The Elections in Alberta – A Landslide Victory for the Light

Humiliating  Defeat of the Conservatives and the Criminal Regime of the Clone Harper. Historical Victory for the New Democrats

Georgi Stankov, May 6, 2015

Do not worry, I will not bother you with political news and election statistics, although they are indeed remarkable and of historical importance. You can read the facts in the paid MSM which are now in a state of shock.

For me personally this is a day of great victory. Since I have arrived in Canada, I am cleansing on a daily basis the collective mindset of this nation with the second biggest territory in the world and have transmuted its dark patterns and incredible gullibility, almost bordering on political stupidity, in numerous successful alchemical reactions. About some of these episodes I have reported in the past.

My negative opinion about the cabal regime of the conservative clone Harper has been very vocal in the past. The heinous deeds of this rogue government, in particular the decision to support the criminal Nazi regime in Kiev as to gain the support of the Ukrainian emigrants in Canada or to vote in the UN Assembly against an antifascist declaration as the only country together with the USA were among the darkest moments of this country and its corrupt Orion regime since I am here.

Now the payday has arrived.  The last dark vestiges of the US stooges in Ottawa have been stripped off and the ubiquitous economic crisis, about which I have written on several occasions in the past and for which this incompetent conservative government is entirely responsible, have been exposed to the people.

This is to a large extent my personal achievement, accomplished from the fulcrum of my HS as an Elohim and Logos God and I take full credit for it. No more false modesty. I have desired and implemented this political change during the last year in numerous unpleasant cleansing episodes, just as I am instrumental for the political change in Germany from afar, from the other side of the pond. It does not matter any more where one lives as a Logos God, but how intensively we identify with a problem and affect its resolution. That is why we are still here.

Only two months ago Carla and I met Steve, an ascended master like us from Vancouver. He is very active in preventing the pipeline project Keystone which is an environmental disaster. He told us that he had been harassed by dark secret service agents in the last months for his political engagement and opposition to this disastrous project. We did together an invocation as I told him that we should no longer engage in direct political opposition, but must solve these issues from the fulcrum of our HS.

Now the defeat of the conservatives in Alberta, and hopefully in some more provinces in Canada, will break the backbone of the dark cabal government in Ottawa and the new politicians will terminate their disastrous submission to Washington. This is not coincidental. Please observe that nobody predicted such a sweeping victory of the new democrats and the downfall of the conservatives that have reigned in Alberta for more than four decades, now losing 60 out of their 70 seats and being reduced to a “quantite negligable” in the opposition.

Such sweeping changes will also happen in all Western countries and the dark ruling cabal will be ousted from power very soon. This does not mean that the new parties are essentially better than the old corrupt parties in power. But they will be much more cautious at the beginning as they know what will happen with them if they follow the example of their defeated adversaries. The people have awakened and the problems are pressing them hard.

This political change will be enough to destroy the old order as it cannot be mended by any reforms whatsoever – so it must inevitably collapse. Too big are the problems the dark ruling cabal have amassed in the last years as to resolve them within the old structure. The system itself must crumble and it is already crumbling.

And in the middle of this political earthquake are we – the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the New Galaxy. We have this uppermost mother planet firm in our grip and will not allow the dark ones to have any success or to postpone the arrival of their demise. The victory has always been ours, as my victory here in Canada was a done deal the moment I stepped on the North American continent. But we must have also a lot of patience and confidence in the Providence, respectively in the divine plan of our HR, before we can enjoy the fruits of our ongoing creations in the reality we have incarnated.

Fortunately the lag-time between creation and manifestation is now being shortened exponentially and we experience the results of our light work  almost immediately. Once Canada leaves the American camp and the new government that will follow Harper decides to work on behalf of its people and not for the dark clandestine cabal in Washington DC, this continent will change its character for ever.

Then we are ante porta of the most sweeping event in the history of mankind – the introduction and implementation of the new Theory of the Universal Law. The scenery has already been set and we are in the eye of the hurricane. Next comes British Columbia and then the central government in Ottawa. The change is unstoppable – do your invocations on behalf of our cause.


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