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The End of the Manhattan Project

Malechite and Georgi Stankov, April 12, 2015

Dear George & Carla,

Don’t know what is UP or if anything is UP. After all, it really could be just a dream but here is where my dreamtime took me last night. A new destination.



The “Manhattan Project” is coming to an end. Not the end described in history books but an unexpected shuttering of something Big. All the mathematicians, physicists, historians, biologists, militarists and philosophers are caught off guard. This closure was not supposed to happen.

I am at a place like Los Alamos in the NM desert.  Someone has pulled the plug and a confab has been convened, where all the bigwigs are present and The Last Rights are about to be administered.

There is white linen on the tabletops, smudged water glasses, plates and food-encrusted silverware everywhere. A dining experience and “A Last Supper”, all rolled into one. Different personalities are appointed to speak.

They employ carefully chosen words, as their summaries will go out for the world to hear. On various door and wall surfaces someone has taped up quotes from thought leaders of all eras. Even those seem a bit pointless, curling at the edges, worn-out and soon to be discarded.

I keep walking into the midst of conversations. There is no end to the way these individuals perform their eulogies. One man turns to another and protests that it can’t conclude, no one should walk away, there is too much to do and too much intellect invested. How can everyone just walk out on such a huge experiment? But leave they will and leave they must.

At one point, I think that I should help with the most basic and practical of clean-up. There are plates to scrape clean, absolutely mountains of food, massive accumulations of mashed potatoes and veg. Where to put it all? And so very many linen napkins, starched and stiff, representing hours of labor, now tossed into a mountainous pile, on a massive table in the middle of a vacated room.

There are men roaming about who think this to be the kind of historic moment which requires punditry of them but they simply do not know what to say. Their words don’t come.

I am not sad. There is no feeling as if my life’s work has been stolen from me. There is no sense of loss. In fact, I feel no emotion at all. I appear to be an observer but not a deep participant in the essence of the project. I am there to witness, watch the details in the human faces and scrape away the detritus from the “feast”.


Dear Malechite,

the abbreviation “UP” can stand for “Universal Press” (respectively Stankov’s Universallaw Press) or it can stand for “Unlimited Power” or “Unified Process” (check here All these terms are closely connected and describe what will happen when we ascend and appear as ascended masters and Logos Gods in front of humanity. We shall be the embodiment of unlimited power, represent a unified field /process of Christed consciousness and with our appearance the new theory of the Universal Law will be introduced to the new humanity. This will happen through the Universal Law Press, which is also the name of this website.

That being said, your dream is a prophetic vision of what will happen with all Orion scientists who have been working on the “Manhattan Project” since WW2. This name is symbolic for the ongoing preparation of the dark ruling cabal for the final nuclear WW3, which was supposed to take place in the End Time prior to Ascension.

It has become increasingly obvious now that the current escalation of military animosities of the Empire of Evil against Russia is the continuation of WW2 and the Cold War, which did not end up with the fall of the Iron Curtain. On many lower timelines this war escalation around the Ukrainian crisis and the Middle East conflicts has already led to a devastating nuclear war and, as I have reported on this website, this uppermost mother planet was many times on the verge of a similar nuclear annihilation but we as the new Logos Gods could each time prevent this war holding the light quotient very high.

Now the time has come when the dark ruling cabal must wrap up all their projects to establish the NWO and this will happen when we appear on the scene as the new ascended masters and replace them from power. The shock will be incredible – for all Orion/Reptilian cabal and for their stooges in science, finance and politics – as it will show to them, who is running the show on this planet and where humanity is going to.

Altogether a very significant dream that heralds our imminent ascension.

To this I would like to mention my dream of this night. I dreamed that Carla and I are showing to a large group of humans how they should transform their personal energies and ascend. We worked especially carefully with a small group of what appeared to be a Christian sect as they needed most instruction and care on our part to understand this energetic transfiguration. It was more like a vision, rather than a dream as I felt very much invigorated and happy that we have reached this final point and continued elaborating on this vision after I woke up in the morning in the twilight of my daily consciousness where all realities can easily merge.

When these people were ready for ascension, we started to fly together with them, but many of these people could not fly high enough and nose-dived in the ocean, where many of them drowned as they could not swim as well. We were not terribly disappointed as we expected this result and because we knew that these people are not really dead and can repeat this experiment at a later date.

Hence the intensity of our ascension preparations in the dream state is now augmenting exponentially as this is visualized by the dreams we can remember.

With love and light


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