woke up with the onset of diarrhea. The onset of diarrhea is a very clear and consistent symptom of the ascension process for me, as it comes and goes with the other symptoms of the process.

3. Significant increase in eye discharge was also present after waking up and throughout the day.


When I woke up, the word ‘Harrenhal’ stuck with me and there seemed to be something significant about it but I wasn’t sure what it exactly meant or signified. However, as i wrote this post, I tried advancing an interpretation of its significance and have come to believe that I have grasped its potential meaning.

At first,  I simply recognized it as the name of a fictional castle in the book series/television adaptation Game of Thrones. It is the biggest castle, so big in fact that it is somewhat of a white elephant as it is ‘so ridiculously large that the surrounding area cannot possibly produce the necessary food to support the massive army needed to fully man it’. It is also a cursed place, haunted by those who were roasted within it when the dragons of Aegon Targareyen blasted it with dragonfire.

As I wrote this post, i was compelled to advance a possible interpretation of the significance of ‘Harrenhal’, and here it is


King Harren Hoare’s grandfather led the ironborn to conquer the Riverlands, previously occupied by the Stormlands. The ironborn cared nothing for the inhabitants of the mainland, and their rule was brutal and tyrannical – far more than any previous occupier. To consolidate their hold on the Riverlands, Harren’s grandfather commissioned construction of a great fortress on the northern shore of the Gods Eye lake, in the very heart of the region. The largest and greatest fortress ever built in Westeros, it took three generations to finish. The ironborn broke the backs of the Riverlanders in forced labor to complete an instrument for their own domination. The great castle was finally finished in King Harren’s time, and he arrogantly named it “Harrenhal” after himself. On the very same day that the last brick was laid, however, Aegon Targaryen and his sisters landed with their army from Dragonstone at the mouth of the Blackwater River, along with their three dragons, beginning the War of Conquest.


King Harren Hoare and his Ironborns represent the Powers-That-Be, the archons and their human agents. They have ruled over planet Earth in a brutal and vicious fashion, commanding the human masses to construct a massive prison of their own making (the legal, educational, security, social, political, economic, financial, etc systems that entraps the very people who sustain it, like prisoners who diligently manufacture the very same chains that enslave them)

Harrenhal is seen as something of a white elephant: while it is technically the biggest castle in Westeros, it is so ridiculously large that the surrounding area cannot possibly produce the necessary food to support the massive army needed to fully man it. Rulers of Harrenhal usually lose money and resources simply by possessing it. As a result, Harrenhal is rarely if ever fully manned. Moreover, it was never fully repaired after being blasted with dragonfire by the Targaryens three hundred years ago, which combined with the fact that the garrison is never as large as the fortifications require, means that Harrenhal really isn’t one of the most defensibly formidable castles in Westeros”


This massive prison is represented by the great castle of Harrenhal. In their arrogance and ignorance, the PTB have created an enormous structure of domination and control, but the enormity of the structure ironically makes it much more vulnerable. Because of its enormity, it requires a huge amount of resources and manpower to sustain it. The extreme extraction of labor pushes the masses to their limit and to the brink of rebellion. (Life being so harsh and meaningless that people look around and start to wonder if the harshness is a natural state or an artificial condition imposed by those above them). The control system has become so dependent on the masses’ consent and support that all it takes it for a few pockets of resistance to bring the edifice down. (The NSA was a huge surveillance network used to control and dominate the masses, but ironically, its size and requirement for huge manpower to sustain it allowed for a single rebelling individual Edward Snowden to ‘slip through’ and expose and bring down the control structure)

Harren thought the walls of his massive castle could withstand any assault, but he did not realize that dragons could simply fly over them. In the Burning of Harrenhal, Aegon used his dragon Balerion to roast King Harren and all of his sons alive within their own tower. Harrenhal was blasted with dragonfire and left half-ruined.

Aegon Targaryen and the dragons represent the new forces (the PAT amongst many others) that now enter Earth’s dimension. Dragons symbolize great strength and power and their destruction of Harrenhal through dragonfire represents the destruction of the old prison matrix by the new energies of great light and fire (the radiation of body heat as part of the ascension process!) Indeed, the dragonfire of the ascension energies roast and light up the old traumas, past pain patterns, and dysfunctional structures, destroying the prison matrix and purifying us and our Earth.

The PTB thought that their massive control systems were invulnerable from conventional means of disruption. Maybe. But the ascension process and the light does not care for conventional walls; it comes from the sky, above, from higher dimensions and no walls however dense can stand up against the dragonfire of the ascension process.

I hope this is meaningful to you.

Lots of love,

Dear Junnies,

This is an excellent interpretation of the current situation and you have done a formidable job to analyse it in the context of this movie.

By the way as it happens, my daughter participated at the beginning of this year in the filming of the last sequel of this movie in North Ireland. She is in Dublin now for a foreign term at the university there and applied as a “comparse” for it last year. They accepted her and she spent 2 weeks making this movie in North Ireland, where this movie was made. I had not heard anything about it until then and had to read on the Internet.

With love and light

Hi George,

I can attest to the upgraded and enhanced prowess of the multidimensionality gifts we currently have by observing an individual yesterday through personal contact, then seeing his picture last night on Facebook, that placed him perhaps a thousand miles away at the time. I am in a new place now and time distortions continue.

I also encountered a lower level demon for four days last week that took on a drug addicts body. I was assigned to him by the Divine to counter his actions on that timeline. We are getting close!

Love and Light
Rick, Canada

Dear George,

It is fading quickly as memory and sensation already, but I experienced a personal confirmation of the announcement of the Elohim today. My intention before I got pulled under in a deep nap was to either experience a similar bilocation myself, or to understand in some way if this claim was true.

