Portrait of a Light Warrior – Back into Unity

Rob Behr, April 13, 2015


A different label, but nevertheless the same as we all experience.
For me my almost 63 years of being in the flesh sure has been a rollercoaster of remembering through tough experience and survival in every bit of it as was the same in the many lifetimes in earth history helping sustaining then (little) present light needed in preparing the whole for this grand finale of final so(u)lution.

It was never easy for none of us, we came time and again, we did what we could and now we will one way or the other finish this whole endeavor, go back within or without, with form or formless and still be, again, the warrior of the Beginning, when we helped create and obliged ourselves with this great responsibility to also finish at the End what we helped set into motion at the Start.

 It’s comparable with raising my family, having raised them actually, and seeing the difficulties that they will encounter in the world which you as a parent do not like but still understand that remembering and maturing back into the being before you landed here, makes it a must and an obligation for anyone to experience the choices to – at some point – recover from what I would like to call “illusiamnesia” (amnesia from the state of illusion) to then hopefully wake up  to what’s real and discover how close the route to conscience really is. A road full of hindrances and asking for great endurance and just letting it happen. A road with angst for failure for your loved ones and a road with difficult responsibilities in choosing time and again and not to falter yourself. And then knowing that someday you will meet the point when, whatever the outcome, they will find their way and your job is done.

There is an end to everything and sometimes we forget that the state of being in the flesh that we now experience is of such low density that it is difficult to comprehend the changes we must endure for staying in the body while transmutation of it is also going on 24/7. Living in your house while it is being rebuild is, I think (and experience for so many years) one of the most difficult things and hey!, it is also the reason why the group of First Hour attendees is small. It’s tough but sure is maybe only bearable for the bravest, right?

Maybe not a good analogy but still usable is the years of pain, fear, living between edges of surviving and dying being experienced by deployed troops. They had no idea whatsoever what was awaiting them, yes they left home with a good portion of fear but also with companionship and conviction that they do the right thing. Well, most veterans will think differently if you could ask them about it after all they experienced and besides that, many do not fit anymore in the believe system they left. Instead of leaving hardcore fields of death to get back to peace and happiness many experience a second round of pain and death (repulsion).

Having said that and as part of my (this) incarnation as a military professional also in deep pain and fear, I yet experience that this second phase of my life since 1992 is actually a blessed experience. I rather have 10 times the pain of the LBP and the discomfort of the whole process (that indeed never seems to end), than the experience where the conviction ends in an illusion of deadly proportions. I rather be in the illusion and then wake up than the way around with scars on the soul and the energy centres of the physical temple.

I believe that being here the way we experience all, is the only option to help heave this world, this sector of creation and this humanity or what qualifies. If Source Creator or God of the Universe or whatever you want to name the Force of the higher dimensions, should do the work then isn’t that exactly what God is doing? Aren’t we? I am that’s for sure as I know so. But are you? Then if we are the hands in the physical then the only way of dealing with it is enduring and making the best out of it. And what I do is to constantly train myself to stay on top of it, meaning, by keeping the wheel in my hands while flowing with the changes I am enabling myself to discern and prepare in time, to take hold of diet, unwanted intruding of others, repulse anxiety and/or any kind of stress and have joy like watching a good movie or simply by enjoying life. And believe me, I can’t tell you how many times I have been at all low, experiencing death in the physical but knowing it is a transmutation death when all atoms, all cells are literally being overhauled and even completely changed. Then I give into it and thank God for the experience. Well, the last months it does not seem to stop so I have the opportunity to thank God a lot (grin..).

Yes it is maybe one of the heaviest experiences of all but the thing is that when you make a deal with yourself (you have to be ready to do so, it has to come from your deepest being); when you agree with this being that you are, this amazing warrior of light, this creator god with the hands in the physical, to accept whatever comes and agree and know that it is the most dense world and why we are here and have to change, then we can accept whatever comes, physical death, health, ascension with the body or without, well.., whatever comes. By having accepted this I am already since a long time able to enjoy all of my pains and changes. And I tell you I feel that I am still in my infant years and that I am not old at all, not going to live 25 years more or 60. Simply because I am one that never accepted the word old and never accepted the way of thinking of this society. If I am infinite and immortal, then how can I think in terms of old? No way, not part of my believe system, never will be, period!

And yes, to end this writing (again an end), I really experience Unity, but not with human. Back in the days as a ‘Way Shower’ before this whole new age thing became a next society pool of influence and deceive, well not all people in there, but the thing people were thinking was that love and unity was going to be a ‘horizontal’ thing, from man to man. But only few considered that love and unity comes from the real inner work (‘vertical’) that gives this pure connection with the light realms, with your higher being and God or Source Creator or the Force. And then, when you finally have this harmonious connection again in unity with the divine light and divine love, then all people with that same connection are connected automatically and of course by frequency/vibration and thus in Unity.

I feel we do progress a lot towards the End and it will be successful. And remember, the way we go through it can vary individually. But I believe that if you do what you should and further stay positive and with great conviction while accepting the transition as it is, then the outcome at the end is exactly what was meant for each of you (us). But to get there we should indeed pull all the strings together into a harmonious way of discerning, living and enduring.

Thanks for reading about what I think and about some of my experiences as a Light Warrior.


Rob Behr

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