After brief meditation, I slept and then awoke twice, paralyzed on my back with a wonderful visceral sensation of completely open energy field and higher shift. My heart felt locked into the higher dimensions with light body prepared to go. The uniqueness was in how stable the intensity was, and in the awareness of this state of readiness belonging to the body always, just usually without the intensive flow. The awareness was grounded to the body and I had the impression of being a well-tuned light body ‘machine’. So I did not bilocate per se but now feel confidence in the Elohim’s confirmation.

When I awoke the third time, I had a single song lyric in mind (I receive messages almost daily in this way, sometimes from songs I haven’t heard in years): “He can feel the whole earth moving- don’t [doesn’t] even mind it!” I am not feeling a negative compensatory recovery as has been the case in the past with other paranormal sensation or travel.


P.s. My two cats were sprawled against my side during this time (unusual), probably along for the experience!


Dear Travis,

thank you very much for this confirmation of the beginning of conscious bilocations, but we are now also preparing for the final ascension as the energies are indeed a steady stream that carry our bodies away from this reality, as it happened this afternoon with me when I was literally taken away and could not awaken for more than a hour no matter how much I tried. Even now, while responding to you, I am not really in this reality. As the Elohim told us, this dreamy state will continue to grow and encompass our daily consciousness until the rubber band is let loose and we leave this reality for ever, i.e. stop awakening (or dreaming) in this reality.

With love and light


And thank you too! This is all good news. I know that sense of not being able to wake up from a nap- being kept under. This dreamy sense has picked up for me through the full moon portal, a much welcome change and enhancement.



I have been reading your articles for a long time and they have been giving me validations for what is happening to me and giving me assurances that I am not going nuts!!

About bilocation articles, I need to mention that I also did have one incident that I am aware of and recorded it for myself. I feel our dreams and awake times are one continuous event. I do not see any divide between the two for some time now. Here is what happened to me in a dream dated back to 4/19/2015 that is earlier than those mentioned in your articles. I had a lucid dream that I was in two different dreams at the same time and I could see myself in the other dream and situation that was going on like you are seeing yourself in a mirror and I could go from one dream to another and see myself in the other dream! During the dream I was wondering what is happening and why I am in two completely different dreams with different sets of characters at the same time. After reading your bilocation article, everything makes sense.

Thank you,

Dear Angel,

thank you very much for contacting me for the first time and sharing your multidimensional dream with us. We are indeed present and active on multiple levels at the same time that may seem like overlapping dreams to our linear mind.

With love and light

Hallo lieber Georg!

Ich hatte heute wohl meine erste Sicht der 5. Dimension!!! Während ich vom Büro aus in die Natur geschaut habe, wurden Bäume von der Sonne angescheint. Solche intensiven Farben habe ich noch nie gesehen, innerlich “wusste” ich dass ich einen kurzen Einblick in die 5D bekommen habe.

Die Farben haben zugleich eine sehr starke liebevolle Energie ausgestrahlt. Als würde der ganze Wald von innen heraus leuchten. Interessant war, dass es keine Vision war oder Ähnliches sondern der ganz normale entspannte Blick.

Deine Nachrichten heute passen natürlich wie so oft 100%ig dazu.

Viele Grüße
Joon, Deutschland

Lieber Joon,

dies ist das selbe Erlebnis, wie es auch von anderen PAT Mitgliedern berichtet wird und auch von uns in den letzten Tagen immer wieder erfahren wird – kurze Einblicke in die Wonne der neuen Welten mit überwältigenden Farben und Klängen. Ich danke dir für diesen Bericht.

Liebe Grüße

Lieber Georgi,

anscheinend bekommt jeder seine “Antworten von oben”, wie sie zu ihm passen.

Ich war vor wenigen Tagen dabei, in unserem Wäldchen auf unserem Grundstück die Folgen des Sturmschadens zu beseitigen. 3 recht große (ca. 16 m hoch) Bäume hatten sich aus dieser Welt verabschiedet und sollten mit gebührender Ehre bedacht werden, was ich auch tat.

Während ich in fast meditativem Zustand arbeitete, kam aus heiterem Himmel ein Regenschauer herunter. Als er vorbei war, sah ich durch die Bäume einen kleinen Teil eines sehr leuchtenden Regenbogens und bin sofort an den Waldrand gegangen, um ihn genauer betrachten und bestaunen zu können. So einen Regenbogen habe ich noch nie gesehen. Er war komplett, von Boden zu Boden und dazu noch in doppelter Ausführung. Er strahlte regelrecht; so etwas könnte man mit irdischen Farben nicht darstellen. Mein Mann hatte zum Glück sein Handy dabei und hat versucht einen Eindruck davon einzufangen, was natürlich nicht gelingen konnte, weder in der Farbpracht, noch in der Größe. Aber ein wenig kann man doch erkennen. (siehe Anhänge)

Ich war mein Leben lang sehr Regenbogen-affin, und vielleicht erinnerst du dich an mein automatisch geschriebenes Märchen vom Regenbogenland. Bei mir hat sich jetzt auch endlich mal wieder ein Gefühl von Leichtigkeit eingestellt. Richtig schönes Gefühl nach all den Jahren der niederdrückenden Schwere….

Liebe Grüße

Liebe Renate,

der Regenbogen ist sehr schon. Ich habe einmal in Bayern auch einen solchen doppelten Regenbogen, der wie ein Portal aussah, gesehen. Es war das erste Mal als Carla mich besuchte for 2 Jahren. Die Symbolik ist besonders wichtig jetzt für alle.

Liebe Grüße

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